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Condolence Message to Charice & Family

Condolence Message to Charice & Family

MANILA – Charicemania and the whole family of Chasters worldwide offer our deepest condolences to Mommy Raquel and to Charice and her brother, Carl Ceiven, for the loss of their father, Ricky Pempengco. We regret to hear the sad news of his untimely passing at the age of 40 years old.

Several Philippine news sources have reported the death which occurred Monday evening in Charice’s home town of San Pedro, Laguna, south of Manila. There have also been reports in American news as well – and – and other media around the world as the AP news release spreads under various headlines reading ” ‘Glee’ singer Charice’s dad killed in Philippines.”

Charice tweeted that she would be unable to appear with David Foster & Friends in the Singapore leg of the concert tour, November 3rd, due to her swift return home.
“I am very sorry to all my fans from Singapore. I am not going to be there to be part of David Foster and Friends concert. I have to go back to the Philippines as soon as possible to be with my family. I hope you all understand. I love you all and I will see you next year.”

Charice also released the following statement on her official blog via her official website:

“I want to thank my fans from around the world for their support and love at this very difficult time for my family and I. We are all very sad about this terrible tragedy.”

Chasters everywhere offer their full support, love, prayers, and comfort to Charice & family during this time of bereavement. We would like to encourage Chasters to practice sensitivity and forgiveness and dignity as Charice has shown.

Let Where can you buy aldactone us all respect Charice’s privacy and may her father rest in peace.

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by Eve,

Note: Just a reminder, inappropriate comments will be immediately deleted. Thank you.-Schoen

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The Chaster Family and A Unique Sense of Belonging

The Chaster Family and A Unique Sense of Belonging

I wouldnai??i??t let this opportunity pass this year… so I sent in my email address and waited for confirmation that I was included in the 130+ Chasters for the Pre-concert Gathering when CM started doing the sign-up and glad enough when I saw my name included. But the gathering and the concert itself would only be icing on the cake as I already had the unique opportunity of being with some Chasters the previous days.

Somehow I found out that DeeJay Drake, Jonbudz and a lot more other Chasters were in town for the DFF in Manila concert. Nege was texting that they had cooked up a birthday party for Jonbudz at Metrowalkai??i??s Club Phi the Monday before the concert, and plans for the pre-concert meet at Maxai??i??s Restaurant at Gateway Araneta seemed to be gaining momentum. My excitement for the DFF was double for sure as I had missed out on the previous yearai??i??s concert because I had to choose between that and a weekend retreat that I needed to attend. Anyway, I decided to whip up an evening for some of them and asked Narita to kindly extend the invite. So Saturday saw Nege, A.b. Bonita, Kram, Jonbudz, Narita, and Kit having dinner with me at the Bagoong Club. After dinner, I brought the group to My Brotherai??i??s Mustache for some quiet entertainment. Here, Java and Tintol caught up with us… and then another move to a Starbucks outlet nearby. DeeJay Drake couldnai??i??t join us since he was under the weather, even as Bluemax, Rodbelt, Isaak and others also couldnai??i??t make it because it was such short notice. Sometime during dinner, Narita asked me. ai???So Henry, whatai??i??s the occasion?ai??? My answer… ai???I just felt like spending time with you guys… with family!ai???

With Rodbelt sharing his wonderful stories about the NAIA welcome, the Pre-Concert Gathering and the concert itself, Iai??i??ve decided that I would share here what I felt makes the Chaster family unique.

Nege gave me quite a genuine and warm hug when I picked them up for dinner last Saturday, much like the hugs I would receive from Jonbudz, Ab Bonita, and most of the Chasters I would finally meet at Jonbudz birthday party and at the Pre-Concert Gathering. Finally putting faces to the names Iai??i??ve always known by heart or names to the faces that I always see in Chasters news couldnai??i??t stop my smile and glee from showing the happiness I felt. This indescribable feeling all started during my first encounter with Chasters in the SMX concert of Charice… I remember the late Uno being the first person to greet me and welcome me to the group, and me latching on to Narita much like a security blanket because I still did not know how to act within the group… until you just felt that everyoneai??i??s devotion and love for Charice made perfect sense that you would just feel the same for all those who felt the same for Charice.

The unique perspective I have from being a photographer also helped that I notice more than what others do. During the PICC Valentineai??i??s concert of Charice, I couldnai??i??t help but feel and empathize with all the fans who stayed after the concert for the meet and greet. I remember clear as day the expression of Negeai??i??s face when while singing ai???The Climbai??? as part of the Meet & Greet program, Charice would come out and sing alongside her. I canai??i??t forget the surprised look of Nege and the cheering she received from the rest of the fans who were there… everyone just seemed to share in Negeai??i??s joy for this dream come true. The magnanimity of Chariceai??i??s heart for her fans would bear itself out every chance there is and this was again proven in this last concert when she came out to join Kimmie as she sang ai???Because You Loved Meai???. But the feeling I had as a fan seeing Nege or Kimmie live out their dreams on separate occasions was the same feeling that I shared with the Chaster family. I could almost sense at those very moment that everyone was very happy for both these Chasters.

The pre-concert gathering was something else… and one that I would always remember. I hadnai??i??t even given my name at the registration table and yet I was met with smiles and such warm hugs… as if weai??i??ve known each other all our lives. And once Iai??i??ve read the names on their tags would clear memories of each Chaster snap clear in my mind. Iai??i??d go, ai???oh, youai??i??re the one who did this… or I remember that…ai??? Here was a gathering of people from all walks of life, from all over the planet… and yet there was singularity in purpose, a common love that clearly bound each one to the other. I finally met people whose names Iai??i??ve only read, but now there were faces to go along with it. Rodbelt, Bluemax, Wower, Dtox, Gunrunner, Tsuki… and a lot of others that Rodbelt had already mentioned in his article… and there were a lot of stories that were shared. I have learned to appreciate this extended family that I now have. I admire the inexhaustible energy of those who organized the different meet-ups, or those who took Sunday off just to buy the glow sticks that they distributed to all the concert audience, to Kenji who set up the photo-booth and let everyone have their photos taken, to Tita Glo and Carl10 who emceed with gusto. More than that, I was simply amazed that Chasters from all over the world… US. Canada, Japan, Singapore, Middle-East, Guam… as well as from all over the Philippines came just for this gathering and the concert.

Video uploaded by ChasterBlueMax

Yes, there is a unique sense of belonging when you are part of the Chaster family… one that mirrors much of what Charice brings to this world of ours. Chasters share her humble and respectful nature… and only too well was this demonstrated the way the younger Chasters deferred to Rodbelt, Bluemax, Tita Glo, Wower, Prof Jay, Dtox and some more… myself included… and in turn, we oldies could only look at the young Chasters as we would our own children. Charice has shown how generous and loving she could be, with all the charities that she lends her name to. This wonderful trait again shown by the generous Chasters who were only too willing to help out the others through sponsored tickets to the concert, or in the case of that family whom Tintol introduced to us as being beneficiaries of a hairlip operation as well as their being brought in to watch their idol, our very own Charice… and patron tickets at that! The commendable thing is that not one of these benefactors wanted their names known or announced. Yes, Chaster Claus was there, as was Lantao Island but nary a peep from them… the happiness, joy and dreams come true of the many Chasters who have benefitted from their generosity being the only reward that satisfied their hearts.

The enthusiastic response of those Order propecia online no prescription who gave their ovations (whether standing or seated) to those who presented their song numbers: Cutie Singer, Isaak, Sofia, Jonbudz and the quartet of Artemis, Nege, Dino Sour, and Aki demonstrated only too well what Chasters are all about… In this family, one is not judged by superficial things in life… attire, make-up, or even talent (which I have to say was not at all lacking from those I mentioned above)… but rather for what each oneai??i??s heart shows and proudly announces to everyone willing to listen… that we all love Charice! no matter what!

In this family, there is no thumbs down… we accept each and every Chaster for what he or she is. We do not have shallow beliefs of what Charice should be, should have done, have become or must be. We only know too well that she has changed most of our lives for the better and has shown that we should not stop believing that good things happen to those who believe; that good begets good; and that our love will always be there not only for Charice but for everyone who belongs to this unique Chaster family.

By Henri_v,

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David Foster & Friends with Charice in Bangkok Canceled

David Foster & Friends with Charice in Bangkok Canceled

As you may all be aware, parts of Thailand has been struggling with serious flooding for weeks and it is with our deepest sympathy that Bangkok is now seriously bracing to cope up with the current flood situation. Thai Chasters are deeply saddened by the crisis it has brought and may still bring in the coming days. Due to the worsening situation, David Foster and Friends has to be canceled to ensure both the performersai??i?? and the fansai??i?? safety. Continue Reading

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Back Home with Charice & Chasters

Back Home with Charice & Chasters

My unexpected trip to the Philippines last August started as a sad one as it was to attend to the needs of my only brother who untimely passed at 60. I decided to stay longer to plan for my eventual retirement to the motherland. This decision turned out to be a blessing as it started my involvement with Philippine Chasters and the planned gathering on October 25th.

I met Tintol and Beda, the Chasters I affectionately describe as the Charice-size, fireballs of energy who are the cogs that keep the wheels in this group turning smoothly. Bluemax, Carol, Narita, abBonita and Julius showed up and details were laid out for the event. I learned that five underprivileged, musically talented kids who are fans of Charice were chosen to attend the dinner and the concert. It now dawned upon me that this get-together was not going to be a small gathering at all. Ai??After a second meeting to finalize the plans (where I finally met Artemis, our poetic Chaster who composed a song dedicated to Charice and to be performed in the dinner with Aki, the quiet rapper-dancer Chaster), I patiently waited for the eventful day.

I then received a message from Tintol about Charice’s arrival on the 24th. Ai??I went to the Mall of Asia, met Beda and a few Chasters and taxied to the airport where we met Tintol and a few more Chasters. Resigned to the fact that we cannot get near the arrival gate because of tight security, we patiently waited at the end of the driveway ramp, rubber necking at the convoy of black SUVs parked in front of the arrival exit, eagerly hoping to catch a glimpse of Charice. I became impatient and unsure of whether Charice will have the time to acknowledge us and ventured to ai???crashai??i?? security. I casually crossed the driveway out of the guardai??i??s sight, mingled with the arriving passengers at the various hotel reception suites facing the arrival exit, and then crossed again where the convoy was parked. SUCCESS! I stood around, hands akimbo to hide that I was the only one without a credential pass around my neck.

Charice then came out with dark shades and her trademark fedora! Ai??She was met by Mommy Raqz and was handed her beautiful Shih Tzu. I tried to approach her, snapped a couple of pictures, and yelled: ai???Charice, It’s I, RodBelt from New Jerseyai???. Charice glanced in my direction, smiled, waved and hopped into the SUV. I wondered whether she remembered me as I was wearing my now trademark red-striped Polo and Philippine flag-emblazoned baseball cap, my attire in all five times I met her in the past. I hurriedly returned to the Chasters crew and proudly showed them the pictures I took. The convoy then started moving in our direction. The SUV carrying Charice stopped and opened its window. Charice briefly acknowledged those who were lucky enough to be in front.

Knowing that Resorts World (the premier casino in the Philippines adjacent to Marriot where the DF&F crew were staying) was going to have a program honoring the music of David Foster where Charice was invited, I requested BlueMax to drop me off there. I was hoping that I might have the chance to meet and talk with Charice again. (With all due respect folks, this was not stalking, just an ardent show of love for our PRINCESS). Ai??I accidentally bumped into the band members on their way to dinner and had a brief conversation with the drummer who told me that Charice is the REAL DEAL.

A crowd started milling around the entrance of the club at about 7.00 when someone with a fedora arrived. Ai??It was CHARICE! I yelled ai???Charice!ai??? pointing at my cap. She looked around, saw me, smiled, said ai???Po!ai??? (Sir), walked toward me, extended her hand which I warmly shook, and gave me a hug! I was briefly star-struck again, and could hardly say ai???Iai??i??ll see you tomorrowai???. She replied ai???Opoai??? (Yes, sir) and walked into the venue. I said to myself: My GOD, Charice remembers me! I left walking on cloud nine to the taxi stand still hardly believing what I just experienced.

I woke up the next day, turned on my computer to check my e-mails and for some CM news thinking that it will still be at 3:00PM that I will meet with the organizers. I did not check my phone messages until 1:00PM only to find out that there was a last minute M&G at CafAi?? Adriatico at 1:00 PM! Cursing myself, I hurriedly dressed up, grabbed a cab and texted Tintol that I was not going to make it for the M&G but I was coming anyway. I arrived at 2:30 PM. Missing the event with nothing to do but brag (again) about my adventures with Charice, I thought of showing them my pictures with Charice only to realize in horror that I left my camera in the cab! My spirits sunk as if I lost a dear friend, thinking about all the memorable pictures of Charice and Chasters lost with the camera. I was almost ready to cry in disgust only for Beda to console me.

The crowd started arriving at Maxai??i??s at about 3:30 PM with Beda and Julius manning registration. Other Chasters were preparing the sound system and cameras for taking pictures with a life-size replica of Charice. Chasters came from everywhere ai??i?? Doc Ed from Guam, tsuki from Okinawa, Leigh from Dubai, stockpicker from California, Henry V, Wower, gunrunner, a couple of Singaporeans and so many others whose names I could not remember. Lantao then arrived and was mobbed like a real celebrity in his own right with Chasters jockeying to have pictures taken with him so much so that people in the restaurant started asking who he was! The program started with performances – Artemis playing her guitar and singing her own composition with a couple of Chasters; Aki doing an impressive rap mimicking various sound effects, an Adam Lambert imitation; a Chaster singing her version of All By Myself, Isaac from Texas on the piano who sang and gave some jazzy touches a la Ray Charles to some of Chariceai??i??s original recordings and of course, little Cutiesinger with her impressive imitation of a little Charice. It was almost total pandemonium. It was party time. It is hard to imagine that these 130+ former strangers were now bound together as one HAPPY FAMILY just because of the common love and adoration for Charice. The affair ended about 7:15 with attendees receiving souvenirs of beautiful hardboard cutouts of Charice in her performance outfits, their pictures with the life-size replica of Charice and memories of a wonderful event.

rod1 300x225 Back Home with Charice & Chasters

Photo courtesy of Wower

The arena was still half-full close to the starting time of 8:00 PM. I started to wonder if the Black Eyed Peas concert on the same night had seriously affected attendance. After all, BEP was heavily promoted with very heavy sponsorship. DF&F on the other hand had very little ads that I probably would have missed had I been a casual fan. Ai??My worries were unfounded because the coliseum was filled to 95% capacity.

The concert finally started at 8:30 with Davidai??i??s signature St. Elmosai??i??s Fire. Russell Watson, a tenor I confess I know nothing about, opened the show and had the crowd into a chorus with ai???Volareai??? after being advised by David that the Filipino audience is not the typical sort with no equal in the world. That we Filipinos can sing!

Ashanti sang her version of the Bodyguard Medley giving it her own personal touch to the delight of the crowd. No, I will not make any comparison here Write my essay with Chariceai??i??s interpretation of the song. Philip Bailey brought the crowd to its feet with his rendition of old Earth Wind and Fire standards. Martin Nievera was invited onstage and sang a few notes. A girl seated in the upper box (who I found out later through YouTube that she is one lucky Chaster named Kimmie) picked by David from the crowd took a long time to come down that David said she had to wait.

Then DARKNESS….A BIG INTRO BY THE BAND…. LIGHTS ON…..ITai??i??S CHARICE! Green glow sticks lighted a section of the upper box ai??i?? THE CHASTERS. She opened with ai???A Power of Loveai??? without belting but showing style and maturity. She happily acknowledged the presence of Chasters. She followed with ai???Stand Up For Loveai???, a David Foster song Iai??i??ll admit I am not familiar with, then a beautiful rendition of ai???Unbreak My Heartai???. David made a nice introduction of Chariceai??i??s very own ai???LOUDERai??? which Charice sang with gusto, descending from the stage, walking along the aisles and mingling with the fans to the delight of everyone.

She was followed by Michael Bolton who entertained and pleased the crowd with his memorable ballads. Charice came out again and sang a beautiful duet of ai???The Prayerai??? with Michael. David then made a heart-touching description of the finale number – MJai??i??s ai???Earth Songai???, relating its haunting lyrics to the current state of our environment before Davidai??i??s ai???FRIENDSai??? appeared one by one and sang it with Charice as the last one to appear on stage. Some of the crowd started heading for the exits but most refused to leave clapping furiously even after everyone left the stage. Ai??I noticed that the lights were still not on and the band members were still on stage ai??i?? meaning more was coming! David returned, sat on the piano, played a few of his songs with the AUDIENCE SINGING IN CHORUS IN THE BACKGROUND WITH EVERY SONG! It was not only a concert! It was a SING-ALONG LOVEFEST! Ai?? As David said: ai???ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINESai??? did he experience this! David stood up and reminded everyone of the last audience singer he invited. Kimmee then came out and started singing ai???Because You Love Meai???. Then CHARICE came out to the roar of the crowd and joined Kimmee in a duet ai??i?? reminding me of a little of the Celine-Charice duet at Madison Square Garden. Kimmee was quite shocked and with tears welling around her eyes, sang impressively with her idol. Ai??Then, tremendous applause from the crowd as David and Charice left the stage. ai??i??ai??i??ai??i?? THE PARTYai??i??S OVER.

But it is far from the end. It is only a brief segment in the long journey for Charice whose music will hopefully bring more joy, love, camaraderie, and togetherness to millions for generations to come.

To all the nameless Chasters in the background who selflessly volunteered their time, efforts, and energy to make this affair a very successful and memorable one, you are the little Chaster Clauses in all Chasterai??i??s hearts ai??i?? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Charice at David Foster and Friends Manila, Oct. 25, ’11 Video Playlist

Videos uploaded by LantaoIslands

By Rodbelt,

I first met Rod at The Coffee Bean (Araneta Center) last September 25, 2011 when he arrived as Tintol, Narita, Julius and I were planning the pre-concert activities on October 25, 2011. He commuted from Las Pinas City very eager to meet Chasters as they donai??i??t seem to have a Chaster crowd in New Jersey. This nice man is a welcome addition to our growing ai???Senior Citizensai??? group (I know of over 15 whose names I refuse to share here).

I met Rod again on the 2nd and final meeting on October 16, 2011 at Maxai??i??s. He was late so I waited for him at the Coffee Bean (original meeting place). This final meeting was a bigger one where he met a great number of Chasters including Beda, A.B., Artemis, Aki, Nege, Dino, Sean, Kram, jonbudz, Leah, Chastin, Java etc. (Sorry for missed names. I have a ai???Seniorai??? excuse)

Then I met with him once again on October 24th at the NAIA to meet Cha. I confirm all his related undercover activities and that I dropped him off at the Resorts World to continue his mission (itai??i??s like he parachuted off from a helicopter). And now I hear of his exploits which, I am sure, were understated.

I write this response to confirm and attest to this genuine Senior Chasterai??i??s adventure. Welcome Rod to the Philippine Chaster scene. I have already heard stories of your kindness, your story-telling nature and your innate passion for anything related to our princess from those Chasters who have spent moments with you.

Very inspiring article Rod. Thank you for sharing. – Bluemax

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My Onward Journey with Charice

My Onward Journey with Charice

Message from Chaster Clause added

It has been many years since I put in writing the thoughts circling in my mind when I was an editor of the high school paper and staff of the varsitarian in my beloved alma mater. Iai??i??m getting old but my mind is very clear about where my journey as a Chaster started and where it will end.

It all began over a year ago when I kept hearing my women staff talk about someone called Charice Pempengco. “Did you see her sing in Oprah and Ellen?” “Wasn’t she great in her duet with Celine Dion?” Such comments led me to search You tube, eventually lurk at and feel my heartbeat quicken every time I discover a new song of hers. Yes, I have cried many times. A reaction that prompted me to contact my son, aAi??psychologist, to make sure that I wasn’t losing my mind considering my age. He said that I’m living my life through her. That made me realize that my experience of having been raised by a single mother and fearing of being lost without her, connected me to Charice. The fact that our history are alike triggered my strong emotions. I was sane indeed!!

lv.jpg 300x177 My Onward Journey with ChariceIt was then followed by my first trip to Las Vegas to watch the October 2010 David Foster & Friends concert.Ai??The concert finished at 12 midnight and she was scheduled to leave for Tokyo the next morning to start the asian tour. I was lucky that I was chosen for the Meet and Greet.Ai??As a typical lurker, I stood behind and watched the line dwindled. I saw that Marc Johnson was prodding her to hurry but I guess, she wanted to see everybody. I was grateful for that since I was third to last in line. It was already 1 am when we finished. She really love her fans!!!

I wasn’t content on just going to Vegas and so, I went to Manila to see her with my staff. There, I accidentally met a young lady that gave me a glow stick and when I sent an email to invite her to be part of the Tokyo Chaster Crew, I did not know her name then and actually thought she was a HE. Charice blew me away that night and I canai??i??t believe that there was no backtrack or lip synching. I was feeling so elated that night. I then realized that it was the kind of feeling and fun that is better shared with others. I immediately invited another Chaster to join us next in Tokyo. She said that I should think about it and assured me that she won’t feel bad even if I develop any second thoughts. My original crew of two grew enough to be counted with both hands. I know that my wife will kill me if she finds out what I have done and continue to do so, which is why I created a separate email account to provide stealth for my Chaster activities.

A full year passed, Tokyo went by like a breeze, and much of those experiences have been written by scribes of Charicemania. What I hope will be accomplished is that we discover the Chaster Clauses within our hearts so that everybody can have a chance to celebrate Charice. I am but aAi??clone of the different Clauses before me, you know who you are. A Chaster writer named LAfan was the one who brought it to life. Thanks to a developing tradition, a Chaster way, that there is now a spirit we call Chaster Clause.

The Las Vegas Chaster Crew has come and gone yet nobody noticed their presence until after the concert. I thank them for keeping their pledge of not talking about the event, me or even giving a hint about my true identity. I believe that Charice should remain center stage and I, together with the other Chasters, form but a supporting cast. To see her succeed is all that matters because now, talent is not enough to guarantee a spot at the top. Only 1% make it and the rest become but a passing fancy. It is tough but she Neurontin online cannot be faulted for not working hard enough. As young as she is, she needs to pace herself for the long haul, take a break when she can, and be at full force when showtime comes. We need to cater to herAi??needs. I’m glad that we did not have a meet and greet in Las Vegas this year because I knew she would be exhausted from her whirlwind Singapore, Qatar and Vegas performances. Now, Manila is fast approaching and the excitement is building up.

To discover the Chaster Clause in each and every one of us is far more rewarding than knowing the person behind the character. My wish is to see Charice be around for a long time but we all know that the career of an artist is like a mountain: first is a climb, then a peak, followed by a plateau, and lastly, an unpredictableAi??slow or fast walk towards the sunset. My focus is to make it possible for many Chasters to have a chance to see, touch and hear the object of their dreams. I had my moment when I hugged her and told her I love her in Tokyo. An experience I will always cherish. Though I will keep a low profile, I will always be behind Charice and our Chaster family.

After a long career, I would like to imagine that when the music stops and Charice settles down that she’ll have more time to herself. Hopefully, when people begin to step off the bandwagon, she will have the time to sit and reminisce of the past with me over a strong cup of coffee. I consider that the end of my journey that I hope can happen before my expiration date. Life has no guarantees and so I live life everyday, give thanks and say a prayer.


There’s always the risk of somebody disagreeing with us and I won’t be surprise especially from people who doubt my good intentions. I have been consistent in my actions, so I can hold my ground. If this gives pause to people to release the resident goodness in their hearts, then the purpose of my article has been serve. That is the road to happiness.

Thank You Message:

“The editorial board prior to publishing the article asked me if I was willing to take flying arrows from doubting Thomases. I have long suspected that we are a different fan club because as ABonita said earlier “we care for each other”. Your comments has moved me and the truth be told that we are indeed one family. I did not imagine that cupid arrows will be raining down instead in the comment section.”

“The primitive parts of our brain where our instincts reside is wired for self preservation. That is why our first inclination during a famine is to fight over food rather than give it to the weakest or spread it out. It takes the larger, developing parts of our brain nurtured by prior experiences of self denial or delayed gratification for our sake by caring adults especially a mother that we gain the capacity to override those negative instincts.”

The credit belongs to all past, present and future Clauses in our community willing to set the bar. Nothing is too big or too small to make a difference. For Charice and the world, We shall carry on!”

By Chaster Clause,Ai??

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Home Away from Home: An Extraordinary-Ordinary Chaster Experience

Home Away from Home: An Extraordinary-Ordinary Chaster Experience

Christmas arrived to me early this year when I received an email from an anonymous person inviting me to join the Oct. 1, DFF Concert in Vegas. Yeah, you guess it right, Chaster Clause resurfaced again to bring Chasters from different parts of the globe together into another unforgettable event. So there I was, preparing all my documents, applying for a US Visa, without any idea that I will be in to a journey that will change the way I look at life and friendship forever. Iai??i??ve long been dreaming of attending an International Chasters Gathering. It was slowly coming true when a lot of Chasters from abroad visited Philippines this year. Over the past years, Iai??i??ve experienced how delightful and exciting it is to see fellow chasters. Itai??i??s really nice meeting new people and giving faces behind the usernames which you have learned to value and care for. But, never in my wildest dream have I ever imagined that I will be sailing through the clouds just to meet another group of wonderful people from Chasterdome. FAST FORWARD. (Welcome Dinner). It excites me to know that I will be meeting the LV Chaster Crew. The first wave of chasters that I will meet in my journey. Ate Christine (ChimmyDl), Senator/Kuya Jay (Ucla_Ust), Arz_Bayani (the giant =p), DJ Drake (hello lurkmate), Lolo Mark (SideburnerSol), Kuya Jazzy & wifey (Jazzyming & Ate Wella), Kathy (Sw33t3), Kuya Ernie, Aloha_Sailor and Summer (hi roommate). Geeez, I hope I didnai??i??t forget anyone here. Slap for me if I did.

LV grp1 Home Away from Home: An Extraordinary Ordinary Chaster Experience

Photo courtesy of EBJohns

(Pre & Post Concert Gathering). A lot of Chasters flocked the Raffles Coffee Shop and California Hotel, you can see people from every corner exchanging stories about Charice, how they started as a Chaster, and a whole lot more. The new faces I met were Lola Elrem (sheai??i??s really so nice), Penny (surprise eh?), Eddie (youai??i??re really tall, hehe), Fogh (from Denmark), Ate Elvie (the cute and lovely EBJ), , Ate_fe, Tita Ruby, Gussy, LDMovies, NYChaster, Benjie, Angelia, Marilyn, ALexD and wifey, Ice, TessHenry and a whole lot more. Oh, thereai??i??s a lot of them. And they were all smiles to me. Wish I could mention each one of them here. It is an unspeakable feeling seeing all of them there and exchanging stories with them. THE CONCERT. Charice came out of the stage. The people around were screaming her name. I was there in my seat, stoned, my eyes are starting to get moist. Tears began to flow as I whisper to her Thank you while watching her perform from afar, wishing that the surrounding air would bring my message to her ears. Even up to that moment, I still couldnai??i??t believe I was sitting in that crowd with my beloved Chasters, all because of her. She First sang Celine Dionai??i??s The Power of Love ai??i?? which reminded me the power of Chasters love and unity that shelters her and will continue to bring her on top. It wasnai??i??t hard for people to give her standing ovation. Sheai??i??s just amazing up the stage. The next song was Unbreak My Heart, it was intense. Almost everyone around was singing along. That was my favorite song of the night. Later that evening, I was hearing other people humming it or singing the Chorus. Here in the Philippines, you will hear people saying ai???Oh, you have LSS of that songai??? (Last Song Syndrome ai??i?? the song you heard which you keep on singing/humming involuntarily), hehe. Third song was Before It Explodes which was written by Bruno Mars. Another power ballad which showcased her vocal prowess. She sang it passionately, haunting even. What else can I say? She is born to sing! The Finale was Michael Jacksonai??i??s Earth song, OMC to the highest level, sheai??i??s just immense talent!. We gave her a standing ovation. Wish I could give her a tumbling, rolling, jumping and other ovations I could ever think of, LOL. As the concert ends, we all have smiles painted on our faces. ai???I hope this experience to celebrate Charice will lead you to discover the “Chaster Clause” in all of ai??i?? Chaster Clause I could never forget these words from Chaster Clause’s email before I fly to the States. True enough, I’ve met so many Chaster Clauses in my journey. Thank you to Kuya Ernie, Ate Grace and Diana for sharing their house with me. It was cold in LA but your home made me feel so warm because of your hospitality and love. To Kuya Jazzy, Arz, Kathy and the rest for taking a time off and touring me to Disneyland. Yeah, the Space Mountain and Hollywood Tower took my breath away. But nothing compares to the feeling I had with you that day. You guys took my heart away. To Kuya Jay, Ate Christine, Lolo Mark, the cute Thai chaster (whose name I cannot spell, sorry for this, hehe), Ed (S2pidLuv4u) and Mark (OrangeCountyFan) who followed and joined us for the wonderful dinner at Boiling Crabs Resto (Again, I hope I did not forget anyone here, hehe). Itai??i??s completely a foreign land to me but you guys never made me feel alone. Hugs for all. It was so hard for me to leave that evening. You all have suddenly been so close to my heart. Oh, and how can I forget Tweetybird who drove a long way just to give me a walk to The Grove and let me see the stars in Hollywood. THANK YOU all so much. We will meet again one day. I feel like my thank you will never be enough to show my gratitude to all the Chasters in Vegas, LA, Europe and other parts of the globe who welcomed me with open arms. Iai??i??ve just met most of the chasters for the first time but it seems like weai??i??ve known each other for so long. The question still remains, how could you learn to Iove and care for someone whom youai??i??ve just met over the internet? Kinda strange huh? Itai??i??s unexplainable. I DO feel so loved and protected by all the people there who I barely even know and whom I’ve just personally met for the first time. Thank you also for all those who prayed for me to have a safe trip. You guys know who you are. I was overwhelmed with your messages at CM, facebook, plurk, ctvcrew and all other sites. Sometimes I would ask God what Iai??i??ve done to deserve all these. Everything is just so overwhelming. Once again, THANK YOU Chaster Clause for the rare chance you gave me and others. You are overflowing with humbleness and generosity. I hope your acts of kindness inspire more people just like the way it inspires me and all the people whoai??i??s lived you have touched. I will always cherish the words of wisdom you shared with me.ii???

LV Chaster Crew 1024x734 Home Away from Home: An Extraordinary Ordinary Chaster ExperiencePhoto courtesy of Ernie Mendoza

Iai??i??ve attended a lot of gatherings in the Philippines, and I tell you, there is something in this community that separates it from others. Chasters are more than just fans of Charice or a member of an online community. There is more to us that others donai??i??t know. We are not just wild crowds creating banners, and shouting for our princess. We help each other and reach out to other people outside the community too just like the separate charity events done by chasters in Mindanao and Manila which was also participated by Chasters from abroad. I hope other events like this from all parts of the globe will follow. Itai??i??s an extraordinary feeling to be flying thousand miles away just to watch your favorite artist perform and see the people in the chatbox go to life. Imagine riding the plane for the very first time and flying to a foreign land alone to watch a concert.

minie31 300x221 Home Away from Home: An Extraordinary Ordinary Chaster Experience

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Suddenly, the word ai???foreignai??? is losing its meaning when you become a chaster. It is slowly turning to friend or family. The Chastersai??i?? genuine love for each other is really amazing at the same time astonishing. Thereai??i??s an unexplainable bond between the group. And Charice is the unifying force that binds us all. The burning fuel that lights our path. I wish Charice knows the impact she has brought in every Chasterai??i??s life. I wish other people will discover how wonderful it is to be a Chaster. You will be surrounded by unexplainable love from people you barely know, hehe. I just Maxalto sofa price canai??i??t stop saying this. Lol. Chasters bonding is even stronger than your bonding with relatives and other friends (no exaggeration here). We are not related by blood but I feel like we are. As we exchange stories, I had a better understanding how crazy, at the same time fun and enjoyable it is to be a chaster. Grown-up men crying, spending their time staying up late at night (some or should I say MOST ai???til morning) just to watch Charice videos over and over again (the Replay button gets abused here, lol). People of all ages suddenly started creating different accounts and rally to different social networking sites just to keep up with the latest update about our princess, buying albums, voting, calling radio stations, posting links, and helping in every way we can to help Charice make it to the top. No age gap, gender, status in life, race divides us. Oh, thereai??i??s just so much more to tell… And as I finish off this article 36,000 ft above the ground heading back to the Philippines, I was trying to recall how wonderful my trip has been. My short stay with you has ended but the memories will remain. Once again, thank you so much for your warm welcome and hospitality. You made me feel home away from my real home here in PI. I had the best days of my life. Thank you Papa God for giving these people to me. My heart was screaming with so much happiness. I had new friends, New FAMILY. And this bond will go on, ai???til the clock of time fades. Thank you Charice! If not

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because of you, I would have never met these wonderful people. I LOVE YOU CHASTERS! P.S.: Closet chasters, I invite you to come out of Lurking and join us. Experience and witness how it feels how sharing and caring can be ordinary with people you can meet in this extraordinary chasters community By Ab Bonita, Note: is not responsible in recommending any Chaster to get an invitation, it’s mainly the personal choice of the generous Chaster. It is indeed about meeting other Chasters, sharing experiences, taking part in the celebration and continuing his example in helping others and spreading Charice’s name worldwide. The experience is priceless! Thank you. — Schoen

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A Chaster’s Experience in Las Vegas October 2011

A Chaster’s Experience in Las Vegas October 2011


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A Chaster Gathering at David Foster and Friends Philippines

A Chaster Gathering at David Foster and Friends Philippines

[UPDATE: Below are the list of names who registered in the comment box. We have sent confirmation email to all the people who registered]Ai??It is Chariceai??i??s last Asian Tour with David Foster! That is according to David Foster himself Ai??when he was interviewed by the Philippine Star.Ai?? ai???Itai??i??s going to be her last time to be inAi??David Foster and Friends. Charice wants to work full time with her career.Ai??Sheai??i??s touring the world. Sheai??i??s gotAi??Glee,ai??? said Foster. Well what are you waiting for?

DFF3 BANNER 2x6 web600px A Chaster Gathering at David Foster and Friends Philippines

It is going to be a night full of music and ofcourse… CHASTERS!!! So, we would like to invite you to a Chaster Gathering once again. It might be a workday but that would not stop us in getting to see ai???in the fleshai??? the only people who understands our chaddiction! Special guests will also be coming and you just have to wait and see who… (Warning: It is not Charice!). We could only accommodate 100 chasters.

Here are the details below:

VENUE: Maxai??i??s Restaurant in Gateway, 3rd Floor (near the LRT station)

DATE: October 25, 2011

TIME: Registration starts at 4:30PM. Dinner will be served at 6PM.

Kindly register your name together with your EMAIL ADDRESS on the comment box below if you are interested in coming. Dinner is only P200.

We would also like to invite Chasters who would like to show their talent during dinner as part of the program. Kindly email

Video uploaded by Theultimate1k

Below are the list of names who registered in the comment box. We will be sending a confirmation email by next week regarding the details of the event. Please reply to this email once received. We have decided to expand the venue to 130 capacity so we could accomodate everyone. Kindly inform us asap if there would be last minute changes in your plans via email since we will be covering the expenses for now with regards to the reservation of the venue and food.Ai??We hope for your cooperation!

UPDATED LIST and INFO: (We have sent the confirmation letters to all the chasters who registered. Only 104 out of 154 people who registered confirmed in the email. If you know any of the people on the list without a confirmation status, kindly tell them to contact for their confirmation. Ai??Confirmation is very important since we have to order the food in Max’s Resto beforehand. Failure to attend means that the organizers will have to pay for the non-consumed food. We hope for your cooperation.)

1) Jamie34peters-CONFIRMED

2) GelneChris-CONFIRMED


4) Manette-CONFIRMED

5) Kiddy_land-CONFIRMED

6) Ecirol




10)Arthur w[3] friends-CONFIRMED

11)Arthur w[3] friends-CONFIRMED

12)Arthur w[3] friends-CONFIRMED


14)Aidus Ichun-CONFIRMED







21)Vincent I. Virtucio-CONFIRMED



24)Emma Carandang-CONFIRMED





29)Marietta Florendo-CONFIRMED


31)Jason Christian Tongko

32)Jason with 2 friends

33)Jason with 2 friends











44)Edwin Macacando


46)Josefina Santiago-CONFIRMED

47)Theresa Guevarra-CONFIRMED

48)Gloria Lorenzo-CONFIRMED





53)Tulipz -CONFIRMED


55)Randy Bulanday-CONFIRMED



58)Cristina- CONFIRMED




62)Four [4] for Ate Tintol Ai?? Ai?? CONFIRMED

63)Four [4] for Gps spy, Phone call tracker. Ate Tintol-CONFIRMED

64)Four [4] for Ate Tintol-CONFIRMED

65)Four [4] for Ate Tintol-CONFIRMED










75)Robert Lim-CONFIRMED
























99)C/o Zoilo [1 friend]-CONFIRMED

100)Raniel Baldo-CONFIRMED

101)Virgie Valenzuela

102)Jesse Garcia



105)Michelle Tan-CONFIRMED




109)Two [2] C/o Tsuki

110)Two [2] C/o Tsuki


112)Ronel Vincent Vistal Ai?? Ai?? Ai??CONFIRMED


114)Robin perez

115)[2] C/o Lola Elrem

116)[2] C/o Lola Elrem



119)Ckalehb with cousin-CONFIRMED




123)Ann Javier-CONFIRMED

124)Richard T. Torrigue


126)Robin Flores-CONFIRMED

127)Agent R





132)Malou M





137)Jadssie Chaster


139)Rhed Sandel


141)Mary Ann

142)Zsarina Concepcion-CONFIRMED



145)Darwin Bantiles









154)JamieP friends -CONFIRMED

155)JamieP friends-CONFIRMED

153) MactanKid-CONFIRMED



Thank you and see you there! icon smile A Chaster Gathering at David Foster and Friends Philippines

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You’re Invited to the Return of Sunshine on Glee Party Hosted by the LA Chasters!

You’re Invited to the Return of Sunshine on Glee Party Hosted by the LA Chasters!

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Charice Intermission… Act II Beginning Soon

Charice Intermission… Act II Beginning Soon First Intermission: Time for a Reset The activity on the “Charice-news front” has been quite slow in recent weeks, and I for one think it’s been a good thing. I’ve found it hard to focus on anything of significance as I continue to read about the tragic reports coming from Japan and around the world. I am inspired by the news of our fellow Japan Chasters persevering through these tremendously difficult times, yet I also know that this time of quiet (at least on the front-pages) in Charice’s music career really could not have come at a better time as it would have been difficult to get very excited about any Charice-news in perspective of the recent turmoils in the world. Yet I know too that Chasters all around the world are anxiously waiting for this quiet period to end (which it will), and so I thought of sharing several things that can keep any Chaster up to date on one’s Chaddiction until this First Intermission of Charice’s Magical Journey comes to a close and Act II begins with a smash in a few weeks. The Culmination of a Magical Start It’s been over a month now since our fateful journey to Tokyo to witness Charice’s first international solo concert, and I think now I’m finally coming to appreciate what that event meant for me personally. I recently came back from a long road-trip for a friend’s wedding, and during that trip, I listened to the entire 1.5 hour Tokyo concert (as recorded by our friends Konekochan and Hachiko) about four times during the round-trip drives. Cell spyware, Spyware iphone. concert 02 Charice Intermission... Act II Beginning SoonThat concert in Tokyo, for so many of us who were there, really was the CULMINATION of what I’ve come to look at as Act I of Charice’s Amazing Journey thus far. So many of us have likened her life story and music career up to this point as a true FAIRY-TALE, with an actual Fairy God-Mother (of course, Oprah for those of you new Chasters). All any Chaster has to do is to think back to when you first heard or discovered Charice, whether it be the first Star King video (I believe uploaded by CoolSmurf), or the series of videos uploaded by Falsevoice. Or like me, the time I came home from work and my wife told me that I just had to watch this recording of that day’s Oprah episode, which featured this tiny little girl from the Philippines, who she said, was the most amazing singer she’s ever heard. I vividly recall telling my wife how I just wanted to unwind a bit, and thinking to myself, ‘yeah right, how good could this girl really be?’ And of course, after hearing those first notes come from that tiny body, I just sat there, spell-bound, transported into this real-life Fairy-Tale story that was unfolding before me. The moment as I’m sure for many of us that really ‘hooked me in’ was after Charice’s performance, when she just sank into Oprah’s ‘bosom’ and with tears in her eyes, spoke of how proud she was of herself, and I just KNEW in my heart that there was so much to be asked of the meaning behind those tears that flowed down her cheeks that day. youtube Charice Intermission... Act II Beginning SoonThen, for many of us as well, I became a ‘closet Chaster’, looking up Charice youtube videos after work, going through Falsevoice’s Youtube channel before it kept getting deleted by Youtube over and over. Then, life got real busy, and I somehow forgot about this girl’s story until my wife said to me again one day after work, ‘you remember that amazing Filipino girl we saw on Oprah? Well, she was back on Oprah today with Celine Dion!’ Amidst the busyness of life, I was brought back to that special moment when Charice’s voice touched my heart for the first time, and of course, watching that Celine episode opened all our eyes to the STORY behind the tears, and it became more than just an admiration of her vocal talents from that point on for us. I can really say though, that my ‘Chaddiction’ didn’t really kick in until I first discovered Charicemania in May of 2010, yes, upon the release of Charice’s first international album. It was quite comforting for me then to realize that I wasn’t going crazy, as there were far ‘crazier’ Chasters than me in their levels of Chaddiction! It’s hard to believe how almost a full year has passed since that fateful day in May of last year, on Oprah and QVC, when Charice launched her international career which kick-started the absolutely crazy round of summer radio shows and promo appearances that marked the foundational year of Charice’s music career. Perspective During This First Intermission I write all this to remind all of us, just how far Charice has come in such a short period of time. It’s hard to believe she’ll be turning 19, that’s 19 soon! This past year holds so many unforgettable memories for me in my Chaster journey, with of course one of the highlights being the first time I got to see Charice live on stage at the Grammy Block Party, and of course, my fateful ‘parking lot’ photo-taking incident where GBP LAfan Charice Intermission... Act II Beginning SoonCharice actually took my camera to take the picture for us! (see photo at left) Those kinds of memories are what makes this Chaster journey truly unique and special for each of us. So I just want to encourage all Chasters to use this quiet time, during this ‘First Intermission’ after Act I, to reflect on your own respective Chaster journeys up to this point. Go down memory lane, and recall how Charice first entered your lives, and how much of a positive impact Charice and her music have made in your lives. If you need some help with that, I strongly recommend clicking on the ‘Archives’ link at the top of the CM page, which has articles all the way from 2008, which will I’m sure bring many long-timers here back on that journey down memory-lane. If you haven’t already done so, I would also encourage all Chasters to visit Phil Bolsta’s blog page, where he has already documented many parts of the early scenes of Act I in his beautiful series titled “The Soaring Spirit of Charice Pempengco.” And when’s the last time you had the opportunity in the midst of all the latest videos and reports to watch Charice’s first solo pre-album US show at the Big-E back in September of 2009? As Eve shared with me, “in spite of the obvious lack of rehearsal with the band, she won over the crowd with just the power of her voice and personality and professionalism on that stage. She owned it!” There can’t be many here who have been able to keep up with every single piece of news and videos over the past 3-4 years (well, maybe there are quite a few actually).

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icon smile Charice Intermission... Act II Beginning Soon Regardless, I would say, use this time before Act II starts, to go back down memory-lane and remind yourself, just how far Charice has come in her magical journey. Then, you’ll truly appreciate, as I have, how amazing her guesting on Glee really is, or just how special and impactful her Japan solo concerts really were. Even the GMA concert (which I finally saw in its entirety with subtitles for the first time last night) was such a monumental achievement for Charice, considering all the silly stuff involving the television stations in the Philippines. Could anyone have imagined back in 2007 or 2008 that Charice would have had a full solo television special that was the highest rated of the night in primetime in the Philippines? Sunshine Singing From Her Corazon (Heart) I’ve already shared how it’s really hard nowadays to watch other artists try to sing the same songs that I’ve heard Charice sing. And this past American Idol episode really broke it down for everyone, what it is that separates Charice from so many others out there today. When you see Charice singing “Maghintay Ka Lamang (You Only Have to Wait)” from the GMA Valentine Special, we all know now the deep meaning behind Charice tears Charice Intermission... Act II Beginning Soonthe tears in her eyes as she sang those words. Looking back now, we also know the meaning behind the tears she shed on Oprah that first fateful appearance in 2008. We know that Charice doesn’t have to ‘act’ out any of the words as she sings them, because she’s actually LIVED out those words in her short 18 years on earth. The fact that Charice can sing genuinely from her heart about the struggles and hardships of life is what separates her from many artists who really have to ‘act out’ such words during their performances. It’s not so much a criticism at all against the other artists, as I’m sure all of us would have desired to keep such hardships from Charice’s young-life if we could have done so. But her life-story is what it is, and that’s why Charice is who she is today. Like I shared, upon the completion of that amazing last note of “Halo” from her Tokyo concert, I really saw the curtains come down on Act I of this amazing story, in more ways than one. Charice’s fairy-tale journey has unfolded in such a beautiful way due to so many special people along the way, and we’ve already mentioned those names many times before. However, the work of those behind the scenes, in the ‘grass-roots’, to promote Charice through mediums such as CM and other sites has really been so pivotal, not in just advancing Charice’s music career, but more so, in developing this community we all know as Chasters. Talking with several Chasters recently after the Tokyo shows, I also have sensed that so much of the foundational groundwork that was laid during Act I has come to a close as well, as many of us really sensed some ‘closure’ after seeing Charice shine on the Tokyo stage. The culmination of Act I was truly a result of the tremendous efforts by Charice and her entire team, and she truly has become an international star in Asia. Even now, as some long-time devoted Chasters may take a ‘step-back’ in their roles in these ‘grass-roots’ efforts, I think it’s absolutely the perfect time for a new generation of Chasters to be born to carry on the mantle for Charice as she opens up Act II in a few weeks with her upcoming appearances on Glee. The Opening of Act II and the Next Generation of Chasters Just as Act I ended on such a high-note in Japan, I’m positive that Act II will start off on an even higher note with her featured appearances on Glee, followed by the ultimate release of her next radio single, and of course, her new album. Charice 2.0 will take this journey to levels that we could not have even imagined just this time last year, and I’m hopeful that a new, young generation of Chasters will rise up to truly bring Charice to the level of superstardom in the U.S. and across the world that we know she is capable of reaching. These younger Chasters (much like the teen ‘Summer’ who I wrote about at the Citadel show in L.A.) are part of the generation that will continue on with Charice as she enters her 20′s, 30′s and beyond. So many in the entertainment industry are already convinced that Charice will be one of the Rising Stars of this next generation of music-lovers, and I can’t wait to see what the scene will look like when Charice debuts her first solo concert in the U.S. after her next album. I hope to be one of the oldest in the crowd surrounded by nothing but a bunch of screaming teenagers yelling out Charice’s name and dancing to her new grooves. No one knows for sure what excitement awaits us in Act II, but during this First Intermission, let’s all not forget that Charice is still in the first year of her college experience as well! I can’t even imagine how she’s been able to do everything she’s done, while also keeping her nose in the books as she pursues her academic dreams. But that’s why she’s Charice, an 18 year old girl who’s able to inspire even the older folks here to keep on dreaming, and never giving up no matter how many times you’ve been knocked down in life. Now catch up on those videos you haven’t seen in years, get your drinks and restroom breaks out of the way, because the lights are flashing, and the curtain is about to go up again real soon as Act II is just about to start! To the Top Chasters! by LAfan,

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Prayers for Japan, Officially Missing You…Charice

Prayers for Japan, Officially Missing You…Charice

Our Thoughts and Prayers For Japan

So many of us are still in shock at the extent of devastation left by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The country and people of Japan have held a truly special place in Charice’s heart because of their genuine LOVE for their Asian pop superstar, Continue Reading

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Tokyo Concert: The Dream Continues

Tokyo Concert: The Dream Continues

MARCH 1, 2011 UPDATE: Short Report by Frantic Mom and Rude Boy Video (Audio only) This Tokyo Concert Experience report from Justcharrie includes an amazing gift of complete uninterrupted audio of the concert so that you can fill in all of the missing pieces AND super clear video of the first few songs. Enjoy!

Going For A Dream

Itai??i??s been days since I personally witnessed how Charice alone enthralled the people in the Land of the Rising Sun but here I am, yet to get over the happiness and pride it has brought me. Four months I had waited for this as it was four months ago when I first watched Charice in the David Foster & Friends in Tokyo and when Chariceai??i??s international solo concert tour had been announced. Four months of excitement and anticipation for this momentous and historical event in Chaai??i??s zooming carreer. Continue Reading

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Zepp Tokyo Concert Experience and Videos

Zepp Tokyo Concert Experience and Videos

Drifting with Charice in Tokyo

FEB. 27 UPDATE: SUBTITLED CONCERT HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO ADDED So here we all are standing at the Narita International Airport, finally brought together by a special someone (who shall remain nameless for now) for a wild adventure in Tokyo to see our common idol, Charice. A contingent of dedicated chasters from four different countries coming together for Charice’s first international solo concert.

Before the concert:

Since I was going there already for the first ever solo concert of Charice internationally, I thought, why not watch for 2 nights? So I told Mooffin about it and she gladly offered to get me a ticket. Online? Failed! Closed. So she called and thank goodness, she could reserve a ticket. I just have to pick up my ticket on the 2nd night at the Zepp Tokyo booth and I was set! When I arrived at Narita airport, I had to look for Tintol and Artemis because their flight was earlier than mine. I haven’t seen any of them in person and they haven’t seen me too. (Oh well, who ever did anyway haha!) Later I found them, Tintol is famous, no one could miss her. So I waved and we hugged each other. There I learned that DrTp is coming too. That tricky lady! I kept asking her almost everyday if she’s coming and she never admitted it. Well Eve was surprised to meet her at the airport too. We both didn’t know LAfan was coming too (that Chaster Claus is a sneaky one too). Thanks to this guy again that we have a fast report here in Charicemania. He didn’t sleep until 5:00 am so the Chasters would have something to read about the Tokyo adventures. We are very grateful to LAfan and ArtemisA? Buy arimidex in canada report after the second night, she didn’t sleep until 5:00 am too (I wonder who gave them a deadline lol). For those who are wondering, LAfan is not Filipino so if you comment in Tagalog to him, he wouldn’t understand it. Well after everyone else has arrived, there followed a lot of hugging and excitement and laughter at the meeting point… cameras began clicking! From all sides, all angles, all positions, inside the arrival area, outside the arrival area and you guessed it: at the bus station. I thought, this is so unbelievable, I’ve never had so many pictures taken in my whole life (and I`m not exaggerating here)! No escaping, I know I’m paranoid now. Later that night after dinner, DrTp and I had the most expensive coffee and the best cocktails we’ve ever had in our life (ok with that wonderful view of the Tokyo Bay waterfront plus the real reason why we were there, they had to be the best ever!) Sleep duration: 3 hours.

First Concert:

On the first concert night, I was so excited that I honestly forgot (can’t believe I’m admitting it!) about Arz! Yes he was with our group, DrTp, Tintol, me and Arz! With Eve and her group, we were supposed to meet at the train station before 5:30 when the train will leave for Zepp Tokyo venue. The rest who were not watching that first night went to explore the surrounding area. Oh well, we were late of course and Eve tried to call me, but the telephone I rented in Tokyo somehow failed me. I didn’t hear it. Later I found out she texted me and the rest like Arz and LAFan tried to call me. Well you can read all about this comedy in LAfanA?s CNN report which fortunately has a happy ending. I apologize publicly for that Arz, but know what? DrTp and Tintol forgot you too! lol. Turns out it’s hard to keep track of people when there are so many. I learned later that SideburnerSol got left behind at the airport ticket counter on departure day at Narita while the rest of the American group happily went on their way to eat lunch… but that’s another story! lol Finally with all of us there including Arz and LAfan, we got in the front door of Zepp Tokyo as they called out our section number amongst the hundreds of eager fans waiting to get in. In the mad rush and confusion to get through the door, our group gets split in two with some of us going right and the rest turning left… oh well, that’s how the night goes! We found our spot near stage right. I couldn’t believe we got a nice spot but I was worried that the big speakers will blow up my ears. Later I found out that I had absolutely nothing to worry about the sound system… welcome to Japan… land of good sound systems (and more). Tintol and Justcharrie were ready to shoot the event! I couldn’t explain my excitement that night. Justcharrie had a small talk with a Japanese lady probably in her late 50′s. She told Justcharrie how she came to know Charice, through her husband (he has something to do w/ the Doraemon illustrations or something), I wish Justcharrie to correct me if I’m wrong here. To cut the story short, we invited her to the Meet and Greet and she was so shy and we thought she would cry any minute. Let me clear this first, the Meet and Greet was a last minute confirmation. We were waiting for the email since weeks and when we arrived in Tokyo, Eve opened her email and there it was! Lucky us! (But really, I think they kept us waiting to the last minute so we would not run up a long list of names.) Well, the show started and we were pushed! I thought, this was exactly what I was scared of in the first place. Because we were supposed to stand since seated tickets were sold out so fast. (Later I found out it’s quite normal for Japanese to push each other in the train! Packed like sardines lol) That moment, we shouted don’t push! I shouted to Arz, “Push them back!” (This was caught in Tintol’s videocam by the way. haha!) As DrTp would later tell me, this is not your territory…well Arzbayani is a big guy, he tried to push back, but those girls in their 20′s were quite experienced in pushing I guess. The usher who wanted to get Tintol’s video camera was standing there too, he was being pushed himself but didn’t say a word! I was wondering already why. So the concert went on, I wasn’t moving! I was just watching Charice (more like staring at her). I know I was like a stone! When everyone else around me were shouting and dancing or moving. I was like fixed or nailed there like a piece of wood. Arz tried to wake me up many times. I think they got worried if I was ok or not enjoying the show (sorry about that), because it was so hot in there and I felt like there was no air circulation or something. So there I was mouth wide open until later she did “To Love You More” and the spotlight was focused on our direction and Charice saw me and smiled and waved at me! (Sorry I have to tell this story many times lol) Then she pointed either at me or Tintol (she was beside me) and she moved (or swayed) to the other side. Then I was awake! She did “Reset” after that if I remember it right. I loved it! Sing along time. It’s quite difficult though, her key is difficult to reach. Ok at least Reset is not that high but I have to admit, the rap part? I could never memorize it! Charice was beyond words, she was awesome, amazing, and she owned the stage, the songs (yes, even though not all songs that night were her own songs, she definitely showed how to interpret them, her own way!) As I’ve read a lot of reports and news before (believe me when I say a lot, if not probably 99 % of the news about her) on how she sings live, even better than on videos. It’s true, I could now confirm it, she sings live way better and she sings like those were recorded songs! But she’s singing live not playback! Here’s the set list for the night with Charice putting together some excellent song mash-ups. Security was very tight so we’re happy that video has popped up with just a few songs missing and some are only partial songs. We’ll add any more videos that might pop up later. Click the screen to enjoy the whole show or click the individual songs below.

Video Uploaded by KonekoChanKirei

  1. Rocketeer / Crazy in Love
  2. Empire State of Mind (JayZ/Alicia Keys cover)
  3. Replay / Pyramid
  4. Only Girl (Rihanna cover)
  5. Telephone (Lady Gaga cover)
  6. Firework (Katy Perry cover)
  7. I Love You / Officially Missing You (Tamia cover)
  8. Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
  9. Crescent Moon
  10. The Truth Is / I Will Always Love You
  11. Deja Vu (Beyonce cover)
  12. Rude Boy (Rihanna cover)
  13. Wherever You Are (with Unique Zayas)
  14. In Love So Deep
  15. Billie Jean / The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson cover)
  16. In This Song / All By Myself
  17. No Air (Chris Brown cover)
  18. Note To God
  19. To Love You More (Celine Dion cover)
  20. Reset
  21. Halo (Beyonce cover)

. We all met outside the venue after the concert and there we saw a Japanese couple taking pictures of the white glove Charice wore for the Michael Jackson medley. She threw it in the audience and these were the lucky ones to get it. They were taking pictures of their prize on the concrete ledge outside, placing it on the Charice souvenir program with huge photo of Charice on the front cover. Well of course we said “hello” to congratulate them and she pointed to us with a one-word question “chasters?” because they didn’t speak English. We nodded. Then we thought they might like to meet Charice to autograph the glove and fortunately, Eve’s Japanese homestay daughter was with us and could invite them to the Meet and Greet because we couldn’t speak Japanese! They were so overwhelmed and bowed politely and agreed immediately to come again next day. They were so excited, they were Chasters! They were going to meet Charice! Well we took the train back to the hotel (no one got lost this time lol). DrTp, Tintol, Arz and I had late dinner (we had early dinner and late dinner!) Japanese food of course. a????? (kampai) for Troy! Yes we had sake… Sleep duration: 3 hours.

Second Concert:

Since I’ve decided to watch the next night again, I think I might have influenced others too. To my surprise, DrTp, LAFan, Tintol, Justcharrie and Arz wanted to watch again. Eve would have joined us too but was having dinner with her Japanese daughter and 2 other former exchange students (they all joined us later for the Meet & Greet). Well it was too late to reserve concert tickets anymore so Mooffin gave Justcharrie my reservation number and some went early to Zepp Tokyo to fall in line at the ticket window. Falling in line and waiting. We waited so long outside, they let people in by ticket numbers, we ended up over 2400 something (we had “600″ tickets the night before). We thought we wouldn’t find a space anymore nearer to the stage. But thanks to LAfan again (I bow to you really) he led us to find the rest. And he did find them! After I suddenly heard him calling my name out loud, somehow it was unbelievable that the Japanese (as polite as they are) gave some space along the way….to the middle! There we were, we met the rest of the group and we enjoyed the whole concert. This time, I wasn’t a wood anymore. This second night, Charice did not sing All By Myself and Halo to conserve her voice for the last concert in Osaka 2 nights later. Still, what a great concert! I felt quite sad that there was no third concert night in Tokyo. I could imagine trying to get a ticket again. Sleep duration: 3 hours! Click the screen to enjoy the whole show or click the individual songs below

Video Uploaded by Hachiko0223

The Meet and Greet:

We were still on cloud 9 after the concert and we didn’t really want to go out. But those ushers kept shouting what we understood as “please proceed to the exits” or something like that. There we met SideburnerSol and he was devastated how one guard caught him taking videos and they deleted about 3 or 4 songs he recorded already. Oh well. It wasn’t meant to be. So we waited outside and went back again in the lobby until someone told us where to go. Actually, we all just followed Eve. We met Marc, then Charice and her security person

(we just call him that) arrived at the lobby. We met her Philippine Manager too. Charice saw Eve and hugged her then she saw me and she wanted to hug me too but security said we should start so we started. It was my turn first and Charice started talking to me, I asked first do you know me? She replied, yes of course “po”. Then she asked to my surprise, “Did they see you already?” (she meant about my picture) I had to laugh because I replied, “No, I will sue them!” (jokingly of course). I keep forgetting how good her memory is. Until someone shouted, here, picture! Oh I almost forgot why I was there! So I kept replying to Charice while trying to smile at the camera and not moving my mouth. Felt weird thinking about it later. I let her sign my concert ticket, she wrote my name and thank you, then next please. I met Troy, her keyboard player and musical director, then more pictures were taken. We shouted “We love you Charice!” In the end, Charice started singing Happy Birthday (we all joined her, although no one asked whose birthday it was). Later a Chaster who lives there (they joined us there in Tokyo) told me that it was supposedly a surprise to a Chaster in Japan. She asked where I live and I told her in Germany and she asked my name, I told her my real name. She asked, no your username. I couldn’t lie. To my surprise she suddenly got excited and asked her companion to take pictures, but she kept her camera in her bag (for a second I was glad). But then she insisted that she should take it out and she should take pictures with me. I could see her hesitance there. I got confused too until she told me, no worries, it’s only for me. She told me her username here in CM but sorry I forgot, better for me that you don’t know… ha ha!

Arigato Tokyo:

I love the Japanese audience. Generally very friendly folks. People came to line up, all ages (literally). I saw children, teenagers, middle aged adults, young people in cool outfits, grandmas/grandpas. Those oldies rocked! They were dancing and clapping their hands, swaying, arms in the air! Wow! Indeed, Charice has lots of charisma, she could overwhelm people regardless of age. She has songs for all audiences in Tokyo. IA?ve witnessed the jampacked venue, Zepp Tokyo for two consecutive nights! I’ve met my online friends from Team Charicemania. I sincerely thank a special someone for this wonderful experience. When we parted, I said, this was not goodbye…but only the beginning. Until we meet again my friends…..


Video uploaded by ChariceTV Crew

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