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Charice on Vacation

We’ve come across some new pictures on the web showing Charice with Mom, brother Carl and friends lately. Looks like Charice is enjoying her vacation and spending valuable time with her family.

We are indeed glad to see the pictures with her Mom as we know that keeping ties with one’s family is very important especially in the Filipino/asian culture.

baler Charice on Vacation
We know that Chasters are quite disappointed that there are no news about her career right now or what’s going on, let’s just say, enjoy your time and your vacation in the Philippines Charice and when you are ready, we’ll be there to report about it.

Here’s another one that makes us really happy:
baler11 255x300 Charice on Vacation

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Charice vs DJ Mo Twister: It’s a Joke But We’re Not Laughing

“Are you ready to rumble?” Absolutely! Especially Chasters with their matching pitchforks and torches all armed and ready to defend Charice. Well that is a bit of an exaggeration but still “To arms!”

Anyway, by now most people must have heard or read in the news lately about the controversy involving three DJs of the radio station Magic 89.9 and Charice. Guess who the DJs are? Read on! Read the full story

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Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazine’s Jan-Feb 2012 Issue

Despite a somber end to a great year because of a family tragedy, Charice bounces back right away in 2012 – and what better way to start the new year than with a bright, colorful and edgy cover on the Philippine’s top fashion magazine.

1 13244646731221111 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 IssuePreview describes itself as the Philippine’s style bible, and Charice is a great choice for the cover and a spread that’s all about modern minimalism.

Charice’s personal style has never been over the top, but still attention-grabbing in an edgy, boyish way (see photo on the left).

But it’s been a shock to some people on how Charice looked on the cover, so they called-out the magazine for using too much Photoshop.

Nevertheless, it was proven that only the usual post-processing were done on Charice’s photo (e.g. removing a pimple on her cheek).

And that the transformation was done through dramatic make-up and the addition of faux bangs.

Plus, it was the Philippine’s top talents who were the ones in charge of Charice’s photoshoot: acclaimed photographer Mark Nicdao, celebrity stylist Liz Uy, veteran make-up artist Juan Sarte, expert hairstylist Buern Rodriguez and top creative director Vince Uy.

One glance on the cover below and it’s so obvious that that’s the one and only Charice, right?

Prev Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

Preview has also released photos from the shoot complete with captions on what’s happening in the photos. Below are some of the ones featured on their website (plus some scanned pages straight off the magazine):

FINAL 1 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

FINAL 3 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

FINAL 2 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

Click on the photo below to read

FINAL 4 1024x683 Charice Graces the Cover of Preview Magazines Jan Feb 2012 Issue

A behind-the-scenes video of Charice’s Preview photoshoot has also been garnering views on Youtube. Check it out below:

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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CHARICE on ASAP: Chasters Wanted!

[REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. SEE THE LIST BELOW] Hello everyone! Charice is so in demand nowadays that after her concert with TV5, she is going to perform on another network, ABS-CBN. It’s going to be tomorrow, December 4, 2011 at the ABS-CBN studios in Quezon City. Good news though! 15 chasters will get the chance to see her perform LIVE! Please register your names on the comment section below.

1. Jm
2. Einna
3. Sapphireblue95
4. Leah Rubin
5. Manette153
6. Lysa
7. ab.bonita
8. Kenjijetrhow
9. Sean
10. Rhea Gelio
11. Karl Nuqui
12. Gelne Chris
13. Ma.cristinaiballar
14. Wamond
15. Tita

NOTE: Kindly register yourselves only. Do not register for other people to give chance for other chasters to watch.

ASAP1 e1322940549397 300x199 CHARICE on ASAP: Chasters Wanted!

MEETING TIME and PLACE: 1230PM, Starbucks ABS-CBN ELJ Building.

Contact Person: Abbonita

Thank you!

By Tintol, Charicemania

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Christmas with Charice

UPDATE: THERE WILL BE A MEET AND GREET SESSION WITH CHARICE RIGHT AFTER THE CONCERT. KINDLY REGISTER YOUR NAMES AND WHICH SECTION YOU WILL BE SEATED ON THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW. KINDLY CHECK THE ARTICLE FOR FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS OF THE MEETING TIME AND PLACE. DEADLINE OF REGISTRATION IS MIDNIGHT OF DECEMBER 1. The registrants who reach the cut-off time will have a chance for a photo op with charice. Chasters will be meeting up in Mc Donald’s near Resorts World at 6pm. Please be there on time. The lucky chasters who successfully registered will be given a bracelet/bowler or any tag and will be requested to make groups of 5 for the group picture with Charice at the stage after the concert. Look for Abbonita. THANK YOU! Can’t get enough of Charice? Good News! Philippine Chasters are in for another treat this season as TV5 presents Christmas with Charice. Catch her perform on December 2, 2011, 8pm at Newport Performing Arts Theatre in Resorts World Manila. The venue is just in front of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Read the full story

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A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES! These are the two words that come to mind when I think of Charice’s Message in her Infinity Album. This girl is living proof that dreams do come true no matter how impossible it seem to be. Last October 25,2011, another girl, a chaster named Kimmie had her dream come true as she had her surprise duet in front of the 12,000 audience in Araneta Coliseum, Manila.

Video uploaded by Bluemax This is her story: ONE MONTH before the concert, I posted something in my Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk account. ‘Dear Lord, I hope someone soponsors my ticket for the DFF Tour with Charice on Oct. 25, 2011, I do hope this wish comes true”. I was just kidding, then suddenly, “Sisa”, a gorgeous chaster in and out whom I consider as my elder sis said she will take care of it. Woah, I never expected that she would sponsor me. She was really nice to me and I was so thankful about it. Two days after, the money to be used to buy the ticket was sent to our house. A week and a half later, I lost the ticket due to my carelessness. I remember putting it under the bed but when I tried looking for it, I really can’t find it. My guess is that our maid might have thrown out the ticket when she cleaned my room. Then one day before the concert, Ate Tintol sent me a private message on Facebook. I was at school that time, that was around 7pm. She told me to send her a text message if I don’t have a ticket yet. She still has extra ticket and she said she will give me one. OMC, i was so happy to know that because I really thought I won’t be able to watch the concert anymore. THE MAIN EVENT. I arrived late at the Chaster Concert gathering where I was supposed to sing due to so much traffic. I first look for Ate Tintol to ask for my ticket. She asked me to choose between Upperbox A or B. She said that more chasters will be seated in Upperbox B than A, but UpperboxA is nearer the stage. So, I chose the ticket for Upperbox A. The concert started at around 8pm. I felt sad because I was alone in my seat, away from the group of chasters I’ve met earlier. I just kept on screaming and singing along with the performers as if nothing matters. A DREAM COME TRUE. A lot of people has been asking me if what had happened at the concert was scripted. I told them that everything was unexpected! When the concert started, I was screaming non-stop since the other chasters are far from me and I dont have anyone to talk to. I was so excited because I really want to see charice. At the mid-part of the show, there was one point when David Foster ask the audience who wanted to sing in the stage. He first picked out audiences at the VIP section. Later on, he then asked if anyone staying a little bit farther the stage also wants to sing. I started screaming my lungs out and raising my hand then, the people around began pointing at me. I was shocked when the spotlight was suddenly focused to us. David F. said i need to be at the stage in 20 seconds, Geeeez, that’s close to impossible since the section where I was seated was kinda far from the stage. The marshalls assisted me to the backstage. I thought I was gonna sing immediately. I got a little worried when I found out that I’m not going to sing yet. I thought they already forgot about me. While waiting at the backstage, the staff and the other performers are almost at my reach. I shook hands with them and kept on smiling to all. Then the moment I have long been waiting for came, I heard Charice singing on the stage. She was singing POWER OF LOVE, OMC. I couldn’t stop myself from crying that time. I felt a little shy because the people around were already looking at me. The moment charice came down the stage, she hugged me and signed the souvenir i brought from the Pre-Concert Chasters Gathering. The concert continued and when it was nearing it’s end, the staff told me that they will try their best to still be able to put me on the show and let me sing. Charice approached me and asked me if I’m just ok. She was trying to comfort me coz she might have felt that I was feeling a little down. She said sorry because David might have forgotten me coz he was really tired that time. I told her it’s ok, there’s no need to say sorry coz seeing her is really more than enough to complete my night. But deep inside, I did feel a little sad coz I really thought that Sir David Foster already forgot me. Then, one of the musicians approached me and asked me what song do I know and if I have ever hold a mic. They never thought I was really singing. I told them I know the song “I will Survive”, they said they weren’t ready for that. They asked if I know “My heart will go on”, I told them I don’t know the complete piece. How about Because you loved me? I said YES! I waited a little more, then when I heard that the performers were already singing Earth Song, I knew that the concert was about to end, I thought again that I might not be able to perform anymore. Then I suddenly remembered that I left my bag at my seat in Upperbox A. Good thing the staffs are really kind enough to take care of it. They were able to get it back from my seat. I heard Araneta Colisum roaring when David Foster played his major hits and the audience were singing along. Then after that, David called me up the stage. OMC to the highest level, I was getting so nervous. Then I saw Charice looking at me as if she was saying good luck. I was still so nervous but I know I need to overcome this feeling so I started singing. I shouted CHASTERS in the middle of the song coz i feel that I represent every Chaster there. Suddenly, the most unexpected happened, Charice came up the stage. That is something I really never expected coz the last time I saw her, she was just at the backstage looking at me and giving me the courage to go on just by looking at me. I had the most unforgettable duet of my life. I just noticed myself crying while singing with her, THANK GOD we were still able to finish the song. Charice was exceptionally nice as well as David. They continued cheering me even when I’m going down the stage.

cha and kim 2 A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears

I received a BIG hug from Charice. After that, Ate Tintol sent me a text message, she said, “I guess losing your ticket was a blessing in disguise. You were awesome at the stage. The Chasters are proud of you! “. icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears ~end~ Note: For everyone’s information, the sponsored ticket (which was donated by a Chaster Clause the last minute to another chaster) was an Upperbox B ticket. However, a friend of mine who was supposed to be on the Upperbox A seat had an emergency and was not able to go to the concert the last minute so I gave Kimmie a choice. Upperbox A or B? You guys know the rest of the story. As Chaster ImKarl puts it in his blog about the event:

“Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Thinking that kimmie was upset and sad days before the concert because of her lost ticket but she was able to stand and sing in the middle of a huge crowd singing a heart-warming song with her ultimate idol for life. A magical night. To describe it NO WORDS, JUST TEARS”

Written by Kimmie and ImKarl

Translated and Posted by Tintol and Abbonita, Charicemania.com

Original Story Written in Tagalog:

DAVID FOSTER and friends concert w/ CHARICE! I WILL TREASURE THIS MAGICAL NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! ♥ –> ONE MONTH before the concert, nagpost ako sa FB/Twitter and Plurk ko icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears ” Dear lord, sana po may magsponsor ng ticket ko for DFF tour w/ charice on OCT 25 2011, sana magdilang anghel” oh , i was just kidding, ng biglang mag comment si ate gorgeous ko na CHASTER din ” SISANG” yun, sya na daw bahala, woah. i didnt expect na iis-sponsoran nya ko , but thank you kasi super bait naman talaga nyan ni ate sisang, 2 days after, napadala na THRU lbc sa house namin yung 5k pambili ng upperbox na ticket, yun eh di nakabili nako!!! 1 and half week after, ANG BURARA KO :’( NAWALA KO YUNG TICKET SA BAHAY NA NILA KO LANG SA ILALIM NG KAMA KO, yun , hanap ng hanap ng hanap, hindi ko na talaga makita kasi baka nga naitapon nung naglinis ung maid namin ng bahay :’( hanggang sa….. 1 day before the concert, ATE TINTOL PM me on facebook,nasa school ako nun e (OCT 24 11) around 7pm mag text daw ako sa kanya kung wala pa kong ticket, GOD! sobrang saya ko kasi, may extra pang tiket si ate, bibigyan nya daw ako !! grabe sobrang saya ko nung gabing yun kasi kala ko di na ko makakanood! –> ETO NA, OCTOBER 25 2011, na late ako sa CHASTERS GATHERING kasi 7 na ko nakarating sa sobrang traffic, dapat kakanta ako dun eh. HINANAP KO NA SI ATE TINTOL PARA HINGIN YUNG TICKET, then pinapili nya ko kung upperbox A or B. kasi sa B daw madaming chaster, sa A wala masyado, pero malapit sa stage, so PINILI ko yung A! yan mga around 8pm start na yung concert. SOBRANG LUNGKOT KASI WALA AKONG KATABI SA SIT KO, sige, sigaw ako ng sigaw, kanta, nakikisabay sa nagpeperform habang nakaupo, TUWANG TUWA YUNG MGA KATABI KO, na kahit ba di kami magkakilala, CHEER SILA NG CHEER. –> A dream come true icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears ganto kasi yan eh, madami nagtatanong kung set up ba yung ngayari, or nakaplano, actually, ALL ARE UNEXPECTED! I WAS JUST SITTING AT UPPER BOX A icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears ok, simula nag start ung show, i was just shouting and shouting, KASI WALA TALAGA AKONG MAKAUSAP THAT TIME, UNG MGA CHASTERS MALAYO

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SAKIN. hahaha excited eh, kasi si charice gustong gusto ko na mapanood, NUNG NAG START NA UNG SHOW, YAN MAY MGA NAGPERFORM NA, UN, BIGLANG NAGTAWAG SI DAVID FOSTER , “who wants to sing here in stage” yan ganyan ganyan, una sa harap ung pinili nya, UNG PANGALAWA, SABI NYA SA TAAS DAW, E DI UN, SIGAW AKO NG SIGAW NG SIGAW HANGGAT SA MAMAOS AKO, ung mga KATABI KO SA SIT, PATI UNG NASA BABA KO, AKO UNG TINUTURO, HEHEHE, NA SHOCK AKO KASI, sakin tinutok ung spotlight, tas bigla akong tinuro ni david sa kinauupuan ko, EH IN 20 SECONDS DAW DAPAT NANDUN NA, nung inalalayan ako ng mga marshall dun sa concert papunta sa backstage, kala ko kakanta na agad ako icon sad A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears di pa pala, kaya nag alala ako kasi baka nakalimutan ako. YUN, ANG BABAIT NG STAFF DON, habang nag aantay ako, un inaalalayan nila ako, ung mga performers, abot kamay ko na!, ang babait nila, smile smile kamay icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears HANGGANG sa, si CHARICE na ung kumakanta sa stage, OMG!!! (POWER OF LOVE) IYAK AKO NG IYAK sa backstage, nakakahiya, kasi nagtitinginan yung mga staff ng DFF icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears hanggang sa PAGBABA ni charice, GOD!!!!!!!!!! NIYAKAP NIYA KO, PINIRMAHAN NYA UNG SOUVENIR NA DALA KO GALING GATHERING NG CHASTER BEFORE THE CONCERT –> theater YUN, hangang sa nag perform na ng nagperform ung ibang singers, palapit na ng palapit ung pagtatapos ng show, SABI NG MGA STAFF, ok ok, we r going to try our best, para makakanta ka, hanggang sa lumapit si CHARICE, sabi ” Uh, are you ok? SORRY I think david forget about you, kasi alam mo naman yun, napagod” parang si CHARICE tinatry nya pagaanin loob ko that time. Parang ganon, nahihiya ako, kasi nag sosorry si charice , I SAID, uh ok lang po, masaya na ko, NAKITA KO KAYO!! (GRABE, nakakanganga ako nun dahil sa sobrang pagkastarstruck), but deep inside, nanghihinayang kasi kala ko talaga nakaliutan ako ni david, hanggang sa…… LUMAPIT SAKIN UNG MUSICIAN SA TAAS NG STAGE, ANONG KANTA DAW ALAM KO, (KUNG NAKAHAWAK NA DAW BA KO NG MIC? HAHA) kasi, they didn’t expect na kumakanta ako, SABI KO, ALAM KO “I WILL SURVIVE” , sabi were not ready for that, e my heart will go on, sabi ko, di ko po alam yan, E YUNG, “BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME”!! ANTIMANO, YES AGAD AKO! , e di yan na, nag aantay padin ako sa backstage, EARTHSONG NA UNG PINEPERFORM NILA, ending na yun eh, akala ko talaga hindi na ko makakakanta, biglang nag MORE ung mga tao, habang si CHARICE nasa likod ko, un, nakatingin, TAS BIGLA KONG SINABI (nag aalala po ako, kasi ung bag ko po naiwan ko sa upper box a row c sit 19) agad agad naan nila pinasikaso kasi wala talaga akong kasama nun icon sad A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears thank God nakuha ko naman BAG ko . HANGGANG..!! PINATUGTOG NI DAVID UNG MGA HITS NYA (ONLY CHORUS) TAS PINASABAY NYA UNG MGA AUDIENCE, hanggang sa INITRODUCE NA NYA AKO!!!!!!!!!! yun, na!! habang umaakyat ako, SOBRA AKONG KINAKABAHAN, nakita ko parin si Charice sa backstage, para bang gusto niya akong i-goodluck, HANGGANG SA, kumanta na ko, (HALONG KABA AT PAOS) pero go padin, , I SHOUTED “CHASTERS” in the middle of the song, kasi nirerepresent ko sila sa harap, BIGLANG UMAKYAT SI CHARICE sa stage, GRRRRRRRRRAAABBEE!!! di ko ineexpect yun, kasi andun lang sya sabackstage, nakatingin sakin e, eto na, nagduet na kami, naiiyak ako habang kumakanta, pero THANK GOD, natapos naman ng maayos! SOBRANG BAIT NIYA AT NI DAVID, chi-neer nila ko pagbaba ng STAGE, biglang YAKAP! ♥ ATE TINTOL TEXTED ME UP, sabi niya, BLESSING IN DISGUISE DAW YUNG PAGKAWALA NG TICKET KO icon smile A Magical Night with Charice: No Words, Just Tears – end –> A DREAM COME TRUE!!!! ♥ By: Kimberly, Charicemania.com

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Charice Bids Farewell to Dad: “Please Say You’re Proud of Me.”

I went back to my hometown on All Saints’ Day, the national holiday to honor and celebrate the memories of loved ones who have passed away, still reminiscing about my just-ended joyful ride with Charice and the Philippine Chasters. Little did I know that another chapter will be added albeit a sad one when I received a text message from abBonita that Charice’s father had just met a violent death.

Through Bluemax, I heard the next evening that Charice had returned from Jakarta and that some Chasters were already at the Divine Mercy Viewing Chapel in Muntinlupa where Ricky Pempengco was lying in repose.  Unlike in the US where visiting hours are limited to about 9:00 pm, 24-hour vigil is customary in the Philippines when relatives and friends can visit at any time.  I arrived at about 9:30 pm and found the place already encamped by the 3 major networks, TV cameras in place, looking for scoops and people to interview.  Huge bouquets of white flowers sent by Chasters from Japan, Singapore, Los Angeles and Lantao were among those that bedecked the hall. I paid my respect to Ricky and was then told that Charice was resting in a private room.  After being given permission to enter, I talked to Mommy Raqz and to Charice who was slumped in a bed being attended to. She looked tired, sad, and haggard, just like any typical teenager who lost a loved one and none of the image of a celebrity that she is.  I extended condolences to her on behalf of the entire Chaster family and told her how all Chasters really love and care for her and her well being. I even advised her to take a break,  get much needed rest and that, personally, I want her to be around for many years to entertain my grandchildren long after I’m gone. She held my hand and just said, “Salamat po (Thank you)”.

Video Uploaded by ChariceTVCrew

The next day, I found the place packed with relatives, friends, and many Chasters! In fact, many Chasters were still coming past 12 midnight direct from their second shift jobs just to be with Charice in her hours of bereavement.  Little CutieSinger, one of our youngest Chasters at 12 years old was present who later tried to catch a few winks on the lap of Tita Wower.  There was a time that almost half of the room was filled with Chasters!  Charice, Mommy Racqz, and Carl were busy entertaining late-coming friends and relatives.  Charice, when in her happy mood was like a kid playing around with CutieSinger, who was so shy and starstruck that it took her awhile to approach Charice and be prodded to sing a few notes.  It was turning to be quite a happy occasion – a time of reconciliation, understanding and healing of the rifts among the Pempengco clan, and a time of more bonding and friendship.  I decided to leave at 4:00 am quite ashamed that I will not be able to sacrifice like the many but much younger Chasters (with the exception of a few of course) who were determined  to stick around for an all night, sleepless vigil. While my spirit said “Yay” to stay, my 67-year old body was not ready for the ordeal and was saying “Nay”.

I was back the following day in time to witness the family picture-taking and listen to the eulogies. Many of Ricky’s friends, sisters and other relatives reminisced about their experiences with Ricky. Mommy Racqz expressed how much she still loved him in spite of the sad past between them. Carl recalled a time of meeting a man who said to him how much he has grown, not knowing it was his father.  Then it was Charice’s turn.  Charice completely broke down, and cried like a little child, almost fainted and had to be consoled before she could even utter a word about her Dad.  And between sobs, reached out to whatever little memories she could recall – how her father wanted her to be a soldier.  She expressed how much she loved and missed him, and longed for the time  they could have had together had she learned earlier the sad state her father was living in.  Charice even mentioned a premonition while in Jakarta of seeing a security guard smile who looked like her father, just prior to hearing about his death.

Video Uploaded by KamoteChannel

The funeral procession started a little past 2:00 pm from Muntinlupa City to Cabuyao Memorial Park with a long convoy which included 5 full sized buses. The convoy created traffic and inched along the old national highway with hundreds of people lined up along the way hoping to catch a glimpse of Charice. It took a little over 2 hours to reach the cemetery which was so packed with people that it was very difficult to get near the burial site. I stood behind Carl trying to console him while Beda and Aki were profusely fanning Charice and Racquel. White roses were handed to family members for their last respect to Ricky. As the coffin was being interred, Charice broke down again. She sat almost in stupor as the tomb was being sealed.  It was a heart-rending sight to watch our princess, so bubbly and lively on stage now crying like a little child grieving for a tremendous loss.

As her SUV backed in to fetch the family, a big crowd trying to catch a glimpse of Charice formed blocking the exit. Security guards had to form a chain to create a path for the family.  A bunch of Chasters voluntarily followed suit and joined hand-in-hand to form a secondary chain in support of security with Beda barking commands like a little general for the crowd to back off. The crowd obeyed as Charice and family hurriedly walked into the vehicle and drove away as the crowd started to disperse.

As our bus sped away along South Luzon Expressway, I cannot help but think of the events that transpired the past few days.  That we have now witnessed the other Charice – the typical teenager, the little child that’s still in her, mingling with her roots, unmindful of the pinnacle where she stands as a star of the entertainment world – the girl with the beautiful shoes still planted firmly on the ground.

After all the hugs and kisses as we bid goodbye to go our separate ways, I cannot help but think that the love for Charice by the Chaster Family has now morphed from DEDICATION to FAITHFUL AND PROFOUND DEVOTION for the welfare of OUR PRINCESS.

By Rodbelt, Charicemania.com
Posted by Ab.bonita, Schoen & Mooffin, Charicemania.com

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Back Home with Charice & Chasters

My unexpected trip to the Philippines last August started as a sad one as it was to attend to the needs of my only brother who untimely passed at 60. I decided to stay longer to plan for my eventual retirement to the motherland. This decision turned out to be a blessing as it started my involvement with Philippine Chasters and the planned gathering on October 25th.

I met Tintol and Beda, the Chasters I affectionately describe as the Charice-size, fireballs of energy who are the cogs that keep the wheels in this group turning smoothly. Bluemax, Carol, Narita, abBonita and Julius showed up and details were laid out for the event. I learned that five underprivileged, musically talented kids who are fans of Charice were chosen to attend the dinner and the concert. It now dawned upon me that this get-together was not going to be a small gathering at all.  After a second meeting to finalize the plans (where I finally met Artemis, our poetic Chaster who composed a song dedicated to Charice and to be performed in the dinner with Aki, the quiet rapper-dancer Chaster), I patiently waited for the eventful day.

I then received a message from Tintol about Charice’s arrival on the 24th.  I went to the Mall of Asia, met Beda and a few Chasters and taxied to the airport where we met Tintol and a few more Chasters. Resigned to the fact that we cannot get near the arrival gate because of tight security, we patiently waited at the end of the driveway ramp, rubber necking at the convoy of black SUVs parked in front of the arrival exit, eagerly hoping to catch a glimpse of Charice. I became impatient and unsure of whether Charice will have the time to acknowledge us and ventured to ‘crash’ security. I casually crossed the driveway out of the guard’s sight, mingled with the arriving passengers at the various hotel reception suites facing the arrival exit, and then crossed again where the convoy was parked. SUCCESS! I stood around, hands akimbo to hide that I was the only one without a credential pass around my neck.

Charice then came out with dark shades and her trademark fedora!  She was met by Mommy Raqz and was handed her beautiful Shih Tzu. I tried to approach her, snapped a couple of pictures, and yelled: “Charice, It’s I, RodBelt from New Jersey”. Charice glanced in my direction, smiled, waved and hopped into the SUV. I wondered whether she remembered me as I was wearing my now trademark red-striped Polo and Philippine flag-emblazoned baseball cap, my attire in all five times I met her in the past. I hurriedly returned to the Chasters crew and proudly showed them the pictures I took. The convoy then started moving in our direction. The SUV carrying Charice stopped and opened its window. Charice briefly acknowledged those who were lucky enough to be in front.

Knowing that Resorts World (the premier casino in the Philippines adjacent to Marriot where the DF&F crew were staying) was going to have a program honoring the music of David Foster where Charice was invited, I requested BlueMax to drop me off there. I was hoping that I might have the chance to meet and talk with Charice again. (With all due respect folks, this was not stalking, just an ardent show of love for our PRINCESS).  I accidentally bumped into the band members on their way to dinner and had a brief conversation with the drummer who told me that Charice is the REAL DEAL.

A crowd started milling around the entrance of the club at about 7.00 when someone with a fedora arrived.  It was CHARICE! I yelled “Charice!” pointing at my cap. She looked around, saw me, smiled, said “Po!” (Sir), walked toward me, extended her hand which I warmly shook, and gave me a hug! I was briefly star-struck again, and could hardly say “I’ll see you tomorrow”. She replied “Opo” (Yes, sir) and walked into the venue. I said to myself: My GOD, Charice remembers me! I left walking on cloud nine to the taxi stand still hardly believing what I just experienced.

I woke up the next day, turned on my computer to check my e-mails and for some CM news thinking that it will still be at 3:00PM that I will meet with the organizers. I did not check my phone messages until 1:00PM only to find out that there was a last minute M&G at Café Adriatico at 1:00 PM! Cursing myself, I hurriedly dressed up, grabbed a cab and texted Tintol that I was not going to make it for the M&G but I was coming anyway. I arrived at 2:30 PM. Missing the event with nothing to do but brag (again) about my adventures with Charice, I thought of showing them my pictures with Charice only to realize in horror that I left my camera in the cab! My spirits sunk as if I lost a dear friend, thinking about all the memorable pictures of Charice and Chasters lost with the camera. I was almost ready to cry in disgust only for Beda to console me.

The crowd started arriving at Max’s at about 3:30 PM with Beda and Julius manning registration. Other Chasters were preparing the sound system and cameras for taking pictures with a life-size replica of Charice. Chasters came from everywhere – Doc Ed from Guam, tsuki from Okinawa, Leigh from Dubai, stockpicker from California, Henry V, Wower, gunrunner, a couple of Singaporeans and so many others whose names I could not remember. Lantao then arrived and was mobbed like a real celebrity in his own right with Chasters jockeying to have pictures taken with him so much so that people in the restaurant started asking who he was! The program started with performances – Artemis playing her guitar and singing her own composition with a couple of Chasters; Aki doing an impressive rap mimicking various sound effects, an Adam Lambert imitation; a Chaster singing her version of All By Myself, Isaac from Texas on the piano who sang and gave some jazzy touches a la Ray Charles to some of Charice’s original recordings and of course, little Cutiesinger with her impressive imitation of a little Charice. It was almost total pandemonium. It was party time. It is hard to imagine that these 130+ former strangers were now bound together as one HAPPY FAMILY just because of the common love and adoration for Charice. The affair ended about 7:15 with attendees receiving souvenirs of beautiful hardboard cutouts of Charice in her performance outfits, their pictures with the life-size replica of Charice and memories of a wonderful event.

rod1 300x225 Back Home with Charice & Chasters

Photo courtesy of Wower

The arena was still half-full close to the starting time of 8:00 PM. I started to wonder if the Black Eyed Peas concert on the same night had seriously affected attendance. After all, BEP was heavily promoted with very heavy sponsorship. DF&F on the other hand had very little ads that I probably would have missed had I been a casual fan.  My worries were unfounded because the coliseum was filled to 95% capacity.

The concert finally started at 8:30 with David’s signature St. Elmos’s Fire. Russell Watson, a tenor I confess I know nothing about, opened the show and had the crowd into a chorus with “Volare” after being advised by David that the Filipino audience is not the typical sort with no equal in the world. That we Filipinos can sing!

Ashanti sang her version of the Bodyguard Medley giving it her own personal touch to the delight of the crowd. No, I will not make any comparison here with Charice’s interpretation of the song. Philip Bailey brought the crowd to its feet with his rendition of old Earth Wind and Fire standards. Martin Nievera was invited onstage and sang a few notes. A girl seated in the upper box (who I found out later through YouTube that she is one lucky Chaster named Kimmie) picked by David from the crowd took a long time to come down that David said she had to wait.

Then DARKNESS….A BIG INTRO BY THE BAND…. LIGHTS ON…..IT’S CHARICE! Green glow sticks lighted a section of the upper box – THE CHASTERS. She opened with “A Power of Love” without belting but showing style and maturity. She happily acknowledged the presence of Chasters. She followed with “Stand Up For Love”, a David Foster song I’ll admit I am not familiar with, then a beautiful rendition of “Unbreak My Heart”. David made a nice introduction of Charice’s very own “LOUDER” which Charice sang with gusto, descending from the stage, walking along the aisles and mingling with the fans to the delight of everyone.

She was followed by Michael Bolton who entertained and pleased the crowd with his memorable ballads. Charice came out again and sang a beautiful duet of “The Prayer” with Michael. David then made a heart-touching description of the finale number – MJ’s “Earth Song”, relating its haunting lyrics to the current state of our environment before David’s “FRIENDS” appeared one by one and sang it with Charice as the last one to appear on stage. Some of the crowd started heading for the exits but most refused to leave clapping furiously even after everyone left the stage.  I noticed that the lights were still not on and the band members were still on stage – meaning more was coming! David returned, sat on the piano, played a few of his songs with the AUDIENCE SINGING IN CHORUS IN THE BACKGROUND WITH EVERY SONG! It was not only a concert! It was a SING-ALONG LOVEFEST!   As David said: “ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES” did he experience this! David stood up and reminded everyone of the last audience singer he invited. Kimmee then came out and started singing “Because You Love Me”. Then CHARICE came out to the roar of the crowd and joined Kimmee in a duet – reminding me of a little of the Celine-Charice duet at Madison Square Garden. Kimmee was quite shocked and with tears welling around her eyes, sang impressively with her idol.  Then, tremendous applause from the crowd as David and Charice left the stage. ……… THE PARTY’S OVER.

But it is far from the end. It is only a brief segment in the long journey for Charice whose music will hopefully bring more joy, love, camaraderie, and togetherness to millions for generations to come.

To all the nameless Chasters in the background who selflessly volunteered their time, efforts, and energy to make this affair a very successful and memorable one, you are the little Chaster Clauses in all Chaster’s hearts – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Charice at David Foster and Friends Manila, Oct. 25, ’11 Video Playlist

Videos uploaded by LantaoIslands

By Rodbelt, Charicemania.com

I first met Rod at The Coffee Bean (Araneta Center) last September 25, 2011 when he arrived as Tintol, Narita, Julius and I were planning the pre-concert activities on October 25, 2011. He commuted from Las Pinas City very eager to meet Chasters as they don’t seem to have a Chaster crowd in New Jersey. This nice man is a welcome addition to our growing “Senior Citizens” group (I know of over 15 whose names I refuse to share here).

I met Rod again on the 2nd and final meeting on October 16, 2011 at Max’s. He was late so I waited for him at the Coffee Bean (original meeting place). This final meeting was a bigger one where he met a great number of Chasters including Beda, A.B., Artemis, Aki, Nege, Dino, Sean, Kram, jonbudz, Leah, Chastin, Java etc. (Sorry for missed names. I have a “Senior” excuse)

Then I met with him once again on October 24th at the NAIA to meet Cha. I confirm all his related undercover activities and that I dropped him off at the Resorts World to continue his mission (it’s like he parachuted off from a helicopter). And now I hear of his exploits which, I am sure, were understated.

I write this response to confirm and attest to this genuine Senior Chaster’s adventure. Welcome Rod to the Philippine Chaster scene. I have already heard stories of your kindness, your story-telling nature and your innate passion for anything related to our princess from those Chasters who have spent moments with you.

Very inspiring article Rod. Thank you for sharing. – Bluemax

Posted/Edited by Mooffin, AnonymousFanatic & Schoen, Charicemania.com

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Star-studded Audience Awaits Charice on Pacquiao-Mosley Fight

Being personally picked by boxing superstar Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao to sing at the boxing event of the year is already a huge honor. But an even bigger bonus is Charice’s opportunity to sing for a star-studded audience and millions of people across the globe who are tuning in for the fight.

The Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley fight has reached atmospheric heights of buzz and promotion over the weeks, and as we’re nearing May 7, more and more details are released about the fight. Rapper Rick Ross confirmed on Twitter that he’ll be walking Pacquiao to the ring. Ross, aside from being a recording artist, is also known for his feud with 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr., one of Pacquiao’s boxing rivals. Read the full story

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Charice´s Special Valentine Show Experience


Below is a testimonial of one chaster’s experience during the special taping of the Valentine Show on January 31.


In every journey and hunting mission (Charice’s event) I make, I open myself and embrace the will of the wind to lead me to see… hear… feel…absorb…and savor what the experience has to offer. I abandon myself to the unseen energy and passion of the moment (oh how I wish you were there…it was like DFF Manila Oct. 23, 2010). Read the full story

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Charice Gives Home Tour on Philippine TV

You get the impression that Charice is as much a gracious host as she is a talented singer, when just before Christmas she allowed TV cameras into her home in the Philippines.

As part of their ‘Holiday House Raid’ special segment, “SNN”, which is broadcast on Philippine station ABS-CBN, was given a guided tour of Charice’s family home in Tagaytay.

Read the full story

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Mommy Racquel: Charice Not Forgetting Philippines

Charice’s own mother has moved to quell fears amongst Chasters in the Philippines that their singing icon is set to make fewer appearances on home soil. Concerns were raised by the fact that Charice’s itinerary while in the Philippines last weekend allowed for just a lightening visit involving two appearances in two days, January 8 and 9. She was afforded no time to spend at home with family, friends or fans, and flew out

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immediately after her second engagement at the Enchanted Kingdom theme park in Laguna on January 9. Read the full story

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“30 Days With Charice” Episode 8: Farewell, Philippines!

“30 Days With Charice” is a documentary by Emmy-award winning director Matthew Mills, cut into four-minute-episodes with new ones released every Wednesday and Friday on Teen.com.

Previous Episode

The seventh episode continued to show us how blessed Charice is. We witnessed Charice being baptized into the Catholic faith which was covered by almost all of the Philippine media. Bigwigs from the local entertainment scene were also in attendance. Her solo concert was also mobbed by avid fans! The Filipino fans were tremendously proud to see Charice, one of their own, succeed overseas. Even with all these fawning and adoration, Charice is still her humble self and is simply delighted in being able to perform in front of the adoring audience. It certainly seems that for the Filipinos, Charice is at the height of success.

Farewell, Philippines!

This episode continues to give us an exclusive peek into Charice’s homecoming. Not forgetting her modest background, Charice celebrates her 18th birthday with underprivileged children. She described the experience as “so much fun” that it erased any signs of jetlag. For Charice, it is of utmost importance that she gives back as she wants the children to know that she cares for them. Charice sang songs for them as well as gave gifts – she wanted to make the less fortunate children know that they’re also special. After the heartwarming celebration, Charice takes us behind the scenes of ASAP XV, a very popular musical variety show in the Philippines. In the green room, Charice is getting prepared for her performance of the David Foster-written “In This Song.” We can see how excited and pumped up Charice is! Interspersed with shots of avid fans highly anticipating the performance, Tommy Page, VP of Top 40 Reprise Records, commented that Charice has “a great international base” leading her to be “one of the first Asian singers to really make it in the Western world.” He added that with other Asian countries supporting her, Charice is serving as the role model to other Asian talents. As Charice gets on stage to perform, we see how down-to-earth she really is – there was not a single diva-like complaint. We even see her chugging down a big bottle of water, taking deep breaths in between. Charice also marvels at the fact that there’s nothing like singing her own songs and having the audience sing with her. Many say that they get goose bumps when they hear Charice sing, this performance was no exception. Charice tells us her secret when singing ballad songs; she learned from her mother that in order to connect with the people, she is to sing as if she’s talking to the audience. This way, she says, the audience could feel it. Marc Johnston, her manager, asserts that no one in this world can do what Charice is able to do, “there’s nothing like watching Charice in a live performance.” He tells us that this is what makes Charice unique and entertaining. She is even described as a “completely well-rounded international artist” – certainly, this whole episode is a testament to that.

Charice continues her trip in the Philippines and shows us where it all began! Previously: 30 Days With Charice, Ep. 1 – Meet Charice at her 18th Birthday Party Previously: 30 Days With Charice, Ep. 2 – QVC Performance Previously: 30 Days With Charice, Ep. 3 – NYC Interview Tear-Jerker Previously: 30 Days With Charice, Ep. 4 – Wango Tango From Stage to Studio Previously:30 Days With Charice, Ep. 5 – Charice Takes Japan Previously:30 Days With Charice, Ep. 6 – Home Sweet Home Previously: 30 Days with Charice, EP. 7 – Let’s Get Spiritual

What’s Next? It is farewell to the Philippines and back to

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the States for globetrotting Charice. We get an exclusive peek at her concert at St. Basil Academy in Pennsylvania with her good friend, Iyaz! We get to see the very fun and wild concert next Wednesday in the ninth episode of “30 Days With Charice” at Teen.com. By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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“30 Days With Charice” Episode 7: Let’s Get Spiritual

“30 Days With Charice” is a documentary by Emmy-award winning director Matthew Mills, cut into four-minute-episodes with new ones released every Wednesday and Friday on Teen.com.

Previous Episode

The sixth episode revealed to us the very loving and giving Charice who never forgets where she came from. Returning to her birthplace, the Philippines, must have been a bittersweet event where she can see the poverty of others which she has experienced as well. Read the full story

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“30 Days With Charice” Episode 6: Home Sweet Home

“30 Days With Charice” is a documentary by Emmy-award winning director Matthew Mills, cut into four-minute-episodes with new ones released every Wednesday and Friday on Teen.com. Previous Episode The fifth episode brought us to Tokyo and we got to witness how Charice impressed the Japanese media with her amazing voice and strong presence. After a flawless “In This Song” performance, the cameras shifted backstage where Charice met one-on-one with the who’s who of print, radio, Read the full story

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No Sushi Can Stop Sunshine: Charice is OKAY Now, Will Perform Tonight!


Charice’s  Mommy Raqz said, “Yes, she sings tonight and she’s in good health now.”

Mommy Raqz said that from now on, she will not allow Charice to eat just anywhere.

“[I will tell Charice to eat]  just the food that I’ve prepared. No [more] sushi. ” said Mommy Raqz. Read the full story

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