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Hitmaker David Foster and Dance Mogul Jim Beanz Team Up for Charice


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Charice Teams Up with Songwriter/Producer Soulshock for New Album

Charice is hard at work recording in the studio for the follow-up to her debut album, ai???Chariceai???. Various producers have already worked with her like, Sean Garret, Jim Beanz, and the Jackie Boyz. Chariceai??i??s vocal skills live in the studio, is no less amazing than when it’s on record, and now, sheai??i??s gained another fan with top record producer and hit songwriter, Carsten Schack, better known as Soulshock. Read the full story

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Charice-Sean Garrett Collaboration Confirmed

Charice’s move into the Dance/RnB music scene has gained further credence with the news that the Filipino songstress is currently recording with RnB producer and rapper Sean Garrett. The collaboration was confirmed by Charice herself through her official Twitter account recently. She tweeted this exciting message: Read the full story

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GLEEai??i??s Charice Can Achieve Anything: David Foster Tells Entertainment Tonight

As if it could have been unexpected, Charice was featured on Entertainment Tonight on November 26, with news that The Las Vegas http://laiz.lv/?p=6007 leg of the David Foster and Friends Tour will be aired on PBS next Spring.

The show, which took place at Mandalay Bay, featured many of mega-hit producer David Foster’s longest-serving friends, with many whose Billboard topping songs were either written or produced by the music industry’s living legend. Read the full story

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Just Dance, It’ll Be Okay

Regarding Chariceai??i??s future direction in music, I think Iai??i??ll defer to what we already know about Charice and her management team when it comes to where her next musical step takes her. We already know what D. Foster said, how the ai???easyai??i?? thing to do would be to release an album chock full of ballads in line with Whitney, Celine and Mariah. We all know Chariceai??i??s core fan-base would eat that up, and such an album would likely go platinum in the U.S. much like Josh Grobanai??i??s albums have (the self-proclaimed ai???Joe Jonas to the online tablets viagra http://fajar-anugrah.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/02/16/colospa-online-shoes/ moms in Americaai??i??). Read the full story

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Charice, Jim Beanz New Dance Song

Just days before the David Foster & Friends http://websection.ru/purchase-alesse tour kickoff, Charice recorded a new song with renowned music producer, Jim Beanz.

News of Chariceai??i??s new dance single first broke out in a press conference in Thailand last July 23, 2010. After being asked about her second single, Charice said that it would not be from her self-titled album, ai???Chariceai??? since theyai??i??re looking for something faster and more dance than ai???Pyramid.ai??? ai???Something like Lady Gaga,ai??? Charice further explained. This could be in the right direction since ai???Pyramidai??? actually snagged the number one spot on the Billboard dance chart. Read the full story

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