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“Wherever You Are” by UNIQUE Featuring Charice Leaked on Youtube?

(TOKYO) A TWO-MINUTE sample of Charice and Unique Zayas’ RnB/Hip-hop collaboration, whose official release is slated on Dec 22nd, was uploaded in the video sharing site YouTube.com by Unique’s record label earlier today.

Fans were initially skeptical as to the authenticity of the leaked video clip. Earlier in February this year, a video of Charice’s “Pyramid” was leaked onto the internet, months before its slated release. The video allegedly featured a collaboration with hip-hop singer Sean Kingston instead of the official Iyaz. Read the full story

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Quiz Charice on Billboard Live Q&A Session, November 29

REMINDER: Catch Charice live tomorrow (Nov 29) at The Billboard Live Q&A Session, 4pm Eastern time, and don’t forget to tweet your questions now to @billboarddotcom using the hashtag ##bbCharice

Tired of watching Charice in silence? Now, it’s your chance to pose a question directly to Charice in the Billboard Live Q&A session Read the full story

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On the Verge: Charice

Tiny girl, tall tunes: When 18-year-old Charice was just 4, her mother found her standing on a table, singing a big-ballad rendition of Happy Birthday. Amazed at her little girl’s towering voice, mom Raquel quit her job to focus on nurturing Charice’s talent. It turns out that her instinct was right. Read the full story

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Get More Views on Your Charice YouTube Videos

Charice in Different Languages for YouTube

Calling all Youtube uploaders! Would you like to do something for Charice today? It’s FREE, it won’t take hours and the rewards are great! Your videos will also get more hits, guaranteed.

It’s simple. All you need to do is to copy and paste the list below as tags to your Charice videos. As you may remember from a previous article, the following are Charice’s names in different languages. The aim is to let those searching for her in YouTube in their language access all of her videos, both old and new. Read the full story

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Let’s Read and Write: Charice, The Foreign Way!

Charice, by any other name, sounds just as sweet.

Do you know how “Charice” is written in another language?  For example, in Japan, she is known as “シャリース” or Sharisu.  Do you know how her name is written in Russian or Arabic or Hebrew or any other language other than English?  If you do, help us in compiling a list of her name in different languages! Read the full story

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Charice Headed to Glee, Shares A Few of Her YouTube Finds

Charice Headed to Glee (YouTube Aided the Singer’s Rise to Fame, So She Shares A Few of Her YouTube Finds)

New Directions will welcome pop star Charice on the next season of Glee, and you better spend the next few months working on your melisma, Rachel Berry, because the new kid’s been dubbed “the most talented girl in the world” by Oprah Winfrey.

Read the full story

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YES! Looking Back…Part 4


Part 4 Next Stop: TV

After the town-fiesta singing contest in Batangas and Laguna, the next stop was television. Charice began as a contestant on Filipino local channel, Channel 9’s Bulilit Kampeon [Little Champion], a little-known singing contest hosted by Pilita Corrales. Charice won as third runner-up and eventually became one of the program’s co-hosts. After the show folded up, she joined two other TV competitions: Birit Bulilit [Little Belter] on Channel 13 (where she was first runner-up and the “MTB Popstar” segment of Magandang Tanghali BayanM [Good Afternoon People], where she won second place. Read the full story

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Charice’s Pyramid Cover Versions on YouTube

We love Charice singing other people’s songs. But now it’s your turn to see other people singing and playing her song. Since the release of Pyramid single, Youtube musicians have been doing their cover version of the song. The song is getting more popular with the Official and Studio Versions of the Music Video racking up about 12 million views to date.

Read the full story

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Who Inspires You?

Essay Video Added

Yes, we do like it Heather! And what is truly inspiring is your message at the end about “making a difference” in the world. Sorta reminds us of Charice! Team Charicemania thinks that Charice would approve! So we’re gonna share your video here with the “chasters” to help you with your views! Read the full story

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A view from the top: Charice’s Pyramid is Pop wonder in Billboard chart, YouTube

Few people ever get the rare chance of launching an international album on The Oprah Winfrey Show. But then Charice is a rare artist gifted with an unbelievable voice. Last May 11, a day after her birthday, Charice debuted her first self-titled international album at Oprah’s show. Performing the Billboard chart-topping dance single Pyramid with singer/rapper Iyaz and the legendary David Foster on piano, Charice’s command of the stage and her stunning delivery shows that she has turned into one of the music industry’s outstanding performers. As proof, more than 3 million fans have watched her videos on You Tube and her single Pyramid and album Charice are quickly taking the world by storm. Read the full story

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Charice Gives Back On Road to Superstardom

Charice Pempengco, the pop princess with powerhouse pipes, joined Justin Bieber on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” Tuesday and talks to Tonic about her new album and quietly helping children all over the globe.

When teenage singing sensation Charice met Whitney Houston at a listening party for the superstar’s album, I Look To You, last year, the 18-year-old couldn’t believe that a legend like Houston even knew who she was. Read the full story

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Charice: A Star is Born

(14-song Tracklist Added.) Charice releases her promo video for the May 11th debut of her first international album.  If this does not whet your appetite for all things Charice, nothing will.  You are gonna be blown away! Charice’s album that we have all been waiting for is coming soon.   Read the full story

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My Pacquiao-Clottey Fight Experience

When Admin notified me about the upcoming Manny Pacquiao fight with Joshua Clottey, I decided right then and there I was going to attend.  The fight would be held in the sparkling new Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, Texas.   Read the full story

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Please Read: Charice’s Pyramid Music Video on YouTube

Message from Warner Brothers Regarding Pyramid Music Video on YouTube

Dear Chasters;

We’re extremely appreciative of your passion for promoting Charice but its extremely important that we don’t get several versions of the wrong video on YouTube. There are several versions of the Pyramid Viral Video with the beginning card with text that shouldn’t be out on the internet. Please use the official video that Charice has uploaded onto her official YouTube Channel here: Charice – “Pyramid” (feat. Iyaz) Music Video Read the full story

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Charice Campaign to the Top like a Pyramid

LISTEN TO iGlobalRadio.com
DJ Drake has been playing CHARICE songs all night long, including Pyramid, Note to God, Somewhere with Jed Madela, It Can Only Get Better, A Song For Mama and more! Woot woot!!! Join us in the ChatRoom… DJDrake has been chatting there with us too! We’re having tons of fun!! Read the full story

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Charice on ASAP XV – 02/07/10

WOW. Charice and Billy Crawford opened the show with a stirring rendition of FloRida and Nelly Furtado’s  “Jump”. They really got the audience moving. Then Charice sang a duet with Arnel Pineda to “It’s a Whole New World”. Read the full story

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