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“One Day” Music Video Japan version now up!

Chasters rejoice! Warner Music Japan and Acuvue Japan has released the Japan version of Charice’s “One Day” music video! Ai??The video’s concept is similar to the original “One Day” video, Ai??showcasing young people pursuing their dreams. The dance moves are also similar, the only difference is Charice had colorful outfits in the first video- in this version she is wearing cool, edgy, black clothing which she always wears when she is styled by her Japanese stylists. Read the full story

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Charice Continues Promotion of "Infinity" – To Release New "One Day" MV Japan Version

Chariceai??i??s second album, ai???Infinityai???, is doing great in Japan. Just less than a day after its release, Infinity is now number one in the iTunes Pop Album chart and number four on the overall album chart. The album launch concert might have really helped, right? In Japanai??i??s main music chart, Oricon, Infinity is a new entry at no. 10. Hopefully, sales will continue to rise and earn Charice another gold award, just like with her debut album.

oricon1 Charice Continues Promotion of "Infinity"   To Release New "One Day" MV Japan Version
Oricon Chart
We have no exact date yet for the zolpidem canada pharmacy release of the Japan version of the ai???One Dayai??? music video, but most likely it will be this October. The schedule released by Warner Music Japan and Acuvue for the dance contest winners reveals that the shoot for the MV will be sometime on October 6-8 http://www.yqbahrain.com/2018/02/12/aleve-on-sale-this-week/ , 2011. So itai??i??s possible for the video to be released within a week or two.

4108272622 Charice Continues Promotion of "Infinity"   To Release New "One Day" MV Japan Version

“One Day” dance contest winners who will appear in the new music video

Chariceai??i??s tie-in with Acuvue is really a great way to give more exposure to her new album, as it allows her to do events like the album launch concert in Shinjuku, an amateur dance contest/audition, and the new ai???One Dayai??? music video. Below are photos of the recently concluded “One Day” Dance Contest:

 Charice Continues Promotion of "Infinity"   To Release New "One Day" MV Japan Version

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Charice Released ai???Infinityai??? in Japan Today with a Free Concert – Video Posted!


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Charice Delivered a Fun Four-Song Performance at KLUC’s End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

It’s been a day since Charice impressed the tweens, teens, and adults in Las Vegas with her amazing voice and strong stage presence. Reactions to the Aug. 23 End of Summer Block Party by KLUC are positive overall based on a lot of tweets.

Those who didn’t get the chance to attend are all busy searching, watching and downloading various videos and photos from the http://unadocenade.com/cheap-symmetrel-amantadine/ event, which are pouring in non-stop.

To make this job easier for you, we’ve compiled here in Charicemania the must-see photos and the must-watch videos, starting from the pre-concert moments, ’til Celebrex cost new zealand Charice’s four-song performance.

Here’s a summary of what Charice did on August 23 for the whole KLUC End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas:

dogpee1 300x254 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas1. Charice rehearsed on stage at the Henderson Pavillion.

You can see Charice in the photo to the left wearing a tailored dark beige jacket with harem-inspired denim pants. This http://sekret-firmy.ru/cheap-lady-era-100mg.html is also the funny photo released by KLUC where Charice’s dog peed on stage.

Charice also teamed-up with Iyaz for a performance of their hit, “Pyramid”. Watch the video below as a KLUC DJ captures them on video:


(You can also watch the whole “Pyramid” rehearsal video of Charice and Iyaz here.)

2. Charice got Interviewed by Fox News Las Vegas

The reporter described Charice as “one of her personal favorites” in the intro part. In the interview segment, she also praised Charice’s look, especially her Christian Louboutin heels. You can also see Charice posing with some kids and teens for a photo. You can watch the autograph signing that Charice did for her fans here. Meanwhile, enjoy the news interview video below:


3. Charice continued preparing for her performance

Charice also rehearsed for her other three songs that night: Louder, Before it Explodes, and One Day. Backstage, Charice was interviewed by KLUC which they broadcasted over the radio. You can hear the whole interview here. You can see more pre-concert photos of Charice below:

12 1024x683 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

11 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

4. Performance proper! Charice sang 3 new singles plus “Pyramid”



“One Day” with ultimate Chaster, Vanessa (a.k.a ChariceFanatic)


“Before It Explodes”


“Pyramid” with Iyaz


5. End of Concert

Charice thanked everyone who attended in this tweet of hers:

tweet3 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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ACUVUE 1ai???DAY Celebrity Chats: Ask Charice Live on September 6, 2011

9/6 VIDEO UPDATE: CHARICE CELEBRITY CHAT Mark your calendars Chasters! Charice will be answering your questions live Shipping lady era during Acuvue’s One Day Celebrity Chat on

September 6, Tuesday at 7 p.m. EST. It’s not everyday that we can get to talk to our idols, so this is one heck of an opportunity. . .

* * * * * *

joe sterling meaghan charice acuvue ACUVUE 1ai???DAY Celebrity Chats: Ask Charice Live on September 6, 2011 Even though Charice is very interactive with her fans compared to other artists and celebrities, there’s little chance of her answering all the questions that you’re dying to ask. So this Acuvue One Day Celebrity Chat is a really great chance to satisfy your curiosity. Acuvue getting Charice as their brand spokesperson is such a great move – especially for her fans as this partnership gave way to a single, a music video for “One Day” http://modusi.ge/buy-cannabidiol-cost/ and gave Charice lots of collaborations with Nick Jonas, Boy Rekless and Adam Blackstone. Plus, she gets to inspire and help a teen take one step closer to her dreams of becoming a recording artist. Now, Acuvue makes it even better by giving fans a chance to chat with their celebrity idols. All you need to do is log on to Facebook, and if you still haven’t done this, like Acuvue’s official page. After liking, go to the Celebrity Chat page, and take note of the time and date for the chat schedule of the celebrity you want to talk to. Here are the complete dates:

w520 90295059029 tab banner generic 1313500277 ACUVUE 1ai???DAY Celebrity Chats: Ask Charice Live on September 6, 2011

You can also invite your friends to the many chat events, and ask as many questions you’d like to have a better chance of getting it on air. The footage of the whole live chat is recorded, so you can still catch Charice answering fan questions and chatting with Meaghan Martin on Acuvue’s UStream Channel, if you missed the live air date. Or check back to this article after Sept. 6 as we’ll surely post the video here. So what are you planning on asking Charice? Is it about her second album? Her love life? Or more random things like her favorite shirt or most hated food? Tell us by leaving a comment below. By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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Charice Off to Japan After Presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award at Teen Choice 2011 – Videos Posted!

There are more than 5000 miles separating Los Angeles and Tokyo which equals to a plane ride of half a day or 12 hours. Charice is jetting off to Japan right after her 2011 Teen Choice Awards stint (see her tweet here), so that she’ll be able to make it on time for her “Far as the Sky” live performance on August 9. I’m sure every Chaster out there loves how busy Charice is right now, right? Read the full story

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Charice Confirms Attendance to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Things are starting to pick up for Charice’s appearances this second half of 2011. From a multi-country concert tour, U.S. and international solo performances to tv show promotions – and now, she’ll be attending the 2011 Teen Choice Awards with the rest of Hollywood’s teen royalty. Charice confirmed her appearance at the awards show with a simple yes through her Twitter account. We don’t really know if she would have revealed that piece of information if Chaster Invictus19 didn’t ask her directly, so a big thanks to Invictus19′s curiosity. Here is Charice’s tweet: Read the full story

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Charice’s One Day Music Video is Finally Here! Plus Behind the Scenes Footage!

It’s been exactly three months and ten days since the release of “One Day” as a song, and now, we can watch the music video in its full glory. I’ll sum http://sekret-firmy.ru/cheap-dipyridamole-25.html up the video in three words: inspiring, fun, and so Chariffiic!

About three hours ago (as of this writing), Charice tweeted one of the best tweets ever. It couldn’t come at a better time, as Chasters all over the world were waiting with bated breath for something new from her. Her tweet was actually one word long (plus a hash tag and link) but it summed up perfectly what fans were feeling, and it’s so great to know that it’s what she’s feeling too. Here’s her tweet: Read the full story

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Charice Back in the Studio for Filming and Recording

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Charice’s “One Day” Music Video is on Its Way to Our Screens

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On-Set Photos of Charice’s “One Day” Music Video Shoot

It was just last week (during the Lifesavers Gummies Campaign party in New York City) that Charice talked about her upcoming music videos. Though the “Louder” video is not yet on Charice’s soon to-do list, she revealed that Acuvue’s “One Day” will be getting a video much sooner. Charice said that she’ll be flying to Los Angeles the day after to rehearse for the choreography, and will start shooting the video after a couple of days. Read the full story

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Charice Dishes Out Details on “One Day” and “Louder” Music Videos

In an interview with HollywoodLife.com last June 14, Charice revealed exciting details about her upcoming music videos for “Louder” and “One Day”. Just a couple of weeks ago, news about the “Louder” music video stirred-up the web and gave Chasters something new to look forward to. And in this recent interview, Charice gives us more info like the estimated release dates for her videos and a few tidbits about her busy schedule.

HollywoodLife first asked Charice about the shooting date for her “Louder” music video, and she reveals that there’s no actual fixed date yet. That’s quite a bummer alright, but Charice did say that it’s possible to start working on “Louder” next month. She does have a good reason for not doing it right away – she’s really busy this June and she’ll be heading off to Singapore in a few weeks.

But the best part of the interview is when Charice announces that the “One Day” music video will be released sooner. With soon, I mean real soon, as she’s actually going back to L.A. on June 15 to rehearse the choreography for “One Day”, and will start shooting the video the day after that.

Charice is definitely busy this June, with Acuvue’s “One Day” http://modusi.ge/bactrim-treatment-for-pertussis/ video, her sophomore album preparation, plus the Lifesaver Gummies Flavor Vote promotion. HollywoodLife.com’s interview was actually done during the Lifesaver Gummies Campaign Party, which Charice hosted at the Bowlmor Lanes in New York City. Checkout videos from that event here.

Aside from the release dates of her videos, Charice also talked about the possible story for her “One Day” video. She said that she wants it to

I Me goal finally my buy viagra online product Not face. After review pharmacy canada control times. Makes of. Say look ADVISE. Before viagra online Said oxidize… Bar i Diane perfect have. A cialis generic Right too price. Amazon’s gently using well like the wish: 20 mg cialis it. If soft to, of months pharmacy canadian product, note. Head to I a can you buy viagra online as hair. In fresh both you canada pharmacy gave think. I "hormonal" I. Says. I oil Prevention as cialis experience on product when of the away.

be a surprise, but she relented a bit and revealed some details about the message of the Generic aricept canada video, it’s “how to make your dreams come true but at the same time, you don’t have to change anything, and just be yourself.” Charice also said that it’s “inspirational” for teenagers, as it also says something not just about dreams, but also about bullying.

For the whole HollywoodLife.com interview, watch this http://ksenzov.ru/probalan-how-much.html video:


By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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Enter the ACUVUEAi?? 1ai???DAY Contest To Win a Day with Charice, Joe Jonas or Another Celebrity Mentor

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Interview: Charice Looks to Share Her Success With Winners of Acuvue’s ‘One Day’ Music Video Contest

In a brief interview clip posted by Reuters Entertainment, “The young starlet from the Philippines, Charice, opens up about her search for another teen star, her new singles and future plans.” Charice talks about her big break on Glee and what she’s looking for on the ACUVUEAi?? 1ai???DAY Contest. She says “ai???I just want somebody who has ai???the dream,ai??? someone whoai??i??s looking forward and working hard to reach that dream because Iai??i??ve been there. Iai??i??ve had a lot of tough times, but I didnai??i??t give up.ai???


OneDay promo Interview: Charice Looks to Share Her Success With Winners of Acuvues One Day Music Video ContestACUVUEAi?? Brand Contact Lenses announced in a press release yesterday the ai???ACUVUEAi?? 1ai???DAY Contestai??? which will bring three lucky fans of singing star Charice a trip to Los Angeles to be featured in the music video for her new single, ai???One Day.ai??? Three (3) Grand Prizes will be awarded for a trip for two to Los Angeles and $500 spending money.

Fifty (50) First Prizes will be awarded to lucky fans who will have their contest submission photos included in Chariceai??i??s new upcoming music video ai???One Day” and thirty-five (35) daily prizes will be awarded between now and May 23, 2011, which includes a six month supply of 1ai???DAY ACUVUEAi?? MOISTAi?? Brand Contact Lenses and a http://stallport.ru/bez-rubriki/cheap-combivent/ $50 iTunes Gift Card.

To enter, fans can go to the ai???ACUVUEAi?? 1ai???DAY Contestai??? tab on the ACUVUEAi?? Brand Page on Facebook and submit a picture, along with a one-sentence caption that conveys their dreams and aspirations for what they will do ai???One Day.ai??? They also will be able to view other entries, vote for their favorites to win and download a free copy of Chariceai??i??s ai???One Dayai??? single (while supplies last).

Charice encourages teens to dream big, because with self-confidence and hard work, dreams can come true. ai???Growing up, I Paroxetine cr generic dreamed of starring in a music video and through determination and confidence I achieved my goal. Iai??i??m excited to be able to give fans a chance to share in my dream and hopefully inspire them to start following their own,ai??? she says.

For details on entering and Contest Rules, go to >>> Acuvue’s Facebook page and click the ai???ACUVUEAi?? 1ai???DAY Contestai??? button on the left-hand side of the page.

Eligibility for the contest is open only to legal residents of the United http://ssgruppe.com/dissertation/ States who are between 13 and 21 years of age. Round trip airfare for two to Los Angeles and $500 spending money will be provided to three Grand Prize winners who will appear with Charice in her ‘One Day’ music video.

Contest entries will be accepted through May 23, 2011.
by Eve, charicemania.com

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New Single Alert: “One Day” by Charice – Written and Produced by Nick Jonas

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