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Charice “I Am What I Am”

Charice “I Am What I Am”

Charice gave an exclusive interview to Boy Abunda.  

Boy: Everybody is talking about you…Let’s start here. Why have you avoided the media?

Charice: When there are big issues that come out, of course I’m afraid because I’m still human. I’m very careful to the point that I don’t know anymore what I should say just so people’s reaction to it will be neutral. I don’t want to suddenly say something and then everything will be negative.  I gave myself a break to think what I should do, what next steps I need to take so that everything will get better.  This is why I am facing you today.

Boy: Why are you breaking your silence now? Why are you speaking up now?

Charice: I’ve asked for a lot of signs; it’s really true when you feel it…I’ve done a lot of things for the ones I love, for my family for many years, I did it for them.  Now I feel that this time I’d like to do things for myself.

Boy:  These signs, the signs which are the reasons why we are talking today…

Charice: Yes.

ccp 223x300 Charice I Am What I Am Boy: Let’s start talking about your family. Straight to the point: your Mommy Racquel and yourself -  are you angry at each other?

Charice: Yes, we had a fight, I have to understand her because if she hurt me, I know she was hurt more because she’s a mother. As of now, we’re not fighting. We’re still in that stage trying to understand each other, but I have to give her credit for trying to understand the situation, so yes we fight but that is normal.

Boy: Your grandmother – you and your “Lola,” are you quarreling?

Charice: The truth is, no. I’ve seen her interview but we’re not quarreling. In the first place, we didn’t have a chance to talk yet. Perhaps because she has her own opinion and I accept that, I’ve seen her interview and I understood that that’s how she felt but we’re not fighting.

Boy: Who is Robert Yberra?

Charice: He is my godfather. I’ve seen a lot comments from him, things that he said to the media and to some people. I respect him as a person. As my godfather, I owe him a lot.

Boy: You’re not mad at him?

Charice: I don’t know why I’m not mad at him. Even if I think I should be mad at him for the things he’s been saying, but I don’t. We stayed at his house…the small things…he’s the one who taught me how to drive.  As long as he knows me as a person and I know him, I respect him, I owe him a lot. That’s all.

Boy: There were rumors that you left your house without telling anyone. Is it true?  What are the reasons? Tell us the story.

Charice: No, I don’t know what to say about that. I left home, yes, but I think Mom knew that it would get to that point. I left not because I don’t want to be there; I left because that was what I needed to do.

Boy: Charice, everyone’s asking now, where are you now? Where do you live here in the Philippines? Who do you consider your family now, especially at these times that you are going through a lot in your life?

Charice: I am staying right now in Cabuyao, Laguna. I am staying with a family that I didn’t expect will take a chance….

Boy: Gamble (taking a chance)?

Charice: Gamble, as in they will take a bullet for me. That’s why on my birthday…I am lucky there are people like that, I didn’t expect that. It’s hard to trust, it’s hard to find people like that, but I left it to God to give me a sign of who can help me.  They are here in Laguna – Mommy Ina, Daddy George, and older brother Glenn. I’ve known them for a long time since I was young, so when I got to their house that day, I felt comfortable already.

Boy: You’re home here, in this house?

Interview Part 1 with English Subtitles:

Charice Buzz Interview part 1/2 (English Sub) von Capofret-Chaster

Charice: Yes, I can say that when I come inside this house, I can lie down and say I am tired. I can do anything, I can pretend to be crazy, I can show them who the real Charice is without judgment from others.

Boy: This is what you call home.  What do you want to tell them, your new family?

Charice: I would like to thank them but I don’t feel that it’s enough to just say that. I’ve been here a month but it feels like years. I would like to say in front of all of you that I thank them very much. I hope people don’t think bad things about them because if it weren’t for them, I won’t be here today. I’d be so depressed so I am very thankful.

Boy: Are you hoping that you, Grandma, Mommy, and Obet will sit down and talk?

Charice: Maybe, I always think that everything will be ok.

Boy: Another rumor – your career is over and you are just sitting around in Cabuyao, Laguna doing nothing.

Charice: You know people here call me homeless?

Boy: Why homeless?

Charice: Homeless. I laughed because I realized that it is difficult. You try to be down to earth, and people still comment.  People see me walking around – that’s me. I’d rather do that than be seen as a high society person who doesn’t go out (in the streets).  I watch basketball tournaments which what I like to do now – this is what I want to do.

Boy: Let’s talk about your career. What happened to your career?

Charice: My US manager is still Marc Johnston, nothing changed. Glenn Aldueza here in the Philippines. It’s nice to have people who know your likes and dislikes. I’m going to have a recording, which will be featured in a big project. There are also TV shows but I can’t talk yet. If I am allowed to talk, I will.

Boy: In other words, there are things still happening in your career?

Charice: For my fans here in the Philippines, we are working on a third album, just for you.

Boy: This is what the Filipino people are waiting for, the most controversial thing. I am thankful that you are brave and you trust me in telling your story. When your pictures appeared in social networks, there were many questions and theories on your change in appearance, hair, clothing and your mannerisms.  Why the change?  There are speculations that you’re rebelling, you’re looking for attention. What do you want to say?

Charice: I don’t know how to explain. I was being truthful. I had a hair cut – all the choices that I made I know are very risky. I’ve done them because I want to, not because I was rebelling, not because I was hurt by a person or family, not because I am emotionally depressed. I did them because I wanted to.

Boy: This a hard question. I don’t know how to phrase this, only because I believe that we don’t owe anybody an explanation. I believe that sexual orientation and gender identity don’t have anything to do with talent, but I need to ask you, are you a lesbian?

Charice: Uncle Boy I have a chance to do this internationally…

Boy: Charice, you mean this conversation didn’t have to happen here?

Charice: I chose to do it here because I owe it to the Filipino people. I felt that they should be the ones to know what I am and who I am. Yes, I’m a tomboy. I don’t know why that’s a problem? Because for me, it’s not a problem. Now I want to ask forgiveness to those who don’t understand, to those who can’t accept me. I’m sorry. I can understand. For those who will accept and can accept me, thank you very much. And for what I have done I just want to say that I feel that a heavy weight has been lifted from me now (tears up voice slightly breaks). That I can leave the house without hiding anything, nor putting anyone down because I’m not hiding anything. Sorry Mommy, Carl…but this is me. I’m proud of myself, I love myself.  That is why I’ve done this. To my fans, I know a lot of you are disappointed, some of you will probably leave me. Sorry. You know I’m a sincere person (by purdy). From the bottom of my heart, sorry. I understand.

Boy: Charice, I would like to clarify, you’re sorry not because you’re a lesbian, you’re sorry because….

Charice: I know that all of them got hurt.

Boy: They got hurt because you came out and they never expected this and in our culture this is not the normal and usual way and most of the time remains hidden so that the public and fans stay happy. But you chose to tell the truth because it was the right thing to do. Do you hope one day that you could work overseas in a world, in an industry, that won’t look at gender but talent?

Charice: I believe that someday, it will come. It’s just difficult at the moment. I believe that someday, we will come out and work as equals. That’s why sometimes they say: Are you gay? (And I answer) what, are you straight? It’s all the same.

Boy: How do you feel? Do you feel free?

Charice: Overflowing.

Interview Part 2 with English Subtitles:

Charice Buzz Interview 2/2 (English Sub) von f100000106818361

Boy: I’ll just push this, now that you’ve said you’re a lesbian, have you ever had a relationship with a fellow woman?

Charice: Yes, of course. I can’t tell who, but yes, I’ve experienced it.

Boy: But you needed to hide?

Charice: Yes TNT (laughs). (TNT means “tago nang tago” or always hiding.)

Boy: The last time I saw you, you were with Cheesa. Did you have a relationship with her?

Charice: Oh yes! No, it’s a joke! Because I remember we posted a picture captioned “my baby girl.”  Then we saw on our Twitter timelines, jowa/jowaers (bf or gf gay lingo for girlfriend), things like that, but no.

Boy: You’re so cute you can do that now.

Charice: (laughs) It’s not true, Cheesa is like a sister, a big sister.

Boy: Here is another question people are waiting for. Who is Alyssa Quijano in your life?

Charice: Wait, I’ll wipe my perspiration first….Uhm…We’ve known each other for a long time now. We met when she was 9 and I was 10. In singing contests, we used to compete with each other. We met again when we saw each other on X-factor. All I can say is, she is an inspiration in my life. She’s one of the people who gave me strength. At the moment, she’s a very special person.

Boy: You love Alyssa?

Charice: Sorry! I wish you could open my heart and see the answer.

Boy: If I could open your heart, is it a yes or no?

Charice: It beats strongly.

Boy: A strong heartbeat…Is Alyssa the reason why there is a misunderstanding between you and your family?

Charice: Maybe we could say it’s one of the expected reasons.

Boy: They’re saying she’s the one you are spending your money on, that your family don’t like her.

Charice: All I can say is that they don’t know her. They don’t know how amazing she is but I know she understands.

Boy: Did the two of you elope?

Charice: Uncle boy? Am I like a teenage boy?

Boy: Do you plan to get married someday?

Charice: One day, one day. Not at the moment but one day.

Boy: Where is God in your life now?

Charice: In my heart always but some people think I’ve have forgotten Him. But everyday I’m always say  “Lord, I leave everything up to You” because I know that He is the “One” guiding me.

Boy: What is your prayer to God?

Charice: My prayer is that people will accept me, that my family accept me.

Boy: Charice, from all of these, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned?

Charice: To Mommy and Carl… I wish I were more open, more honest because the most important (thing) in the relationship between parents and their kids is to be open to one another, whatever the reaction of the other will be. To all young people my age, people undergoing the same thing – be true to yourself. We know in ourselves who we are. Life is too short to play games. Just be free.

Boy: Again, for your fans.

Charice: Chasters, this is it! New chapter. Welcome, welcome to my crazy life. Enjoy the ride.

Boy: If there is a song that will capture what you want say to the world, what is that song? Sing me that song!

Charice: (Sings “F***ing Perfect” by PINK)

Boy: What was that favorite song you used to sing in most of the contests that you used to join? The one you and your Mom chose?

Charice: I might cry again.

Boy: I would love to hear you sing that song now that you’re free!

Charice: (sings Maghintay ka Lamang)

Boy: I love you Charice and thank you.

Translations: Mingfan, Bbelj, Mooffin

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” – William W. Purkey

Follow Charice on her new Twitter Account:

ccrp Charice I Am What I Am

Perez Hilton twitted supporting Charice:

philt1 Charice I Am What I Am

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X Marks the Spot and the Spot is on Charice!

X Marks the Spot and the Spot is on Charice!

Indeed our greatest treasure ever; Charice is back again in her home country for the X Factor Philippines.

Last May 14 Charice arrived in Manila showing yet another tattoo, which reads, “I never knew true love until someone broke my heart.” Awww!! Tissue please. Oops wait; before you guys starts to cry…sorry but Charice won’t be sharing her story. Continue Reading

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CHARICE on ASAP: Chasters Wanted!

CHARICE on ASAP: Chasters Wanted!

[REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. SEE THE LIST BELOW] Hello everyone! Charice is so in demand nowadays that after her concert with TV5, she is going to perform on another network, ABS-CBN. It’s going to be tomorrow, December 4, 2011 at the ABS-CBN studios in Quezon City. Good news though! 15 chasters will get the chance to see her perform LIVE! Please register your names on the comment section below.

1. Jm
2. Einna
3. Sapphireblue95
4. Leah Rubin
5. Manette153
6. Lysa
7. ab.bonita
8. Kenjijetrhow
9. Sean
10. Rhea Gelio
11. Karl Nuqui
12. Gelne Chris
13. Ma.cristinaiballar
14. Wamond
15. Tita

NOTE: Kindly register yourselves only. Do not register for other people to give chance for other chasters to watch.

ASAP1 e1322940549397 300x199 CHARICE on ASAP: Chasters Wanted!

MEETING TIME and PLACE: 1230PM, Starbucks ABS-CBN ELJ Building.

Contact Person: Abbonita

Thank you!

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Charice Revealing Nothing on ‘Glee’ Return

Charice Revealing Nothing on ‘Glee’ Return

Charice is not shy of having some fun with the media for time to time, and when it comes to her return to “Glee,” she seems happy to keep everyone guessing.

On her recent return to the Philippines last Sunday, she fielded some questions from local reporters but once again refused to give a definitive answer regarding when and how her character Sunshine Corazon will make her next appearance. Continue Reading

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Charice Feels “Blessed” to be Part of “Glee”

Charice Feels “Blessed” to be Part of “Glee”

We know that Charice isn’t one to take the success she is enjoying for granted: she’s much too down to earth for that.

Which is why she was happy to take the opportunity to express her appreciation at being involved in the musical TV phenomenon that is “Glee.”

“Startalk,” the entertainment program on Philippine TV station GMA, reported on Saturday last that the nation’s biggest international music celebrity felt “blessed” to be part of “Glee,” with footage taken from Charice’s press conference after her free concert at the Enchanted Kingdom theme park on January 9. Continue Reading

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The Buzz Chats with Charice:  Her Newfound Fame, Her Mom

The Buzz Chats with Charice: Her Newfound Fame, Her Mom

Nov 10 Update – English subtitled video added. Manila – In a recent TV interview with Charlene Gonzales in the Buzz, Charice talked about her achievements and how she is dealing with her newfound fame. Charice took a weeklong vacation after the last leg of the David Foster and Friends Asian Tour, which she was a part. Asked on why her vacation was so short, Charice said, “Actually, I’ve already been here for a week. I think it’s quite long because usually I get only two or three-day breaks in the past.” Continue Reading

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Charice Now a Role Model for Aspiring Singers

Charice Now a Role Model for Aspiring Singers

Top 8 album on Billboard 200, no. 1 dance single, no. 4 on “Music’s Hottest Minors”, top TV show appearances, certified Gold album in Japan, numerous standing ovations – all these achievements are enough to blind others with fame and money, and make them forget who they were before. But Charice isn’t one of those people.

All those things listed above, she has achieved in less than a year. But the journey she had to go through took much longer. Some would rather forget their hard and painful past, but Charice made every experience, whether good or bad, a part of her. And looking back to where she came from is never a difficult task for her – it’s actually something she treasures very much. Continue Reading

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Charice on ‘OK’ Magazine

Charice on ‘OK’ Magazine

September 2010 Issue (Philippines)


Can’t wait to get your Gleek on? We know you’re dying to know once again how Sue “C’s” it, or what gay animals Brittany is thinking about. Lucky for you , the creators of the Emmy-nominated series have been happily making the press rounds, even joining screaming fans at Comic Con in July. So while waiting for the new season to begin (Sept. 22, 9 p.m. on Jack TV, and 10 p.m. on ETC), satisfy your Glee cravings with OK!’s special preview! Continue Reading

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Smile Magazine: There’s Just No Stopping Charice

Smile Magazine: There’s Just No Stopping Charice


At first it was a rumor she denied, but now it’s confirmed and official — Charice will appear in the next season of hit TV series Glee, as a foreign exchange student who will challenge Lea Michele’s character, Rachel Berry. The petite 18-year-old — who rose to fame via YouTube — posted on her Twitter account: “When (the) rumor came out, it wasn’t true. Then after that, I auditioned. And I made it! Let’s party!” With all the attention she’s received (appearing on Oprah three times), not to mention the success of her self-titled debut album, she has every reason to celebrate. Continue Reading

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Charice Featured on US Girls

Charice Featured on US Girls

Now this is interesting indeed! Our Editors´ Team (the ladies) had a very lively discussion through our emails, if this is worth posting. To the older generation, it might not have the same impact as to the younger ones. This happened exactly in our discussion in the CM Team. Continue Reading

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Charice: “They Pull Me Down But Give Me Strength”

Charice: “They Pull Me Down But Give Me Strength”

International pop star Charice Pempengco has haters. A good number of them don’t hold back when they say she’s not good enough for the mind-boggling opportunities that come her way, the latest one being her stint on Glee. Still, nobody should be surprised that she can ignore the bitter rants and remain bubbly. She’s been through so much worse. Continue Reading

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Featuring  Charice in TV News, Manila Part 2

Featuring Charice in TV News, Manila Part 2

July 22 UPDATE “Head Start/Karen Davila Interview w/ English Subtitles Added
Since Charice is featured in TV shows left and right in Manila, Philippines again as part of her Asian Tour visit, we bring you the video translations courtesy of CTV Crew as Part 2 in series. She is featured in different shows. Yes, Charice’s fame is truly unstoppable… Enjoy the videos. Continue Reading

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Featuring Charice in TV News, Manila

Featuring Charice in TV News, Manila

In the international scene, Charice is featured in TV shows left and right in her native Philippines which we bring to you with video translations courtesy of CTV Crew. She is featured in four shows – Studio 23 Chart Popper (7/12), ABS-CBN TV Patrol (7/10), TFC Balitang America (7/09), and SNN Showbiz News Now (7/09). Continue Reading

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Charice´s Home in Tagaytay, Philippines

Charice´s Home in Tagaytay, Philippines

July 4 UPDATE: Video Interview – About her Role on Glee
Manila, Philippines – GMA News with English Subtitles

Let´s take a peek at Charice´s Tagaytay home. The elegant furnishings in red motif. This house is Charice´s gift to Mommy Raquel on mother´s day. Charice mentioned about her future appearance on another big US show! Make your guess Chasters! Just for fun. Continue Reading

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YES! Looking Back… Part 5

YES! Looking Back… Part 5



Meanwhile, the staff of The Oprah Winfrey Show had also learned of the little girl with a big voice from the Little Big Star videos on YouTube.  They decided to invite Charice to join the show’s “World’s Smartest Kids” episode.  The show was to be aired on May 12, 2008, just two days after Charice’s 16th birthday.

Unlike Ellen, Oprah was someone Charice had seen on TV.  Raquel didn’t have a clue.  “I told her, the one that had Tom Cruise as a guest,” says Charice, referring to the controversial episode where the American actor was jumping up and down the show’s couch, proclaiming his love for the actress Katie Holmes. Continue Reading

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YES! Looking Back…Part 4

YES! Looking Back…Part 4


Part 4 Next Stop: TV

After the town-fiesta singing contest in Batangas and Laguna, the next stop was television. Charice began as a contestant on Filipino local channel, Channel 9’s Bulilit Kampeon [Little Champion], a little-known singing contest hosted by Pilita Corrales. Charice won as third runner-up and eventually became one of the program’s co-hosts. After the show folded up, she joined two other TV competitions: Birit Bulilit [Little Belter] on Channel 13 (where she was first runner-up and the “MTB Popstar” segment of Magandang Tanghali BayanM [Good Afternoon People], where she won second place. Continue Reading

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