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GleeCap: “Night of Neglect” Episode 17, Season 2

Here comes Sunshine Corazon, who’s been living under a rock (well, hidden away in rival Vocal Adrenaline’s choir group since the second episode of this season). She gives New Directions a deal by offering her 600 Twitter followers as attendees, but only if she’s allowed to croon a Celine Dion song at the concert. Oh, boy. It’s “All By Myself,” and she milks that sad ballad with control and efficiency belying her young age. Even New Directions was impressed. >> Full story @ WallStreetJournal.com Read the full story

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Sunshine Corazon is Back – Spy? Or Just Plain Nice?

Did you already clear your calendar for tomorrow? April 19 is going to be an explosive day for Charice and all the Chasters across the globe. It’s the release date for her newest single, “Before It Explodes”. And Charice is just as excited as we are based on her latest tweet @ChariceOfficial: “Before It Explodes is coming out tomorrow! I’m very excited about it! Also really excited about few more songs that will be avail soon!” Later in the evening, don’t forget to catch Glee’s “A Night of Neglect”, where Charice’s Sunshine Corazon will belt out “All By Myself”. Read the full story

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Charice in Glee’s “Sexy” Episode This Tuesday?

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Charice Edges Britney Spears in Most Popular GLEE Guest Star List: Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment weekly listed Charice as one of the top guest artist in the FOX hit show GLEE, surprising topping other music greats who appeared on the said show. Charice’s sole appearance so far (Season 2 Pilot: “Auditions”) has earned her a position higher than those of music legends Britney Spears and Olivia Newton-John. Read the full story

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GleeCap: “The Substitute” Episode 7, Season 2

Glee introduced to us all last night a new character who was funny, cool, a bit weird, and sadly, one who’s not going to be back again. Holly Holliday gave the show a shake-up that it really needed due to the not-so-amazing musical numbers for the past couple of episodes. Guest star Gwyneth Paltrow did a wonderful job playing the substitute Spanish teacher who also took/challenged Mr. Schuster’s place as coach of the New Directions. Read the full story

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Lea Michele on Charice: “She’s Beyond Talented” – Plus More Charice-on-Glee Updates!

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