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Who Are We to Judge Charice?

Who Are We to Judge Charice?

We would like to share the comments from some of the most loyal supporters of Charice for the past years. These Chasters we admire most because of their commitment in promoting Charice. After all the turbulences and negative comments in social networking sites these past days, including the comment section here in Charicemania, we hope to open a platform for ideas and free discussions in a civilized manner. We encourage Chasters to participate…so “fire away”.

Note: Inapproriate, rude comments will be edited and/or removed.

From Sideburnersol:
Thanks for sharing your views. I appreciate that you requested the replies to be free of name calling, character assassination and personal attacks. Please forgive me if my attempts to provide alternative views to your own may come across as overly pedantic. Despite my best efforts I have not mastered the art of writing succinctly. Also, please consider that although I have had varying degrees of personal contact with most all of the individuals I defend, I am still very much like what I believe you to be, on the outside looking in, so, I am not claiming to have absolute truth.

Concerning the first issue you brought up, ai???trashing family issues in the social mediaai???, I believe we are, for the most part, in agreement. As a parent of a grown daughter, I particularly liked your comment that a parentai??i??s role is to ai???encourage and nurture, but not controlai???. However, I disagree with your statement that ai???Charice needs to learn to listen to her momai???. I think that Charice knows very well how to listen to her mom. IMHO, Charice, having heard her mom, wisely chooses not to respond publicly and I trust that she is looking for the appropriate time/environment to respond privately. My prayer is that someone with strength of character, and expertise in relationship building, will intervene privately to provide counseling for all family members. It is my personal experience that when everyone agrees that they could use some help to make things right, individuals can more easily understand their roles in the conflict, accept responsibility for their actions and work toward a healthy family relationship.

Regarding your observations about the individual that Charice has chosen to be her Music Director, and whom she has repeatedly referred to as, ai???her brotherai???, Troy; I hope you will be open to reconsidering your conclusions. Although Troy sometimes uses ai???colorfulai??? language, from what I have observed, it is mostly either used in jest, or, to extemporaneously add emphasis to a modern urban slogan, or, he is using it to mischievously describe an event/object. I follow Troyai??i??s tweets regularly and my view is that he is not a hateful tweeter/person. He does not make a habit of using profanity to attack individuals. I view his language as neither ai???vulgarai??? nor ai???despicableai???. You previously mentioned agreeing with the views of PJ. You may know that PJ previously received a phone call from Charice and his vlogs were followed by many Chasters. Iai??i??m not sure which video you are referring to, but I hope itai??i??s not the one about Troy & Cheesa, where PJai??i??s suggestions were based on information he later admitted was wrong. I only bring this up because I didnai??i??t hear you criticizing PJ for his prolific use of profanity in the majority of his videos. Where does the critiquing of those Charice may become close to end? Nobody is perfect. When will the looking for the positives in those she loves and respects become our focus? Can Chasters refrain from condemning those that Charice chooses to be in her inner circle when they exhibit some trait that we may not fully endorse? Can we choose to give them the benefit of a doubt if their actions can be viewed as questionable so that perhaps we can appreciate the heart of the person and the theme within their messages? I hope so.

Please consider some mitigating circumstances to the actions/attitudes you attribute to the individual that Charice chooses to spend lots of her free time with when she is in Los Angeles; Troy. If you are a devoted follower of Troyai??i??s twitter, then you know that Troyai??i??s twitter timeline is constantly bombarded with requests from Chasters for pictures of Charice and updates on her every move. As you admit, Troy is very gifted musically. He has many fans, most of which are probably also Chasters; so, it seems fine to me that Troy posts pictures of himself along with Charice. It also seems fine to me that he gives updates on his own work as well as his work with Charice. Iai??i??m not exactly sure what you meant by ai???BS baggardai???? Iai??i??m guessing you meant something like braggadocios? Troy has a healthy ego and I know he does comment about being proud of Argumentative essay his work. However, I donai??i??t think that he overly puffs himself up, or that he is arrogant. On the contrary, I think Troy is rather modest concerning his critically important role in directing talented musicians, arranging music and mapping the flow of songs for Chariceai??i??s and other artistai??i??s performances. As you may know, Charice dropped her public twitter accounts because of repeated unkind comments about her. If Chasters choose to treat Troy as they have Charice, I imagine that Chasters will also lose the privilege of viewing Troyai??i??s pictures with Charice.

Have you considered how stress relieving it must be for Charice to have someone working for her that has a wonderfully supportive family? Have you counted the plethora of Troyai??i??s tweets of adoration addressed to his mom and dad, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family? Have you considered the state of someoneai??i??s heart that consistently tweets messages/pictures that unquestionably shows how much their family means to them? Will you consider how openly both Troy & Cheesa commend their parents for their examples of unconditional love and family unity? If you have followed Troy & Cheesa, both on fb & Twitter, then you might see more evidence of what wonderful people they are and what a blessed family life they share. Charice has said that she feels like she is a part of their family. I hope you and other Chasters will see how that type of experience is a blessing for Charice.

I just checked the twitter account of the source for the obscured picture of Chariceai??i??s letter and as far as I know, Charice still hasnai??i??t published the content of the letter. Whatever she may write, I hope that Chasters will look for the positives and do as you previously stated, ai???I hope that some sense and something good will come out from your minds and hearts out of this postai???.

Best regards to my Chaster family.

From LantaoIslands:
Lantao seldom be here. Point is Iai??i??m a freaking busy guy with tons and tons of work around the clock. Yet, Iai??i??m not dumb and Iai??i??m not stupid. I do read and I do listen and I did my researches as well. Well, if I donai??i??t say a word, I just pretend I dunno and avoid throwing stones onto the water surface to cause damaging ripples.

When Celebrity needs to write a public letter, there must be something of ultimate importance to announce. Put it this way: no news from a public figure like our international singing sensation Charice is bad news. On the contrary, ANY News for a celebrity is good news because it helps to draw attention. Good news, bad news, drama, controversies, rumors, tweet fights, FB leaks, tomboy Fotos, tattoo, long-and-short of hair, ayiee, or even news on fans ai??i?? etc, etc, etc. All of these are news for a celebrity to keep their presence among us, a kind of keeping us in the loop for ai???Something Big to Happenai??? later.

Added to this picture might be the media later, gossiping on ABC & XYZ. Well, lantao always prepare for the worst news ai??i?? news that might be beyond the scope we can accept. But so what! All I enjoy is our dear princessai??i??s music and I care less for her personal life even though I also pray for her and wish her the best on everything.

A singer is also a human and any human will go through the same stages we all have been gone through before: family issues, preference in love and personal behavior, so on and so forth. Please understand that nobody is perfect on the planet earth and we SHOULD NOT demand a teenager to be perfect by all means?! Come on, please be fair to our dear little princess!

Right or wrong is subjective. To allow someone to grow stronger, you need to allow that person walk through the eye of a hurricane. From long to short, from girlish to tomboy, from obedient to rebellious as some might say, or from pure to being tattooed, and the mysterious ayie business ai??i?? letai??i??s cool our heads down and allow some room for this young lady to walk her path. Yeah, it might seemingly be wrong, but thatai??i??s how we learn and grow stronger. Or it is nothing more than a marketing strategy for her next move.

All news are good news for a celebrity as their handler can tweak all good news and bad news to their direction and to their benefit to re- brand their star. Letai??i??s all stay tune and be united. No matter what happen, we all remain stay put! Hey, when did we forgot the slogan of ai???Together at da Top, Babyai???!

From Mooffin:
Regarding something big. What if Cha is contractually bound not to say anything about it until a certain time? Whether whatever it is is already done or not, what if she has no control over when to say something or what to say about it? Can you imagine how frustrating that must be? Youai??i??re bursting to say something about your career but you canai??i??t? And people saying nothingai??i??s happening and you canai??i??t defend yourself? What if all these changes in image point to a new direction music-wise? Sheai??i??s said before she wants to be like Avril. What if all these image changes are part of packaging her new direction? If she said something big is going to happen, then something big really will. We just have to wait and see.
I can understand the frustration of chasters, but we have to keep in mind we were so spoiled before when one thing after another was happening to her, when her schedule was so punishing. No human can sustain that kind of activity. In every artistai??i??s career there are ebbs and flows.

Some people say her career is over. I will only believe it when Cha herself says that she is retiring. It may not be the career of Beyonce or Madonna but itai??i??s still a career. As long as she is singing, whatever genre it is, or whatever image she has, itai??i??s still a career.

We all have our preferences and wishes for Cha, myself included, but iai??i??ve realized itai??i??s her life to live and i am just a fan. If i donai??i??t like the direction she is going into, i can stop being a fan, but i will not disparage Cha nor others who choose to remain fans and I will always be grateful to Cha for years of happiness watching her, and the friends Iai??i??ve made because of her.

People think they know what is best for Cha. I am guilty of this too, in the past, I just didnai??i??t say it. But when people realize that they really donai??i??t know what is best for another person, especially without knowing the facts, without witnessing the behind the scenes, then there will be peace. There comes a point when you just have to let it go, itai??i??s her life to live. We get to live our lives, why canai??i??s she live hers?

Here’s the previous comment posted by Bing:
Allow me to re-post a previous view and say something about the mom & brotherai??i??s trashing family issues in the social media:

Wether you are a celebrity, a common person or nobody, you never go to social media to castigate your children/siblings,to extend your desire to control your child by humiliating in public with the unintended intention to isolate and keep her totally under your wraps. In the western world, this is domestic violence.

No parent has right to subject their children to any forms of abuse but they have they responsibility to teach what is right from wrong and provide guidance when needed & required and/or desired to encourage and nurture but not control. No children desired to be brought out in this world but certainly can be grateful being born.

Almost everyone is saying in various ways that Charice needs to learn or listen to her mom which I agree but, None of us has mentioned that the mum also has to learn and listen to her. Listening or learning does not mean following the same DNA of the footprints of the parent/s. Both of them were born in different generations and all the differences associated with it in the environment they grow or outgrow with.

From my previous post, please comment, I wish to see where my nonsense fall and weather somethings do matter:

I havenai??i??t seen Chaai??i??s letter to Chasters suggesting that she was taking a break but I hope that when she does return to perform that she will have the professional management that are to standrard of her calibre and her global audience.

Lately I have just been biting my tongue regarding the inappropriate behaviour and inappropriate language of her musical director ai??i?? Troy. His language in Twitter has realy been vulgar & despicable ai??i?? about up to 2/3 months ago posts.

Also, I didnai??i??t like the idea Troy bragging about his influence over Chariceai??i?? It could be well true but he didnai??i??t have to say it. Some of it were in defence for his sister Cheesa & also Charice. Even in a number of pictures he posted with Charice ai??i?? the latest one was her personal gig I think Malaysia, he is taking centre stage.

I can understand that for Chasters of which he is one but, he is an employee first. Have you ever heard of people working for any artist in the background role taking centre stage with the artist & all this BS bagging of themselves other than in the Phils.

My personal impression & friend is that he trying to grab the publicity in close association with Charice with the indirect/implied intention of promoting his sisterai??i??s career and himself.

What matters to many is Charice and she should not overstep in the limelight to self promote his interestai??i??and at times acts as press officer for Cha. Itai??i??s like an info tease with vagueness.

Maybe this sort of behaviours sit well with Phil audience but not the global followers of Charice.

I am in the belief that Chaai??i??s management would be best handled by people of international taste and appetite with reputation and standard sellable to her global market. At the moment, Troy comes across as her ai???managementai??????????

Donai??i??t get me wrong, Troy is very good with the musical instruments/electronics I guess and thatai??i??s about it as far as chaai??i??s career is concerned ai??i?? this is the reflection of my Australian group following Charice.. And Troyai??i??s actions/behaviour should reflect the standard of Cha of which he is working for ai??i?? not this vulgar language and despicable outburst.

Yes he is a person too but, he is an employee first working for Charice. While he is with her, he should just tone down his language and stop the grab for the limelight, becomes annoying.

Some of you may not like of what I have to say here now but, I speak the thoughts of the many I know in our Sydney group. I must say that our interest here is simply the unbelievable talent of Charice and almost all of us in the group did not follow any particular artists until we came to know Charice.

May I also say to those haters of Charice, make sense with what you disagree with her, no name calling and not character assassination or personal attack. Focus on the talents because that is where she is for us after all and thatai??i??s how she came to us. Make your personal suggestions/views out but donai??i??t get this notion that she will exactly do what you and I want..

She will always fall short in pleasing anyoneai??i??s expectations but she can surely transform some of those expectations in her own way and that we should credit her for doing so as well as be gratified ourselves that she somehow made those efforts to reach out to us.. If still you are not happy then abandone her and find someone else who you fell most happiest to support. Donai??i??t make it hardest for you to be happyai??i??.go, where joys lead you!

I hope that some sense and something good will come out from your minds and hearts out of this this post. Thank you all and good afternoon from Sydney.

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  1. Charles M says:

    I suspected that Charice was a lesbian as early as 2009, when I saw in tour videos and interviews that she seemed uncomfortable with her own femininity. All I can say is, Thank God she is out. I think her worst problem over the past four years has been mismanagement of her career, and I think the conflicts over coming out have been a large part of that. I think David Foster and his people have tried hard to turn Charice into a female Clay Aiken, and really, that is just not her. I just cannot see her putting on a wig and a dress and covering her tattoos in order to perform Whitney Houston songs, and I really do not want to see Charice perform Whitney Houston songs while dressing like Larry the Cable Guy or grabbing her crotch like Michael Jackson. At the same time, I do not see Charice taking a hard edge with her music like Melissa Etheridge. Now that you are out, Charice, stop trying to please everybody else, and find your own direction. You have an amazing voice — but for too long it has been everybody’s but your own.

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