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The Gift That Is Charice

On the day I joined Charicemania, I posted my first blog. I praised all the Chasters for promoting Charice. Everyone here wants to take part in helping Charice reach the top. It’s now 2011 and we’ve witnessed how Charice is now being admired and even adored by more and more people from all walks of life, from different countries.

I believe wherever Charice is so are the Chasters. I personally think she is now in another phase of her career so should the Chasters be on another phase of support. We should not only continue what we have been doing for her but also consciously promote her from a different perspective.

Before I talk about the different perspective, let’s take a look at what has transpired so far.

It’s only the second month of the year and so much has happened. Charice rendered songs for at least 70K (conservative estimate) people at MOA, gave free concert at the jam-packed Enchanted Kingdom, wowed TV critics at the Orpheum Theater, performed at the posh Mar-a-Lago Club, entertained Red Dress Awardees and guests, and belted out big notes at the FAAN event. And very recently, we were glued to the TV set or our computer screens to witness her longer than usual performances, the Valentine’s Special at GMA7. All of these excited us. We were thrilled when we learned about the positive feed-backs about her performances. We expressed our appreciation to those who believed in and cared for her at every chance we got.

On the other hand, we were angered when we read about false allegations, negative comments and unspeakable write-up about her. Anger became hatred when the truth was turned upside down. Boycott was called for when obscenities were sanitized. But when Charice spoke of forgiveness and acceptance of apologies, we calmed down. When Charice spoke of what a real Chaster is, we tried to be that.

Where are all these extreme reactions coming from?

I’ve heard and read similar comments of many Chasters regarding their experiences with Charice. A few examples are staying up late watching her videos, forgetting about their cooking because of her music but with no regrets at all, smiling or crying while watching her, saving up for concert tickets, traveling many miles to see her, being fanatic for the first time, doing Ninja acts to capture her on videos, and having goosebumps all over. It seems that there is some kind of magic spell that happens in the presence of Charice, be it in the physical or virtual realm. You may have your own special ways of answering how and why these happen. As for me, I don’t have a ready explanation.

Although I have used superlatives to describe her performances and my own experiences, I always feel the words do not match the real thing. I have recently commented on a video and on a posted article that there isn’t a word that can justify whatever it is that is Charice. When I first wrote my thoughts about her way back in October last year, I got stuck in a sentence because I could not find the appropriate adjective to suit the kind of moment I had whenever I watched her on YouTube. I was satisfied only after letting my pen spell out “charice-tic” to describe it. I have modified its spelling though — CHARICETIC!!! — with the capitalization and the three exclamation points as part of the spelling.

Let me go back to the different perspective I mentioned earlier. Please allow me to repeat the third paragraph above.

I believe wherever Charice is so are the Chasters. I personally think she is now on another phase of her career so should the Chasters be on another phase of support. We should not only continue what we have been doing for her but also consciously promote her from a different perspective.

We all have the good feeling whenever we read or hear the name CHARICE. We all rejoice when we learn a radio station plays her songs. We all appreciate somebody else’s appreciation of her. We all jump at the sight of her. We all laugh at her funny antics. We all are amazed at her signature gestures. We all smile when we see her sweet smile. We all want to console her when we see tears in her eyes, maybe because by doing so, we are also consoled. And many more similar to these happen. Don’t we want all our loved ones to experience the same? We can even extend the experience to strangers as well.

Like most, if not all, Chasters, I believe Charice is more than her voice. She’s more than the songs she sings. As described by the man from the Italian show, Charice is God’s Gift to us. Let’s help others experience that Gift, too. We Chasters have been enjoying the Gift. Being the Month of Love, now is the best time to share it. Let’s invite people to watch her Valentine’s Special at GMA7 on YouTube. I believe this is one event that we have experienced Charice to the max. In this special, a first-timer will

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know her early struggles, her inspiring relationship with her mother, her powerful voice and her ability in performing on stage, and her other entertaining talents like the Chipmunks impression. After that, let’s tell them about her solo concert in Japan so they have something to look forward to even if only through the videos. Let’s share how they can experience Charice in different websites. Let’s do this not just because we love our Princess but also because we want others to have the good feelings, I for one, never experienced before knowing Charice. Let’s help them have their own CHARICETIC!!! moments.

Watch Charice on Japan TV “Tetsuko no Heya”

Watch “Charice Home for Valentines” TV Concert

Watch Charice at Woman’s Day Event


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“Louder” Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly – Video Posted!

UPDATE 10/20 – Video added on Charice’s YouTube Channel. Video embedded below. Only a few days after a Japanese TV show showed in advance Charice’s “Louder” music video, the official world premiere of “Louder” has arrived! No more squinting at the low quality copies uploaded on Youtube because you can now see the “Louder” music video in its full glory at EW.com. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOqF-WevfUw&feature=feedu Tim Cruz, the director of the video, previously announced the date of the world premiere on his Twitter account, after learning of the early debut in Japan:

timcruz Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!

From Entertainment Weekly:

charice 320 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted! Charice, the Oprah-approved, Glee-renowned singer with the teeny-tiny stature and the big big voice, takes a sassier tack on “Louder,” the second single from her upcoming sophomore album Infinity. Watch below as the Philippines-born 19-year-old explores her dancey-diva side in the clip, choreographed by Gil Duldulao, the man behind the moves in Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting for Tonight,” Janet Jackson’s “Together Again,” and “Christina Aguilera’s “Drrrty” and “Genie in a Bottle,” among others. What do you think, readers — do you prefer Charice in saucy mode, or do you still think of her as the be-ribboned moppet who made sweet music with Celine Dion?

The official “Louder” music video has yet to be uploaded to Charice’s YouTube channel. Hopefully, her camp does this soon so that views resulting from the fans’ initial excitement/hysteria will be counted! The lyric video of “Louder” that was released five months ago have exactly 2,678,535 views as of this moment. For the official music video to be deemed successful, its views should definitely surpass 2.67 million, right? So Chasters, be ready to view and replay as soon as the video is up on youtube.com/charice. Many websites have already published articles about the “Louder” music video featuring the low quality copies on Youtube. Most of the reactions were very positive especially when it comes to Charice’s dancing talent. If the pairing of her amazing voice and dance skills could be further developed, Charice will definitely be stronger in the pop music field. Below are some reviews from different sites:

unnamed 75x75 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!Get Loud For Charice’s Video For Louder! Gurlfriend is such a superstar! Oprah is never wrong!!! If you’ve been missing Sunshine on Glee, then its time you get to know the real girl and her very real talents… >> Read the Full Story

211085 94724837471 4401063 n 75x75 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!Charice Looks Sexier Than Ever Dancing In New Music Video We always knew Charice had an incredible voice, but we had no clue she could dance too! Watch her new ‘Louder’ music video! Wow.. Charice Pempengco is one sexy … >> Read the Full Story

Examiner Logo 75x75 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!Charice Pempengco Shows Off Dance Moves in ‘Louder’ Video Charice is showing off her dancing moves in the latest video of the artist. Taking on a new look and a strong focus, the sophomore album “Infinity” is going in a new direction… >> Read the Full Story

PopCrush 75x75 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!Charice Keeps It Simple for Her ‘Louder’ Video Charice has dropped the new video

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for ‘Louder,’ which appears on her recently released sophomore album ‘Infinity.’ The video — which premiered on the Japanese… >> Read the Full Story

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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“Bull Doctor” Sneak Peek Featuring Charice’s New Song, “Far as the Sky”

UPDATE JULY 7 – For a 24-hour viewing period till July 8th 3PM (Japan time), Warner Music Japan has made the music video available for Charice’s new song “Far As The Sky.” This is the theme song for the Japanese TV drama “Bull Doctor” which airs Wednesday evenings on Nippon Television Network.

The first episode aired this week and you can hear a portion of the song clearly in this video as the end credits are rolling. Read the full story

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Charice Featured on ‘Wherever You Are’ Video Trailer

With her Japan tour set to begin next month, a video trailer of Charice’s recent successful collaboration with Unique Zayas has been released.

The 2 min-54 sec video features Unique and Charice in studio recording “Wherever You Are,” the first single from Unique Zayas’ album “From Brooklyn To You.” Read the full story

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Clizbeats TV -”Discover Charice” by Clizbeats Productions

After receiving so many compliments and encouragement from producing our very personal bio video, “The Clizbeats Story” with friend and supporter, Robin Thicke, we were asked by many to continue making high profile videos with different artists we talk to. We restart this feature of “Clizbeats TV” with another very talented singer we have had our eye on for quite some time now, 143/Reprise Records singing sensation, Charice! Read the full story

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Charice Featuring IYAZ: Pyramid Music Video

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by CherBear

With English Subtitles

Posted by GM

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Citizen Pinoy Short Documentary on Charice

Here’s an excerpt on what Attorney Ed Shapiro had to say about Charice: “If you look at our client list, we represent: U2, The Police, Mariah, Madonna etc. We are very, very well versed in dealing with superstar artist. Charice, we see her absolutely like all of our other clients and we think Charice is literally that next Whitney, that next Mariah…” Watch Citizen Pinoy documentary on Charice to get the full story.

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Disclaimer: The video presentation is both in English and Filipino languages with English subtitles.


Video courtesy of: ABS-CBN International http://www.abs-cbni.com/

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