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Charice’s Asia Infinity Tour Starts March 2012 – Tickets Now On Sale!

Charice’s official website and official Facebook page were updated today, January 5, 2012, and fans got what they were hoping for -Ai?? more Charice concerts!

It was December last year when Charice talked about in an interview about doing an Asia-Pacific tour, with stops in Hawaii, Singapore, Korea, and possibly Dubai. Charice didn’t reveal any specific details, so it’s great that two stops have now been confirmed: Hong Kong and Singapore.

Charice will perform first in Singapore on March 5, 2012, 8 p.m. at the Kallang Theater. Tickets were on sale starting today. They can be bought from all Sistic Outlets or through the Sistic website. Checkout the event poster below for more details:

Charice SIN 1 609x1024 Charices Asia Infinity Tour Starts March 2012   Tickets Now On Sale!

The Hong Kong leg of the Infinity Tour is scheduled on March 19, 2012, 8 p.m. at the Star Hall, Kitec. Tickets are available from the HK Ticketing website. See the event poster below for more details:

Charice HK 1 609x1024 Charices Asia Infinity Tour Starts March 2012   Tickets Now On Sale!

Ticket Sales Jakarta: http://colin-singer.com/stromectol-cost/ Myticket.com.id

jakarta1 Charices Asia Infinity Tour Starts March 2012   Tickets Now On Sale!

2012 will surely be a big year for Charice with her Infinity Tour plus the release of her Infinity album in America. So keep on coming back to Charicemania for updates on Charice and which additional countries will be included in Cheap generic bactrim her tour.


By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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Charice Off to a Great Start in Tokyo for the 2011 David Foster and Friends Asia Tour

Based on the audience turn-out in the two-day concert in Tokyo, it will be another successful run for the David Foster and Friends Asian Tour this 2011. Last year’s concert series also attracted huge crowds in key Asian cities, though Japan stands out by having two sold-out concerts in two straight days.

And this year, the trend continues with the successful October 19 and 20 DFF concerts in Tokyo. http://komtour.ru/?p=20692 Plus, two other similar things happened: 1) A solo Charice concert was announced for the following year, and 2) Charice emerged as the main star of the show.

photo Charice Off to a Great Start in Tokyo for the 2011 David Foster and Friends Asia Tour
Tickets for Charice’s 2012 solo concert in Japan are selling like hotcakes

Yes, you’ve read that right. Charice will have her own concert next year in Japan. It’s scheduled on March 14, 2012 at the Shibuya Koukaido. Advance tickets were also sold during the DFF concert and a lot of people already bought theirs. Could this Japan concert possibly Zyban no prescription needed be a part of a multi-country Charice tour in 2012? It’s not impossible, but as of now, we only know that this is just a one-off concert in Japan.

Aside from David Foster (who was a part of the band in almost all of the performances), Charice had the most number of songs in the concert. She sang six songs, which included her own “Louder” and vocally challenging songs like, “Stand Up For Love”, “Unbreak My Heart”, “Power Of Love”, “Earth Song”, and “The Prayer” (which she sang with Michael Bolton).

Enjoy watching all of Charice’s performances below, big thanks to LantaoIsland for the videos:



“Stand Up for Love”


“Unbreak My Heart”


“Power of Love”


“The Prayer”


“Earth Song”


And below is a http://khabarup.com/ashwagandha-online/ video of Charice with Japanese Chasters at Japan’s Narita Airport before boarding her flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:


By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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“Louder” Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly – Video Posted!

UPDATE 10/20 – Video added on Charice’s YouTube Channel. Video embedded below. Only a few days after a Japanese TV show showed in advance Charice’s “Louder” music video, the official world premiere of “Louder” has arrived! No more squinting at the low quality copies uploaded on Youtube because you can now see the “Louder” music video in its full glory at EW.com. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOqF-WevfUw&feature=feedu Tim Cruz, the director of the video, previously announced the date of the world premiere on his Twitter account, after learning of the early debut in Japan:

timcruz Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!

From Entertainment Weekly:

charice 320 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted! Charice, the Oprah-approved, Glee-renowned singer with the teeny-tiny stature and the big big voice, takes a sassier tack on ai???Louder,ai??? the second single from her upcoming sophomore album Infinity http://khabarup.com/cheap-detrol-la/ . Watch below as the Philippines-born 19-year-old explores her dancey-diva side in the clip, choreographed by Gil Duldulao, the man behind the moves in Jennifer Lopezai??i??s ai???Waiting for Tonight,ai??? Janet Jacksonai??i??s ai???Together Again,ai??? and ai???Christina Aguileraai??i??s ai???Drrrtyai??? and ai???Genie in a Bottle,ai??? among others. What do you think, readers — do you prefer Charice in saucy mode, or do you still think of her as the be-ribboned moppet who made sweet music with Celine Dion?

The official “Louder” music video has yet to be uploaded to Charice’s YouTube channel. Hopefully, her camp does this soon so that views resulting from the fans’ initial excitement/hysteria will be counted! The lyric video of “Louder” that was released five months ago have exactly 2,678,535 views as of this moment. For the official music video to be deemed successful, its views should definitely surpass 2.67 million, right? So Chasters, be ready to view and replay as soon as the video is up on youtube.com/charice. Many websites have already published articles about the “Louder” music video featuring the low quality copies on Youtube. Most of the reactions were very positive especially when it comes to Charice’s dancing talent. If the pairing of her amazing voice and dance skills could be further developed, Charice will definitely be stronger in the pop music field. Below are some reviews from different sites:

unnamed 75x75 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!Get Loud For Charice’s Video For Louder! Gurlfriend is such a superstar! Oprah is never wrong!!! If you’ve been missing Sunshine on Glee, then its time you get to know the real girl and her very real talents… >> Read the Full Story

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211085 94724837471 4401063 n 75x75 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!Charice Looks Sexier Than Ever Dancing In New Music Video We always knew Charice had an incredible voice, but we had no clue she could dance too! Watch her new ai???Louderai??i?? music video! Wow.. Charice Pempengco is one sexy … >> Read the Full Story

Examiner Logo 75x75 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!Charice Pempengco Shows Off Dance Moves in ai???Louderai??i?? Video Charice is showing off her dancing moves in the latest video of the artist. Taking on a new look and a strong focus, the sophomore album ai???Infinityai??? is going in a new direction… >> Read the Full Story

PopCrush 75x75 Louder Official MV World Premiere on Entertainment Weekly   Video Posted!Charice Keeps It Simple for Her ai???Louderai??i?? Video Charice has dropped the new video

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for ai???Louder,ai??i?? which appears on her recently released sophomore album ai???Infinity.ai??i?? The video ai??i?? which premiered on the Japanese… >> Read the Full Story

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“Louder” Music Video Debuts on Japanese TV


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The Making of Charice’s “Louder” MV – Update: Final Video Undergoing Some Finishing Touches


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Charice Delivered a Fun Four-Song Performance at KLUC’s End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

It’s been a day since Charice impressed the tweens, teens, and adults in Las Vegas with her amazing voice and strong stage presence. Reactions to the Aug. 23 End of Summer Block Party by KLUC are positive overall based on a lot of tweets.

Those who didn’t get the chance to attend are all busy searching, watching and downloading various videos and photos from the http://unadocenade.com/cheap-symmetrel-amantadine/ event, which are pouring in non-stop.

To make this job easier for you, we’ve compiled here in Charicemania the must-see photos and the must-watch videos, starting from the pre-concert moments, ’til Celebrex cost new zealand Charice’s four-song performance.

Here’s a summary of what Charice did on August 23 for the whole KLUC End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas:

dogpee1 300x254 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas1. Charice rehearsed on stage at the Henderson Pavillion.

You can see Charice in the photo to the left wearing a tailored dark beige jacket with harem-inspired denim pants. This http://sekret-firmy.ru/cheap-lady-era-100mg.html is also the funny photo released by KLUC where Charice’s dog peed on stage.

Charice also teamed-up with Iyaz for a performance of their hit, “Pyramid”. Watch the video below as a KLUC DJ captures them on video:


(You can also watch the whole “Pyramid” rehearsal video of Charice and Iyaz here.)

2. Charice got Interviewed by Fox News Las Vegas

The reporter described Charice as “one of her personal favorites” in the intro part. In the interview segment, she also praised Charice’s look, especially her Christian Louboutin heels. You can also see Charice posing with some kids and teens for a photo. You can watch the autograph signing that Charice did for her fans here. Meanwhile, enjoy the news interview video below:


3. Charice continued preparing for her performance

Charice also rehearsed for her other three songs that night: Louder, Before it Explodes, and One Day. Backstage, Charice was interviewed by KLUC which they broadcasted over the radio. You can hear the whole interview here. You can see more pre-concert photos of Charice below:

12 1024x683 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

11 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

4. Performance proper! Charice sang 3 new singles plus “Pyramid”



“One Day” with ultimate Chaster, Vanessa (a.k.a ChariceFanatic)


“Before It Explodes”


“Pyramid” with Iyaz


5. End of Concert

Charice thanked everyone who attended in this tweet of hers:

tweet3 Charice Delivered a Fun Four Song Performance at KLUCs End of Summer Block Party in Las Vegas

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Oprah Uses Charice’s “Louder” for New Network Spot


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Charice Invades Japan – Details on Her August 2011 Trip

Non-Chasters might think that Charice is only famous in the United States and in her native country, the Philippines. They might be surprised to find out that her debut album has gone platinum in Japan – and the people there still can’t get enough of her amazing talent and powerful voice.

In fact, that platinum award is just the beginning of Charice’s invasion of Japan’s music scene. She’s just starting to make her way up to the top of the charts and working on becoming a household name there. Yes, not everyone in Japan might have heard of Charice yet, but for those whose ears have listened to her sing, they’re all Best cannabis seeds bank impressed.

IMG 27791.jpg.scaled500 300x2001 Charice Invades Japan   Details on Her August 2011 Trip

In the studio recording "Far as the Sky"

One TV producer, Kayuza Toda, became so captivated by her voice, that he sought her out and offered her a stint to record the theme song of a Japanese TV drama (Bull Doctor) that he’s producing. Good thing Charice accepted, as we now can enjoy the great song, “Far as the Sky” with Charice’s http://modusi.ge/buy-essays/ vocal power and heartfelt emotion.

The theme song shot up the charts into 4th place, and Warner Japan might have found this a great sign – so they brought in Charice to promote the song, and then announce the early release of her sophomore album in Japan. Here’s her jam-packed schedule:

August 9, 2011

Charice performed “Far as the Sky” live for the first time ever. Watch her performance and appearance in the Japanese show, “Sukkiri”, here.Ai??She also sang acapella 1 chorus of the song to cast of the Drama “Bull Doctor” during her visit Ai??at their shooting location.

Here are some of the cast/actors’ comments about Charice from m.found.jp news: (English Translation by Japhzinn)

Makiko Esumi:Ai??I was just about to break into tears (Telling Satomi Ishihara).Ai??Without any instruments, just how amazing it is even in acappella..I was impressed.

Satomi Ishihara: In a moment, the mood/atmosphere has changed…being awed, it was amazing.

Kohinata Fumiyo: Had her autograph, I am very much impressed/touched. Ai??YouTube is perfectly stored in my PC as a favorite.Ai??Being able to see Her live, such a great happiness.

Shida Mirai: Greatly impressed. There is great power, gave me great energy. I was really moved. Thank you very much.

Takuro Ohno: She really sings great.Ai??I think I want to be like that.

Sakura: Really unthinkable from such a petite bodyai??i??Ai??As if weai??i??ve been encouraged by a really powerful voice and a very beautiful, beautiful voice.

August 13, 2011

Charice performed live “Louder” and “Far as the Sky” in Fuji TV’s summer concert series, “United States of Odaiba”, which was broadcasted on the show, “Mezamashi Live”. Checkout the two videos below:

Charice featured on “Mezamashi Live”


“Far as the Sky” live performance:


“Louder” live performance:


August 31, 2011

Charice will be featured on the NHK TV show, “SONGS”. The focus will be her music and her performances with David Foster. Japan Chasters, don’t forget to tune in at 10:55-11:24 p.m. For those living elsewhere, check this article again for fan-uploaded videos http://sekret-firmy.ru/homework.html of that show.

Other new Charice-Japan stuff:

Charice featured in Warner Music Japan’s website for “100 Years of Music”

100yrs Charice Invades Japan   Details on Her August 2011 Trip

This feature is in Japanese, so you just have to make do with Google Translate, since we don’t have the full English translation. Read the machine-translation here.

(English Translation by Japhzinn)

Charice’s Top 10 Favorite Album (Artist)

1. Lady Gaga – Gaga (Born This Way) -Ai??She’s a great songwriter and I think she really is a real singer.

2. Lady Antebellum – (Need You Now) -Ai??I don’t listen to country music that often but the moment I listened to their music I was attracted to it at once. Love it.

3. Usher – (Raymond v. Raymond) -Ai??They’re cool.That’s it.

4. Michael Jackson – (All Albums) -Ai??When asked why I like Michael, couldn’t answer anything but because it’s Michael.His music, His whole being, has given me inspiration.

5. Eminem – (All Albums) -Ai??Even after a 100 years, we’re gonna need a great rapper. And I think Eminem is just the one.

6. Beyonce – (All Albums)I love the way she sings. Very powerful.Even her performances are really great/amazing.

7. Bruno Mars – (Doo wops and hooligans) -Ai??Great singer, super cool singer-songwriter.And he also has the Filipino blood.

8. Justin Timberlake – Future Sex Love Sounds -Ai??If you say now,Wouldn’t you think of him as the male version of Lady Gaga?!A great songwirter, and I think an amazing performer.

9. Ne-Yo – (All Albums) -Ai??I love all his songs. Ne-Yo is really the best/greatest.

10. Westlife – (Westlife) -Ai??I have always been their fan. Please listen to “Flying Without Wings” You will definitely wanna buy their album.

Behind the Scenes Photos from Charice’s Aug 2011 Japan Trip

behind 1024x609 Charice Invades Japan   Details on Her August 2011 Trip

There are lots of cute photos of Charice’s things and candid photos of her in the official Japan blog/website of hers maintained by Warner Music Japan. All the blog entries are in Japanese, but you can still use Google Translate, to get a little bit of meaning. Checkout the newest entry here.

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Charice’s Sophomore Album in Japan to be Released October 5, 2011

This piece of http://sekret-firmy.ru/tofranil-pm-price.html news might surprise a lot of people since most artists based in America release their albums first there, and then when it’s successful, release it in other countries.

But remember that Charice is Asian, so that might have been a big Purchase lady era pills factor in the way that she has become so famous in Japan – so famous that Warner Japan is building on this popularity and releasing her second album just a year after her debut.

sukkiri Charices Sophomore Album in Japan to be Released October 5, 2011

Charice in "Sukkiri!"

A deciding factor in her early Japan release might be the beautiful single, “Far as the Sky”, which is the theme song http://modusi.ge/order-benfotiamine-side/ of the hit Japanese TV drama, “Bull Doctor”. Coupled with the popularity of the drama and Charice, her second album might just beat her debut’s platinum sales record.

The release date of Charice’s sophomore album was announced during her August 9 appearance on NTV’s morning show, “Freshen Up!” or “Sukkiri”. The early Japan release of her album is scheduled on October 5, 2011, though the album is still untitled to this date. Thee 11-track album is now available for pre-order at a price of A?1980 (about $26). You can reserve and pay for your copy here.

825 Charices Sophomore Album in Japan to be Released October 5, 2011

The Platinum Debut Album of Charice (Japan Edition)

The tracks included in her second album are:

Far As The Sky
New World
Before It Explodes
Lost The Best Thing
One Day
Never Always
Bounce Back
Lesson For Life

It Up

Based on this article from HMV.com, this album is a special Japan-only album. If that’s true, then this is not actually the same as Charice’s sophomore album that will be released in early 2012. For sure, the singles that she released like “Louder”, “Lost the Best Thing”, and “Before It Explodes” will still be included in her 2nd US album, but could be accompanied by other songs.

It’s still not clear whether Charice’s sophomore album is already this early Japan edition, but it could be similar, maybe without the “Far as the Sky” song. It’s highly possible that Charice would really release her album first in Asia, as she said in this interview with ology.com:

logo music mid Charices Sophomore Album in Japan to be Released October 5, 2011

- Interview by Sharon Tharp

So what are you working on right now?

Actually it’s my day off right now, but this week I am going to fly to Japan to promote my album. And I am going to be there for a few days, finish my album that is coming out this fall, and then I am going to do an Asian tour.

Great. Do we have a date yet?

We don’t have a date yet, but it is definitely going to be the fall. It is going to come out in Asia first then here.

There’s not much info yet for her U.S. album. Charice has revealed two dates for her album release: Fall 2011 and Early 2012. To avoid major disappointment, just expect the her second album to drop in the first quarter of 2012 – and this is the most believable date since Charice said this in her latest interview at the Teen Choice Awards 2011.

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

Far As The Sky


New World

Before It Explodes

Lost The Best Thing

One Day

Never Always

Bounce Back


Lesson For Life

Living It Up

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Charice to Perform at 98.5 KLUC’s End of Summer Block Party on Aug. 23, 2011

8/22 – One day to go! Have you already bought your tickets to see Charice perform live? Last year, Charice did an amazing five song set at the 2010 End of Summer Block Party. According to LAfan’s detailed concert report here, the audience definitely enjoyed

her songs plus the dancing that she did. Almost everyone was singing along to her no. 1 hit single, Pyramid ft. Iyaz. tweet2 Charice to Perform at 98.5 KLUCs End of Summer Block Party on Aug. 23, 2011The people of Las Vegas must have had a really good time during Charice’s set because they’re bringing her back for this year’s End of Summer Block Party. 98.5 KLUC has just announced through their http://sekret-firmy.ru/zyban-sales.html Twitter account that Charice’s addition to the performers list of the 2011 concert is now confirmed. Read the full story

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Charice Dishes Out Details on “One Day” and “Louder” Music Videos

In an interview with HollywoodLife.com last June 14, Charice revealed exciting details about her upcoming music videos for “Louder” and “One Day”. Just a couple of weeks ago, news about the “Louder” music video stirred-up the web and gave Chasters something new to look forward to. And in this recent interview, Charice gives us more info like the estimated release dates for her videos and a few tidbits about her busy schedule.

HollywoodLife first asked Charice about the shooting date for her “Louder” music video, and she reveals that there’s no actual fixed date yet. That’s quite a bummer alright, but Charice did say that it’s possible to start working on “Louder” next month. She does have a good reason for not doing it right away – she’s really busy this June and she’ll be heading off to Singapore in a few weeks.

But the best part of the interview is when Charice announces that the “One Day” music video will be released sooner. With soon, I mean real soon, as she’s actually going back to L.A. on June 15 to rehearse the choreography for “One Day”, and will start shooting the video the day after that.

Charice is definitely busy this June, with Acuvue’s “One Day” http://modusi.ge/bactrim-treatment-for-pertussis/ video, her sophomore album preparation, plus the Lifesaver Gummies Flavor Vote promotion. HollywoodLife.com’s interview was actually done during the Lifesaver Gummies Campaign Party, which Charice hosted at the Bowlmor Lanes in New York City. Checkout videos from that event here.

Aside from the release dates of her videos, Charice also talked about the possible story for her “One Day” video. She said that she wants it to

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be a surprise, but she relented a bit and revealed some details about the message of the Generic aricept canada video, it’s “how to make your dreams come true but at the same time, you don’t have to change anything, and just be yourself.” Charice also said that it’s “inspirational” for teenagers, as it also says something not just about dreams, but also about bullying.

For the whole HollywoodLife.com interview, watch this http://ksenzov.ru/probalan-how-much.html video:


By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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Charice Reveals “Louder” Music Video is in the Works – Plus Details on Her New Album

With four singles already released, Charice’s sophomore album is generating a lot of buzz and excitement from her fans. But there’s something that could still heighten that anticipation plus Order lady era review make non-Chasters more interested – and that is a music video.

Music videos, especially viral ones, have helped make a lot of songs and albums more popular. Take Rebecca Black’s “Friday” for example. Without it’s video going viral, the song itself might not have sold a lot of copies and rose through the charts so much. A better example and comparison to “Louder” would be Beyonce’s http://ksenzov.ru/cytotec-philippines-can-buy.html “Single Ladies”. It’s already a good song, but the music video made it into a phenomenon – it generated copycats, it invaded pop culture, it was shared and re-shared on social networking sites, and it got people’s interest, even non-Beyonce fans.

Last year’s “Pyramid”, which was the only song with a music video in Charice’s debut album, was wildly successful as well and even reached no. 1 on the Billboard dance chart. Since it’s already a great song, the music video can’t take credit for everything, but it certainly helps to bring more attention to Charice.

Hopefully this time, Charice will make two or more music videos for her second album. “One Day” will definitely have a music video since a contest was even put up to give fans a chance to appear in it. But this is sponsored by Acuvue and it’s still not clear if this will be a part of her album promotion. Yeah it’s wishful thinking, but another video for a yet unreleased single will be great, even if it’s just a simple one ala “Reset”. It looks like “Louder” will be this album’s “Pyramid”, so you’ll be glad to know that just a couple of days ago, Charice revealed in her Teen.com interview that “Louder” will be getting a music video.

Charice has released a few singles already and Teen.com asks her to talk about those: “I released ai???Louderai??? and ai???Lost The Best Thing. Weai??i??re gonna do the music video for ai???Louderai??? because I really love to dance and the song is really an inspirational song.” Chasters have long known that dancing is one of Charice’s favorite things to do, and now, she’s given the chance to show all over the world another one of her many talents.

Buy “Louder” and “Lost the Best Thing” oncharice.louder.final02.submitted 01 75x75 Charice Reveals Louder Music Video is in the Works   Plus Details on Her New Album

Amazon >> http://tiny.cc/amazonlouder

iTunes >> http://tiny.cc/ituneslouder

Charice also talked about the meaning of the song for her: “I can totally dedicate that to all the haters out there. You know, like, I donai??i??t need you. I donai??i??t need no shoulder, you know? Iai??i??m gonna be a soldier. No one can bring me down. Iai??i??m just gonna do this and be brave. Thatai??i??s why itai??i??s called ai???Louderai??? because you being brave is so much louder than you being weak. Itai??i??s such an amazing song, such an inspirational song.”

Read the whole interview here, and see what Charice has to say about her being compared to Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. This is the second part of Charice’s latest interview with Teen.com. The first part is about her appearance on the season 2 finale of Glee and her possible return in Season 3. Read the complete part 1 here.

“Louder” getting a music video isn’t the only exciting tidbit that Charice revealed in the interview. She also dropped a hint about the release date of her much awaited album: “itai??i??s gonna come out maybe around October or something like that.” This isn’t official yet and could possibly be pushed back if her team is looking hard for the best songs they could include in the album. Plus, some other articles and press releases have stated that the album will be released in early 2012, so for now, don’t get your hopes up too much for a 2011 release. But do pray that this happens, as a new Charice album will be the perfect Christmas gift for everyone.

Charice also confirms that the search for the perfect album title is still on, “Weai??i??re still thinking about it. Iai??i??m still working on some more songs right now to put on the album and still gonna work on the music video, but once we finish all that, weai??i??re gonna think about the title and the release date.” Lots of things about her album may be unknown yet, but one thing’s for sure, Charice is giving all she’s got on getting this album done. She’s already collaborated with some amazing people like Nick Jonas and Bruno Mars and teases, “I canai??i??t wait for my fans to see the back of the album. For sure, theyai??i??d be like, ai???Whoa, really? She worked with them?ai??i?? “

Charice also let all her fans know on Twitter yesterday that she was at a photoshoot. Perhaps she’s shooting the cover for her next album. Or since it’s still a little too early till the album’s release date, maybe it’s a publicity shot for her next endorsement? Or a poster for her appearance at the next David Foster & Friends concert? We’ll be excited to find out what’s next!

Check out Charice at yesterday’s photoshoot, posted via twitpic.
She is looking very gorgeous here in this simple unedited webcam photo, don’t you think?

311847410 300x225 Charice Reveals Louder Music Video is in the Works   Plus Details on Her New Album


‘Louder’ – Song Reviews

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Film Industry Network: Is Charice the Next Taylor Swift?

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Bill Lamb 75x75 Charice Reveals Louder Music Video is in the Works   Plus Details on Her New AlbumWith her top 10 debut album and ongoing role in Glee, Charice has a toehold with US pop audiences. “Louder” is a great pop record that puts the 19-year old in a youthful, uptempo context that would slide perfectly into current pop radio playlists >> Read the Full Story

PopCrush Rating Charice Reveals Louder Music Video is in the Works   Plus Details on Her New AlbumCharice, ai???Louderai??i?? ai??i?? Song Review

PopCrush Charice Reveals Louder Music Video is in the Works   Plus Details on Her New AlbumLike Charice, ai???Louderai??i?? is destined for greatness as the feel-good anthem of the summer. As for the Filipino singer/songwriter/ai??i??Gleeai??i?? star, sheai??i??s paving the way for future teen pop icons with a positive attitude ai??i?? and we canai??i??t wait to see how she blossoms in the industry. >> Read the Full Story

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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Charice to Release Two New Singles: ai???Louderai??? and ai???Lost the Best Thingai???, on May 31, 2011

8/18 UPDATE http://cacanhbien.com.vn/chua-phan-loai/buy-skunk-seeds-with-paypal/ – “Louder” used in Oprah Network advertisement as background song. Checkout the video below:

But if you’re outside the U.S., watch here.

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