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ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? Episode 8: Farewell, Philippines!

ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? is a documentary by Emmy-award winning director Matthew Mills, cut into four-minute-episodes with new ones released every Wednesday and Friday on Cheap lady era 100mg Teen.com.

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The seventh episode continued to show us how blessed Charice is. We witnessed Charice being baptized into the Catholic faith which was covered by almost all of the Philippine media. Bigwigs from the local entertainment scene were also in attendance. Her solo concert was also mobbed by avid fans! The Filipino fans were tremendously proud to see Charice, one of their own, succeed overseas. Even with all these fawning and adoration, Charice is still her humble self and is simply delighted in being able to perform in front of the adoring audience. It certainly seems that for the Filipinos, Charice is at the height of success.

Farewell, Philippines!

This episode continues to give us an exclusive peek into Chariceai??i??s homecoming. Not forgetting her modest background, Charice celebrates her 18th birthday with underprivileged children. She described the experience as ai???so much funai??? that it erased any signs of jetlag. For Charice, it is of utmost importance that she gives back as she wants the children to know that she cares for them. Charice sang songs for them as well as gave gifts ai??i?? she wanted to make the less fortunate children know that theyai??i??re also special. After the heartwarming celebration, Charice takes us behind the scenes of ASAP XV, a very popular musical variety show in the Philippines. In the green room, Charice is getting prepared for her performance of the David Foster-written ai???In This Song.ai??? We can see how excited and pumped up Charice is! Interspersed with shots of avid fans highly anticipating the performance, Tommy Page, VP of Top 40 Reprise Records, commented that Charice has ai???a great international baseai??? leading her to be ai???one of the first Asian singers to really make it in the Western world.ai??? He added that with other Asian countries supporting her, Charice is serving as the role model to other Asian talents. As Charice gets on stage to perform, we see how down-to-earth she really is ai??i?? there was not a single diva-like complaint. We even see her chugging down a big bottle of water, taking deep breaths in between. Charice also marvels at the fact that thereai??i??s nothing like singing her own songs and having the audience sing with her. Many say that they get goose bumps when they hear Charice sing, this performance was no exception. Charice tells us her secret when singing ballad songs; she learned from her mother that in order to connect with the people, she is to sing as if sheai??i??s talking to the audience. This way, she says, the audience could feel it. Marc Johnston, her manager, asserts that no one in this world can do what Charice is able to do, ai???thereai??i??s nothing like watching Charice in a live performance.ai??? He tells us that this is what makes Charice unique and entertaining. She is even described as a ai???completely well-rounded international artistai??? ai??i?? certainly, this whole episode is a testament to that.

Charice continues her trip in the Philippines and shows us where it all began! Previously: 30 Days With Charice, Ep. 1 – Meet Charice at her 18th Birthday Party Previously: 30 Days With Charice, Ep. 2 – QVC Performance Previously: 30 Days With Charice, Ep. 3 – NYC Interview Tear-Jerker Previously: 30 Days With Charice, Ep. 4 – Wango Tango From Stage to Studio Previously:30 Days With Charice, Ep. 5 – Charice Takes Japan Previously:30 Days With Charice, Ep. 6 – Home Sweet Home Previously: 30 Days with Charice, EP. 7 – Let’s Get Spiritual

Whatai??i??s Next? It is farewell to the Philippines and back to

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the States for globetrotting Charice. We get an exclusive peek at her concert at St. Basil Academy in Pennsylvania with her good friend, Iyaz! We get to see the very fun and wild concert next Wednesday in the ninth episode of ai???30 Days With Chariceai??? at Teen.com. By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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