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Charice’s World Tour 2014

Charice’s  World Tour 2014

Charice will be travelling again for some concerts in the United States, Canada and Australia as posted in CTVC. Check the tour dates below.

When: March 8, 2014: 7pm
Where: Chabot College Performing Arts Center
eins 201x300 Charices  World Tour 2014

When:March 15, 2014: 7pm
Where: Wishire Ebell Theatre

When: March 28, 2014: 6pm
Where: Century Casino Calgary
Tickets: Contact Cheryl Cantonjos at or 1647.962.2002 voice/text/viber
(Source: Evenbrite: Charice World Tour – Calgary)

When: March 29, 2014: 7pm
Where: Global Kingdom Ministries
Tickets: $45/$65/$95

When: April 5, 2014: 7:30pm
Where: Croatian Catholic Centre
Tickets: $80/$100/$120
vier 211x300 Charices  World Tour 2014
When: April 6, 2014
Where: RNDM Performing Arts Centre WA Show
Tickets: $95/$150
When: April 12, 2014: 7:30pm
Where: Blacktown Workers Club
Tickets: $80/$100/$120
When: April 13, 2014: 6pm
Where: Unidus Community Centre
Tickets: $70/$90/$110

When: May 10, 2014
Where: Escondido Performing Arts

For those attending one of these concerts, have fun and good luck to Charice and team.

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61 Responses to “Charice’s World Tour 2014”

  1. ILoveCharice says:

    Cha please dont change your voice, we accepted you as who you are right now, but one thing is for sure, please dont change your voice, the way how you sing. We miss the old you!

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  2. CHAccount says:

    Missed the Toronto concert, I really didn’t know. Hope to see Charice’s concert one day. She’s still one of the best singer.

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  3. Rex says:
    I still love Charice style of singing, her voice is still the same to me since the start. I don’t have any complain as far as her singing goes, but there is only one wish I would like her to do if possible: I want to see her wear skirts and dresses again, like before. She is a lesbian alright, the whole world knows it, so wearing girly attires won’t hurt a bit. In fact it would help her image much, much better. Charice is very beautiful, and wearing dresses and skirts again while performing would be awesome and would help her career tremendously.

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    • khatman says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Rich says:

        I wonder if Charice, prior to her radical style change, was hindered onstage when wearing shoes with high platforms and heels. In her early appearances on StarKing, Ellen, Oprah, etc., she “stalked” the stage–commanding it, wearing lower shoes. When she wore the high-heeled shoes, such as in later DF shows (which were all vocally superb), she seemed to move far less. For that reason alone, I’m glad that she’s ditched the girlie high heels; she seems freer in her movements onstage.

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    • khatman says:

      Here you go – Charice dressing like Beyonce @ ASAP 13. Afterwards Cha said “Don’t expect me to do this again” (paraphrase)

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  4. Glenn says:
    Saw the video of her San Diego performance.

    Charice NEEDS TO STOP COVERING SONGS. It’s really upsetting knowing Charice is 5 years into her international career with two albums out, and yet she sings covers instead.

    Charice needs to push her own songs out, stop covering the songs.

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    • khatman says:

      I don’t have a problem with Charice singing covers. Singing covers is how she became famous. StarKing, Ellen, Oprah, Paul O’Grady, the TV shows in Italy – with the exception of Note to God and In This Song all the songs she sang on those shows were covers. She sang the songs as good as or better than the originals while making the songs her own. When she was with David Foster she sang songs that he wrote and/or produced for other performers in the past. Nobody was complaining that she was singing covers. Most of the originals written for her were on her 2010 album. Only a couple of songs on that album became hits. Her Chapter 10 album was all covers. Her infinity album had “Lighthouse” written for her by Natasha Bedingfield. I don’t know if “One Day” written for her by Nick Jonas was on that album. For some unknown reason she stopped singing most of the songs from the 2010 album album except for her biggest seller “Pyramid”(#8 on Billboard chart). Charice is supposed to have another album out in 2015. Maybe she will hire some songwriters like Diane Warren to come up with some decent originals. Btw some of the most famous singers like Celine Dion and Michael Buble have based their careers on singing covers.

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    • Rich says:

      Agreed. Covering Whitney and Celine served her well early on, but SHE NEEDS TO BREAK AWAY FROM HER PAST AS A KARAOKE AND CONTEST SINGER and establish/further develop her own musical identity. Singing current covers reminds the audience, even subliminally, of the artist (Beyonce, Katy Perry, Adele, Lady Gaga, etc.) most associated with those songs. (Exception: Charice’s rendition of “Make You Feel My Love” was, though recorded by Adele, equally known as a Bob Dylan classic and therefore fair game. It was BRILLIANT and should be on an album. So should the duet she did with Unique, “Wherever You Are,” unless there are copyright restrictions that can’t be bought out.) For live performances, she should focus on material from her albums and supplement it with an occasional obscure but great song from the past or one or two standards as she did with “Faithfully” and “When I Fall In Love.” Also, she should continue writing or co-writing her own songs, and then perform them onstage. Her audiences would LOVE that!

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  5. greatodu says:

    Belated Happy Birthday.
    I guess it’s time for the curtain down. Good night.

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  6. mamavi says:
    I’m still a fan of Charice. Although not in favor of what is going on when her life at the moment. I’m just an old-fashioned grandmother, I guess. Yesterday,I was at a big supermarket here in NZ and I was extremely elated when I heard them playing one of Charice’s old songs. It really made my day. They play it few times daily in regular tracks with Adele, Celine Dion, etc. via an FM station.

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  7. greatodu says:
    I am still living in the past enjoying her ovation songs like “Note to God”, “I will Survive”, “Listen”, “To Love you More” plus many more wherein I got goosebumps and tears. The bad news is that her concert videos in Italy and Korea had been pulled out of Youtube. Soon they will be gone. Meanwhile, Psy’s “Oppa Gangnam Style” just broke the 2 billion threshold. Just for info.

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  8. Josephine Godin says:
    My husband and I drove all way from Phoenix to Las Vegas to watch her concert then to Escondido California. It was an AWESOME concert especially the one in Escondido California. Charice is a very talented artist she really knows how to flex her style as a singer. She can sing high, medium and low notes.

    She is very creative does not stay in the same tune unlike the other artist. The same tune over and over again. Charice is very clever she started the high notes in her first term, then tried another venue which what she doing right now.

    Individual that commented negatively are narrow minded and does not think outside the box. Just like eating pizza and wings everyday for the rest of your life! Who want to do that! So entertainment had to try different things to capture different audience and Charice is basically doing just that. Sooner Charice former fans realize that the better! If you are a true Charice fan you should see the bigger picture and embrace the changes and just close your eyes and listen to her voice. Do not judge her apperance why don’t you look at yourself and the mirror before you judge other. Ask yourself can you do what Charice have done at age of 22 years. If not I suggest you SHUT UP and get a LIFE! Better yet stay in your little pathetic corner and keep looking at self in the mirror……maybe your look and pathetic voice will change. NOT NOT!!!!

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    • buntot says:
      So any criticism is forbidden? I have been a fan of Cha since her time on little big star. I don’t want to lock her into any style;she can pursue whatever music interest her. I have seen video of all the new shows and she still has her wonderful voice but the production values of the shows are at the level of TFC. Poorly coordinated “dancers” and music that often hides her voice rather than letting it be heard. I am not narrow minded and want Cha to have sucess but look at the audience in the concerts; same fans-same “pizza and wings”. Cha’s “creative team” troy, etc… only rearrange others work and provide no new material. Cha is a great singer, beautiful voice. don’t fool yourself into thinking it is the height of creativity to change her register while singing covers. I stand by my comments that she is a beutiful voice horribly mismanaged.

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      • grumpq says:
        omg…you’re watching the artist’s work for free and you’re still complaining? Those who paid and attended the concert didn’t complain.

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  9. Chune says:
    Just like to share this bit of wise advice from someone who’s familiar with the U.S. music industry:

    Borchetta warns that aiming for the pop mainstream is a treacherous game for country artists. “If you’re fortunate enough to have something cross over to top 40, you can’t chase that format because a year from then it could be predominantly hard rock or urban,” he says. “I encourage our artists to make their best record and then we’ll figure it out from there, because if you start chasing something, that’s the cardinal sin.”

    Short end of it: Rather than imitating other artists, just make the best music or song that suits your voice and it has a better chance of selling itself.

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  10. Manette153 says:
    Charice Concert in Cache Creek Casino on May 23 and 24 are already sold out a few days ago. Congratulations to Charice and her Team…Chassss! (“,)

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    • MEme says:

      She bought all the tickets herself. And some were given away for free. That’s what “others” say. I hope this is not true.

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      • Tim says:
        I have friends and relatives who are watching the show and they paid for their tickets. Those people getting free admissions are lucky, whoever they are.

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      • mamavi says:

        MEme, She bought all the tickets herself? Really? Would you do that? The concert organizers will know if the performers bought all the tickets through an account. Or maybe you’d say Charice distributed the cash to everyone, fans or not, and force them to go to her concert. Charice made some selfish decisions, but not this one. Her financial advisers would not let her. I just wish she’ll put her personal life aside, and get on with her music.

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  11. Manette153 says:
    Charice debuted (2010) @number 8 on Billboard 200

    Consider this…
    Whitney Houston debuted (1985) @ number 120 on Billboard 200
    Celine Dion debuted (1990) @ number 74 on Billboard 200
    Rihanna debuted (2005) @ number 10 on Billboard 200

    Hmmm…guys Charice is only 22 years And at 22, She already appeared in 2 Hollywood Films (Alvin and The Chipmunks & Here Comes The Boom )and appeared on TV’s Glee and a debut album at no. 8 on billboard 200.

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    • khatman says:
      Thanks for your support of Charice, Manette. I also continue to support her having attended two of her concerts – OctoberFesta in NY City and her World Tour appearance in Toronto. I also have a ticket for her Uncasville/Mohegan Sun show on June 14. I understand two of her concerts on the west coast have been sold out. As you say she is only 22 years old and has accomplished much for someone so young – moreso because she is filipina and not caucasian. There continues to be an emphasis on looks and belting, mostly coming from filipinos. But then I think of the British diva, Adele, who only has a 2 octave voice and whose belting is limited since an operation on her vocal cords which were damaged because of belting. Adele is also on the plump side but the above factors did not stop her from becoming the number one female singer before she opted to take a break to become a mother.

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      • sally says:
        Khatman and Manette153 i admire your devotion to Charice, i pray she continue to shine brighter than ever before, she is still young and has many years ahead of her, i hope she find her niche that would put her ahead, the one that would define her from the other singers out there. May GOD always guide and direct Charice to the right path.

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  12. chikoloco says:

    mga manaaayy!!
    baka naman nag tatake sya ng male hormone kaya pa tyug yug na lang ang vose nya!! . she has so many photos that she looks like a guy and photos in bed with her lover girl! kadrri talaga ! kising kising pa sila !! ayy i cant imagine what they are ding in reality! goshh!
    if i am her mother dear. i will puke siguro cause of iglesia daw sila!!
    hayy Charice- good luck na lang ha! konti na lang ang fans mo dito sa USA. nex time you have concert. pakonti konti na lang ang interesado . your golden voice is gone. out of tune pa and why you still singing pyramid at this time eh lumang lumang kanta na yon di bahh!

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  13. greatodu says:
    Charice completely lost her signature voice. Lani, Sarah and Regine are still belting but she can’t anymore. I can only reminisce those days of jaw-dropping, goose bumps and standing ovations. Those days are gone but are still found in cd’s and youtube. Those were the days.

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  14. buntot says:
    Cha has made poor career choices and is proof that a great voice is no guarantee of sucess. She also was marketed incorrectly by her U.S. handlers. Charice was always going to be a niche artist and DF and warner tried to make her appeal to the teen crowd but the only way to get wide appeal in that area now seems to be acting like you are a drug addled porn star which does not suit Cha’s body type or temperment. they should have marketed her as a “new Whitney” type voice and had her sing ballads which showcase her range and clarity of tone, instead they drowned her voice in the wash of pop that makes all singers sound alike. While the approach I proposed would not have made her a huge star it would have provided her a fairly wide audience and a long career outside PI. Now she is relegated to a slighty expanded version of a “Starmagic” career-gigs at malls in pi and appearances on ASAP with poorly produced “world tours” at venues the size of postage stamps. It is ad because in the DF and freinds shows we saw what she is capable of and now she seems almost a parody of herself. In five more years no one outside PI will even be interested anymore unless she re-evaluates her choice of support group, production values and market niche. I hope she suceeds as she truly has a remarkable voice; her tone has always struck me as one of the clearest most beutiful voices I’ve heard;to have it fall into the wash of garbage that overflows the airwaves is sad.

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    • Arlyn says:
      I really want Charice to start international activities again. I’m getting really tired of her always covering songs, she needs to release a new international album with original songs and tour singing only her original songs. Charice needs to establish her own identity in the music market instead of always covering songs!

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      • khatman says:

        Which is what were to happen (covering songs) if she were to go back to David Foster.

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    • Powereg says:
      This is very true. Whenever i come across her old videos belting Whitney’s and other ballad songs, i am still so touched and amazed that i would be stuck on my chair for hours scanning for more videos of her performances and whenever i see that videos of her in Ellen and Oprah shows, i still got a teary eye. If she could have been marketed differently, i think DF’s prediction about her getting a Grammy will have more possibilities of coming true. She’s still young though, there are still many things coming along her way. I am praying for you Charice. Please don’t stop touching people with your angelic voice.

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  15. Tim says:
    We have tickets for the concert on Sat., 5/10/2014 in Escondido. We watched several DFF concerts in Vegas before because of Charice and we’ll more so watch her solo concerts.

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  16. jou says:
    Kung matangkad ka sana, cguro mas ok tingnan pero….

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  17. jou says:
    I’m your fan charice pero sorry to say nakakadismaya,dahil parang di bagay ang itsura mo sa kinakanta mo.May mga gay at lesbian na natural ang kilos at original ang itsura, like anderson cooper, ellen,etc…sana ganun ka rin…

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  18. Lasingkasi says:
    Ay mga manayyyy!
    Laos na ang Chariroy nyo mga inang!!!
    Tapos na ang carrer Nya sa America.
    Maraming na turn off sa masculine looks Nya dayyyy. Maloka loca Akko sa appearance Nya . It don’t match with her voice,
    She appeared in benefit conert in NYC . Mga manayyyyy maraning nagulantang!!! Appear na appear . Dehins naman nabenta and performance Nya,, hay Jesus Maria Joseph ,
    Naman na isi aruuurayyyy!!!! Konti na lang ang nagdadawnload sa YouTube netong world tour na cheeseee and mga songs selections, I mean low class na mga dyokad!
    Hay buhayyyyy . Sorry Charic you stop that world tour dahli Komi Lang naman ang bent ang tickets . You go home na lang sa pinas with your new image.
    Sorry I’m no fan anymore who use to praise you. Now I’m your critic! Lol

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  19. buntot says:
    Sorry but the current shows look like a TFC production. Uncoordinated dancers and poor production value. Troy and “Cheesy” are second rate performers that have dragged Cha down and unless she reverts to earlier form she is lost. the whole trying to look like some mini leather clad michael jackson is not appealing at all.

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  20. greatodu says:
    Charice, you’ve got to do better than that, better than Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. If you still want to survive, sing like your old self and outsing your old self. I am not impressed lately.

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  21. Auau says:
    Dear Charice, please grow back your hair and you you might regain your power just like Samson did, a small compromise that can make a big difference. You don’t necessarily have to be butch looking as a lesbian; you still have a sweet, gentle soul that needs the better look to match, unless perhaps you intend to undergo reassignment in the future. I haven’t written you for sometime, and I hope you don’t consider this well meaning advice as a harassment. I am still a dedicated fan, and so are my nephews and nieces in the PI who look up to you as their role model.

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  22. Bobby jr says:
    Charice will be having a concert on June 1 in Vancouver,bc

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  23. james says:
    Charice when you come to las vegas I will work for you free. I can be a producer or marketing person. Please come. Please include vegas in your itenerary. Please…..

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  24. james says:
    Charice how about las vegas please…pretty please

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  25. Becky says:
    Yohoo. Celebration time.

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    • greatodu says:

      Alive again!!! But watch out for a couple of roaches gnawing this site. It will be wrecked again by the anti-Charice elements.

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    • sunday says:

      Your aura is not good now. But you are still young. You can still change. You must go to confession and go back to a feminine look. You look not good anymore. We love you and want only the best for you. You look amazing before. You are not giving people a joy but those who hate you charice. God bless.

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    • Theo says:
      I really wish Charice came here in June for Toronto World Pride! She would have gotten triple the attendance during that event!!!

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      • khatman says:
        Let’s see how Cha does attendance-wise on March 29th when her World Tour comes to Scarborough, Toronto. I’ll be there.

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    • Sticky99 says:
      Oh, finally!! Was wondering what she was doing.. Girls, we are up for some new youtube vids very sooon i guess :) :)

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  26. WebScribes says:
    Jennifer Hudson, Pentatonix, Charice set for typhoon victims benefit at MSG on Tuesday, 11 March 2014
    Click my name for more info

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  27. Tim says:
    Thanks for the concert info. We will watch the LA or Escondido show.

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  28. Joy Co says:
    I will be watching in L.A.!!! wooohooooo!!!!

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  29. cholo0107 says:
    Cool!!!! It’s about time! :)

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  30. khatman says:
    Hopefully I will be attending her Toronto concert on March 29. I say “hopefully” because I am having major surgery on March 7. If I get my doctor’s clearance I will be driving out there from the Albany NY area. I have my ticket and hotel reservation.

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  31. khatman says:

    Approximately 7 weeks later(May 18, 2009) Charice returned to Ti Lascio Una Canzone:

    My Heart Will Go On:

    I Believe I Can Fly:

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  32. khatman says:

    Io Canto Jan 23, 2010

    Adagio w/Christian Imparato

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