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Genesis Ent. Rows in Behind Charice

Support for Charice in the on-going Philippine media row continues to grow, with more voices backing her decision not to do interviews after her recent “1@11″ concert. Now, the event management company responsible for organizing the “1@11″ extravaganza at the SM Mall of Asia has rowed in behind Charice in the row over her lack of accessibility on the night. Read the full story

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Mommy Raquel Defends Charice in Media Row

As elements of the Philippine media criticize Charice’s non-accessibility during her recent Manila concert, Mommy Raquel has spoken out in her daughter’s defense.

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The Buzz Chats with Charice: Her Newfound Fame, Her Mom

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No Sushi Can Stop Sunshine: Charice is OKAY Now, Will Perform Tonight!


Charice’s  Mommy Raqz said, “Yes, she sings tonight and she’s in good health now.”

Mommy Raqz said that from now on, she will not allow Charice to eat just anywhere.

“[I will tell Charice to eat]  just the food that I’ve prepared. No [more] sushi. ” said Mommy Raqz. Read the full story

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Charice Watches Singing Contest via Skype

MANILA, Philippine – International singing sensation Charice took time out of her busy schedule to watch a singing competition in her hometown in Cabuyao, Laguna despite being in the United States.

Charice used Skype, which allows Internet users to make voice calls, to see the contestants in Barangay Gulod as they showcased their talents.

The 18-year-old singer of smash hit “Pyramid” also performed Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” to the delight of her fans. Read the full story

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Charice to Appear on ‘Regis and Kelly,’ not ‘Glee,’ says Mom

Charice: ‘In This Song’ on Regis & Kelly!

Regis n Kelly 01 Charice to Appear on Regis and Kelly, not Glee, says MomCharice quickly snaps a pic with one of her many fans outside ABC Studios before her taping for Live with Regis and Kelly in NYC on Wednesday morning (June 16).

The 18-year-old Filipina phenomenon shared about meeting Celine Dion, “We did perform together about two years ago at Madison Square Garden. Read the full story

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Happy Mother’s Day! from Charice

Charicemania and Operation Smile would like to extend a Happy Mother’s Day Wish to the moms of the world. In honor of mothers around the world waiting to see a brand new smile on their child’s face, we’d like to share this video created by Operation Smile to the tune of “You and Me Against The World” sung by none other than Charice and her mom, Raquel, affectionately known to chasters as MommyRaqz. Read the full story

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Cha’s B-day Plans: A True Rite of Passage

On May 10, 2010, Charice will be turning 18 years old, and during the past few months, Charice and her Mommy Raquel have been casually mentioning the possibility of having a “debut” at their Tagaytay residence in the Philippines to celebrate the occasion. In the Filipino culture, a “debut” is a formal party that is embedded with rituals that signify rites of passage towards “womanhood” – or in a way, “adulthood”.  Read the full story

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The Kindness of Charice and Mommy Raquel Shines in a Brief Chat

I was privileged to have been on charicemania.com recently when Charice and her mom stopped by for an impromptu chat (ET Room).

Mommyraqz and Charice were funny and friendly to all. Jonbudz got to live out a dream when he sang to Charice and assembled online Chasters. Charice was especially engaging when she saw Marty from Italy online. Read the full story

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Charice and MomRaq featured at Rated K

(VIDEO WITH SUBTITLES ADDED) Charice and MomRaq were featured on Rated K, Philippines. Basically a review of her amateur years and guestings abroad. I was told that it´s a mother´s tribute. The sad part was when Charice recalls she used to see things she wanted to buy in the stores, but they didn´t have money. So MomRaq told her to wait until she won the contest because it brings bad luck to buy before. Read the full story

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For Charice, Home is Where the Heart is

MANILA – As she continues to take the United States by storm, international singing sensation Charice has been offered by legendary composer David Foster to stay there for good.  It was a tempting offer but Charice opted to pass up the chance to move to the US. After all, her heart remains in the Philippines. Read the full story

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Best 15-Minute Adrenaline Rush: A Chat With Charice & Mommy Raquel

154kozl Best 15 Minute Adrenaline Rush: A Chat With Charice & Mommy Raquel The room came alive with fever-pitch excitement when our very own Charice popped into the chatroom, along with our greatest supermom — Mommy Raquel! It was certainly an adrenalin rush for everyone who was there for the few minutes that Charice managed Read the full story

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Suddenly Charice From Virtual Stardom To International Sensation

charice 601 75x75 Suddenly Charice From Virtual Stardom To International SensationStarStudio Magazine features Charice. Here’s an excerpt:  What Dreams May Come True: Charice Pempengco and her mother Raquel guide us through their often dramatic yet sometimes funny journey-of-a-lifetime.

Read the full story

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Charice Interviewed at The Buzz

charice tube charicemania2 75x75 Charice Interviewed at The BuzzVideo by Smee, Transcribed by Bing

Our very own Charice was interviewed by Abunda on The Buzz on January 25, 2009. Below are the highlights of Charice’s True Confessions. Read the full story

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Citizen Pinoy: Charice, Mommy Raquel & Carl

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Charice Interviews: Compiled & English subbed!

Compiled & subbed by matwallace23

This has been on YT for a month, but just saw it. For those who have not seen this.

Submitted by kyotovisitor

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