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Hitmaker David Foster and Dance Mogul Jim Beanz Team Up for Charice


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Sunshine to sing ‘All By Myself’ – Confirmed!

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Charice to return in “Comeback” Episode?

The most recent media reports have claimed Charice could be about to make her “Glee” return in an episode aptly titled “Comeback,” due to air on February 15. So many rumors have surrounded Charice’s return to the show that we all approach the news with some caution. Read the full story

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Charice on TFC’s GGV TV Show December 9, 2012

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Happy 20th Birthday Charice

Thank you for your comments. Ai??Just a friendly reminder, please limit your greetings to a sentence. Add your username, location, and year when you became a fan. Ai??Let’s give Charice a chance to read all of the greetings. Ai??Thank you.

Oprah’s The Most Talented Girl In The World will be turning 20 this May 10th. And she’s definitely Generic for hyzaar not a young girl anymore but a grown up woman.

Chasters around the world are thinking of greeting Charice but how? Through video greetings? Maybe a choreographed dance like what Tintol and team did last year? But how to include Chasters abroad?

One suggestion from Bluemax is to research the Chaster countries of http://www.bizwire.fr/alesse-pills-price/ the world and create a global Chaster map. What we can offer here in Charicemania is to use the site as a platform to send your birthday greetings and at the same time, collect Chasters’ whereabouts all around the world.

So just leave your comment below and for the mechanics, it’s easier to add just one greeting line, your username or name and location and since when you http://yqbahrain.com/2018/02/11/argumentative-essay-2/ are following Charice’s career. Isn’t that interesting?

Maybe we could make another booklet like this:

Click “View Full Screen” icon to enlarge. Cover illustration by Andrew Mathews – “Being Happy”

Article Link: Why Do We Love Charice?

Here’s the Video from last year’s greetings:

Video uploaded by Jimroot 04

Article Link: Birthday Surprise

Thank you for your comments. Ai??Just a friendly reminder,Ai??please limit your greetings to a sentence.Ai??Add your username, location, and year when you became a fan. Ai??Let’s give Charice a chance to read all of the greetings. Ai??Thank you.

Thumbnail photo courtesy of NYChaster
Posted by Schoen, Charicemania.com


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Charice is the Hottest Girl


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My Onward Journey with Charice

Message from Chaster Clause added

It has been many years since I put in writing the thoughts circling in my mind when I was an editor of the high school paper and staff of the varsitarian in my beloved alma mater. Iai??i??m getting old but my mind is very clear about where my journey as a Chaster started and where it will end.

It all began over a year ago when I kept hearing my women staff talk about someone called Charice Pempengco. “Did you see her sing in Oprah and Ellen?” “Wasn’t she great in her duet with Celine Dion?” Such comments led me to search You tube, eventually lurk at Charicemania.com and feel my heartbeat quicken every time I discover a new song of hers. Yes, I have cried many times. A reaction that prompted me to contact my son, aAi??psychologist, to make sure that I wasn’t losing my mind considering my age. He said that I’m living my life through her. That made me realize that my experience of having been raised by a single mother and fearing of being lost without her, connected me to Charice. The fact that our history are alike triggered my strong emotions. I was sane indeed!!

lv.jpg 300x177 My Onward Journey with ChariceIt was then followed by my first trip to Las Vegas to watch the October 2010 David Foster & Friends concert.Ai??The concert finished at 12 midnight and she was scheduled to leave for Tokyo the next morning to start the asian tour. I was lucky that I was chosen for the Meet and Greet.Ai??As a typical lurker, I stood behind and watched the line dwindled. I saw that Marc Johnson was prodding her to hurry but I guess, she wanted to see everybody. I was grateful for that since I was third to last in line. It was already 1 am when we finished. She really love her fans!!!

I wasn’t content on just going to Vegas and so, I went to Manila to see her with my staff. There, I accidentally met a young lady that gave me a glow stick and when I sent an email to invite her to be part of the Tokyo Chaster Crew, I did not know her name then and actually thought she was a HE. Charice blew me away that night and I canai??i??t believe that there was no backtrack or lip synching. I was feeling so elated that night. I then realized that it was the kind of feeling and fun that is better shared with others. I immediately invited another Chaster to join us next in Tokyo. She said that I should think about it and assured me that she won’t feel bad even if I develop any second thoughts. My original crew of two grew enough to be counted with both hands. I know that my wife will kill me if she finds out what I have done and continue to do so, which is why I created a separate email account to provide stealth for my Chaster activities.

A full year passed, Tokyo went by like a breeze, and much of those experiences have been written by scribes of Charicemania. What I hope will be accomplished is that we discover the Chaster Clauses within our hearts so that everybody can have a chance to celebrate Charice. I am but aAi??clone of the different Clauses before me, you know who you are. A Chaster writer named LAfan was the one who brought it to life. Thanks to a developing tradition, a Chaster way, that there is now a spirit we call Chaster Clause.

The Las Vegas Chaster Crew has come and gone yet nobody noticed their presence until after the concert. I thank them for keeping their pledge of not talking about the event, me or even giving a hint about my true identity. I believe that Charice should remain center stage and I, together with the other Chasters, form but a supporting cast. To see her succeed is all that matters because now, talent is not enough to guarantee a spot at the top. Only 1% make it and the rest become but a passing fancy. It is tough but she Neurontin online cannot be faulted for not working hard enough. As young as she is, she needs to pace herself for the long haul, take a break when she can, and be at full force when showtime comes. We need to cater to herAi??needs. I’m glad that we did not have a meet and greet in Las Vegas this year because I knew she would be exhausted from her whirlwind Singapore, Qatar and Vegas performances. Now, Manila is fast approaching and the excitement is building up.

To discover the Chaster Clause in each and every one of us is far more rewarding than knowing the person behind the character. My wish is to see Charice be around for a long time but we all know that the career of an artist is like a mountain: first is a climb, then a peak, followed by a plateau, and lastly, an unpredictableAi??slow or fast walk towards the sunset. My focus is to make it possible for many Chasters to have a chance to see, touch and hear the object of their dreams. I had my moment when I hugged her and told her http://wertga.com/write-my-essay/ I love her in Tokyo. An experience I will always cherish. Though I will keep a low profile, I will always be behind Charice and our Chaster family.

After a long career, I would like to imagine that when the music stops and Charice settles down that she’ll have more time to herself. Hopefully, when people begin to step off the bandwagon, she will have the time to sit and reminisce of the past with me over a strong cup of coffee. I consider that the end of my journey that I hope can happen before my expiration date. Life has no guarantees and so I live life everyday, give thanks and say a prayer.


There’s always the risk of somebody disagreeing with us and I won’t be surprise especially from people who doubt my good intentions. I have been consistent in my actions, so I can hold my ground. If this gives pause to people to release the resident goodness in their hearts, then the purpose of my article has been serve. That is the road to happiness.

Thank You Message:

“The editorial http://komtour.ru/?p=20738 board prior to publishing the article asked me if I was willing to take flying arrows from doubting Thomases. I have long suspected that we are a different fan club because as ABonita said earlier “we care for each other”. Your comments has moved me and the truth be told that we are indeed one family. I did not imagine that cupid arrows will be raining down instead in the comment section.”

“The primitive parts of our brain where our instincts reside is wired for self preservation. That is why our first inclination during a famine is to fight over food rather than give it to the weakest or spread it out. It takes the larger, developing parts of our brain nurtured by prior experiences of self denial or delayed gratification for our sake by caring adults especially a mother that we gain the capacity to override those negative instincts.”

The credit belongs to all past, present and future Clauses in our community willing to set the bar. Nothing is too big or too small to make a difference. For Charice and the world, We shall carry on!”

By Chaster Clause,Ai??Charicemania.com

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A Chaster’s Experience in Las Vegas October 2011

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GleeCap: “New York” Season 2 Finale

All you need to know is that New Directions lost and Charice’s Vocal Adrenaline won. But of course, knowing the moments that lead to this result is part of the fun. So here’s a short recap of Glee’s season 2 finale:

One main reason for the defeat of New Directions is, obviously, their lack of preparation. The episode starts off with them chilling in Times Square while they still have two songs to write and choreograph for the competition. Will, instead of coaching them through the song-making process, lies to the club and visits “CrossRhodes: The April Rhodes Story” in Broadway, where a guard catches Will singing on stage.

For inspiration, the glee club explores the streets of New York City with a lot of singing and a lot of choreography. One amazing musical number is the mash-up of “New York, New York” and “I Love New York”. It’s back to songwriting again for the members but the boys convince Finn to take Rachel out on a date. While Rachel and Finn are out on their “work date”, they meet Patti Lupone, Rachel’s idol. Finchel is looking really sweet so right on cue, the New Direction guys serenades them with “Bella Notte”. But the date doesn’t end well when Rachel rejects Finn’s kiss.

The next morning, Kurt and Rachel have breakfast at Tiffany’s and they talk about their New York dreams and how Finn could possibly hold back Rachel. One thing leads to another, and suddenly, they’re on the stage of “Wicked” where they’re given a chance to sing on stage for a couple of minutes by the kind-hearted usher.

Will almost decides to leave the glee club but a meeting with Dustin Goolsby changes that. On the day of http://guptapipe.com/uncategorized/wellbutrin-anxiety-disorder/ Nationals, Rachel finds Sunshine Corazon throwing up because of nervousness. Rachel comforts her and convinces her to continue with Vocal Adrenaline’s number. Sunshine brought the house down with “As Long As You’re There”, while the rest of her club danced in the background.

New Direction’s numbers, “Pretending” and “Light Up the World” were both good but their chance of winning was hurt when Rachel and Finn shared an unplanned kiss on stage. In the end, New Directions didn’t even crack the top 10, while the Sunshine-powered Vocal Adrenaline came out on top.

Watch Glee Season 2 Finale – “New York”

Charice on Glee

Sunshine Corazon was Purchase midamor dosage a trending topic on Twitter for hours after the Glee finale aired. ,While others were critiquing the style of her clothes and physical appearance, almost everyone agreed that her performance of the difficult “As Long As You’re There” was amazing.

The person behind “As Long As You’re There” is songwriter/producer Claude Kelly. He even tweeted in support of Charice and Glee: “who wins at sectionals on @GleeonFox!? i’m rooting for Sunshine Corazon (@OfficialCharice)…#PowerBalladsin2011″.

Kelly also promoted the song through Twitter: “GLEE FANS! the season finale is here! i wrote “AS LONG AS YOUR THERE”-original song sung by Charice (SunshineCorazon)-its on iTunes! Go BUY!”

Lots of Glee fans and Chasters are speculating wether Charice will return on Glee’s http://ksenzov.ru/buy-cannabidiol-cost.html third season. Despite the fans’ disappointment about the 3-episode appearance of Charice, everything ends on a high note with “As Long As You’re There”. And just remember the impact Charice had on Glee’s season debut with “Listen” and “Telephone”, and also “All By Myself”, you could definitely say that Glee helped Charice, and that Charice also helped Glee.

So Chasters, do you want Charice to be in Glee’s Season 3?

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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Charice Lands Two Nominations in the 1st Glee Music Awards

Your online votes are needed to help Sunshine Corazon win for Best Guest Star performance for “Listen” and Best Duet with Rachel for “Telephone” !!!
It’s the 1st Annual 2011 Glee The Music Awards presented by Columbia Records and 20th Century FOX. Tune in to the livestream next Tuesday, May 31, at 8pm ET Read the full story

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Season 2 Finale Glee Watching Party in Los Angeles

Come join other Charice fans watchAi??Sunshine Corazon sing a dramatic new and original power-balladAi??this Tuesday in Glee’s Season 2 finale. This will be an epic episode! Read the full story

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GleeCap: “Funeral” Ep. 21 Season 2 – Plus Charice’s Finale Song Sneak Peek

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GleeCap: ai???Prom Queenai???, Episode 20 Season 2 ai??i?? Plus Charice on Glee Updates!



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GleeCap: ai???Rumorsai???, Episode 19 Season 2 – Plus Charice on Glee Updates!


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Charice Included in the Album ai???Glee: The Music, Vol.6ai???

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GleeCap: “Born This Way” Episode 18, Season 2

Glee once again takes a break from Sunshine Corazon, and this week’s “Born This Way” is the first of the three episodes about McKinley High’s prom. So that leaves us with a two-week wait for another Charice comeback on the second-to-the-last episode, “Funeral”. Read the full story

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