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Charice to return in “Comeback” Episode?

Charice to return in “Comeback” Episode?

The most recent media reports have claimed Charice could be about to make her “Glee” return in an episode aptly titled “Comeback,” due to air on February 15. So many rumors have surrounded Charice’s return to the show that we all approach the news with some caution. In

fact, the reports are tentative at best, with suggestions that foreign exchange student Sunshine Corazon will finally make her second appearance on the show based solely on the fact that Charice is in Los Angeles now, as the episode is being shot. That’s hardly confirmation but it is nonetheless possible. Charice was in Manila last weekend to tape a “Charice: Home for Valentine’s” special for Philippine TV but could only stay in her home country for two days because of commitments in Los Angeles. Is “Glee” what brought her back so quickly?

Sunshine Corazon small Charice to return in Comeback Episode?

Charice as Sunshine Corazon in 'Glee'

“Comeback” is the third episode after the winter break, and 13th in the second series, with tomorrow night’s “Super Bowl” episode (in which Charice had been

expected to sing

Black Eyed Peas’ “Meet me Half Way”) the show to re-start things where the show left off before Christmas. The episode is set to feature Sam Evans singing some Justin Bieber songs to win back Quinn; the songs include “Somebody to Love” and “Baby. Meanwhile, Rachel will set out to recover her place in the social order at McKinley High, and is reported to sing a duet from the musical “Rent” with Mercedes. Show co-creator Ryan Murphy has been quoted as saying: “We are doing an episode where Sam Sings a Justin Bieber song to win Quinn back… and copies his hairstyle. But it’s a small part of a big episode that had a lot of other things going on.” Whether those “other things” will include Sunshine Corazon is not known, and with Charice herself staying mum over details, we can only live in hope! By Admin, Order diakofukboy

4 Responses to “Charice to return in “Comeback” Episode?”

  1. Charice is so amazing girls i ever see….

    i am big fan of he… oh my!!!!!!…

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  2. Charice is so amazing girls i ever see…
    i am big fan of he

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  3. Hailey says:

    Dear admin, glee has already concluded its final season.

    PS: comeback episode of Glee was aired on februar 15, 2011 or four years ago.. :)

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