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The Other Side of Winning, The ChasterA?s Way

Many months ago, like every Chaster I know, each one prepared for the experience of a lifetime. That is to go on a journey where one can savor and delight on the wondrous gift of witnessing and listening to a little girl who inspired a lot of people. In the beginning, I only know about my journey and my story. But I met people on the road who are heading on the same way as I am. And it was truly enlightening to be aware of these peopleai??i??s stories like a different insight when one realized that the mountain is clearer from the plain. Read the full story

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ai???Charice News Networkai??? Report ai??i?? Part 2: Meet & Greet

Okay Chasters, back in L.A. after a rather tumultuous 48 hours. I left off typing out the last few words from Part 1 of the CNN report at 6:30am this morning, and after a full day of family festivities and about half an hour of interrupted sleep earlier today on the plane, I am finally back home to complete the DFF Las Vegas CNN report. Thankfully tomorrowai??i??s not a work day! icon smile ai???Charice News Networkai??? Report ai??i?? Part 2: Meet & Greet Read the full story

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Looking for ChariceA?s Biggest Fans!


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My Glorietta Experience

I already watched three http://jockeyclubdesorocaba.com.br/?p=34927 concerts of Charice Live in different places. I met her once during the Meet and Greet at PICC, I asked her to sign my guitar and many more. I still can’t get enough of the inspiration that this girl can give to me.

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Weekend Birthday Bash Update: A Special Day for Charice, Chasters, and the Kids!

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Chastersai??i?? Promo Guide: How to Take Charice to #1

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Free Live Performance of Charice @ Serramonte Mall, San Francisco, May 7, 2010

We are calling the attention of Chasters around the San Francisco Bay Area. Charice will have a free live performance at Serramonte Mall, San Francisco on May 7, 2010. Youai??i??ll have the chance to get her autograph and/or take a picture with her! This event will be presented by WILD 94.9.
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WiLD 94.9 Recap

Did you miss it? You can go to the the Wild 94.9 website for a recap of the event. They’ve posted tons of photos of Charice meeting the chasters at the meet and greet, performance photos, and a very well-done video. Charice was spectacular as usual.
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Charice Fan Talk is Going on the Air

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A Chaster’s moment with Charice

I was only supposed to be picking up my concert ticket from Narita that afternoon and she gave me two schedules where I can meet her… 5 pm at the PICC Banquet Hall (where they would be giving out the concert tickets to the lucky Chasters who won) or at the fast food place where they would be having dinner (Narita had gotten the tickets for us since I was still in Mindanao finishing my project there). Read the full story

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Chasters’ Gathering on Valentine’s Day Concert

Video Added


Everyone who is attending the Chaster’s gathering and receiving sponsored tickets shall meet Tintol at BANQUET 1, 2ND FLOOR, SECRETARIAT BUILDING, AT PICC 05:00 pm.

For the ones attending the gathering, kindly check your emails for the complete schedule and details.

Thank http://www.franceactu.fr/order-xenical-orlistat/ you and see you there!

– Philippine Organizers: Tintol, Narita, Smee and Pin Read the full story

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Chasters at the “Probe” Interview

(TRANSLATIONS ADDED) Probe, a public affairs program being aired on ABS-CBN, will feature Charice’s inspiring life story from her humble beginnings to stardom in their year-end special episode. Ms. Cheche Lazaro, head anchor of the Probe, flew straight to L.A. to conduct the interview. Not known to many, the reputable host also admires the international singing sensation. Read the full story

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MSG WAMU And New Jersey Concert Gathering

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Vancouver Gathering at V Lounge at Earls Yaletown

MUST RSVP BY WEDNESDAY, NOV 4TH !! Contact Madz below. ai??i?? Get ready for the Chaster get-together of a lifetime. Mommy Raquel and brother Carl are both joining us for this special day in Vancouver, BC. Charice, David Foster and Friendsai??i?? final stop is Vancouver on Sunday, November 8th. There are a lot of Chasters in the Vancouver, Read the full story

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Not An Ordinary Chaster: Anciano Uno (Charice’s Tribute Added)

t7bnmg Not An Ordinary Chaster: Anciano Uno (Charices Tribute Added)UPDATE: The mass/eulogy for AncianoUno wasAi??at 2 pm Wednesday in the Don Bosco Chapel.Ai?? Team Charicemania would like to extend our condolences to his family. Be comforted that he is now free from pain and suffering. Here is what Tintol sent to me.Ai?? I cannot thank her enough: Read the full story

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Vancouver gathering is in the works…

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Charice Touched My Life

This article is by none other than JP, known to many Chasters as Lolo JP.Ai?? He is opening his soul to us because JP wants us to know how and why Charice changed his life and his spirit.Ai?? JP was inspired to write this article by Henri_v and Gandalf. Read the full story

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