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Charice on Twitter: Yey! We Won!

Update: April 14, 2012 KCA Video with more of Charice!

So guess who won the special category, “Favorite Asian Act” newly added to the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards for year 2012? Charice of course!

Video uploaded by manggaeater

Final Results from their servers:

Mobile Voting site
“Agnes Monica (Indonesia)” count=”152843″ percent=”18″
“Charice (Philippines)” count=”519927″ percent=”63″
“Yuna (Malaysia)” count=”2650″ percent=”0″
“Wonder Girls (Korea)” count=”154651″ percent=”19″

Main voting
“Agnes Monica (Indonesia)” count=”836615″ percent=”9″
“Charice (Philippines)” count=”6001730″ percent=”64″
“Yuna (Malaysia)” count=”33285″ percent=”0″
“Wonder Girls (Korea)” count=”2486038″ percent=”27″

Agnes Monica won the twitter votes at 90,000 to Charice 65,000
KCA Link: Nick Asia

Thanks to LDMovies for these results.

We got this picture from Charice herself via Twitter:

nick Charice on Twitter: Yey! We Won!

Thank You, Chasters for all the hardwork. I love you all… <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ∞ – @Officialcharice

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The Mathematics of Chaddiction

No! This ain’t about differential and integral calculus that make many engineering and science students curse Newton and Leibniz in inventing them. It’s the mathematics of chaddiction and all that jazz!

It’s about obtaining the most efficient click-per-second in an online voting for Charice; the question whether hitting F5 buys more time than hitting other category and back; the calculation of time differences among all chasters to come up with the best timing to successfully trend anything about Charice on Twitter; the estimation of N/S, the ratio of number of browsers opened versus the speed of your internet connection to amplify YouTube’s view counter of Charice’s MTVs and videos and the likes. Read the full story

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