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Charice Sings Final Fantasy Theme Song “New World” Live for the 1st Time in Tokyo

Charice’s album launch yesterday in Tokyo was an event of many firsts for her. It was the first ever concert where every song she sang was from the album, “Infinity”. It was also the first time she performed with the Acuvue Dance Contest winners. And of course, it was at that event where the public first heard Charice singing “New World” live:

It’s been three weeks since the announcement that Charice will be singing the Final Fantasy XIII-2 theme song has been made. There was a lot of buzz from the gaming and music communities about this collaboration between an amazing singer and a legendary game franchise.

Charice follows in the footsteps of Leona Lewis who also lent her voice and song, “My Hands” for Final Fantasy XIII. Both of these artists also released the Final Fantasy theme song as part of their own albums. “New World” by Charice is the second track on her newly-released “Infinity” Japan album.

Watch the Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer below, which features Charice’s “New World” in the background:

The J-pop/RnB market is really hard to conquer as Japan has a very strong local music scene that’s bursting with talented artists. But Charice has made great progress in capturing the Japanese market. She’s making even more headway by teaming up with Japanese songwriters and producers, and for “New World”, it’s Koichi Tabo of famous J-pop group Superfly.

For Chaster gamers out there, the Final Fantasy XIII-2 game will be released on December 12, 2011, and Charice’s song will be included in all the U.S./Canada, Europe copies of the game, and in the Xbox 360 copies for Japan and Asia. For those in Japan and Asia who owns a Playstation 3, your game copy will include the Japanese song version by Mai Fukui.

Watch Charice and Mai Fukui’s interview below:

But if it’s just the song that you want, “New World” has already been released as a single and ringtone in Japan since late September. You can also listen to “New World” on “Inifinity” album, which you can purchase here.


ff Charice Sings Final Fantasy Theme Song New World Live for the 1st Time in Tokyo

By Sofia Carrera, Charicemania.com

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