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Julia Abueva – Another Little Girl With a Big Voice

10 years ago, all the way in the Philippines, an extraordinarily confident little angel took up a microphone and performed for her family in celebration of her beloved lolo’s (grandfather) birthday. This marked the beginning of a spectacular and unforgettable journey for little Julia Roman Abueva. A star was thus discovered.

She hails from a family of outstanding and talented individuals. Her grandparents are 2 University of the Philippines Presidents – Dr. Jose V. Abueva and Dr. Emerlinda R. Roman. Her parents, Jonas and Regina, have successful careers in Singapore and set aside time to coach her in her singing skills and assist in writing lyrics for songs. Her older sister, Jerone, is a young sculptor and at age 13 has already sold an art piece that will be featured in a gallery in Canada. Her older brother Josh, is a skilled athlete and dabbles in music as well by playing guitar and the saxophone.

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