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Japanese Radio Shows Interview Charice – Plus Radio Program Guesting!


Like her previous visits to Japan, Charice will be a busy bee promoting her second album “Infinity”. According to her Warner Music Japan homepage, Charice will be doing the rounds on radio with interviews with JWAVE and InterFM. Read the full story

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Charice on Japanese Radio “J-Wave”

UPDATED JANUARY 6: “CURIOUS” RADIO INTERVIEW ADDED.  Charice’s latest visit to Japan was her fourth, and she has been featured in a number of Japanese TV shows, radio programs, magazine interviews and online articles. One of the reasons why she was here a few weeks ago was to promote J-Wave radio’s winter campaign entitled “Love and Peace, Wishes Come True.” She was tasked to perform the theme song of this year’s campaign, an honor reserved for “first-class” artists as one of the DJs mentioned.

Charice was featured again in the said DJ’s program last December 25th, in which snippets of her mini live concert held last December 19th were presented to fans who weren’t able to make it to the concert. Below is a translated summary of the broadcast.

The program begins with DJ Ayaka Miyamoto explaining that Charice was asked to perform “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” for this year’s theme song. It is interesting to note that she uses the word “ichi ryuu” to describe artists who are asked to sing the yearly theme songs – a word which means “first class”, “the finest”, “topnotch”. She didn’t use “famous”, “popular” or any other word to describe Charice, which I think is amazing coming from a professional in the music industry. I think that she is probably the only artist to reach “first class” status in just 5 months since her debut in Japan last July.

DJ Ayaka then introduces Charice – she talks about her background and how she got to where she is now. She then mentions that Charice had a mini live concert last December 19th at the Tokyo City View. She describes Charice as “breathtakingly small (in stature) but with a powerful voice that overwhelmed the audience”. She then asks us to listen to Charice singing “In This Song, written by David Foster”. You then hear the audience screaming even before she sings a note, and I was probably the loudest one!

IMG 6508 2 300x214 Charice on Japanese Radio J Wave

Here is the photo I took.  It was amazing to see Japanese fans doing the “Pyramid” sign!

DJ Ayaka then shares what Charice often answers when asked about what David Foster tells her – the memorable line “Charice, everything you do, it’s gotta be great, not good.” She then adds: “For David Foster to say that to someone in her early teens who normally would not be able to rise up to those words because of her tender age, just shows that Charice has the capability regardless of age. I feel that Charice has the power to turn a negative (her youth) into a positive and she has consistently shown that to us.”

DJ Ayaka then reads a message from a concert goer. “I went to the mini live concert. I was shaking hearing that amazing voice in a special setting. I respect her talent and I too, like Charice, would like to live a happy life while being grateful to those around me.”

After sharing this message, DJ Ayaka mentions that despite her booming voice, Charice has a cute, playful side typical of an 18 year old girl when she’s not singing. We then hear Charice imitating Justin Bieber which she has done a number of times in the past but this time with a twist – “Justin Bieber” speaks Japanese!

DJ Ayaka then asks what Charice’s Christmas wish is. “More blessings to come, especially my health, my family – I wish them all the best and for everyone, world peace, stop the hate.”

The program is reaching its end, and DJ Ayaka announces the winner of a poster autographed by Charice. DJ Ayaka then wraps up with observations on the Christmas season, her wishes for her listeners and finally, Charice singing “Happy Christmas”.

Click below to listen to the J-Wave Christmas Special Broadcast:
In This Song @1:45, Justin Bieber speaks Japanese @7:05, Happy Christmas @12:15

JWave813 Broadcast 300x61 Charice on Japanese Radio J Wave

Charice was featured again on J-Wave’s “Curious” program yesterday, December 30th. Check back as we will update this article when a recorded version of the show pops up.


Charice recorded an interview for the show “Curious People” on J-wave radio which was aired last Dec. 30th.  The show is about people in the news and people that pique one’s curiosity.  It is hosted by DJ Chris Tomoko and airs Mondays to Thursdays in the late morning to early afternoon.

The show begins with DJ Tomoko introducing Charice as having the most amazing Cinderella story of 2010.  The rest of the interview is conducted in English with the DJ translating Charice’s answers.  The DJ also plays “In This Song” which I think was a good thing since Charice is mainly known in Japan for singing R&B so I am glad that the Japanese who are not that familiar with her were able to hear her sing a ballad.

Some interesting parts of the interview include the DJ asking her what she’s curious about and she answers “shoe stores!”  and how she was supposed to watch Lady Gaga’s concert but was not able to because of her busy schedule.

You can listen to part 1 here and part 2 here.  Thank you to uploader ASLAP433.

by Mooffin, charicemania.com

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Charice Appears in Japan’s Mezamashi TV

UPDATE: DECEMBER 23, Video with English Subtitles added! Charice continues her promotion tour in Japan with an early morning appearance on Japan’s Mezamashi TV where she performed her cover of John Lennon’s classic “Happy Xmas (War is Over). Word has it that many Japanese got up early to watch Charice perform just before 8a.m. No matter the time of day, Charice never fails to sound studio perfect while on live television. We see the hosts get goosebumps after Charice is asked to sing a bar of “To Love You More” during the interview portion. Read the full story

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Charice’s Mini Live Concert at Tokyo City View

Charice had a mini live concert last December 19th at the Tokyo City View of Roppongi Hills as part of Japanese radio station J-Wave’s winter campaign. According to her Warner Music Japan website, she will be featured again on J-Wave’s “Curious” program on December 30th, from 11:30-14:00 Japan time. Read the full story

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