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Support Charice’s Return to “Glee”

If you are a Chaster, we would assume you are also a Sunshine Corazon fan too! In that case, you should check out a poll that our friends at Hollywoodlife.com are running.

Hollywoodlife.com is almost as a big a fan of Charice as we are, and is celebrating Charice’s return to “Glee” as Sunshine in the Super Bowl episode to be broadcast on February 6. But they are polling to see how many “Glee” fans are actually happy to see her back. Read the full story

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Charice’s Pyramid Cover Versions on YouTube

We Where to buy remeron love Charice singing other people’s songs. But now it’s your turn to see other people singing and playing her song. Since the release of Pyramid single, Youtube musicians have been doing their cover version of the song. The song is getting more popular with the Official and Studio Versions of the Music Video racking up about 12 million views to date.

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Which Song is Your favorite in the Album “Charice”?

The album Charice has been released and by now you have listened to the songs. We would like to know which one is your favorite.Ai?? You can vote for only one song and only one time.Ai?? This may be very hard to do because they are all so wonderful.Ai?? Maybe you should listen to them again before you vote.Ai?? The poll closes at midnight, May 18th.Ai?? Have fun! Read the full story

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Vote Your Top 3 Charice Songs & Performances

song vote 75x75 Vote Your Top 3 Charice Songs & PerformancesChariceai??i??s rise to international fame is like one of her songs ai??i?? simply ai???Amazingai???! It took her less than two years to rack up a list of top-notch accomplishments: from her breakthrough Starking performance in October 2007 to her recent solo concert in SMX, Philippines. Read the full story

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