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Charice “I Am What I Am”

Charice gave an exclusive interview to Boy Abunda.  

Boy: Everybody is talking about you…Let’s start here. Why have you avoided the media?

Charice: When there are big issues that come out, of course I’m afraid because I’m still human. I’m very careful to the point that I don’t know anymore what I should say just so people’s reaction to it will be neutral. I don’t want to suddenly say something and then everything will be negative.  I gave myself a break to think what I should do, what next steps I need to take so that everything will get better.  This is why I am facing you today.

Boy: Why are you breaking your silence now? Why are you speaking up now?

Charice: I’ve asked for a lot of signs; it’s really true when you feel it…I’ve done a lot of things for the ones I love, for my family for many years, I did it for them.  Now I feel that this time I’d like to do things for myself.

Boy:  These signs, the signs which are the reasons why we are talking today…

Charice: Yes.

ccp 223x300 Charice I Am What I Am Boy: Let’s start talking about your family. Straight to the point: your Mommy Racquel and yourself -  are you angry at each other?

Charice: Yes, we had a fight, I have to understand her because if she hurt me, I know she was hurt more because she’s a mother. As of now, we’re not fighting. We’re still in that stage trying to understand each other, but I have to give her credit for trying to understand the situation, so yes we fight but that is normal.

Boy: Your grandmother – you and your “Lola,” are you quarreling?

Charice: The truth is, no. I’ve seen her interview but we’re not quarreling. In the first place, we didn’t have a chance to talk yet. Perhaps because she has her own opinion and I accept that, I’ve seen her interview and I understood that that’s how she felt but we’re not fighting.

Boy: Who is Robert Yberra?

Charice: He is my godfather. I’ve seen a lot comments from him, things that he said to the media and to some people. I respect him as a person. As my godfather, I owe him a lot.

Boy: You’re not mad at him?

Charice: I don’t know why I’m not mad at him. Even if I think I should be mad at him for the things he’s been saying, but I don’t. We stayed at his house…the small things…he’s the one who taught me how to drive.  As long as he knows me as a person and I know him, I respect him, I owe him a lot. That’s all.

Boy: There were rumors that you left your house without telling anyone. Is it true?  What are the reasons? Tell us the story.

Charice: No, I don’t know what to say about that. I left home, yes, but I think Mom knew that it would get to that point. I left not because I don’t want to be there; I left because that was what I needed to do.

Boy: Charice, everyone’s asking now, where are you now? Where do you live here in the Philippines? Who do you consider your family now, especially at these times that you are going through a lot in your life?

Charice: I am staying right now in Cabuyao, Laguna. I am staying with a family that I didn’t expect will take a chance….

Boy: Gamble (taking a chance)?

Charice: Gamble, as in they will take a bullet for me. That’s why on my birthday…I am lucky there are people like that, I didn’t expect that. It’s hard to trust, it’s hard to find people like that, but I left it to God to give me a sign of who can help me.  They are here in Laguna – Mommy Ina, Daddy George, and older brother Glenn. I’ve known them for a long time since I was young, so when I got to their house that day, I felt comfortable already.

Boy: You’re home here, in this house?

Interview Part 1 with English Subtitles:

Charice Buzz Interview part 1/2 (English Sub) von Capofret-Chaster

Charice: Yes, I can say that when I come inside this house, I can lie down and say I am tired. I can do anything, I can pretend to be crazy, I can show them who the real Charice is without judgment from others.

Boy: This is what you call home.  What do you want to tell them, your new family?

Charice: I would like to thank them but I don’t feel that it’s enough to just say that. I’ve been here a month but it feels like years. I would like to say in front of all of you that I thank them very much. I hope people don’t think bad things about them because if it weren’t for them, I won’t be here today. I’d be so depressed so I am very thankful.

Boy: Are you hoping that you, Grandma, Mommy, and Obet will sit down and talk?

Charice: Maybe, I always think that everything will be ok.

Boy: Another rumor – your career is over and you are just sitting around in Cabuyao, Laguna doing nothing.

Charice: You know people here call me homeless?

Boy: Why homeless?

Charice: Homeless. I laughed because I realized that it is difficult. You try to be down to earth, and people still comment.  People see me walking around – that’s me. I’d rather do that than be seen as a high society person who doesn’t go out (in the streets).  I watch basketball tournaments which what I like to do now – this is what I want to do.

Boy: Let’s talk about your career. What happened to your career?

Charice: My US manager is still Marc Johnston, nothing changed. Glenn Aldueza here in the Philippines. It’s nice to have people who know your likes and dislikes. I’m going to have a recording, which will be featured in a big project. There are also TV shows but I can’t talk yet. If I am allowed to talk, I will.

Boy: In other words, there are things still happening in your career?

Charice: For my fans here in the Philippines, we are working on a third album, just for you.

Boy: This is what the Filipino people are waiting for, the most controversial thing. I am thankful that you are brave and you trust me in telling your story. When your pictures appeared in social networks, there were many questions and theories on your change in appearance, hair, clothing and your mannerisms.  Why the change?  There are speculations that you’re rebelling, you’re looking for attention. What do you want to say?

Charice: I don’t know how to explain. I was being truthful. I had a hair cut – all the choices that I made I know are very risky. I’ve done them because I want to, not because I was rebelling, not because I was hurt by a person or family, not because I am emotionally depressed. I did them because I wanted to.

Boy: This a hard question. I don’t know how to phrase this, only because I believe that we don’t owe anybody an explanation. I believe that sexual orientation and gender identity don’t have anything to do with talent, but I need to ask you, are you a lesbian?

Charice: Uncle Boy I have a chance to do this internationally…

Boy: Charice, you mean this conversation didn’t have to happen here?

Charice: I chose to do it here because I owe it to the Filipino people. I felt that they should be the ones to know what I am and who I am. Yes, I’m a tomboy. I don’t know why that’s a problem? Because for me, it’s not a problem. Now I want to ask forgiveness to those who don’t understand, to those who can’t accept me. I’m sorry. I can understand. For those who will accept and can accept me, thank you very much. And for what I have done I just want to say that I feel that a heavy weight has been lifted from me now (tears up voice slightly breaks). That I can leave the house without hiding anything, nor putting anyone down because I’m not hiding anything. Sorry Mommy, Carl…but this is me. I’m proud of myself, I love myself.  That is why I’ve done this. To my fans, I know a lot of you are disappointed, some of you will probably leave me. Sorry. You know I’m a sincere person (by purdy). From the bottom of my heart, sorry. I understand.

Boy: Charice, I would like to clarify, you’re sorry not because you’re a lesbian, you’re sorry because….

Charice: I know that all of them got hurt.

Boy: They got hurt because you came out and they never expected this and in our culture this is not the normal and usual way and most of the time remains hidden so that the public and fans stay happy. But you chose to tell the truth because it was the right thing to do. Do you hope one day that you could work overseas in a world, in an industry, that won’t look at gender but talent?

Charice: I believe that someday, it will come. It’s just difficult at the moment. I believe that someday, we will come out and work as equals. That’s why sometimes they say: Are you gay? (And I answer) what, are you straight? It’s all the same.

Boy: How do you feel? Do you feel free?

Charice: Overflowing.

Interview Part 2 with English Subtitles:

Charice Buzz Interview 2/2 (English Sub) von f100000106818361

Boy: I’ll just push this, now that you’ve said you’re a lesbian, have you ever had a relationship with a fellow woman?

Charice: Yes, of course. I can’t tell who, but yes, I’ve experienced it.

Boy: But you needed to hide?

Charice: Yes TNT (laughs). (TNT means “tago nang tago” or always hiding.)

Boy: The last time I saw you, you were with Cheesa. Did you have a relationship with her?

Charice: Oh yes! No, it’s a joke! Because I remember we posted a picture captioned “my baby girl.”  Then we saw on our Twitter timelines, jowa/jowaers (bf or gf gay lingo for girlfriend), things like that, but no.

Boy: You’re so cute you can do that now.

Charice: (laughs) It’s not true, Cheesa is like a sister, a big sister.

Boy: Here is another question people are waiting for. Who is Alyssa Quijano in your life?

Charice: Wait, I’ll wipe my perspiration first….Uhm…We’ve known each other for a long time now. We met when she was 9 and I was 10. In singing contests, we used to compete with each other. We met again when we saw each other on X-factor. All I can say is, she is an inspiration in my life. She’s one of the people who gave me strength. At the moment, she’s a very special person.

Boy: You love Alyssa?

Charice: Sorry! I wish you could open my heart and see the answer.

Boy: If I could open your heart, is it a yes or no?

Charice: It beats strongly.

Boy: A strong heartbeat…Is Alyssa the reason why there is a misunderstanding between you and your family?

Charice: Maybe we could say it’s one of the expected reasons.

Boy: They’re saying she’s the one you are spending your money on, that your family don’t like her.

Charice: All I can say is that they don’t know her. They don’t know how amazing she is but I know she understands.

Boy: Did the two of you elope?

Charice: Uncle boy? Am I like a teenage boy?

Boy: Do you plan to get married someday?

Charice: One day, one day. Not at the moment but one day.

Boy: Where is God in your life now?

Charice: In my heart always but some people think I’ve have forgotten Him. But everyday I’m always say  “Lord, I leave everything up to You” because I know that He is the “One” guiding me.

Boy: What is your prayer to God?

Charice: My prayer is that people will accept me, that my family accept me.

Boy: Charice, from all of these, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned?

Charice: To Mommy and Carl… I wish I were more open, more honest because the most important (thing) in the relationship between parents and their kids is to be open to one another, whatever the reaction of the other will be. To all young people my age, people undergoing the same thing – be true to yourself. We know in ourselves who we are. Life is too short to play games. Just be free.

Boy: Again, for your fans.

Charice: Chasters, this is it! New chapter. Welcome, welcome to my crazy life. Enjoy the ride.

Boy: If there is a song that will capture what you want say to the world, what is that song? Sing me that song!

Charice: (Sings “F***ing Perfect” by PINK)

Boy: What was that favorite song you used to sing in most of the contests that you used to join? The one you and your Mom chose?

Charice: I might cry again.

Boy: I would love to hear you sing that song now that you’re free!

Charice: (sings Maghintay ka Lamang)

Boy: I love you Charice and thank you.

Translations: Mingfan, Bbelj, Mooffin

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” – William W. Purkey

Follow Charice on her new Twitter Account:

ccrp Charice I Am What I Am

Perez Hilton twitted supporting Charice:

philt1 Charice I Am What I Am

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Charice in Japan!

After weeks of lying low and having a well-deserved rest, Charice has been spotted in Japan! Charice arrived in Tokyo last February 4th and is in talks with her label Warner Japan for a project that is being kept under wraps for now. In the meantime, Warner Japan has been posting pictures on its Twitter account @wmj_intl. We don’t know how long Charice will be in Japan so follow Warner Japan for possibly more pictures! This was posted last February 5th, with a short description saying “Hello everyone in Japan! I’m back after having been gone for a while.” It’s a little dark, but we’re not complaining. It shows Charice at the Warner Japan office wearing a hat which she usually does when she is in Japan.

cha warner japan 12 225x300 Charice in Japan!

Another picture was posted the next day, February 6th, showing Charice with a bamboo stick! What’s in it Cha? They usually put steamed rice in bamboo but the caption says “Enjoying dinner at a Japanese restaurant after a staff meeting…Also drank sake (Japanese wine) since I’m already 20 years old.” (Note: The legal age in Japan is 20.) Sake in bamboo sounds good!

cha dinner japan 225x300 Charice in Japan!

This last picture was also posted but has been erased. Luckily we have super fast “nin-chas” who managed to save the picture.

cha with cat japan1 Charice in Japan!

So what do you think she is up to? Will it be another album? A concert? Whatever it is, we can’t wait!

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Japanese Prize-Winning Book Author Reviews Charice’s Infinity Concert!

(UPDATE: March 21 Mr. Sakaki commented below, thanking us for our comments.  Thank you Mr. Sakaki!) Today was my best birthday ever. I went to see Charice for her “Infinity Japan Tour 2012″ at the Shibuya Koukaidou! Read the full story

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Infinity Japan Tour Videos 2012

So we thought the solo concert in Japan last year was great already but those who witnessed this Infinity concert in Tokyo this time are swearing, this is way better than her past concerts! Even Charice’s musical director and keyboardist Troy Laureta tweeted “Love Japan! Perhaps one of the best shows we’ve done on the Infinity Tour! Thank you, Tokyo! We love you!” It was indeed an amazing, exhilarating show, with schoolgirls in uniform, teenage boys and girls, couples in their 20s, office workers in their 30s, people in their 40s, 50s and 60s rocking it! To those who have doubted Charice losing her voice, sorry to disappoint you but her voice was as strong and even better than ever. She has topped herself, if that is even possible.

Tyo 199x3002 Infinity Japan Tour Videos 2012Charice has matured so much as an artist. Her present style and image is more than fitting for this concert tour and we really have to respect her for that. To those who have criticized her new look, watching her live may be the only way to erase all doubts. She was so confident and relaxed, something that can be attributed to her being comfortable in her own skin, as she admitted in interviews that she has been wanting this look for the longest time.  The Japanese stylists even made her “Final Fantasy” inspired new look way better for her and yes, including the new tattoo! She looks fierce and sweet, tomboyish and feminine, edgy and soft, sexy and cute all at the same time. What else could you ask for?

Charice also sang a new song entitled “Everything”.  The story behind this song is that music.jp and rekochoku.jp,  two of the major music download sites for cellphones, called for song requests for Charice to cover.  The majority requested Japanese songstress Misia’s “Everything”.  So Charice ended up co-producing her own version of the song with new lyrics, different from that of Misia’s.

Charice’s “Everything” is now available via cellphone download only at rekochoku.jp and music.jp until June 30th.  It will also be available for both PC and cellphone download on another major music download site, mora.jp from March 21st.  There is still no word on its availability on Japan iTunes, nor has it been announced if it will be released worldwide.

So here’s a preview of the song as performed in Tokyo with special thanks to our ninja “Abilidades”:


Here’s the original version from Misia:

Video Courtesy of RhythmmediaChannel


Reminder: This videos were taken under heavy securities and strict compliance of no video/camera recording so please bear with whatever uncomfort you’ll find watching the video but I assure you you’ll love what you gonna hear. – Justcharrie


Intro, Lesson For Life, Faithfully:

Pyramid, In Love So Deep, One Day:

Someone Like You, Saving All My Love For You, The One That Got Away, Baby:

Tears In Heaven:

Run The World, Michael Jackson Medley, Bounce Back:

Take You Down, Before It Explodes, It Will Rain:

Moves Like Jagger, Heartbreak Surivor:

Lighthouse, Louder, I Will Always Love You :

Troy’s If I Ain’t Got You:

Videos Uploaded by our Japan Super Ninja Chaster: Abilidades (Justcharrie)

At the end of the show, Charice filmed the audience using her iPhone including herself with her back to the audience.

Another highlight was Troy! He sang “If I Ain’t Got You”, which was not sung in other countries in the Infinity tour thus far. He sounded really great, we should wait for this guy to have a concert on his own. We need a name for his fans too: Troyans from Troymania! (Ok I’m a fan really.)

A sad incident occurred after the concert though, when people were leaving Charice’s concert, the earthquake alarm went on and we heard it was a big one. We pray for the safety of Japan and all its people. Thank you Japanese Chasters, thank you Japanese audience!

Special thanks to Mooffin and Justcharrie
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Charice Rocked Araneta Coliseum

“Manila, Manila. I keep coming back to Manila. Simply no place like Manila. Manila I’m coming home!”

Yes. That is a famous Philippine song and it’s very appropriate for Charice as she came back to her home country to bring joy to our hearts and ears as well! So people thought they’d go to a concert but end up coming home from a wild party!

As soon as Charice set foot at Ninoy Aquino International airport, there were only two new hot topics: her new short, dyed hair and her fresh tattoo! Reading the comments on Twitter, it was so unbelievable how they attacked her “literally”! It maybe true that Charice can’t please everyone but do they have to be so mean?

Charice sporting a very cool tattoo on her left arm bought the house down! Everyone was screaming happily. (Hopefully, Chasters throats are okay) The audience were also singing and dancing! (Even with left feet!!! LOL!)

Charice should have been nervous before going on stage at the Araneta Coliseum because of the pressure the press and the numerous Twitter (yes she was trending again) comments addressing her new look! She’s finding her style, experimenting on her own way, let her be. She’s still in the learning and developing phase of her life. Being true to herself is what makes a person happy and human. And we know that Charice indeed is very talented and whether some of her fans and detractors will like her style or not, her confidence alone is very amazing.

Let’s check a few highlights of the Araneta dome party

There was a very cute moment when Charice’s sang Lighthouse with her aunt.

She showed her amazing versatile voice, her dancing skills, she was comfortable moving on stage. That’s the new (and old) Charice!

In Love So Deep


Run The World

Non-Chasters who attended the concert were converted, (they just couldn’t deny her talent), something they’ve not seen yet on local artists. Chasters were even more surprised and amazed. This is not a DFF concert, it’s her solo concert: her own style, her own renditions, her interactions with the audience, everything was well-planned on stage.

There was an added bonus of course in the form of Charice’s Little Big Star pals namely Makisig, Ralph, Kyle, Gian and Sam Concepcion in which they sang “Moves Like Jagger”.

The most anticipated duet with Iyaz whom they renamed as “Ayas” now?

They witnessed a world-class talent! Sorry for those who missed this chance, better luck next time. It is indeed a different feeling experiencing her perform live, she’s one of a kind that will give you both goosebumps with that unique voice!

There’s no denying it, it was a phenomenal show from a phenomenal artist named Charice!

So what else has made this tour special? Her rockin’ band! Each one of them is so talented (not to mention good looking!) that the girls were screaming and cheering for them as well.

The Band with Heartbreak Survivor

A toast for Troy – kampaii! My goodness, every Chaster should watch this cool guy in action – he’s unbelievably talented!

Charice and KC Concepcion who would both judge the Philippine version of X-Factor.

Finale -Charice’s signature song from Whitney Houston, “I Will Always Love You, Pilipinas kong mahal, mga kababayan ko.”

For those who couldn’t make it, well you’ve missed witnessing the best live voice of the most talented girl in the world. Overall it was fun, she was a rocker, a balladeer, a dancer, hip hopper, showing her own style like no other musician out there can do right now. Charice is so versatile, incomparable in any sort of song genre! So her image change is almost minor but very fitting on this tour.

To our angel Charice you will always be tattooed in our hearts!

Special thanks to Manette153 for the great videos and Princess Serena.
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Charice’s Infinity Tour 2012: Dubai, Singapore & Jakarta Videos

Charice’s Infinitiy Tour concert series kicked off in Dubai Festival City where she surprised her fans sporting a new hairstyle.

Dubai Tour – March 2

We’ve chosen some of the best song performances from the successful Dubai concert starting with Whitney’s “Saving All My Love For You” which was really a good choice.

Video Uploaded by ChaShane

One of the most heartwarming songs was “Tears in Heaven” dedicated to her Father and Charice said she knows he is watching her right now.

Video Uploaded By OnilMN85

The Tagalog song “Ikaw” was one of the highlights of the night which shows how Charice loves her home country.

Video Uploaded by iamEHLRAY

News Link: Gulf News: Charice Sings Straight from the Heart

Singapore Tour Highlights – March 5

Starting with the video: “The Making of Infinity Tour”

What a night in Singapore! Lights on for Charice feat. Troy Laureta “Move Like Jagger”

How about “Lessons For Life”? As real Chasters surely know how Charice has been learning a lot through her short teenage life.

Videos Uploaded By Bathtopper

Jakarta Tour – March 7

One of the best songs from her album “Lighthouse”:

Video Uploaded by Andrerafiahmad

We’re wondering who’s The One That Got Away? Goodluck in another life.

And Charice will “Take You Down”:

Congratulations for the job well done Charice and her band!

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Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre-Concert Gathering

Update: March 11, Duet video of Charice and our very own Chaster Beda added!

So Chasters, we thought Araneta concert was a lot of fun? Well, now watch what the Cebu concert has to offer! Watch the video below and see how Beda “stole” the night’s show singing with Charice “Before It Explodes”. Charice paused after the first lines and asked the audience, “who knows the song?”. Someone raised her hand so fast and jumped up the stage! To the surprise of everyone (because she’s quite famous in Chasters’ world), it was BEDA! For those who don’t know her, she’s one of the organizers for Chaster’s gatherings, promoter of Charice’s concert included, one of the loyal Chasters out there. Enjoy.

My favorite part was, when it looks like she didn’t want to return the microphone to Charice. Beda you are so cool, you rocked the Waterfront venue and now…can’t be reached anymore. (lmao)


Whew! Good news from Cebu: Charice’s concert at Waterfront Hotel in Cebu is now totally sold out! Thanks to the untiring efforts of the Chasters in Cebu headed by Ejadroba, Dryavco, Gladot, and the rest of the Cebu Chasters Promotion Team!

ceb1 300x226 Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre Concert Gathering

Click on the image for the source link.

As the Chasters went about promoting, they found out people were not aware that Charice was having a concert at the Waterfront on the 11th… the T-Shirts they wore was a big help, then the fans were approaching them asking what’s up? After some explanations, the inquiring fans texted their friends and the friends texted their other friends and so on…..Eja’s been sleeping late because he was busy answering e-mails for ticket inquiries while still organizing the gathering and the tickets for incoming Chasters to Cebu.

As we’ve heard today, Charice is now in Manila and we hope to see her media presence giving interviews to promote her concerts in her homeland. And as usual, we can’t wait for the new high quality videos that we will post after the Philippine concerts in a comprehensive report.

We are counting the days until we see Charice LIVE in Cebu on March 11th, 2012 on her first major solo concert at the Waterfront Hotel Lahug. Again, we are inviting everyone for the first time in Cebu Chasters from all over the world, to come and join us in celebrating this very special and momentous day. A simple gathering with a BUFFET LUNCH. For those of us travelling by land, sea and air, we say journeying mercies!!! See You soon CHASTERS!!!

WHAT     :          CHASTERS’ Pre-Concert Gathering Cebu

WHERE   :          Neo Neo Grill & Seafood Restaurant, Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo, Cebu

WHEN     :          March 11, 2012

TIME       :           Registration starts at 10:00 am, LUNCH will be served at 11:30 am

After 2 pm, Chasters from Manila, Iloilo and Mindanao you have time for a sightseeing (or site seeing according to Eja – maybe his site lol) to some tourist spots in Cebu like for example the Magellan Cross, Sto Nino de Basilica, Taoist Temple, Lapu Lapu Shrine, AsiaTown IT Park and Fort San Pedro. Of course, Girls need a little time to retouch and dress up before the Concert starts! But nevertheless, we are suggesting not to miss some of Cebu’s beautiful spots! Definitely worth it.

cebu11 Charice Infinity Tour Cebu, Chasters Pre Concert Gathering

Hello Chasters! Thanks for registering. We are all surely excited to meet our fellow Chasters. Each attendee should pay Php 250 for the lunch and other expenses.

NAME Remarks

  1. Dorly Salvacion confirmed
  2. Gladys Bate confirmed
  3. Eja Droba confirmed(pre-gathering only)
  4. Corazon Concepion confirmed
  5. Nanoy Khu confirmed
  6. Roger Esperidion cofirmed
  7. Adonis Enricuso confirmed
  8. Rachel Bautista confirmed
  9. Rcahel bautista – brother confirmed
  10. Nege Cali confirmed
  11. Jojie – Europe WL
  12. Ymma Chasters confirmed
  13. Ninja1 confirmed
  14. Ninja2 confirmed
  15. Mharice confirmed
  16. Jerremiah confirmed
  17. Cha Confidence confirmed
  18. Catherine Papa confirmed
  19. Marc Neil Puansing confirmed
  20. Floyd Erado Maldepena confirmed
  21. Tala confirmed
  22. Jojo Portugal confirmed
  23. Jasmin Dampac confirmed
  24. Duke Abella confirmed
  25. Vinna Dato confirmed
  26. Vinna – friend confirmed
  27. Ninja3 Chaster confirmed
  28. Ninja4 Chaster confirmed
  29. Ninja5 chaster confirmed
  30. Ninja6 confirm
  31. Ydnar wl
  32. Ydnar – friend wl
  33. Edleson Llamda wl
  34. Chadventurer
  35. Chadventurer friend 1
  36. Chadventurer friend 2
  37. Chadventurer friend 3
  38. Kuya Hatcher234
  39. Jethro
  40. John
  41. Reth
  42. Ninja7
  43. Ninja8
  44. Mark
  45. Blaine
  46. Dan P.
  47. Archie S.
  48. Loel
  49. An Yangco
  50. Ceejoy Madarcos
  51. Maine
  52. Xavier
  53. jamwil29
  54. Peregrina Yares
  55. Kristos Yares
  56. Jsa Boulala

Chasters, if you have any questions,please don’t hesitate to email me @mactan_kid@yahoo.com See you on March 11 Chasters

Please confirm your attendance with your FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS on the comment section below. Due to the venue’s limited capacity, we can only accommodate the first 60-70 registrants. Please bring Php 250.00 for the lunch and other expenses. Volunteer organizers can’t shoulder all expenses, we hope you understand. (Note: otherwise charge to Eja! lol)

We will be extremely thankful for your valuable presence. Don’t miss out on this chance to bond and experience the joy of being with your fellow Chaddicts! So, what are you waiting for? Register now! Surprise gifts awaits for the lucky Chasters: Infinity CD’s and Mugs!

Coordinator/Organizer/All-in-one contact person in Cebu: Eja’s email mactan_kid@yahoo.com

by Eja, Charicemania.com

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Charice’s “Bodyguard Medley” Goes Viral

On February 12th, a Chaster named “Amsterdam” re-uploaded a video on Youtube where Charice was singing the so-called Bodyguard Medley (I Have Nothing and I Will Always Love You) accompanied by Mr. David Foster on the piano. Amsterdam’s video description:

No copyright infringement. This video belong to the right owner. Please visit the original uploader (CHAMU Chaster’s from Canada). Take note that Charice is crying because this is the last tour concert with her friends. This is only a fan made for Whitney Houston and Charice. Youtube link Whitney Houston [ RIP ] from 17 yo – Charice in tears , 2009 concert

Original Video from Chariceweekly:

Actually nothing unusual, Chasters have been uploading, re-uploading, editing videos of Charice, we’ve seen them all. But of course this was a very touching performance that made a big impact even to a long-time fan like me: Schoen’s Blog. Because I don’t think it’s easy to sing while trying to hold back her tears at the same time. So emotions just poured out of this very tiny body. As Amsterdam was paying tribute to Whitney using this video on Youtube, one site caught it and featured it as “Female Cover Of The Week: 17-Year-Old “Charice Pempengco” From The Philippines Does Whitney Houston Tribute & She Did That!” Site link: World Star Hip Hop. That was February 13th, so far so good, nothing special….yet…. until this:
viral1 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Source link: Perez Hilton.com Yes!! Mr. Perez Hilton featured that same video on his site on Feb. 14th and twitted it. And we know he has millions of followers right? The video went viral as “Charice’s Whitney Houston Tribute”. Different online sites followed, here`s our complilation starting with Hollywood Life’s Charice Performs Epic Tribute To Whitney Houston In Concert and they even added an Update:
(UPDATE: It turns out this video is being inaccurately sent around the internet as a new tribute video, when it was actually filmed back in 2009. But it means so much more now, so I’ll let it slide.)

Kfox95.com featured an additional video where Charice performed “I Will Always Love You” in a Japanese show:

Source Link: Amazing Charice Memorializes Whitney Houston Then Popcrush.com followed: Charice Sings Whitney Houston ‘Bodyguard’ Medley with David Foster Jackfroot.com: The Most Talented Girl in the World Pays Tribute to Whitney Then from AMP Radio.com: Charice Whitney Houston Tribute is Absolutely Stunning. From Wpix.com STUNNING Tribute To Whitney Houston By Filipino Teen Sensation. The video even
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made it to the Top 5 Whitney Houston Tributes alongside with the legendary Aretha Franklin on International Business Times Whitney Houston Death Tribute.

wh1 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
And of course Glee’s Wetpaint.com site can’t miss Charice too: Charice’s Stunning Tribute to Whitney Houston: Former Glee Guest Star’s Tearful Performance. Since Chasters love to vote – there’s even a poll going on: Who Sang it Better? So Chasters if you want to vote, visit the site.
poll1 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Chasters have then started twitting and re-twitting the video and the rest is history. She was 17 years old that time way back in 2009. Judging by the positive reactions and comments to the video, it is very clear than people have been touched or amazed or even just enjoyed watching and listening to her.
YVR2 Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Photo courtesy of Chamu
Charice could really give justice to a Whitney Houston song. Of course, Chasters need not be convinced how talented she was when she was younger and still is at this stage where she learned how to use and control her voice to her advantage. Contrary to other negative twits about Charice using Whitney’s death to push her career now, just letting them know, inform yourself first. It’s not her fault at all if news are being written about her on this.
whbow Charices Bodyguard Medley Goes Viral
Note: A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. Wikipedia By Schoen, Charicemania.com

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Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012

March 9 UPDATE: Araneta Concert Videos added! Charice is in the Philippines now and gave interviews! She surprised (or rather shocked) the Philippine media with her new hairstyle plus her brand new tattoo on her left forearm that says: Love Eternally.

Yes it’s my new look and I know that a lot of people will react about it and of course some negative, maybe a lot positive, thank you but to all the negative comments: I don’t care, this is me, this is what I want and I love it! – Charice

Opening Song “Without You”

Someone Like You/Saving All My Love
I Will Always Love You
Videos uploaded by Westiesgbb
—— Don’t miss the chance to watch her sing LIVE and experience the PASSION when
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she sings, not to mention the GOOSEBUMPS because Charice definitely sings from the heart! So our Manila Chasters and Cebu Chasters have been busy promoting Charice’s concert in the Philippines as best as they could. Spread the word! ——- Please be informed that there will be another motorcade for Charice Infinity Tour promo. Last motorcade was a success, so we are hoping more Chasters will join this time. All Chasters are welcome to join. Please inform the organizer if you are bringing your own car. The details: Charice Infinity Motorcade this Saturday, March 3 at 8 am, Kenny Rogers, Katipunan Ave., Contact person beda026@gmail.com for further details. Chasters grab the chance to meet Mommy Raquel personally and get an Infinity T-shirt! Here’s the map how to get there:

kenny rogers katipunan 300x184 Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012
motorcade31 300x260 Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012
Those who want to print their own t-shirts abroad or elsewhere, here’s a closer shot of the design:
t shirt4 300x207 Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012
Click the images to enlarge —- Did you think the Philippines will be left out of Charice’s Infinity Tour? Absolutely not! To the Philippine Chasters out there this one is for you. The Philippines Infinity Concert will be held in Smart Araneta, Quezon City on March 9 at 8 p.m. Be ready for a fun-filled, electrifying and super exciting night. Be ready also to sing along with Charice and her amazing band (Be sure not to forget the lyrics). Be ready to dance with her too. (Even if you have two left feet!) Even if the concert is in March, this wonderful event will surely be a success. It will definitely showcase Charice’s immense talent and her endearing personality as well.
Video courtesy of Jessie General, uploaded by Jamie34Peters
So Chasters, spread the word about the concert and diligently tell how superb our princess is. Ready now Chasters? Here we go: “Charice! To infinity and beyond!”
tktnet1 Charice: Infinity Tour Manila 2012
Source link: Ticketnet.com.ph By Princess Serena, Charicemania.com

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Charice in Marie Claire Magazine Malaysia

Sporting an elegant and sophisticated look, Charice once again graces an international magazine and this time it’s Marie Claire Malaysia. The interview happened during the David and Friends Tour Concert just before the dreadful and unfortunate death of her father.

marieclaire 242x300 Charice in Marie Claire Magazine Malaysia

Click on the image to enlarge.

In the interview, Charice displayed her heart of gold by trying to help people in sharing their talent via Twitter or You Tube.

She also told that despite her success she tries her best to maintain a normal teenage life.What is a normal teenage life by the way? Simple! Shopping, going out with friends to watch a movie, playing in the arcade, texting, surfing the internet and dating. Speaking of dating, sorry guys that romantic activity has to take a back seat for now if it concerns Charice. You have to wait for a while. (Better yet, ask Mommy Raqz permission first but before you reach her you have to get through Carl..LOL!)

The article has wonderfully shown how Charice became more mature and confident in answering the questions. She is no longer the little girl with the Big Voice. She is now a lady with a VOICE TO CONQUER THE WORLD AND OUR HEARTS AS WELL!

marieclaire1 Charice in Marie Claire Magazine Malaysia

By Princess Serena, Charicemania.com

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Behold Thy Name: Charice!

What do these people have in common with Charice?

Madonna, the Queen of Pop who is also a legendary icon. Shakira, the hip shaking Colombian songstress. Eminem, the popular and controversial rapper (not the colorful chocolate candy kiddos). Prince, said to be the rival of Michael Jackson during the glory days of heavy eyeliner (raccoon inspired make-up?) and gigantic/teased hair (Yup, it’s the 80′s). Usher, the famous R&B singer/mentor of Justin Bieber and last is the very famous Beyonce who just recently gave birth to a bouncing baby bonita named Blue Ivy.
aol 178x300 Behold Thy Name: Charice!
Aside from being famous celebrities and having their own unique talent, these group of people share one thing. They are all one hit wonders! Nah! Just Kidding. Obviously, they all have ONE name that they use as their identity in the world of entertainment. They are the same as our beloved Charice.

Recently AOL Music had a countdown on their website the TOP 20 artist who goes by their one name. Charice was at number 18. Others stars included were Selena, Jewel, Seal (whose real name by the way is Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel..pant! pant!), Rihanna, Adelle, Usher and more.

Actually there are more one name celebrities out there to be considered but the editors only picked the BEST OF THE BEST and Charice is the best!

For now she may be in 18th place on the list but ONE DAY (cue music and dancers) her name will reach FAR AS THE SKY and will be known to the NEW WORLD. Her music will be LOUDER than ever!

So congratulations Charice! You sure are LIVING IT UP!

Source Link: Music.AOL.com

By Princess Serena, Charicemania.com

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Charice is the Hottest Girl

“Ooohh, that’s hot!” Nah! We’re not talking about Paris Hilton but somebody else. Do you want to guess? It’s quite obvious right? It’s none other than (drum roll please), the brilliant, beautiful (inside and out), and has the voice that will open the heavens above making the angels sing their hearts out…It’s CHARICE!

j1411 155x300 Charice is the Hottest GirlPopular teen magazine J-14 had a poll asking their readers who is the Hottest Girl and they finally announced the results. The top place goes to our very own mega talented Charice who got 84%. It was a landslide victory! (Way to go Chasters!) Next is Justin Bieber’s better half Selena Gomez who accumulated 8%. In third position comes the guitar wielding, pop-country singer Taylor Swift garnering 3% and last is Demi Lovato who acquired 1% of the votes.

Charice was a surprise winner according to the magazine but to the world of Chasters she is not. We cannot deny the fact that Charice is the champion here because of her God given gift of singing. Her voice once you hear it simply amazes you along with her great personality as well.

So Congratulations to Charice and to those who feverishly voted for her here’s something for you. Treat your pointy finger to a massage and buy a new computer mouse. You deserve one! LOL!

By Princess Serena, Charicemania.com

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Passing The Torch

Dedicated to all the Past, Present and new Charicemania Moderators

As hinted by one of our “eldest but respected” team member, maybe I should write about that special someone who helped a lot of people and chasters, not only Charicemania. But I haven’t been writing for a long time because for me, writing needs an inspiration. But this someone in the CM team, I know personally and have learned to appreciate and cherish as a person a lot. But how can you write about someone who does not want to be mentioned? Impossible? Not really, but a lot of time is needed to think this over. Our first joint project: PICC Valentine’s Concert with Charice, February 2010. The idea that I told MommyRaqz back then was that we have to try that every single seat on this concert would be occupied! And because I knew that many fans of Charice couldn’t afford the tickets, this would be an opportunity to distribute free tickets! But we need someone from Charicemania team that should be there before, during and after the concert to organize. Most of Charicemania’s team members are far from Manila. We need somebody: we need this “someone”! We didn’t really know each other very well back then but I knew exactly that we could rely on this person, very trustworthy (a very important factor when it comes to money matters), approachable for everyone, young and has a very strong personality. The right one indeed! The logistics alone for this project was overwhelming as we’ve ever imagined before: ordering tickets, looking for sponsors, where to send the money, paypal, bank accounts, meet and greet arrangements, venue, what if Charice wants to come, security questions, programs, IDs, banners, questionnaires for free tickets, applicants, etc., etc. Being actively involved here, made it possible to have known a lot of generous people as well but at the same time knowing some who were not honest, who just wanted to take advantage of the generosity of others. Well, nothing new. Glad these are exceptions to the rule! In the course of the countless conversations between us regarding our project, I tried to teach this person how to say NO! … unfortunately, often in vain (a person who has a very good nature, is hard to train). Always believing in the good and positive sides of others, which is neither bad nor a wrong thing, as long as it doesn’t get into the substance of one’s human being. What followed were the countless requests and ideas, when there’s something to be organized for Charice, to promote her like TV performances, concerts and Meet & Greets in Manila (we’re talking only about the ones we knew which were open to all Chasters and not the exclusive chasters’ parties which CM was not involved with). We always had the right contact person! Charice’s management in Manila could always rely on this person, that’s a fact! Charicemania’s goal is still to promote Charice worldwide! Not only to the few who were convinced already anyway. Of course it is nice and is also good to see known people and to see familiar faces again and again but we also look forward to a lot of “new faces” like new fans who come to us. We welcome them all too. Message for that someone: When you asked me months ago why I became inactive for months, not writing nor posting, if you remember my reply? “I couldn’t do anything anymore!” That was my feeling. You tried to persuade me to come back but the time was not ripe enough. When I was asked “officially” to go back in CM, it was a feeling of having to do something again when needed. We have new people in the team here in Charicemania. I really hope to pass it on, that they continue to do what we do so that we can move on and expand, that Charice becomes more popular. Only one person can’t do the work alone. We couldn’t convince all which of course was very disappointing but we can’t take it personally. Those we could convince, we hope they stay and help. Take a break, yes, take it slowly, but don’t disappear entirely, if we could still prevent that from happening (hopefully). To the team, what I can pass on to you personally is this: “take the time off that you

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need” but hopefully come back from time to time and again, Charicemania will welcome you with open arms.

cm xmas 2 239x300 Passing The Torch

Christmas is the time to give, the time of forgiveness, the

time to move on, to look forward to something new and good, to leave all negativities behind. Charicemania and Team wishes you all a very blessed Christmas!

By Schoen, Charicemania.com

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The Joy of Giving: Charicemania’s Stories

Super VIP Project

Author: Anonymous

“I want to sponsor some kids (from disadvantaged background) to see Charice in concert the next time she is in the Philippines. Can you facilitate it for me?”

I got an enthusiastic yes and so began a three-month partnership between us. The many Chasters who assisted with the project and me. The journey would play out in several parts of the Philippines; intersect with Charice’s widely reported invitation to Arjohn Gilbert to perform with her in her solo concert and culminate in the kids meeting Charice in person.

cha kids2 273x300 The Joy of Giving: Charicemanias StoriesIn February of this year I began to compile a bucket list. People compile bucket lists for any number of reasons; some use it as a ‘places to go on holiday’ list. Some people use it as a tool for self improvement or for a bit of fun. I don’t quite know how to define my bucket list other than to say that it is filled with lots of items which I simply feel are the right thing to do. The first bucket list item I came up with: give 5 kids in the Philippines (who due to their life circumstances would have great difficulty in meeting the costs of concert tickets and associated expenses on their own) the chance to watch Charice live in concert. I drew inspiration from this YT video of some kids who came to watch Charice during a mall show in the Philippines in 2009.

IMG 5487 300x200 The Joy of Giving: Charicemanias StoriesOnce upon a time Charice’s circumstances as a child would have been similar to the children featured in this video from 2009. I always remark to my friends and family that Charice’s success is a mark of how the world occasionally gets it right. To go from a kid being raised (along with her brother Carl) by a single mother in Laguna, Philippines to become an International Star beloved by Oprah and legendary music producer David Foster…it’s an impossibility that the forces of good have made possible. Self belief must have sustained her prior to the success, but I think she also held on to a very powerful commodity: hope! So back in February I said to myself why not give some children a little bit of hope that they can reach for something better, by giving them a chance to see Charice live in concert; and to show them that a stranger cares. Charice after all, has walked in the same shoes as many of these kids and if she defeated the circumstances she was born in, then who’s to say that they cannot. My purpose back in February was clear. I let someone know my intentions back then. All we needed was confirmation of a Manila Concert date.

Several months passed, then in July, yes – confirmation that Charice would be with the David Foster & Friends Asian Tour with the Manila Concert slated for October 25. This is when the million and one emails and instant messages between us began. That one person was the driving force behind the whole project and I can’t thank her enough for the effort that was put in this. The task I set wasn’t an easy one, but was remarkably fulfilled the whole way through. The first question asked was about what tickets I had planned to get the kids. I wanted the kids to get the very best tickets: Super VIP. I made it clear that funds would not be a problem throughout the project. I was committed to the kids getting the very best if it was in my power to give it to them. Whether it was transport, food, accommodation, clothing or additional concert tickets for 1 guardian – I was committed to giving it to them.

cha kids 300x244 The Joy of Giving: Charicemanias StoriesIt was suggested that the candidates for the Super VIP tickets have a musical ability of some type so she started to scour Youtube, to look for Filipino kids from poor backgrounds with singing/musical ability (of which there are plenty in the Philippines). One of the first vids sent me was of a kid called Arjohn Gilbert. I was asked what I thought and I told said that I thought he was brilliant and gave the go signal to look for him. The email exchange between us regarding Arjohn occurred a week before Charice posted a link of Arjohn on her Twitter and Cha’s subsequent request for Chasters to look for Arjohn. We thought it was funny that Charice wanted to find Arjohn too. They found him and met with Arjohn. They invited Arjohn to the David Foster and Friends Concert to watch Charice in the Super VIP section. It was at this meeting that Arjohn accepted Charice’s twitter invitation (via a video response) to perform at her solo concert in the Philippines slated for December. I was quite amused that our little project had criss crossed with events featured throughout the entire Philippine media, with Charice and Arjohn’s exchange receiving wide coverage.

The Manila team would eventually make contact with 5 kids in total, whether the contact was made through a third party or by actually travelling to the homes of the kids, the team put in an amazing effort. The invitation to attend the concert was extended to the kids and a guardian. The five kids chosen were: Arjohn Gilbert from Marcos Village in Mabalacat, Pampanga; Joan Cosme from Botolan, Zambales; Rod Jhone M. Erejo and his brother Roland from Concepcion, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija; and Tonton a streetkid who was found at Sto Domingo Church. All these kids have experienced a life of hardship. Tonton for example, sleeps under a bridge at night, and yet when you look at them the first thing you notice is their beaming smiles. They serve as an example to all of us of how to never let life get you down.

cha kids01 300x273 The Joy of Giving: Charicemanias StoriesWe eagerly waited for concert day October 25, 2011 and then finally it arrived. I texted on the afternoon of the 25th to see how things were going. The text back to me put the biggest smile on my face: “Kuya, the kids met Charice in person this morning…now taking the kids shopping before the concert!” I was so happy to hear that the kids were able to see Charice at the Meet & Greet organised at the Sachi Restaurant. I was so energized by it for hours afterwards. My excitement really brought home to me how much the project had grown in my heart and how much affinity I had now developed for these five kids I had never met. I learnt later that it was at this same meet & greet that Charice formally invited Arjohn to perform at her solo concert on Dec 2nd at Newport Performing Arts Threatre in Resorts World, Manila. I was doubly excited!

Then finally, concert night. David Foster and Friends, Manila 2011 featuring Charice, rocked! From what was reported back to me the kids had a great time and were a great help to her when it came to distributing glow sticks in the floor section before the start of the concert. During the concert, Rod Jhone got a kiss from Charice as she walked through the crowd while singing ‘Louder’. It was a very special moment for Rod Jhone. I was so happy for him. Then finally the concert was over and three months of making “my organizer” run around doing my bidding came to an end. That person was my rock throughout the whole project. I cannot speak highly enough of that special someone that Chasterworld is truly blessed to have..

IMG 5514 300x199 The Joy of Giving: Charicemanias StoriesThe question that has been posed to me has been: why did you do it? Why commit the amount of time and resources that I did? I simply say that it felt like the right thing to do. Every now and then we feel a great pull towards a cause, but sometimes sadly, we don’t act on it. I’m happy I acted on this one. The Super VIP Project had been an obsession of mine since February of this year. It has been a truly enriching experience for me, as it has been for both of us and the Chaster team involved; and hopefully the experience of a lifetime for the most important people involved in all of this – the kids.

I would like to extend a big thank you to all involved in the project, but most especially a big thank you to the organizing Team and the kids. You made it an amazing experience for me, even though I was not there to witness what happened personally, I felt like I was with you every step of the way. Thank you!

Why do we do what we do?

Author: In behalf of all the moderators

A lot of people have been asking me this. Actually, almost everyone around me are asking me this (chasters and non-chasters). What’s the point they say? As my friends would point out to me… She does not even know you: Organizing Meet and Greet for fans, sponsorships, distributing tickets, running around in general. Every time I get so stressed or have too much on my workload, I would always say, this is the last one.

IMG 5387 300x199 The Joy of Giving: Charicemanias StoriesAnd then something happened, someone whom I never met suddenly told me they want to sponsor five unpriviledged kids to a Charice concert. And this someone whom I or any chaster have not met before. Who could say NO to that? The reason why I became an active chaster in the first place was because I believe that Charice and her music could change and inspire people; To bring positivity to this world in these uncertain times. As she inspired me to be the best that I could be, I always hoped that by helping promote her to other people, they would be inspire other people as well to be the best that they could be.

I know that other chasters have been sponsoring other chasters to go to events like this. But this one is different. Very Different. It is a chance to actually change and inspire a kid’s life. So I also got hyped up with the idea. It is easy to just go to a charity group or organization and get some kids there. It is less time consuming. However, I thought it would be special if these kids get handpicked by Chaster themselves. So I asked around who their suggestions are. And chasters came out with their own suggestions.

1) Arjohn Gilbert (from Pampanga)- found in Youtube

Contacted through his Facebook account which was created by a fan

This was the video message we got

2) Rod John Erejo (From Nueva Ecija)- The kid with a cleft palate whose YT vid of pyramid got him an Operation Smile sponsor.

Contacted through the Facebook of Jessica Soho Team

3) Roland Erejo (From Nueva Ecija) – brother of Rod John

4) Tonton (From Quezon City) – found begging in Sto Domingo Church. Referred by
a Chaster. He assists in backing up cars and selling Sampaguita to church goers.

5) Joan Cosme (from Zambales) – found in Youtube. Contacted through the Facebook of Raffy Tima, a reporter from GMA

Contacted her through reporter Raffy Tima of GMA

IMG 5615 200x300 The Joy of Giving: Charicemanias StoriesAnd Yes, I was surprised that they actually replied through facebook. Mark Zuckerberg rock! There were Chasters who literally went knocking on the doors of ABS-CBN and GMA just to get in contact with some of these kids, which was really awesome. They pretended to be students doing a research paper about the kids. I think they got busted at some point.

Anyway moving forward, now it’s the time to organize a Meet and Greet and a Chaster gathering for October 25. I can’t say thank you enough for the chasters who volunteered so much of their time, resources and money to put things together.

Fast forward from all the meetings and preparations, Meet and Greet time. October 24, we were trying to follow up if Charice could have time to meet with some lucky chasters and of course the kids while she is here in Manila. The experience for the kids would not be special if they would not be able meet the reason why they were there. Alas, there was no confirmation. There was a confirmation though that time that chasters were invited to welcome Charice in the airport when she arrives.

Could this be the Meet and Greet already? I was saddened coz the kids wont be arriving until the next day. We rushed all the welcome banners the night before Charice arrives. Special mention to Java for not getting enough sleep just to finish the design and print the tarps. It was a fun experience though for chasters who cancelled all their plans to welcome Charice back to her home country.

IMG 5560 300x199 The Joy of Giving: Charicemanias StoriesOctober 25. The day of the concert! We picked up the kids early in the morning. At exactly 10 am, her manager confirmed that there was going to be a Meet and Greet at 12 noon! In two hours!!! My heart suddenly leapt out my car window coz I was driving at that time. There was no venue. I don’t have enough internet access. Not even a list of chasters who would be able to make it to Cubao (Take Note: It was a workday, Tuesday). Not all of the kids have arrived in Manila yet. I know that a lot of chasters are goin to be saddened, not to mention some of them would be furious, if I won’t be able to contact all of them on time. Of course, I want every chaster to have equal opportunity to meet her. So I decided to keep the Meet and Greet for the kids only since there was not enough time to organize everything. Considering the traffic in Manila, chasters won’t be able to make it to the venue by 12 noon if I contact them at that time. At 11 am, I just arrived in Cubao! I asked Bluemax, who fetched the other kids on the terminal to go directly to Cubao. They found a venue which was a bit pricey and according to their specifications: Near Araneta and private. And then, something amazing happened. Charice herself is willing to move the time to 1 pm. (which is actually a conflict with their rehearsals inside Araneta) and she is willing to accommodate every chaster she could.

So text blast galore! Everyone forwarded the text message. Honestly,  I was a bit nervous if a lot of people would ever show up. The venue is not even fit for a M&G coz its a restaurant. Good thing the tarps for the CHaster Gathering just arrived and Beda was ready with her scotch tape! Hahaha. So we just sticked it to the wall just to make it look good in the pictures. And by 1 pm, voila! 36 chasters showed up. Some have not even taken a bath yet just to be able to arrive there in time.

After the Meet and Greet, we went straight to the mall and bought some clothes for other kids. They are going to sit in a VIP seat afterall, so they should look like one. By that time, Arjohn and Joan had a manager already so there was really no need for us to buy them clothes. As for the rest of the kids, we bought everything from head to toe. We had a blast doing a makeover for them. At 4 pm we rushed to their hotel and asked them to take a bath. And they made a swimming pool out of a bath tub. They were excited to see their rooms since they got a bed by themselves. We did not have time to linger that much so when everyone is dressed up and ready to go, we went straight to the Chaster Gathering.

IMG 5461 The Joy of Giving: Charicemanias StoriesWe were a bit late. Everyone was eating already by that time. The kids were briefly introduced to the other chasters. We rushed to the venue since it was almost 8 pm already. But of course, the concert started a bit late too which was a good thing since chasters had time to distribute glowsticks. We let them settle in their seats and bought them snacks and after a while, after they saw chasters distributing glowsticks, they volunteered to help out themselves. Cute little chasters trying to promote Charice to people who paid 15K for their tickets.

I went back to my seat and sat from a distance. And it looks like they were having a blast. At one point they were even standing up and dancing to the music. As we went out of the Coliseum that night, head was aching. Stomach grumbling (I couldn’t even remember if I have eaten that day), I thought to myself, why am I doing this again? Seeing the kids’ faces, remembering how their faces lit up when Cha walked in the room, recalling how giddy they all were in meeting Charice, seeing their smiles were from ear to ear when Charice was hugging them. After seeing this, I thought to myself, that this is the reason why I do what I do.

Just like previous moderators and organizers made a way for me (a complete stranger for them at that time) to meet Charice, I wanted to “Pay it Forward” to other people as well, both chasters and non-chasters alike. That way, Charice’s reach and inspiration would be more extensive. “Pay it Forward” is an old concept and it seems to be a utopia dream. It has been criticized by many because not all people would be essentially good and would pay it forward to other people. Promotes free riders. I would like to believe though that Paying it Forward or rather Paying “Charice” forward would help change someone’s life in a positive way. And the more it would be put into practice, more people would hear the voice of Charice. Paying It Forward relies on cooperation, so I intend to do my part – and I have done it. I hope you will too.

By Team Charicemania, Charicemania.com

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Charice Japan Solo Concert Update

NOV. 16 UPDATE PRE-SELLING INFO FOR NAGOYA ADDED As announced during the previous David Foster and Friends concert in Tokyo, Charice will have a solo concert tour in Japan next March.  Tickets for the Tokyo concert are already on sale. Read the full story

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Charice Bids Farewell to Dad: “Please Say You’re Proud of Me.”

I went back to my hometown on All Saints’ Day, the national holiday to honor and celebrate the memories of loved ones who have passed away, still reminiscing about my just-ended joyful ride with Charice and the Philippine Chasters. Little did I know that another chapter will be added albeit a sad one when I received a text message from abBonita that Charice’s father had just met a violent death.

Through Bluemax, I heard the next evening that Charice had returned from Jakarta and that some Chasters were already at the Divine Mercy Viewing Chapel in Muntinlupa where Ricky Pempengco was lying in repose.  Unlike in the US where visiting hours are limited to about 9:00 pm, 24-hour vigil is customary in the Philippines when relatives and friends can visit at any time.  I arrived at about 9:30 pm and found the place already encamped by the 3 major networks, TV cameras in place, looking for scoops and people to interview.  Huge bouquets of white flowers sent by Chasters from Japan, Singapore, Los Angeles and Lantao were among those that bedecked the hall. I paid my respect to Ricky and was then told that Charice was resting in a private room.  After being given permission to enter, I talked to Mommy Raqz and to Charice who was slumped in a bed being attended to. She looked tired, sad, and haggard, just like any typical teenager who lost a loved one and none of the image of a celebrity that she is.  I extended condolences to her on behalf of the entire Chaster family and told her how all Chasters really love and care for her and her well being. I even advised her to take a break,  get much needed rest and that, personally, I want her to be around for many years to entertain my grandchildren long after I’m gone. She held my hand and just said, “Salamat po (Thank you)”.

Video Uploaded by ChariceTVCrew

The next day, I found the place packed with relatives, friends, and many Chasters! In fact, many Chasters were still coming past 12 midnight direct from their second shift jobs just to be with Charice in her hours of bereavement.  Little CutieSinger, one of our youngest Chasters at 12 years old was present who later tried to catch a few winks on the lap of Tita Wower.  There was a time that almost half of the room was filled with Chasters!  Charice, Mommy Racqz, and Carl were busy entertaining late-coming friends and relatives.  Charice, when in her happy mood was like a kid playing around with CutieSinger, who was so shy and starstruck that it took her awhile to approach Charice and be prodded to sing a few notes.  It was turning to be quite a happy occasion – a time of reconciliation, understanding and healing of the rifts among the Pempengco clan, and a time of more bonding and friendship.  I decided to leave at 4:00 am quite ashamed that I will not be able to sacrifice like the many but much younger Chasters (with the exception of a few of course) who were determined  to stick around for an all night, sleepless vigil. While my spirit said “Yay” to stay, my 67-year old body was not ready for the ordeal and was saying “Nay”.

I was back the following day in time to witness the family picture-taking and listen to the eulogies. Many of Ricky’s friends, sisters and other relatives reminisced about their experiences with Ricky. Mommy Racqz expressed how much she still loved him in spite of the sad past between them. Carl recalled a time of meeting a man who said to him how much he has grown, not knowing it was his father.  Then it was Charice’s turn.  Charice completely broke down, and cried like a little child, almost fainted and had to be consoled before she could even utter a word about her Dad.  And between sobs, reached out to whatever little memories she could recall – how her father wanted her to be a soldier.  She expressed how much she loved and missed him, and longed for the time  they could have had together had she learned earlier the sad state her father was living in.  Charice even mentioned a premonition while in Jakarta of seeing a security guard smile who looked like her father, just prior to hearing about his death.

Video Uploaded by KamoteChannel

The funeral procession started a little past 2:00 pm from Muntinlupa City to Cabuyao Memorial Park with a long convoy which included 5 full sized buses. The convoy created traffic and inched along the old national highway with hundreds of people lined up along the way hoping to catch a glimpse of Charice. It took a little over 2 hours to reach the cemetery which was so packed with people that it was very difficult to get near the burial site. I stood behind Carl trying to console him while Beda and Aki were profusely fanning Charice and Racquel. White roses were handed to family members for their last respect to Ricky. As the coffin was being interred, Charice broke down again. She sat almost in stupor as the tomb was being sealed.  It was a heart-rending sight to watch our princess, so bubbly and lively on stage now crying like a little child grieving for a tremendous loss.

As her SUV backed in to fetch the family, a big crowd trying to catch a glimpse of Charice formed blocking the exit. Security guards had to form a chain to create a path for the family.  A bunch of Chasters voluntarily followed suit and joined hand-in-hand to form a secondary chain in support of security with Beda barking commands like a little general for the crowd to back off. The crowd obeyed as Charice and family hurriedly walked into the vehicle and drove away as the crowd started to disperse.

As our bus sped away along South Luzon Expressway, I cannot help but think of the events that transpired the past few days.  That we have now witnessed the other Charice – the typical teenager, the little child that’s still in her, mingling with her roots, unmindful of the pinnacle where she stands as a star of the entertainment world – the girl with the beautiful shoes still planted firmly on the ground.

After all the hugs and kisses as we bid goodbye to go our separate ways, I cannot help but think that the love for Charice by the Chaster Family has now morphed from DEDICATION to FAITHFUL AND PROFOUND DEVOTION for the welfare of OUR PRINCESS.

By Rodbelt, Charicemania.com
Posted by Ab.bonita, Schoen & Mooffin, Charicemania.com

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