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Charice in Japan!

Charice in Japan!

After weeks of lying low and having a well-deserved rest, Charice has been spotted in Japan! Charice arrived in Tokyo last February 4th and is in talks with her label Warner Japan for a project that is being kept under wraps for now. In the meantime, Warner Japan has been posting pictures on its Twitter account @wmj_intl. We don’t know how long Charice will be in Japan so follow Warner Japan for possibly more pictures! This was posted last February 5th, with a short description saying “Hello everyone in Japan! I’m back after having been gone for a while.” It’s a little dark, but we’re not complaining. It shows Charice at the Warner Japan office wearing a hat which she usually does when she is in Japan.

cha warner japan 12 225x300 Charice in Japan!

Another picture was posted the next day, February 6th, showing Charice with a bamboo stick! What’s in it Cha? They usually put steamed rice in bamboo but the caption says “Enjoying dinner at a Japanese restaurant after a staff meeting…Also drank sake (Japanese wine) since I’m already 20 years old.” (Note: The legal age in Japan is 20.) Sake in bamboo sounds good!

cha dinner japan 225x300 Charice in Japan!

This last picture was also posted but has been erased. Luckily we have super fast “nin-chas” who managed to save the picture.

cha with cat japan1 Charice in Japan!

So what do you think she is up to? Will it be another album? A concert? Whatever it is, we can’t wait!

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Charice’s New Movie: “Here Comes The Boom” Trailer

Charice’s New Movie: “Here Comes The Boom” Trailer

Charice filmed a comedy movie “Here Comes The Boom” last year and finally a trailer has been released. Are you excited to see her on the big screen? Charice plays Malia Dela Cruz, a high school student. Kevin James plays Scott Voss, a biology teacher who tries to save the school’s music program by raising money through moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter. Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler also join James in this hilarious movie.

charice here comes the boom Charices New Movie: Here Comes The Boom Trailer

Charice can be seen in different scenes in the trailer: sitting in class, watching and cheering in a crowd, dancing, and playing the piano.

Here’s another version of the trailer:

This movie will be shown on

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October 12, 2012. Check this listing for the release date in your country. Posted by Capofret,

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Infinity Tour Bonus: Iyaz I-Ventures Manila

Infinity Tour Bonus: Iyaz I-Ventures Manila

What a surprise to see Iyaz’s Youtube video called I-Ventures in Manila during his visit to the Philippines. No matter where in the world he’s travelling around, he would surely find an “Adidas” store to shop.

Watch closely at 2:34,

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you might discover some famous Chasters in the audience!

Showtime Iyaz!

Since the video’s title says Part 1, we’ll surely look forward to Part 2 or even 3?

“Pyramid” at the top baby!

Video Uploaded by Manette153

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Charice’s Infinity Tour 2012: Dubai, Singapore & Jakarta Videos

Charice’s Infinitiy Tour concert series kicked off in Dubai Festival City where she surprised her fans sporting a new hairstyle.

Dubai Tour – March 2

We’ve chosen some of the best song performances from the successful Dubai concert starting with Whitney’s “Saving All My Love For You” which was really a good choice.

Video Uploaded by ChaShane

One of the most heartwarming songs was “Tears in Heaven” dedicated to her Father and Charice said she knows he is watching her right now.

Video Uploaded By OnilMN85

The Tagalog song “Ikaw” was one of the highlights of the night which shows how Charice loves her home country.

Video Uploaded by iamEHLRAY

News Link: Gulf News: Charice Sings Straight from the Heart

Singapore Tour Highlights – March 5

Starting with the video: “The Making of Infinity Tour”

What a night in Singapore! Lights on for Charice feat. Troy Laureta “Move Like Jagger”

How about “Lessons For Life”? As real Chasters surely know how Charice has been learning a lot through her short teenage life.

Videos Uploaded By Bathtopper

Jakarta Tour – March 7

One of the best songs from her album “Lighthouse”:

Video Uploaded by Andrerafiahmad

We’re wondering who’s The One That Got Away? Goodluck in another life.

And Charice will “Take You Down”:

Congratulations for the job well done Charice and her band!

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Charice in Marie Claire Magazine Malaysia

Charice in Marie Claire Magazine Malaysia

Sporting an elegant and sophisticated look, Charice once again graces an international magazine and this time it’s Marie Claire Malaysia. The interview happened during the David and Friends Tour Concert just before the dreadful and unfortunate death of her father.

marieclaire 242x300 Charice in Marie Claire Magazine Malaysia

Click on the image to enlarge.

In the interview, Charice displayed her heart of gold by trying to help people in sharing their talent via Twitter or You Tube.

She also told that despite her success she tries her best to maintain a normal teenage life.What is a normal teenage life by the way? Simple! Shopping, going out with friends to watch a movie, playing in the arcade, texting, surfing the internet and dating. Speaking of dating, sorry guys that romantic activity has to take a back seat for now if it concerns Charice. You have to wait for a while. (Better yet, ask Mommy Raqz permission first but before you reach her you have to get through Carl..LOL!)

The article has wonderfully shown how Charice became more mature and confident in answering the questions. She is no longer the little girl with the Big Voice. She is now a lady with a VOICE TO CONQUER THE WORLD AND OUR HEARTS AS WELL!

marieclaire1 Charice in Marie Claire Magazine Malaysia

By Princess Serena,

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An In-depth Interview with Charice on CNN’s Talk Asia

An In-depth Interview with Charice on CNN’s Talk Asia

With all the hype from a successful series of shows in the Philippines, Charice was also featured in CNN’s Talk Asia, a documentary-style, interview-based show that has spotlighted a number of famous personalities and newsmakers in the field of art, entertainment, politics, sports and business. On its recent episode which was aired on Dec. 2, Charice sits down with CNN Correspondent Anna Coren in an all tell and in- depth interview about her phenomenal rise to fame, how she overcame a tough childhood life in the Philippines before having a big break in Hollywood and how it changed her life. Continue Reading

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“Louder” Music Video Debuts on Japanese TV

“Louder” Music Video Debuts on Japanese TV

The long wait is over.  The music video for “Louder”, one of the up tempo tracks in Charice’s sophomore album “Infinity”, has made its debut on Space Shower TV, a Japanese TV channel dedicated to international and Japanese music videos. Space Shower TV prides itself in presenting music videos earlier than anywhere else so it is no surprise that Louder was first seen on this subscription-based TV channel today. Continue Reading

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Charice Japan Interview Compilation

Charice Japan Interview Compilation

Charice was in Japan for less than a week with a schedule jampacked with appearances and interviews promoting her second album “Infinity”. Her efforts have paid off because as of this writing, Infinity has topped Japan iTunes’ pop chart and is at number 2 on the overall Japan iTunes chart! We give you two of her magazine interviews, which have helped spread the word about our dear Charice. Continue Reading

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A Charice Signed ‘Radio Flyer Style ‘N Ride Scooter’ to be Auctioned for a Cause

A Charice Signed ‘Radio Flyer Style ‘N Ride Scooter’ to be Auctioned for a Cause

[Oct. 11 UPDATE - PHOTOS OF CHARICE SIGNING RADIO FLYER 'N RIDE SCOOTER ADDED] From her successful back to back international performances to a newly launched album in Japan (which is now topping the charts) and an upcoming David Foster and Friends Asian Tour, none of these could stop Charice’s commitment and passion to give back. Despite her busy schedule, Charice has always been involved with various charity events that support disadvantaged kids. Amongst them are Operation Smile and her work for World Vision. Continue Reading

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Japanese TV Show Theme Song “Far as the Sky” by Charice to be Released July 6

Japanese TV Show Theme Song “Far as the Sky” by Charice to be Released July 6

Charice is, no doubt, already famous in Japan. She has just won the J-Wave Best Newcomer Award last February, beating Justin Bieber in the process. But her star is about to get even bigger, as she’s becoming highly requested for singing theme songs for various programs in Japan. That means greater exposure to the television –viewing public. And just a few weeks ago, it was announced that Charice will be recording a song for “Bull Doctor”, a new Japanese TV Show. “Bull Doctor” is a mystery/crime drama starring two famous Japanese actresses, Esumi Makiko and Ishihara Satomi. They play a forensic scientist and a police detective, respectively. These two characters are always in conflict because of their different methods and beliefs on solving crime. The scriptwriter for the show, Hashibe Atsuko, revealed that “Bull Doctor” is based on numerous

real life stories. IMG 2779.jpg.scaled500 300x200 Japanese TV Show Theme Song Far as the Sky by Charice to be Released July 6Though this is Charice’s first time to record an original song for a Japanese series, she has already lent her voice to “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” by John Lennon for J-Wave’s winter programming theme song. Her latest single, “Louder”, was also used by the Japanese morning show “Mezmashi TV” as a theme song. The producer of “Bull Doctor”, Kayuza Toda, has specifically chosen Charice to sing its theme song titled, “Far as the Sky”. All because her powerful and unique voice amazed him when he first heard her sing. Below is Toda’s praise for Charice as translated by Harry Yasu Clark from Warner Japan’s official website: “It was shocking when I first heard Charice’s songs. I was so fascinated by her voice which is so stretching and powerful, and the experience got me reaching out to her and asking for a song. I have this strong confidence and conviction in my heart that the message of humanism this drama will give, and the emotions that Charice will bring to this drama, will make a fantastic collaboration.” -Kayuza Toda, producer Charice happily accepted the offer to sing “Far as the Sky”, and she only has great things to say about the song – which was a group effort from songwriter Seiji Hiratoko, composer Yusuke Tanaka, and song arranger Akimitsu Honma. Charice’s statement below is translated from Japanese (as posted on Warner Japan’s website) to English by Harry Clark:

20110610 charice Japanese TV Show Theme Song Far as the Sky by Charice to be Released July 6This song has full of inspiration, tensions to attractions…it has a clear message that even when you tend to get down by encountering obstacles, difficulties in life, there IS always hope. Please think of this song, as it’s for your loving family, friends, and all the people you dearly love. This song will send people a lot of inspiration so I’d like to have as many people as possible to listen to this song. And, just like it was from me, the song will send you a lot of sympathies too. And, I would like to dedicate this song to all of the Japanese people. My heart is breaking and aching because of the devastatingly disastrous event that has happened to Japan last March 11. And because of that, I want to dedicate this song to the Japanese people. Please remember to feel that this is not the end of the world, there is still hope, and there will come a “tomorrow”. You all can overcome this, and win this. And please remember we each have given all of our support for you. -Charice (as translated by Harry Clark, from Warner Japan’s website)

Listen to “Far as the Sky” when “Bull Doctor” starts next month, July 2011, at 10 p.m. every Wedenesday on Nihon TV Network. The song will also be released as a digital single on July 6, but most probably will be limited to Japan residents. There’s always Youtube, right? Hopefully, the numerous Chasters in Japan will post a video of the opening or closing credits for “Bull Doctor”, which should feature “Far as the Sky”. So are you excited to hear this new song from Charice? You should be! Even the lead star of “Bull Doctor”, Esumi Makiko, is all praise for Charice and how she sang the song: “The amazingly powerful, crystal clear voice of Charice is truly miraculous, or is a miracle itself. The vision and the message of the drama does match her straight-forward, energetic and positive way of her life pursuing her visions and dreams, hence with this wonderful song she brought, it makes the drama truly completely a great story. I am so impressed and moved!” -Esumi Makiko (as translated by Harry Clark, from Warner Japan’s website) By Sofia Carrera,

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Charice Sings Philippine National Anthem Correctly During the Pacquiao-Mosley Fight

Charice Sings Philippine National Anthem Correctly During the Pacquiao-Mosley Fight

Past singers who sang the Philippine National Anthem during Manny Pacquiao’s  fights have taken flak from the National Historical Institute for their modified versions of “Lupang Hinirang. Charice, who Pacquiao personally picked to sing at his latest match, was spared from those criticisms. The moment news broke out that Charice was the one singing the anthem, it was expected that she will correctly sing the anthem – and Charice delivered. Continue Reading

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Charice Featured on Cover of Thailand’s EXL Magazine

Charice Featured on Cover of Thailand’s EXL Magazine

Charice’s prominence in Thailand has been highlighted once again, with leading expatriate magazine EXL featuring her on the cover of their March issue. The magazine covers everything of interest to the country’s international community, from how to deal with culture shock to developments in music and entertainment. But in its latest issue it dedicates a two-page article, titled “Charice: A STAR IS BORN” detailing the rise to prominence of a singer it describes as a “certified international pop star” and a “bonafide international singing phenomenon.” Continue Reading

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Charice ends Japan Tour in Osaka

Charice ends Japan Tour in Osaka

Charice finished her Japan tour in Osaka on Friday, not only with the success of her first solo concert tour behind her, but with a nation firmly entranced.

The last of her four concerts followed in the footsteps of the previous three by being a massive hit, but unlike the others, this time she took to the stage at The Zepp, Osaka as an award winner. Just the night before, in Tokyo, she claimed Best New Artist in the J-WAVE Awards – her first major music award. Continue Reading

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Charice Wins J-WAVE Best Newcomer Award

Charice Wins J-WAVE Best Newcomer Award

Charice has won the J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 Best Newcomer Award after results from an online voting campaign saw her placed above some of the biggest names in music.

The 18-year-old songstress, who is currently in Osaka where she will play the final concert of her 4-gig Japan tour, received her award at the official awards ceremony in Tokio on Thursday night (February 24). It’s understood that she also performed her hit track “Pyramid” on stage as part of the ceremony’s entertainment. Continue Reading

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Charice Rated ‘Most Likely Heiress’ to Bieber’s Mega-Star Mantle

Charice Rated ‘Most Likely Heiress’ to Bieber’s Mega-Star Mantle

Charice has been rated as the “most likely” contender to replace Justin Bieber as the biggest name in music, according to UK newspaper, The Independent.

The Independent article, titled “Bieber fever? Get over it! Meet the new kids on the block,” identifies 10 young singers that could take Bieber’s mantle. The list included 10-year-olds Jackie Evancho and Heather Russell, Hollywood star Will Smith’s kids, Jaden (12) and Willow (10), and Sweden’s 18-year-old veteran, Amy Diamond, who has 6 albums (including a ‘best of’) behind her already. Continue Reading

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Charice Japan Tour, February 21-25

Charice Japan Tour, February 21-25

Charice begins her tour tonight (February 21) on Nagoya, before moving on to Tokyo for two more shows on the 22nd and 23rd. After a day’s rest, she’ll appear in Osaka on February 25.For more details, visit the official Charice page of Kyodo Tokyo.

February 21 at ZEPP NAGOYA
Gate opens: 18:00 Concert starts: 19:00
For tickets: Kyodo Tokai 052-972-7466 Continue Reading

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