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Operation Smile Ambassador Charice

An amazing new video has been created by Operation Smile featuring CHARICE and her powerful performance of Note to God. Charice uses her dramatic voice and talent to tell the story of how Operation Smile transforms children’s lives. Read the full story

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Smile Ambassador Charice Wins $20,000 for Operation Smile

Congratulations to Operation Smile for winning the first place prize of $20,000 in the PayPal Fruitcake Campaign! Many thanks go out to all the Chasters for your unwavering support throughout the evening as we maintained our lead. You definitely heeded our call for help (below) and rose to the occasion. Read the full story

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Come-from-behind Rally to Win the 3rd #CharityTuesday

[Charice sings "Smile" in new Operation Smile video, just added.]
It was sooo exciting in the Chatbox last night as Chasters rallied to come from behind to win the 3rd and final #CharityTuesday for yet another $1,000 bonus to be awarded to Operation Smile.

Congratulations especially to BlueBird for contributing the bulk of the $880 Read the full story

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It’s #CharityTuesday! Join Ryan Seacrest in support of Charice’s Fruitcake

Support Charice and Operation Smile for the third #CharityTuesday contest! Thanks to chasters’ efforts,  the last two weekly contests have earned an additional $2000 in prize winnings for Operation Smile. Let’s make it 3-for-3 and win another $1,000 prize for Operation Smile on TODAY’S #CharityTuesday contest. Read the full story

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Chasters Power for #CharityTuesday… Again

[SEE RESULTS BELOW - CHARICE WINS AGAIN! - AND DETAILS FOR WINNING A NETBOOK] Okay, folks, you came out in force last week for #CharityTuesday and we can do it again TODAY!  We have a little twist to the contest. Not only can we win $1000 for Operation Smile, but we can also win in the weekly contest for a Netbook that goes to the fruitcake earning the most points for the week.  However, Charice is not eligible to win a personal prize because, according to the eligibility rules, she is not 18 years old and she is not a legal resident of the United States.  (This was confirmed with PayPal and Operation Smile).

Soooo, to make a long story short, Charice has given her blessing for a Chaster to GO FOR IT and win the Netbook for our efforts in putting Operation Smile on top during this whole Fruitcake Campaign. The credit goes to all of you for donating and regifting like crazy since this contest began. For today’s #CharityTuesday and the rest of this weekly contest till midnight, December 28th, the Charicemania team has generously voted to promote my fruitcake to win the weekly Netbook. I LOVE my team, thank you! Hope you’ll all support me as well.

Go Go Go Chasters for #CharityTuesday. As of noon today, we are in FIRST PLACE with $325 donated, but the runner up is a close $25 behind. The fruitcake with the most $$ donations today wins an additional $1000 for Operation Smile.

The #Charity Tuesday Challenge Final Results

Congratulations, Chasters, you did it again! For the second week in a row, Chasters show their power by winning decisively once again for the first place $1000 prize for Operation Smile and Charice.  Give yourselves a pat on the back… pat pat.

Charity Tuesday2 Chasters Power for #CharityTuesday... Again

Please continue to donate/regift

Charice tweeted yesterday >>> click here to support Eve’s fruitcake! I appreciate your support as well by donating and/or regifting to my fruitcake to win the weekly Netbook prize. I’m currently at no. 6 on “This Week’s” top fruitcake list and need just 4-5,000 more points to win it.

Remember, this does not hurt Charice’s fruitcake at all because she has 63,000 points, an astounding 21,000 points ahead of the next runner-up. It doesn’t hurt Operation Smile either because ALL of the fruitcake points and donations are added together toward winning the $20,000 prize. We are well on our way to winning it!

This weekly prize period ends on December 28th, and one more Netbook will be awarded for the week ending January 4, 2010, for the fruitcake that earns the most points during that weekly period. Charice is not eligible to win a personal prize for herself, so she would be glad to see a Chaster win it for both weeks and win points for Operation Smile at the same time.

Thank you for your support. Chasters are the best team to have in your corner, as we saw again yesterday with the win for #CharityTuesday! Please Comment below if you have any questions about the contest.

Operation Smile: Holiday Gift Catalog


Message from Operation Smile

Hey all,

3482 Chasters Power for #CharityTuesday... AgainWe’re participating in another PayPal #CharityTuesday challenge on Twitter today and we’re hoping to enlist the support of anyone and everyone you may know in your elite circles, particularly celebs and donors with a big social media presence. The CharityTuesday Challenge ends at midnight tonight and the charity with the most donations wins $1,000. Operation Smile won the $1K last week with the help of Vonnie pinging some donors and Charice’s fans getting the word out to people online.

Here’s how you can help – Please contact folks to tweet and donate to Operation Smile fruitcakes on the PayPal website, Regift the Fruitcake.  More specifically, our new Smile Ambassador Charice has the top Fruitcake of all time and has already raised $2,795 for OpSmile. So if our Smile Ambassadors or donors would like to support Charice’s fruitcake with a donation, please direct them here: https://www.paypal-regiftthefruitcake.com/profile/36979/2246

We’ve already fallen behind to 4th place and need the help of donors and celebs to get the word out. I’ll be tweeting to our Smile Ambassadors to hopefully get them engaged and at least RT my tweet.

I appreciate any help you can offer today in helping us win $1,000 on Twitter!


Operation Smile

Once again, you’ll be able to check out the leaderboard rankings, starting at 12 AM PST on Tuesday on the Regift the fruitcake <https://www.paypal-regiftthefruitcake.com/>  site. The prizes are $1000 for 1st; $500 for 2nd and $250 for 3rd place, for most funds raised on Tuesday PST. Good luck to everyone!

Ryan Seacrest Supports Charice

images3 75x75 Chasters Power for #CharityTuesday... AgainAmerican Idol host and celebrity wrangler, Ryan Seacrest is supporting Operation Smile’s newest Smile Ambassador and winner of Oprah’s Best Musical Performance 2009 Award, Charice, who has quickly positioned Operation Smile to win the $20,000.

Read full story >>> RyanSeacrest.com

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Charice Named as New Ambassador for Operation Smile

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Read the Announcement from Newswire : Singer Charice Joins Operation Smile as Smile Ambassador.

MommyRaqz has just announced on Twitter that Charice has been named as a new Ambassador for Operation Smile. Read the full story

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