Charice “I Am What I Am”

Charice “I Am What I Am”

Charice gave an exclusive interview to Boy Abunda.  

Boy: Everybody is talking about you…Let’s start here. Why have you avoided the media?

Charice: When there are big issues that come out, of course I’m afraid because I’m still human. I’m very careful to the point that I don’t know anymore what I should say just so people’s reaction to it will be neutral. I don’t want to suddenly say something and then everything will be negative.  I gave myself a break to think what I should do, what next steps I need to take so that everything will get better.  This is why I am facing you today.

Boy: Why are you breaking your silence now? Why are you speaking up now?

Charice: I’ve asked for a lot of signs; it’s really true when you feel it…I’ve done a lot of things for the ones I love, for my family for many years, I did it for them.  Now I feel that this time I’d like to do things for myself.

Boy:  These signs, the signs which are the reasons why we are talking today…

Charice: Yes.

ccp 223x300 Charice I Am What I Am Boy: Let’s start talking about your family. Straight to the point: your Mommy Racquel and yourself -  are you angry at each other?

Charice: Yes, we had a fight, I have to understand her because if she hurt me, I know she was hurt more because she’s a mother. As of now, we’re not fighting. We’re still in that stage trying to understand each other, but I have to give her credit for trying to understand the situation, so yes we fight but that is normal.

Boy: Your grandmother – you and your “Lola,” are you quarreling?

Charice: The truth is, no. I’ve seen her interview but we’re not quarreling. In the first place, we didn’t have a chance to talk yet. Perhaps because she has her own opinion and I accept that, I’ve seen her interview and I understood that that’s how she felt but we’re not fighting.

Boy: Who is Robert Yberra?

Charice: He is my godfather. I’ve seen a lot comments from him, things that he said to the media and to some people. I respect him as a person. As my godfather, I owe him a lot.

Boy: You’re not mad at him?

Charice: I don’t know why I’m not mad at him. Even if I think I should be mad at him for the things he’s been saying, but I don’t. We stayed at his house…the small things…he’s the one who taught me how to drive.  As long as he knows me as a person and I know him, I respect him, I owe him a lot. That’s all.

Boy: There were rumors that you left your house without telling anyone. Is it true?  What are the reasons? Tell us the story.

Charice: No, I don’t know what to say about that. I left home, yes, but I think Mom knew that it would get to that point. I left not because I don’t want to be there; I left because that was what I needed to do.

Boy: Charice, everyone’s asking now, where are you now? Where do you live here in the Philippines? Who do you consider your family now, especially at these times that you are going through a lot in your life?

Charice: I am staying right now in Cabuyao, Laguna. I am staying with a family that I didn’t expect will take a chance….

Boy: Gamble (taking a chance)?

Charice: Gamble, as in they will take a bullet for me. That’s why on my birthday…I am lucky there are people like that, I didn’t expect that. It’s hard to trust, it’s hard to find people like that, but I left it to God to give me a sign of who can help me.  They are here in Laguna – Mommy Ina, Daddy George, and older brother Glenn. I’ve known them for a long time since I was young, so when I got to their house that day, I felt comfortable already.

Boy: You’re home here, in this house?

Interview Part 1 with English Subtitles:

Charice Buzz Interview part 1/2 (English Sub) von Capofret-Chaster

Charice: Yes, I can say that when I come inside this house, I can lie down and say I am tired. I can do anything, I can pretend to be crazy, I can show them who the real Charice is without judgment from others.

Boy: This is what you call home.  What do you want to tell them, your new family?

Charice: I would like to thank them but I don’t feel that it’s enough to just say that. I’ve been here a month but it feels like years. I would like to say in front of all of you that I thank them very much. I hope people don’t think bad things about them because if it weren’t for them, I won’t be here today. I’d be so depressed so I am very thankful.

Boy: Are you hoping that you, Grandma, Mommy, and Obet will sit down and talk?

Charice: Maybe, I always think that everything will be ok.

Boy: Another rumor – your career is over and you are just sitting around in Cabuyao, Laguna doing nothing.

Charice: You know people here call me homeless?

Boy: Why homeless?

Charice: Homeless. I laughed because I realized that it is difficult. You try to be down to earth, and people still comment.  People see me walking around – that’s me. I’d rather do that than be seen as a high society person who doesn’t go out (in the streets).  I watch basketball tournaments which what I like to do now – this is what I want to do.

Boy: Let’s talk about your career. What happened to your career?

Charice: My US manager is still Marc Johnston, nothing changed. Glenn Aldueza here in the Philippines. It’s nice to have people who know your likes and dislikes. I’m going to have a recording, which will be featured in a big project. There are also TV shows but I can’t talk yet. If I am allowed to talk, I will.

Boy: In other words, there are things still happening in your career?

Charice: For my fans here in the Philippines, we are working on a third album, just for you.

Boy: This is what the Filipino people are waiting for, the most controversial thing. I am thankful that you are brave and you trust me in telling your story. When your pictures appeared in social networks, there were many questions and theories on your change in appearance, hair, clothing and your mannerisms.  Why the change?  There are speculations that you’re rebelling, you’re looking for attention. What do you want to say?

Charice: I don’t know how to explain. I was being truthful. I had a hair cut – all the choices that I made I know are very risky. I’ve done them because I want to, not because I was rebelling, not because I was hurt by a person or family, not because I am emotionally depressed. I did them because I wanted to.

Boy: This a hard question. I don’t know how to phrase this, only because I believe that we don’t owe anybody an explanation. I believe that sexual orientation and gender identity don’t have anything to do with talent, but I need to ask you, are you a lesbian?

Charice: Uncle Boy I have a chance to do this internationally…

Boy: Charice, you mean this conversation didn’t have to happen here?

Charice: I chose to do it here because I owe it to the Filipino people. I felt that they should be the ones to know what I am and who I am. Yes, I’m a tomboy. I don’t know why that’s a problem? Because for me, it’s not a problem. Now I want to ask forgiveness to those who don’t understand, to those who can’t accept me. I’m sorry. I can understand. For those who will accept and can accept me, thank you very much. And for what I have done I just want to say that I feel that a heavy weight has been lifted from me now (tears up voice slightly breaks). That I can leave the house without hiding anything, nor putting anyone down because I’m not hiding anything. Sorry Mommy, Carl…but this is me. I’m proud of myself, I love myself.  That is why I’ve done this. To my fans, I know a lot of you are disappointed, some of you will probably leave me. Sorry. You know I’m a sincere person (by purdy). From the bottom of my heart, sorry. I understand.

Boy: Charice, I would like to clarify, you’re sorry not because you’re a lesbian, you’re sorry because….

Charice: I know that all of them got hurt.

Boy: They got hurt because you came out and they never expected this and in our culture this is not the normal and usual way and most of the time remains hidden so that the public and fans stay happy. But you chose to tell the truth because it was the right thing to do. Do you hope one day that you could work overseas in a world, in an industry, that won’t look at gender but talent?

Charice: I believe that someday, it will come. It’s just difficult at the moment. I believe that someday, we will come out and work as equals. That’s why sometimes they say: Are you gay? (And I answer) what, are you straight? It’s all the same.

Boy: How do you feel? Do you feel free?

Charice: Overflowing.

Interview Part 2 with English Subtitles:

Charice Buzz Interview 2/2 (English Sub) von f100000106818361

Boy: I’ll just push this, now that you’ve said you’re a lesbian, have you ever had a relationship with a fellow woman?

Charice: Yes, of course. I can’t tell who, but yes, I’ve experienced it.

Boy: But you needed to hide?

Charice: Yes TNT (laughs). (TNT means “tago nang tago” or always hiding.)

Boy: The last time I saw you, you were with Cheesa. Did you have a relationship with her?

Charice: Oh yes! No, it’s a joke! Because I remember we posted a picture captioned “my baby girl.”  Then we saw on our Twitter timelines, jowa/jowaers (bf or gf gay lingo for girlfriend), things like that, but no.

Boy: You’re so cute you can do that now.

Charice: (laughs) It’s not true, Cheesa is like a sister, a big sister.

Boy: Here is another question people are waiting for. Who is Alyssa Quijano in your life?

Charice: Wait, I’ll wipe my perspiration first….Uhm…We’ve known each other for a long time now. We met when she was 9 and I was 10. In singing contests, we used to compete with each other. We met again when we saw each other on X-factor. All I can say is, she is an inspiration in my life. She’s one of the people who gave me strength. At the moment, she’s a very special person.

Boy: You love Alyssa?

Charice: Sorry! I wish you could open my heart and see the answer.

Boy: If I could open your heart, is it a yes or no?

Charice: It beats strongly.

Boy: A strong heartbeat…Is Alyssa the reason why there is a misunderstanding between you and your family?

Charice: Maybe we could say it’s one of the expected reasons.

Boy: They’re saying she’s the one you are spending your money on, that your family don’t like her.

Charice: All I can say is that they don’t know her. They don’t know how amazing she is but I know she understands.

Boy: Did the two of you elope?

Charice: Uncle boy? Am I like a teenage boy?

Boy: Do you plan to get married someday?

Charice: One day, one day. Not at the moment but one day.

Boy: Where is God in your life now?

Charice: In my heart always but some people think I’ve have forgotten Him. But everyday I’m always say  “Lord, I leave everything up to You” because I know that He is the “One” guiding me.

Boy: What is your prayer to God?

Charice: My prayer is that people will accept me, that my family accept me.

Boy: Charice, from all of these, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned?

Charice: To Mommy and Carl… I wish I were more open, more honest because the most important (thing) in the relationship between parents and their kids is to be open to one another, whatever the reaction of the other will be. To all young people my age, people undergoing the same thing – be true to yourself. We know in ourselves who we are. Life is too short to play games. Just be free.

Boy: Again, for your fans.

Charice: Chasters, this is it! New chapter. Welcome, welcome to my crazy life. Enjoy the ride.

Boy: If there is a song that will capture what you want say to the world, what is that song? Sing me that song!

Charice: (Sings “F***ing Perfect” by PINK)

Boy: What was that favorite song you used to sing in most of the contests that you used to join? The one you and your Mom chose?

Charice: I might cry again.

Boy: I would love to hear you sing that song now that you’re free!

Charice: (sings Maghintay ka Lamang)

Boy: I love you Charice and thank you.

Translations: Mingfan, Bbelj, Mooffin

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” – William W. Purkey

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philt1 Charice I Am What I Am

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  4. lily says:

    Can you come back tk the old charice please

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  7. gary says:

    Additional comments, I hope she will found the father figure in David Foster who will provide all the fathers characteristic to their children sooner possible. And I wish she back with her real family as normal.

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  8. gary says:
    I love the old cherice. How I wish Oprah and David Foster discovered her just like who is she now. That case no one become so shock and disappointed with her actions. To me, talent is not enough to make someone become your fan. Personality, appearances and Values are equally important to become a diva/artist/superstar. I followed her story from the first time she was introduced to the world. She was there! She was Celine Dion, Beyonce and Whitney Houston of the east.I’m not judging. I’m just one of her disappointed fan. From young she lived without a father. I understand who is she and why is she chose to be lesbian right now is because she has been missing a father figure around her. Sorry again, to me the old Cherice and the new Cherice are TWO different person. Missed her dearly.

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    • khatman says:

      David Foster was among her close friends who were told by Charice that she was gay when she was 18. He kept her secret right up to the last time she performed with him – November 25, 2011 @ Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. Her last song with David Foster was “You Are So Beautiful” dedicated to her late father. Not sure about Oprah knowing but when Charice did come out in June 2013 Oprah tweeted her support with just one word – “Freedom”. The only thing that has changed is her appearance. She still has the same personality and values. Her personality is intact except she is now an adult and thinks like an adult. She is in control of her own life and destiny. As for values, she is still the humble, down to earth person we knew as the “old” charice. Among those values is honesty which is why she chose to “come out” even though she knew it could mean the end of a promising career. Living a lie was becoming too heavy a burden.

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  9. greatodu says:

    Click on this link to hear Charice’s sound track on the latest animated film:

    The Swan Princess: “Right Where I Belong”. You will notice that her voice is the same as in Glee days and HCTB days.

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  10. fug1y says:

    its sad.

    hard to comment or judge someone who goes thru troubles of life. you cant say you would never do what others do, it depends on situation and the person needs n wants.

    to me, all i knw is that………..

    charice == the one that got away

    doesnt matter what you say, it depends on how you see her and how you want to judge her.

    what rights do you have to judge someone? its not like your god. i guess you have never told you – if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all.

    i definitely miss charice. i wish it could have been different with her.

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    • greatodu says:

      @fug1y – Nice to hear you back. I come to this site everyday just to check what’s going on. It’s sad to see the demise of this site. There had been so much excitement here last year.
      I heard that Charice reconciled with her grandma when they met at her concert in Binan, Laguna, PHL. What is she doing in Binan, I thought she is making a world tour in Canada and Australia? I hope something significant happens soon.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

      • khatman says:


        USA and Canada in March, Australia in April. According to Troy Laureta USA and Australia is just the first leg of her World Tour. No schedule posted yet beyond April. I’ll be attending the Toronto stop March 29.

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    • Adrian-Cebu says:

      Hi guys i recently watched yesterday Charice’s Valentine concert with Aiza here in Cebu and it was full-packed. Charice is still at her best with regards to performance.Too bad the admin of this site lost interest in her and not covering her recent performances. I can’t blame them. To each his own. Nonetheless, i will remain to be a CHASTER for Life as her talent is not fading at all. She will SHINE again in the international arena. I am sure of that. True talent knows no gender. And by the way, Charice is dressing up well in her concerts and with class so she’s still being decent with being a lesbian. And i have no problem with that.

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  11. greatodu says:

    There you go, Osang Fontanes, the Israel x-factor winner and the only Filipino ever to win x-factor, wants to make a duet with Charice, her favorite Filipino singer.

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  12. Amador says:
    I used to be the biggest fan of Charice before although I am in my early 70′s now. When she abandoned her mother and brother and completely disclosed her affinity, I said to myself that would be the beginning of her downfall. Now, Charice is slowly fading away not only in America but also here in the Phil. I totally lost my admiration to the once cute and most talented girl in the world (as coined by Oprah) when she abandoned her family to live with her domestic partner. I pity Charice but I hope she wakes up to reality and makes amends to her family.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 4

    • Khatman says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 9

      • frank says:
        You said that being gay is not a choice? Where did you get that idea?

        Could you please shed light to all of us here including the medical community how it is possible to predict that a baby will turn out to be gay? Do we test the DNA structure of a baby and say, “This baby is going to be gay”.

        Can you predict if a baby is going to be a murderer by checking on the baby’s DNA structure?

        Homosexual behavior is a choice.

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 13 Thumb down 4

        • khatman says:

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  13. markcha says:
    charice you should go back to ur old image,we still waiting for ur come back,u are strong and brave young lady u can make it to the top again,the love is allways there but the opportunity is hard to get,if ur girl love u then she can understand and support u…..

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2

  14. frank says:
    Do you want to know my prediction on what Charice will consider this year? I won’t be surprise if she attempts to team up with Monique Wilson, Aiza Seguera and Israel x-factor winner Rose Fostanes for a concert in the Philippines.

    If you will ask me if the “lesbian singing team” will translate to a good ticket sales in the market, that part is yet to be seen.

    In every success, there is formula that needs to be followed. The problem with Charice is she thought that her voice that dazzled millions of audience around the world is her main magic formula. Now she knows that her voice will only take her so far.

    Since severe damage has already been inflicted on her career, I doubt if she can still recover from this catastrophic career crash even if she turns away from the lesbian life.

    You need to care for your career if you are in showbiz. A slight turn can cause you to fall.

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  15. greatodu says:
    When she gets to be 47 years old Charice can still regain her fame like Rose Fontanes, if wealth and sex don’t completely ruin her.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  16. TKlumpner says:
    I guess it is the end of Charice’s career. She ruined it when she changed her image. What a waste of talent! Only her country will spend the time watching her.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 21 Thumb down 4

    • greatodu says:
      She had her great moments up to 2011. She is only 21. Lani Misalucha, Lea Salonga and Sylvia Latorre were still belting way past that age. Who knows? Meanwhile I have just been listening to her old “My Grown-Up Christmas List” (Rockefeller). Like living in the past, you know.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 13 Thumb down 6

      • khatman says:

        I just got off of Facebook. My last post mentioned Lea Salonga whom I described as belting just enough to get the job done. This was one of the things I noticed when she came to my hometown two summers ago. At the same time I stated that in a couple of her videos I observed that Lea can hold a note longer than anyone else that I have heard so far but only does so when the song calls for it, never to impress. I even went so far as to say that in a belting contest between Lea and Charice that I would put my money on Lea. But I went on to say Lea would never do that to Charice as Lea respects Charice too much to do that to her. Extended belting may get applause in the Philippines, but experienced singers know that constant belting will eventually take its toll on the voice. I believe this is why Charice has cut back on her belting – she is in it for the long haul.

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

        • greatodu says:
          In spite of the many voice/talent competitions produced in PH I still have to see one who can come close to Charice. I am bothered by the thin squeaky voice typical of oriental singers.
          Charice’s is thick with wide range of harmonics which soothes my senses. Finally, her style and musicality are proprietary to her. Senseless be it, I live in the past.
          Happy New Year!!!

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    • LA says:
      That’s what I was afraid of after Charice came out. I do understand her personal preference, however, unfortunately, her singing career is not going anywhere.

      For sure the talent is still there, but talent is only 50 %. The style, type of songs, and MARKETABILITY of an artist/singer are way more important in this kind of career. I hope her team / management will realize what is happening.

      She is still young and can still change her gender preference and image. Yes, some people might accepted her, but MAJORITY of people don’t seem to appreciate her IMAGE now.

      Sorry for all of us as a follower/fans, but the truth speaks for itself. No project means her career is not going anywhere. The international singing career we all wanting for her seems not happening.

      I normally visit this website everyday, and I noticed a lot of Chasters are sharing their insights, concerns and comments, unfortunately, it diminished down to some few people. What a sad thing to think about Charice’s career. Peace Chasters !!!

      Is there any website out there about Charice?

      I am still a Chaster regardless, however, I missed the OLD CHARICE.

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