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Hitmaker David Foster and Dance Mogul Jim Beanz Team Up for Charice

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Sunshine to sing ‘All By Myself’ – Confirmed!

The ‘Sunshine on Glee’ carousel continues to turn, with more photos apparently leaked from the set, this time revealing the song that Sunshine is to sing. Well, Ryan Murphy did promise she would be “coming back in a big way,” and he did promise “lots of big, big, big ballads for Charice,” and he seems to be true to his word. Read the full story

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Charice to return in “Comeback” Episode?

The most recent media reports have claimed Charice could be about to make her “Glee” return in an episode aptly titled “Comeback,” due to air on February 15. So many rumors have surrounded Charice’s return to the show that we all approach the news with some caution. Read the full story

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Charice on TFC’s GGV TV Show December 9, 2012

December 10 UPDATE: Video with subtitles! We know the quality of this video is not that good, it’s also long, there’s no subtitles in english too,

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in short: it’s not perfect! But it’s showing the real…..Charice!

Special thanks to Chaster_Denisa for uploading fast!

And here’s the new upload with english subtitles:

Thanks to Bbelj, DeadlySweet, Denisa and the staff of ChariceTVCrew. Posted by Schoen, Charicemania.com

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Happy 20th Birthday Charice

Thank you for your comments.  Just a friendly reminder, please limit your greetings to a sentence. Add your username, location, and year when you became a fan.  Let’s give Charice a chance to read all of the greetings.  Thank you.

Oprah’s The Most Talented Girl In The World will be turning 20 this May 10th. And she’s definitely not a young girl anymore but a grown up woman.

Chasters around the world are thinking of greeting Charice but how? Through video greetings? Maybe a choreographed dance like what Tintol and team did last year? But how to include Chasters abroad?

One suggestion from Bluemax is to research the Chaster countries of the world and create a global Chaster map. What we can offer here in Charicemania is to use the site as a platform to send your birthday greetings and at the same time, collect Chasters’ whereabouts all around the world.

So just leave your comment below and for the mechanics, it’s easier to add just one greeting line, your username or name and location and since when you are following Charice’s career. Isn’t that interesting?

Maybe we could make another booklet like this:

Click “View Full Screen” icon to enlarge. Cover illustration by Andrew Mathews – “Being Happy”

Article Link: Why Do We Love Charice?

Here’s the Video from last year’s greetings:

Video uploaded by Jimroot 04

Article Link: Birthday Surprise

Thank you for your comments.  Just a friendly reminder, please limit your greetings to a sentence. Add your username, location, and year when you became a fan.  Let’s give Charice a chance to read all of the greetings.  Thank you.

Thumbnail photo courtesy of NYChaster
Posted by Schoen, Charicemania.com

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Charice’s “Bodyguard Medley” Goes Viral

On February 12th, a Chaster named “Amsterdam” re-uploaded a video on Youtube where Charice was singing the so-called Bodyguard Medley (I Have Nothing and I Will Always Love You) accompanied by Mr. David Foster on the piano. Amsterdam’s video description:

No copyright infringement. This video belong to the right owner. Please visit the original uploader (CHAMU Chaster’s from Canada). Take note that Charice is crying because this is the last tour concert with her friends. This is only a fan made for Whitney Houston and Charice. Youtube link Whitney Houston [ RIP ] from 17 yo – Charice in tears , 2009 concert

Original Video from Chariceweekly:

Actually nothing unusual, Chasters have been uploading, re-uploading, editing videos of Charice, we’ve seen them all. But of course this was a very touching performance that made a big impact even to a long-time fan like me: Schoen’s Blog. Because I don’t think it’s easy to sing while trying to hold back her tears at the same time. So emotions just poured out of this very tiny body. As Amsterdam was paying tribute to Whitney using this video on Youtube, one site caught it and featured it as “Female Cover Of The Week: 17-Year-Old “Charice Pempengco” From The Philippines Does Whitney Houston Tribute & She Did That!” Site link: World Star Hip Hop. That was February 13th, so far so good, nothing special….yet…. until this:
viral1 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Source link: Perez Hilton.com Yes!! Mr. Perez Hilton featured that same video on his site on Feb. 14th and twitted it. And we know he has millions of followers right? The video went viral as “Charice’s Whitney Houston Tribute”. Different online sites followed, here`s our complilation starting with Hollywood Life’s Charice Performs Epic Tribute To Whitney Houston In Concert and they even added an Update:
(UPDATE: It turns out this video is being inaccurately sent around the internet as a new tribute video, when it was actually filmed back in 2009. But it means so much more now, so I’ll let it slide.)

Kfox95.com featured an additional video where Charice performed “I Will Always Love You” in a Japanese show:

Source Link: Amazing Charice Memorializes Whitney Houston Then Popcrush.com followed: Charice Sings Whitney Houston ‘Bodyguard’ Medley with David Foster Jackfroot.com: The Most Talented Girl in the World Pays Tribute to Whitney Then from AMP Radio.com: Charice Whitney Houston Tribute is Absolutely Stunning. From Wpix.com STUNNING Tribute To Whitney Houston By Filipino Teen Sensation. The video even
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made it to the Top 5 Whitney Houston Tributes alongside with the legendary Aretha Franklin on International Business Times Whitney Houston Death Tribute.

wh1 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
And of course Glee’s Wetpaint.com site can’t miss Charice too: Charice’s Stunning Tribute to Whitney Houston: Former Glee Guest Star’s Tearful Performance. Since Chasters love to vote – there’s even a poll going on: Who Sang it Better? So Chasters if you want to vote, visit the site.
poll1 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Chasters have then started twitting and re-twitting the video and the rest is history. She was 17 years old that time way back in 2009. Judging by the positive reactions and comments to the video, it is very clear than people have been touched or amazed or even just enjoyed watching and listening to her.
YVR2 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Photo courtesy of Chamu
Charice could really give justice to a Whitney Houston song. Of course, Chasters need not be convinced how talented she was when she was younger and still is at this stage where she learned how to use and control her voice to her advantage. Contrary to other negative twits about Charice using Whitney’s death to push her career now, just letting them know, inform yourself first. It’s not her fault at all if news are being written about her on this.
whbow Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Note: A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. Wikipedia By Schoen, Charicemania.com

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Charice Japan Interview Compilation

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Season 2 Finale Glee Watching Party in Los Angeles

Come join other Charice fans watch Sunshine Corazon sing a dramatic new and original power-ballad this Tuesday in Glee’s Season 2 finale. This will be an epic episode! Read the full story

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GleeCap: “Funeral” Ep. 21 Season 2 – Plus Charice’s Finale Song Sneak Peek

“Funeral” is such a sad-sounding title that no one should have been too surprised in shedding a few tears while watching last night’s episode.  What was surprising was the person behind those emotional scenes, and surprisingly, it was Sue. Yes, Sue Sylvester – the adult bully of McKinley.

Preparation for Nationals has begun and Will enlisted the help of Jesse St. James, an ex-member of Vocal Adrenaline. They both agreed on holding an audition to select the New Directions member who will get to sing a solo in New York.  Caught up with the idea of winning their first Nationals appearance, Will stopped Becky from joining the glee club. Read the full story

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GleeCap: “Rumors”, Episode 19 Season 2 – Plus Charice on Glee Updates!

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Ready for Sunshine’s Return? Get Updated on the Glee Storyline

Just three more days and there will be Sunshine again on our TVs. Glee’s return after a month-long break also coincides with Charice’s comeback on the show. It’s been seven months since we first saw Charice’s character, Sunshine Corazon, belt out “Listen” and had a “Telephone” diva-off with Rachel. How many non-Gleeks have actually continued watching the series after being disappointed week after week with no Charice on Glee? Read the full story

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You’re Invited to the Return of Sunshine on Glee Party Hosted by the LA Chasters!

Hey Chasters! The scintillating start of Act II of our Amazing Journey with Charice is finally upon us! Just as May 11, 2010 will hold a truly

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special place in our hearts as our Princess turned that magical 18 while debuting her first international album on Oprah last year, we have another milestone date to put down in our Charice dreambooks: April 19, 2011! Read the full story

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Glee Sneak Peek: “A Night of Neglect” Featuring Charice!

There was so much buzz about Charice on the web for the past weeks – but that’s hardly surprising as she’s involved in the three pillars of hollywood entertainment: music, film, and television. There was a period in mid-March when charicemania.com was awfully quiet and Chasters were getting anxious from the lack of Charice news. Little did we know that this was just the calm before the storm. Read the full story

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Long Wait for Sunshine to End in April!

It has all been frustrating, tiring and oh so infuriating, but current indications point to April 19th when  Charice is back on “Glee”  in episode “Night of Neglect.” Then on April 26 ‘Glee’ is said to extend its timeslot to 90 minutes for the ‘Born This Way’ Episode. No reports on Charice being in that episode, but we can expect Charice to appear in several more episodes as Season 2 marches to a close

After a series of tweets from a credible source, it looked for a while like Sunshine Corazon would make her return to the show in Episode 17, titled “A Night of Neglect,” on March 22 – but that schedule has changed with a brief hiatus pushing the schedule back several weeks. Read the full story

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Charice in Glee’s “Sexy” Episode This Tuesday?

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Teen.com Includes Charice on Prom List

Apl.de.ap wants her, J-WAVE radio voted her their Best New Artist, and now Teen.com includes Charice in a must-have list of “10 Singers We Want to Perform at Our Prom.”

It’s the last hurrah before high school graduation, so Prom Night is a BIG DEAL for millions of high school seniors across America. Read the full story

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