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A Letter From Charice

A Letter From Charice

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139 Responses to “A Letter From Charice”

  1. pompyang says:

    pompyangan pala ang hilig ni charice! pati brocha lol

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  2. mia robles says:
    I am sad to know of what is going on with Charice. I like the way she sings but sana need to think twice of what she is going to do. Ok lang naman if she admits that she is a lesbian ok lang yun kasi nakikita naman. Sayang yun pinaghirapan nya na marating kung ano meron sya kasi mahirap bumalik kung aayawan ka ng tao. The same thing happen to Aiza but she has to climb back again. niloko pa sya ng handler di ba? She has the talent and huwag lang sana nya sayangin and oopurtunity. Charice… sana marealize mo you have the talent pero pangangalagaan mo yan. ok lang magmahal but huwag mo pabayaan ang career mo na tinulungan ka ni Opra and Mr. Foster. oppurtunity comes ones don’t waste it. ika nga strike while the iron is hot.

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    • pokemon says:

      if she’s ready to be lesbian why all the picture showing up still long hair on Web and the backround everytime she is guesting even on the website and also her album it very confusing ….

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  3. monica lin says:

    nobody can change her style or her personality but her. so no matter what people say to her i know she will be strong and have a awesome life because peoples words dont matter to anyone . so let her be her and let herself.. thnx mlb

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  4. giancalro23 says:
    we miss the old charice who rock the she coming back.?

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  5. giancalro23 says:

    good for charice.

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  6. Yown says:

    That letter is for chasters.. Nagpapasalamat siya sa lahat ng patuloy na suporta.

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  7. Uncle ed says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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