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The Gift That Is Charice

On the day I joined Charicemania, I posted my first blog. I praised all the Chasters for promoting Charice. Everyone here wants to take part in helping Charice reach the top. It’s now 2011 and we’ve witnessed how Charice is now being admired and even adored by more and more people from all walks of life, from different countries.

I believe wherever Charice is so are the Chasters. I personally think she is now in another phase of her career so should the Chasters be on another phase of support. We should not only continue what we have been doing for her but also consciously promote her from a different perspective.

Before I talk about the different perspective, let’s take a look at what has transpired so far.

It’s only the second month of the year and so much has happened. Charice rendered songs for at least 70K (conservative estimate) people at MOA, gave free concert at the jam-packed Enchanted Kingdom, wowed TV critics at the Orpheum Theater, performed at the posh Mar-a-Lago Club, entertained Red Dress Awardees and guests, and belted out big notes at the FAAN event. And very recently, we were glued to the TV set or our computer screens to witness her longer than usual performances, the Valentine’s Special at GMA7. All of these excited us. We were thrilled when we learned about the positive feed-backs about her performances. We expressed our appreciation to those who believed in and cared for her at every chance we got.

On the other hand, we were angered when we read about false allegations, negative comments and unspeakable write-up about her. Anger became hatred when the truth was turned upside down. Boycott was called for when obscenities were sanitized. But when Charice spoke of forgiveness and acceptance of apologies, we calmed down. When Charice spoke http://gorfin.zp.ua/?p=3772 of what a real Chaster is, we tried to be that.

Where are all these extreme reactions coming from?

I’ve heard and read similar comments of many Chasters regarding their experiences with Charice. A few examples are staying up late watching her videos, forgetting about their cooking because of her music but with no regrets at all, smiling or crying while watching her, saving up for concert tickets, traveling many miles to see her, being fanatic for the first time, doing Ninja acts to capture her on videos, and having goosebumps all over. It seems that there is some kind of magic spell that happens in the presence of Charice, be it in the physical or virtual realm. You may have your own special ways of answering how and why these happen. As for me, I don’t have a ready explanation.

Although I have used superlatives to describe her performances and my own experiences, I always feel the words do not match the real thing. I have recently commented on a video and on a posted article that there isn’t a word that can justify whatever it is that is Charice. When I first wrote my thoughts about her way back in October last year, I got stuck in a sentence because I could not find the appropriate adjective to suit the kind of moment I had whenever I watched her on YouTube. I was satisfied only after letting my pen spell out “charice-tic” to describe it. I have modified its spelling though — CHARICETIC!!! — with the capitalization and the three exclamation points as part of the spelling.

Let me go back to the different perspective I mentioned earlier. Please allow me to repeat http://wpvarolusumuz.com/order-benfotiamine-where-to-buy/ the third paragraph above.

I believe wherever Charice is so are the Chasters. I personally think she is now on another phase of her career so should the Chasters be on another phase of support. We should not only continue what we have been doing for her but also consciously promote her from a different perspective.

We all have the good feeling whenever we read or hear the name CHARICE. We all rejoice when we learn a radio station plays her songs. We all appreciate somebody else’s Alavert d over the counter appreciation of her. We all jump at the sight of her. We all laugh at her funny antics. We all are amazed at her signature gestures. We all smile when we see her sweet smile. We all want to console her when we see tears in her eyes, maybe because by doing so, we are also consoled. And many more similar to these happen. Don’t we want all our loved ones to experience the same? We can even extend the experience to strangers as well.

Like most, if not all, Chasters, I believe Charice is more than her voice. She’s more than the songs she sings. As described by the man from the Italian show, Charice is God’s Gift to us. Let’s help others experience that Gift, too. We Chasters have been enjoying the Gift. Being the Month of Love, now is the best time to share it. Let’s invite people to watch her Valentine’s Special at GMA7 on YouTube. I believe this is one event that we have experienced Charice to the max. In this special, a first-timer will

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know her early struggles, her inspiring relationship with her mother, her powerful voice and her ability in performing on stage, and her other entertaining talents like the Chipmunks impression. After that, let’s tell them about her solo concert in Japan so they have something to look forward to even if only through the videos. Let’s share how they can experience Charice in different websites. Let’s do this not just because we love our Princess but also because we want others to have the good feelings, I for one, never experienced before knowing Charice. Let’s help them have their own CHARICETIC!!! moments.

Watch Charice on Japan TV “Tetsuko no Heya”

Watch “Charice Home for Valentines” TV Concert

Watch Charice at Woman’s Day Event


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Charice in Japan!

After weeks of lying low and having a well-deserved rest, Charice has been spotted in Japan! Charice arrived in Order celebrex from canada Tokyo last February 4th and is in talks with her label Warner Japan for a project that is being kept under wraps for now. In the meantime, Warner Japan has been posting pictures on its Twitter account @wmj_intl. We don’t know how long Charice will be in Japan so follow Warner Japan for possibly more pictures! This was posted last February 5th, with a short description saying “Hello everyone in Japan! I’m back after having been gone for a while.” It’s a little dark, but we’re not complaining. It shows Charice at the Warner Japan office wearing a hat which she usually does when she is in Japan.

cha warner japan 12 225x300 Charice in Japan!

Another picture was posted the next day, February 6th, showing Charice with a bamboo stick! What’s in it Cha? They usually put steamed rice in bamboo but the caption says “Enjoying dinner at a Japanese restaurant after a staff meeting…Also drank sake (Japanese wine) since I’m already 20 years old.” (Note: The legal age in http://www.bradwasson.com/?p=58960 Japan is 20.) Sake in bamboo sounds good!

cha dinner japan 225x300 Charice in Japan!

This http://boholposts.com/order-panmycin/ last picture was also posted but has been erased. Luckily we have super fast “nin-chas” who managed to save the picture.

cha with cat japan1 Charice in Japan!

So what do you think she is up to? Will it be another album? A concert? Whatever it is, we can’t wait!

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Japanese Prize-Winning Book Author Reviews Charice’s Infinity Concert!

(UPDATE: March 21 Mr. Sakaki commented below, thanking us for our comments. Ai??Thank you Mr. Sakaki!) Today was my best birthday ever. I went to see Charice for her “Infinity Japan Tour 2012″ at the Shibuya Koukaidou! Read the full story

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Charice in Japan on March 14-17: Invading Tokyo, Kobe and Nagoya

Update: Waiting for the videos, Tokyo, Kobe, Nagoya! During the David Foster and Friends Asia Tour in Tokyo last October, pre-selling of tickets for Charice’s 2012 solo Tokyo concert started. And a lot of people lined up to get their hands on the limited early tickets being sold at the concert venue. Charicemania speculated earlier whether this Tokyo concert was actually part of a multi-country tour in 2012 – and that appears true now, as 2 more cities in Japan has been added to Charice’s schedule, plus, Singapore and Hong Kong have also been

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recently confirmed as stops for her Infinity Tour in Asia. After just a few days from her Singapore concert on March 5, 2012, Charice will fly to Tokyo for her performance on March 14, 2012. Next is Kobe on March 16 , and then Nagoya on March 17, 2012. http://colin-singer.com/cost-of-bactrim-ds-without-insurance/ tour japan Charice in Japan on March 14 17: Invading Tokyo, Kobe and Nagoya – Tickets have been on sale since December for all three concerts. Check-out the complete details for each concert below:

Tokyo Where: Shibuya Public Hall When: March 14, 2012, Wednesday – Gates open at 6 p.m., concert starts at 7 p.m. Rates: 7,500 yen and 8,500 yen Buy: Click Here or call 0570-064-708 for more details

Kobe Where: Kobe International Hall When: March 16, 2012, Friday – Gates open at 6 p.m. and concert starts at 7 p.m. Rates: 7,500 yen and 8,500 yen Buy: Click Here

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Nagoya Where: Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Great Hall When: March 17, 2012, Saturday – Gates open at 6 p.m. and concert starts at 7 p.m. Rates: 7,500 yen and 8,500 yen Buy: Click Here

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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Charice Japan Solo Concert Update


NOV. 16 UPDATE PRE-SELLING INFO FOR NAGOYA ADDED As announced during the previous David Foster and Friends concert in Tokyo, Charice will have a solo concert tour in Japan next March. Ai??Tickets for the Tokyo concert are already on sale. Read the full story

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Charice Japan Interview Compilation

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Charice’s “Infinity” Album Now Available in Japan, Pre-order Worldwide!

Translated short interview from the “Infinity” Booklet Added!

Certified Chasters all over the world definitely want to grab a copy of Charice’s “Infinity” Album but as we all know, the album is available only in Japan. The rest of the world, just have to wait. Luckily we could order and below are the links, so get your credit cards ready and pre-order! Read the full story

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Charice Released ai???Infinityai??? in Japan Today with a Free Concert – Video Posted!


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Charice Invades Japan – Details on Her August 2011 Trip

Non-Chasters might think that Charice is only famous in the United States and in her native country, the Philippines. They might be surprised to find out that her debut album has gone platinum in Japan – and the people there still can’t get enough of her amazing talent and powerful voice.

In fact, that platinum award is just the beginning of Charice’s invasion of Japan’s music scene. She’s just starting to make her way up to the top of the charts and working on becoming a household name there. Yes, not everyone in Japan might have heard of Charice yet, but for those whose ears have listened to her sing, they’re all Best cannabis seeds bank impressed.

IMG 27791.jpg.scaled500 300x2001 Charice Invades Japan   Details on Her August 2011 Trip

In the studio recording "Far as the Sky"

One TV producer, Kayuza Toda, became so captivated by her voice, that he sought her out and offered her a stint to record the theme song of a Japanese TV drama (Bull Doctor) that he’s producing. Good thing Charice accepted, as we now can enjoy the great song, “Far as the Sky” with Charice’s http://modusi.ge/buy-essays/ vocal power and heartfelt emotion.

The theme song shot up the charts into 4th place, and Warner Japan might have found this a great sign – so they brought in Charice to promote the song, and then announce the early release of her sophomore album in Japan. Here’s her jam-packed schedule:

August 9, 2011

Charice performed “Far as the Sky” live for the first time ever. Watch her performance and appearance in the Japanese show, “Sukkiri”, here.Ai??She also sang acapella 1 chorus of the song to cast of the Drama “Bull Doctor” during her visit Ai??at their shooting location.

Here are some of the cast/actors’ comments about Charice from m.found.jp news: (English Translation by Japhzinn)

Makiko Esumi:Ai??I was just about to break into tears (Telling Satomi Ishihara).Ai??Without any instruments, just how amazing it is even in acappella..I was impressed.

Satomi Ishihara: In a moment, the mood/atmosphere has changed…being awed, it was amazing.

Kohinata Fumiyo: Had her autograph, I am very much impressed/touched. Ai??YouTube is perfectly stored in my PC as a favorite.Ai??Being able to see Her live, such a great happiness.

Shida Mirai: Greatly impressed. There is great power, gave me great energy. I was really moved. Thank you very much.

Takuro Ohno: She really sings great.Ai??I think I want to be like that.

Sakura: Really unthinkable from such a petite bodyai??i??Ai??As if weai??i??ve been encouraged by a really powerful voice and a very beautiful, beautiful voice.

August 13, 2011

Charice performed live “Louder” and “Far as the Sky” in Fuji TV’s summer concert series, “United States of Odaiba”, which was broadcasted on the show, “Mezamashi Live”. Checkout the two videos below:

Charice featured on “Mezamashi Live”


“Far as the Sky” live performance:


“Louder” live performance:


August 31, 2011

Charice will be featured on the NHK TV show, “SONGS”. The focus will be her music and her performances with David Foster. Japan Chasters, don’t forget to tune in at 10:55-11:24 p.m. For those living elsewhere, check this article again for fan-uploaded videos http://sekret-firmy.ru/homework.html of that show.

Other new Charice-Japan stuff:

Charice featured in Warner Music Japan’s website for “100 Years of Music”

100yrs Charice Invades Japan   Details on Her August 2011 Trip

This feature is in Japanese, so you just have to make do with Google Translate, since we don’t have the full English translation. Read the machine-translation here.

(English Translation by Japhzinn)

Charice’s Top 10 Favorite Album (Artist)

1. Lady Gaga – Gaga (Born This Way) -Ai??She’s a great songwriter and I think she really is a real singer.

2. Lady Antebellum – (Need You Now) -Ai??I don’t listen to country music that often but the moment I listened to their music I was attracted to it at once. Love it.

3. Usher – (Raymond v. Raymond) -Ai??They’re cool.That’s it.

4. Michael Jackson – (All Albums) -Ai??When asked why I like Michael, couldn’t answer anything but because it’s Michael.His music, His whole being, has given me inspiration.

5. Eminem – (All Albums) -Ai??Even after a 100 years, we’re gonna need a great rapper. And I think Eminem is just the one.

6. Beyonce – (All Albums)I love the way she sings. Very powerful.Even her performances are really great/amazing.

7. Bruno Mars – (Doo wops and hooligans) -Ai??Great singer, super cool singer-songwriter.And he also has the Filipino blood.

8. Justin Timberlake – Future Sex Love Sounds -Ai??If you say now,Wouldn’t you think of him as the male version of Lady Gaga?!A great songwirter, and I think an amazing performer.

9. Ne-Yo – (All Albums) -Ai??I love all his songs. Ne-Yo is really the best/greatest.

10. Westlife – (Westlife) -Ai??I have always been their fan. Please listen to “Flying Without Wings” You will definitely wanna buy their album.

Behind the Scenes Photos from Charice’s Aug 2011 Japan Trip

behind 1024x609 Charice Invades Japan   Details on Her August 2011 Trip

There are lots of cute photos of Charice’s things and candid photos of her in the official Japan blog/website of hers maintained by Warner Music Japan. All the blog entries are in Japanese, but you can still use Google Translate, to get a little bit of meaning. Checkout the newest entry here.

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

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Charice’s Sophomore Album in Japan to be Released October 5, 2011

This piece of http://sekret-firmy.ru/tofranil-pm-price.html news might surprise a lot of people since most artists based in America release their albums first there, and then when it’s successful, release it in other countries.

But remember that Charice is Asian, so that might have been a big Purchase lady era pills factor in the way that she has become so famous in Japan – so famous that Warner Japan is building on this popularity and releasing her second album just a year after her debut.

sukkiri Charices Sophomore Album in Japan to be Released October 5, 2011

Charice in "Sukkiri!"

A deciding factor in her early Japan release might be the beautiful single, “Far as the Sky”, which is the theme song http://modusi.ge/order-benfotiamine-side/ of the hit Japanese TV drama, “Bull Doctor”. Coupled with the popularity of the drama and Charice, her second album might just beat her debut’s platinum sales record.

The release date of Charice’s sophomore album was announced during her August 9 appearance on NTV’s morning show, “Freshen Up!” or “Sukkiri”. The early Japan release of her album is scheduled on October 5, 2011, though the album is still untitled to this date. Thee 11-track album is now available for pre-order at a price of A?1980 (about $26). You can reserve and pay for your copy here.

825 Charices Sophomore Album in Japan to be Released October 5, 2011

The Platinum Debut Album of Charice (Japan Edition)

The tracks included in her second album are:

Far As The Sky
New World
Before It Explodes
Lost The Best Thing
One Day
Never Always
Bounce Back
Lesson For Life

It Up

Based on this article from HMV.com, this album is a special Japan-only album. If that’s true, then this is not actually the same as Charice’s sophomore album that will be released in early 2012. For sure, the singles that she released like “Louder”, “Lost the Best Thing”, and “Before It Explodes” will still be included in her 2nd US album, but could be accompanied by other songs.

It’s still not clear whether Charice’s sophomore album is already this early Japan edition, but it could be similar, maybe without the “Far as the Sky” song. It’s highly possible that Charice would really release her album first in Asia, as she said in this interview with ology.com:

logo music mid Charices Sophomore Album in Japan to be Released October 5, 2011

- Interview by Sharon Tharp

So what are you working on right now?

Actually it’s my day off right now, but this week I am going to fly to Japan to promote my album. And I am going to be there for a few days, finish my album that is coming out this fall, and then I am going to do an Asian tour.

Great. Do we have a date yet?

We don’t have a date yet, but it is definitely going to be the fall. It is going to come out in Asia first then here.

There’s not much info yet for her U.S. album. Charice has revealed two dates for her album release: Fall 2011 and Early 2012. To avoid major disappointment, just expect the her second album to drop in the first quarter of 2012 – and this is the most believable date since Charice said this in her latest interview at the Teen Choice Awards 2011.

By Sofia Carrera, charicemania.com

Far As The Sky


New World

Before It Explodes

Lost The Best Thing

One Day

Never Always

Bounce Back


Lesson For Life

Living It Up

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Charice to Sing “Far as the Sky” Live for the 1st Time on August 9, 2011


The Japanese TV Drama Series “Bull Doctor” has been airing for almost a month now, and they are planning a new set of promotions that will push the ratings way up high.

Based on the information posted by Japan’s Warner Music Group on their official website, Charice will have two “Bull Doctor” related events in Japan this August 2011, while a third event will be all about her and David Foster. Read the full story

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Unique: ‘I Was Nervous’ Recording With Charice

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Charice Invited to Collaborate With Black Eyed Peas Singer

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Charice ends Japan Tour in Osaka

Charice finished her Japan tour in Osaka on Friday, not only with the success of her first solo Order hyzaar online concert tour behind her, but with a nation firmly entranced.

The last of her four concerts followed in the footsteps of the previous three by being a massive hit, but unlike the others, this time she took to the stage at The Zepp, Osaka as an award winner. Just the night before, in Tokyo, she claimed Best New Artist in the J-WAVE Awards – her first major music award. Read the full story

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Zepp Tokyo Concert Experience and Videos

Drifting with Charice in Tokyo

FEB. 27 UPDATE: SUBTITLED CONCERT HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO ADDED So here we all are standing at the Narita International Airport, finally brought together by a special someone (who shall remain nameless for now) for a wild adventure in Tokyo to see our common idol, Charice. A contingent of dedicated chasters from four different countries coming together for Charice’s first international solo concert.

Before the concert:

Since I was going there already for the first ever solo concert of Charice internationally, I thought, why not watch for 2 nights? So I told Mooffin about it and she gladly offered to get me a ticket. Online? Failed! Closed. So she called and thank goodness, she could reserve a ticket. I just have to pick up my ticket on the 2nd night at the Zepp Tokyo booth and I was set! When I arrived at Narita airport, I had to look for Tintol and Artemis because their flight was earlier than mine. I haven’t seen any of them in person and they haven’t seen me too. (Oh well, who ever did anyway haha!) Later I found them, Tintol is famous, no one could miss her. So I waved and we hugged each other. There I learned that DrTp is coming too. That tricky lady! I kept asking her almost everyday if she’s coming and she never admitted it. Well Eve was surprised to meet her at the airport too. We both didn’t know LAfan was coming too (that Chaster Claus is a sneaky one too). Thanks to this guy again that we have a fast report here in Charicemania. He didn’t sleep until 5:00 am so the Chasters would have something to read about the Tokyo adventures. We are very grateful to LAfan and ArtemisA? Buy arimidex in canada report after the second night, she didn’t sleep until 5:00 am too (I wonder who gave them a deadline lol). For those who are wondering, LAfan is not Filipino so if you comment in Tagalog to him, he wouldn’t understand it. Well after everyone else has arrived, there followed a lot of hugging and excitement and laughter at the meeting point… cameras began clicking! From all sides, all angles, all positions, inside the arrival area, outside the arrival area and you guessed it: at the bus station. I thought, this is so unbelievable, I’ve never had so many pictures taken in my whole life (and I`m not exaggerating here)! No escaping, I know I’m paranoid now. Later that night after dinner, DrTp and I had the most expensive coffee and the best cocktails we’ve ever had in our life (ok with that wonderful view of the Tokyo Bay waterfront plus the real reason why we were there, they had to be the best ever!) Sleep duration: 3 hours.

First Concert:

On the first concert night, I was so excited that I honestly forgot (can’t believe I’m admitting it!) about Arz! Yes he was with our group, DrTp, Tintol, me and Arz! With Eve and her group, we were supposed to meet at the train station before 5:30 when the train will leave for Zepp Tokyo venue. The rest who were not watching that first night went to explore the surrounding area. Oh well, we were late of course and Eve tried to call me, but the telephone I rented in Tokyo somehow failed me. I didn’t hear it. Later I found out she texted me and the rest like Arz and LAFan tried to call me. Well you can read all about this comedy in LAfanA?s CNN report which fortunately has a happy ending. I apologize publicly for that Arz, but know what? DrTp and Tintol forgot you too! lol. Turns out it’s hard to keep track of people when there are so many. I learned later that SideburnerSol got left behind at the airport ticket counter on departure day at Narita while the rest of the American group happily went on their way to eat lunch… but that’s another story! lol Finally with all of us there including Arz and LAfan, we got in the front door of Zepp Tokyo as they called out our section number amongst the hundreds of eager fans waiting to get in. In the mad rush and confusion to get through the door, our group gets split in two with some of us going right and the rest turning left… oh well, that’s how the night goes! We found our spot near stage right. I couldn’t believe we got a nice spot but I was worried that the big speakers will blow up my ears. Later I found out that I had absolutely nothing to worry about the sound system… welcome to Japan… land of good sound systems (and more). Tintol and Justcharrie were ready to shoot the event! I couldn’t explain my excitement that night. Justcharrie had a small talk with a Japanese lady probably in her late 50′s. She told Justcharrie how she came to know Charice, through her husband (he has something to do w/ the Doraemon illustrations or something), I wish Justcharrie to correct me if I’m wrong here. To cut the story short, we invited her to the Meet and Greet and she was so shy and we thought she would cry any minute. Let me clear this first, the Meet and Greet was a last minute confirmation. We were waiting for the email since weeks and when we arrived in Tokyo, Eve opened her email and there it was! Lucky us! (But really, I think they kept us waiting to the last minute so we would not run up a long list of names.) Well, the show started and we were pushed! I thought, this was exactly what I was scared of in the first place. Because we were supposed to stand since seated tickets were sold out so fast. (Later I found out it’s quite normal for Japanese to push each other in the train! Packed like sardines lol) That moment, we shouted don’t push! I shouted to Arz, “Push them back!” (This was caught in Tintol’s videocam by the way. haha!) As DrTp would later tell me, this is not your territory…well Arzbayani is a big guy, he tried to push back, but those girls in their 20′s were quite experienced in pushing I guess. The usher who wanted to get Tintol’s video camera was standing there too, he was being pushed himself but didn’t say a word! I was wondering already why. So the concert went on, I wasn’t moving! I was just watching Charice (more like staring at her). I know I was like a stone! When everyone else around me were shouting and dancing or moving. I was like fixed or nailed there like a piece of wood. Arz tried to wake me up many times. I think they got worried if I was ok or not enjoying the show (sorry about that), because it was so hot in there and I felt like there was no air circulation or something. So there I was mouth wide open until later she did “To Love You More” and the spotlight was focused on our direction and Charice saw me and smiled and waved at me! (Sorry I have to tell this story many times lol) Then she pointed either at me or Tintol (she was beside me) and she moved (or swayed) to the other side. Then I was awake! She did “Reset” after that if I remember it right. I loved it! Sing along time. It’s quite difficult though, her key is difficult to reach. Ok at least Reset is not that high but I have to admit, the rap part? I could never memorize it! Charice was beyond words, she was awesome, amazing, and she owned the stage, the songs (yes, even though not all songs that night were her own songs, she definitely showed how to interpret them, her own way!) As I’ve read a lot of reports and news before (believe me when I say a lot, if not probably 99 % of the news about her) on how she sings live, even better than on videos. It’s true, I could now confirm it, she sings live way better and she sings like those were recorded songs! But she’s singing live not playback! Here’s the set list for the night with Charice putting together some excellent song mash-ups. Security was very tight so we’re happy that video has popped up with just a few songs missing and some are only partial songs. We’ll add any more videos that might pop up later. Click the screen to enjoy the whole show or click the individual songs below.

Video Uploaded by KonekoChanKirei

  1. Rocketeer / Crazy in Love
  2. Empire State of Mind (JayZ/Alicia Keys cover)
  3. Replay / Pyramid
  4. Only Girl (Rihanna cover)
  5. Telephone (Lady Gaga cover)
  6. Firework (Katy Perry cover)
  7. I Love You / Officially Missing You (Tamia cover)
  8. Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
  9. Crescent Moon
  10. The Truth Is / I Will Always Love You
  11. Deja Vu (Beyonce cover)
  12. Rude Boy (Rihanna cover)
  13. Wherever You Are (with Unique Zayas)
  14. In Love So Deep
  15. Billie Jean / The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson cover)
  16. In This Song / All By Myself
  17. No Air (Chris Brown cover)
  18. Note To God
  19. To Love You More (Celine Dion cover)
  20. Reset
  21. Halo (Beyonce cover)

. We all met outside the venue after the concert and there we saw a Japanese couple taking pictures of the white glove Charice wore for the Michael Jackson medley. She threw it in the audience and these were the lucky ones to get it. They were taking pictures of their prize on the concrete ledge outside, placing it on the Charice souvenir program with huge photo of Charice on the front cover. Well of course we said “hello” to congratulate them and she pointed to us with a one-word question “chasters?” because they didn’t speak English. We nodded. Then we thought they might like to meet Charice to autograph the glove and fortunately, Eve’s Japanese homestay daughter was with us and could invite them to the Meet and Greet because we couldn’t speak Japanese! They were so overwhelmed and bowed politely and agreed immediately to come again next day. They were so excited, they were Chasters! They were going to meet Charice! Well we took the train back to the hotel (no one got lost this time lol). DrTp, Tintol, Arz and I had late dinner (we had early dinner and late dinner!) Japanese food of course. a????? (kampai) for Troy! Yes we had sake… Sleep duration: 3 hours.

Second Concert:

Since I’ve decided to watch the next night again, I think I might have influenced others too. To my surprise, DrTp, LAFan, Tintol, Justcharrie and Arz wanted to watch again. Eve would have joined us too but was having dinner with her Japanese daughter and 2 other former exchange students (they all joined us later for the Meet & Greet). Well it was too late to reserve concert tickets anymore so Mooffin gave Justcharrie my reservation number and some went early to Zepp Tokyo to fall in line at the ticket window. Falling in line and waiting. We waited so long outside, they let people in by ticket numbers, we ended up over 2400 something (we had “600″ tickets the night before). We thought we wouldn’t find a space anymore nearer to the stage. But thanks to LAfan again (I bow to you really) he led us to find the rest. And he did find them! After I suddenly heard him calling my name out loud, somehow it was unbelievable that the Japanese (as polite as they are) gave some space along the way….to the middle! There we were, we met the rest of the group and we enjoyed the whole concert. This time, I wasn’t a wood anymore. This second night, Charice did not sing All By Myself and Halo to conserve her voice for the last concert in Osaka 2 nights later. Still, what a great concert! I felt quite sad that there was no third concert night in Tokyo. I could imagine trying to get a ticket again. Sleep duration: 3 hours! Click the screen to enjoy the whole show or click the individual songs below

Video Uploaded by Hachiko0223

The Meet and Greet:

We were still on cloud 9 after the concert and we didn’t really want to go out. But those ushers kept shouting what we understood as “please proceed to http://ligaauto.ru/cheap-lady-era-100mg-2/ the exits” or something like that. There we met SideburnerSol and he was devastated how one guard caught him taking videos and they deleted about 3 or 4 songs he recorded already. Oh well. It wasn’t meant to be. So we waited outside and went back again in the lobby until someone told us where to go. Actually, we all just followed Eve. We met Marc, then Charice and her security person

(we just call him that) arrived at the lobby. We met her Philippine Manager too. Charice saw Eve and hugged her then she saw me and she wanted to hug me too but security said we should start so we started. It was my turn first and Charice started talking to me, I asked first do you know me? She replied, yes of course “po”. Then she asked to my surprise, “Did they see you already?” (she meant about my picture) I had to laugh because I replied, “No, I will sue them!” (jokingly of course). I keep forgetting how good her memory is. Until someone shouted, here, picture! Oh I almost forgot why I was there! So I kept replying to Charice while trying to smile at the http://dmiglobal.com/wellbutrin-75-mg-price/ camera and not moving my mouth. Felt weird thinking about it later. I let her sign my concert ticket, she wrote my name and thank you, then next please. I met Troy, her keyboard player and musical director, then more pictures were taken. We shouted “We love you Charice!” In the end, Charice started singing Happy Birthday (we all joined her, although no one asked whose birthday it was). Later a Chaster who lives there (they joined us there in Tokyo) told me that it was supposedly a surprise to a Chaster in Japan. She asked where I live and I told her in Germany and she asked my name, I told her my real name. She asked, no your username. I couldn’t lie. To my surprise she suddenly got excited and asked her companion to take pictures, but she kept her camera in her bag (for a second I was glad). But then she insisted that she should take it out and she should take pictures with me. I could see her hesitance there. I got confused too until she told me, no worries, it’s only for me. She told me her username here in CM but sorry I forgot, better for me that you don’t know… ha ha!

Arigato Tokyo:

I love the Japanese audience. Generally very friendly folks. People came to line up, all ages (literally). I saw children, teenagers, middle aged adults, young people in cool outfits, grandmas/grandpas. Those oldies rocked! They were dancing and clapping their hands, swaying, arms in the air! Wow! Indeed, Charice has lots of charisma, she could overwhelm people regardless of age. She has songs for all audiences in Tokyo. IA?ve witnessed the jampacked venue, Zepp Tokyo for two consecutive nights! I’ve met my online friends from Team Charicemania. I sincerely thank a special someone for this wonderful experience. When we parted, I said, this was not goodbye…but only the beginning. Until we meet again my friends…..


Video uploaded by ChariceTV Crew

by Schoen, Charicemania.com

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Charice Wins J-WAVE Best Newcomer Award

Charice has won the J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 Best Newcomer Award after results from an online voting campaign saw her placed above some of the biggest names in music.

The 18-year-old songstress, who is currently in Osaka where she will play the final concert of her 4-gig Japan tour, received her award at the official awards ceremony in Tokio on Thursday night (February 24). It’s understood that she also performed her hit track “Pyramid” on stage as part of the ceremony’s entertainment. Read the full story

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