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Stay Connected and Get so Much More

The new and improved Charicemania Toolbar! Now you’ll always have the best of Charicemania delivered right to your browser. You’ll get our latest news, links, alerts, and more, updated hour by hour. It’s a great way to stay connected!  We’ve added NEW features:

  • YouTube Gadget – now you will be able to watch Charice’s videos directly from the toolbar
  • Chat Gadget – now you can chat directly from the toolbar
  • Search Powered by  Google – Charicemania Toolbar features the most popular search engine.
  • Tweeter Reader – You ‘ll be able to see “tweets”—short Twitter posts—from Charice, and of course, from us!

Safe and Secure – No funny business

Our toolbar contains NO adware and NO spyware. We don’t keep track of the sites you visit, you can easily turn the toolbar off and on at any time, and it’s easily uninstalled.

The Charicemania Toolbar is absolutely free — now, tomorrow and forever! Click here to download FREE Toolbar