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Support Charice’s Return to “Glee”

If you are a Chaster, we would assume you are also a Sunshine Corazon fan too! In that case, you should check out a poll that our friends at Hollywoodlife.com are running.

Hollywoodlife.com is almost as a big a fan of Charice as we are, and is celebrating Charice’s return to “Glee” as Sunshine in the Super Bowl episode to be broadcast on February 6. But they are polling to see how many “Glee” fans are actually happy to see her back. Read the full story

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Charice on Her ai???Gleeai??i?? Guest Role

Sunshine Corazon, aka Charice, made her first appearance as an exchange student on last weekai??i??s episode of ai???Glee.ai??? Her throaty arrangements immediately served as foil to Rachelai??i??s Broadway-ish song stylings ai??i??- and prompted a musical catfight that will no doubt extend the rest of the season (until, in true ai???Full Houseai??? style, Sunshine and Rachel make up, become best friends and battle evil with high notes). Charice, the 18-year-old belter who has earned comparisons to Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, was discovered on YouTube and then featured on ai???Ellenai??? and Oprah.ai??? Speakeasy caught up with her to chat about Sunshineai??i??s arc for the season. Read the full story

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Glee Poll Results: Filipina Singing Sensation Charice Is Your Fave Newcomer

In honor of Glee returning to us after a long, hot, horribly Glee-free summer, we here at Broadway.com wanted to know: who was your favorite season two addition to the halls of McKinley High? Well, the results are in for our very first Glee poll of the season, and your favorite new cast member isai??i?? Read the full story

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Welcome Glee Fans!

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