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GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than Ever

Glee season two opener is a fast-moving and fun-packed season episode titled Audition. It also marks a new school year at McKinley High, and that means changes in personnel and positions plus budget cuts. Positioning from the school faculty power play to student club shenanigans (Glee and rival Vocal Adrenaline). Read the full story

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Spoilers: Sunshine’s First Day at McKinley High and More!

‘Glee’ Charice first-look picture in McKinley High

“Glee” http://www.hisark.com/cheap-hydrochlorothiazide-lisinopril/ is almost here, so we have an early look at one of the new kids in town, who isn’t Chord Overstreet.

Charice, full name Charice Pempengco, is a Filipina singer who enters the hallowed halls of McKinley High on the “Glee” second season premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

Spoilers: A few plot points are discussed that aren’t anything too surprising, but if you want to go in without knowing anything, skip this. Read the full story

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Glee Season Premiere Episode 2.01 “Audition”

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