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Charice Invades Japan – Details on Her August 2011 Trip

Non-Chasters might think that Charice is only famous in the United States and in her native country, the Philippines. They might be surprised to find out that her debut album has gone platinum in Japan – and the people there still can’t get enough of her amazing talent and powerful voice.

In fact, that platinum award is just the beginning of Charice’s invasion of Japan’s music scene. She’s just starting to make her way up to the top of the charts and working on becoming a household name there. Yes, not everyone in Japan might have heard of Charice yet, but for those whose ears have listened to her sing, they’re all Best cannabis seeds bank impressed.

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In the studio recording "Far as the Sky"

One TV producer, Kayuza Toda, became so captivated by her voice, that he sought her out and offered her a stint to record the theme song of a Japanese TV drama (Bull Doctor) that he’s producing. Good thing Charice accepted, as we now can enjoy the great song, “Far as the Sky” with Charice’s http://modusi.ge/buy-essays/ vocal power and heartfelt emotion.

The theme song shot up the charts into 4th place, and Warner Japan might have found this a great sign – so they brought in Charice to promote the song, and then announce the early release of her sophomore album in Japan. Here’s her jam-packed schedule:

August 9, 2011

Charice performed “Far as the Sky” live for the first time ever. Watch her performance and appearance in the Japanese show, “Sukkiri”, here.Ai??She also sang acapella 1 chorus of the song to cast of the Drama “Bull Doctor” during her visit Ai??at their shooting location.

Here are some of the cast/actors’ comments about Charice from m.found.jp news: (English Translation by Japhzinn)

Makiko Esumi:Ai??I was just about to break into tears (Telling Satomi Ishihara).Ai??Without any instruments, just how amazing it is even in acappella..I was impressed.

Satomi Ishihara: In a moment, the mood/atmosphere has changed…being awed, it was amazing.

Kohinata Fumiyo: Had her autograph, I am very much impressed/touched. Ai??YouTube is perfectly stored in my PC as a favorite.Ai??Being able to see Her live, such a great happiness.

Shida Mirai: Greatly impressed. There is great power, gave me great energy. I was really moved. Thank you very much.

Takuro Ohno: She really sings great.Ai??I think I want to be like that.

Sakura: Really unthinkable from such a petite bodyai??i??Ai??As if weai??i??ve been encouraged by a really powerful voice and a very beautiful, beautiful voice.

August 13, 2011

Charice performed live “Louder” and “Far as the Sky” in Fuji TV’s summer concert series, “United States of Odaiba”, which was broadcasted on the show, “Mezamashi Live”. Checkout the two videos below:

Charice featured on “Mezamashi Live”


“Far as the Sky” live performance:


“Louder” live performance:


August 31, 2011

Charice will be featured on the NHK TV show, “SONGS”. The focus will be her music and her performances with David Foster. Japan Chasters, don’t forget to tune in at 10:55-11:24 p.m. For those living elsewhere, check this article again for fan-uploaded videos http://sekret-firmy.ru/homework.html of that show.

Other new Charice-Japan stuff:

Charice featured in Warner Music Japan’s website for “100 Years of Music”

100yrs Charice Invades Japan   Details on Her August 2011 Trip

This feature is in Japanese, so you just have to make do with Google Translate, since we don’t have the full English translation. Read the machine-translation here.

(English Translation by Japhzinn)

Charice’s Top 10 Favorite Album (Artist)

1. Lady Gaga – Gaga (Born This Way) -Ai??She’s a great songwriter and I think she really is a real singer.

2. Lady Antebellum – (Need You Now) -Ai??I don’t listen to country music that often but the moment I listened to their music I was attracted to it at once. Love it.

3. Usher – (Raymond v. Raymond) -Ai??They’re cool.That’s it.

4. Michael Jackson – (All Albums) -Ai??When asked why I like Michael, couldn’t answer anything but because it’s Michael.His music, His whole being, has given me inspiration.

5. Eminem – (All Albums) -Ai??Even after a 100 years, we’re gonna need a great rapper. And I think Eminem is just the one.

6. Beyonce – (All Albums)I love the way she sings. Very powerful.Even her performances are really great/amazing.

7. Bruno Mars – (Doo wops and hooligans) -Ai??Great singer, super cool singer-songwriter.And he also has the Filipino blood.

8. Justin Timberlake – Future Sex Love Sounds -Ai??If you say now,Wouldn’t you think of him as the male version of Lady Gaga?!A great songwirter, and I think an amazing performer.

9. Ne-Yo – (All Albums) -Ai??I love all his songs. Ne-Yo is really the best/greatest.

10. Westlife – (Westlife) -Ai??I have always been their fan. Please listen to “Flying Without Wings” You will definitely wanna buy their album.

Behind the Scenes Photos from Charice’s Aug 2011 Japan Trip

behind 1024x609 Charice Invades Japan   Details on Her August 2011 Trip

There are lots of cute photos of Charice’s things and candid photos of her in the official Japan blog/website of hers maintained by Warner Music Japan. All the blog entries are in Japanese, but you can still use Google Translate, to get a little bit of meaning. Checkout the newest entry here.

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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Charice to Sing “Far as the Sky” Live for the 1st Time on August 9, 2011


The Japanese TV Drama Series “Bull Doctor” has been airing for almost a month now, and they are planning a new set of promotions that will push the ratings way up high.

Based on the information posted by Japan’s Warner Music Group on their official website, Charice will have two “Bull Doctor” related events in Japan this August 2011, while a third event will be all about her and David Foster. Read the full story

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Charice New Song ‘Louder’ Premieres on Mezamashi TV

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Charice: Asian Tour July 2010

JULY 20 UPDATE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Showcase cancelled! There will be a ChastersA? Gathering instead!
ANNOUNCEMENT: MommyRaquel announced today and Warner Brothers Malaysia has also confirmed that the Showcase with Charice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been cancelled. Charice will be flying to Los Angeles on the 25th of July for the taping of “GLEE”. Read the full story

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