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One Woman: A Song for UN Women

One Woman: A Song for UN Women

MARCH 6th UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED Charice is one of the artists who participated in the United Nation’s theme song “One Woman” which will be released on International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Video of One Woman: A song for UN Women:

Video description: “On 24 February 2011, the celebration of the launch of UN Women in New York concluded with the performance of the song “One Woman.” It was written for the occasion, with lyrics by Beth Blatt, and music co-composed by Graham Lyle and Clay.”

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Video Courtesy of UNWomen Now available via iTunes and Amazon: List of participating artists: AngAi??lique Kidjo Anoushka Shankar Bassekou Kouyate Bebel Gilberto Beth Blatt Brian Finnegan Buika CHARICE Cherine Amr Debi Nova Emeline Michel Fahan Hassan Idan Raichel Jane Ana Bacalhau onewoman290 en 75x75 One Woman: A Song for UN Women“From China to Costa Rica, from Mali to Malaysia acclaimed singers and musicians, women and men, have come together to spread a message of unity and solidarity: We are “One Woman”.” To be launched on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2013, the song is a rallying cry that inspires listeners to join the drive for women’s rights and gender equality. “One Woman” was written for UN Women, the global champion for women and girls, to celebrate its mission and work to improve women’s lives around the world. This year, International Women’s Day will focus on ending violence against women ai??i?? a gross human rights violation that affects up to 7 in 10 women and a top priority for UN Women. As people everywhere prepare their commemorations, “One Woman” reminds us that together, we can overcome violence and discrimination: “We Shall Shine!” Join us on 8 March to help spread the word and enjoy this musical celebration or women worldwide. Source: Official Website,UN Women Posted by Schoen,

215 Responses to “One Woman: A Song for UN Women”

  1. greatodu says:
    I would like to commend neil delant (Virginia Beach), FlorOfTexas (Texas), luckieme510 (Eastern Time zone), LOUDER:)) (Canada), Bing (Sydney, Australia), Charicefollower (Austria), CLFan (Pacific Time zone), Vincent, paper_cups, PitYoung, IntoTheSky, Zen58, luzsantos, CHAccount, Grumpq and cancon for your invaluable participation that made our idol garner 193,000 votes to this day (10:00pm Arizona). We all did a magnificent and tremendous job, forgetting our hurting fingers and arms not to mention lack of sleep and time for our personal enjoyment.
    Now that Kim is ahead by 198,000 votes and with only a few out of thousands of us doing the hard work and it is humanly impossible for us to catch up, it is but fair and honorable to concede that Kim Chiu is more popular and she deserves to win. It is with regrets that the support we expected from other Chasters never came.
    In conclusion to this, despite the many justifications and rationalizations that our fellow Chasters have defensively expressed to the contrary, it appears that there is truth to the opinions of babaengmasabaw, hasbeen_nakaagad, susnakuinday and ex-chaster. Aside from the bonafide Chasters mentioned above, the imagined Chasterworld does not at all exist. With Charice now just being a second fiddle to Kim Chiu it is time for us to go our own way without any feeling of remorse for a struggle with no victory. There is no shame nor blame being No. 2 among 21 nominees. Let’s toast to that, folks. See you someday.

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    • Bing says:
      greatodu, I salute to your leadership to get the voting Chasters together and get that much result in short time. Let’s toast to our achievement even if Cha didn’t win. The number will not define our success!!!

      I don’t know about the rest but, I sat aside time before and after work and before bedtime; I was tired but happy. But all in all, I saw these great efforts with your constant encouragement and drive – that’s a Chapassion.

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    • LOUDER:)) says:
      @greatodu, me too, I salute to your leadership. You are a true leader! Without your constant encouragement & hardwork I will never have the adrenalin to keep going on voting. Never in my life that I have tried voting online & this is the very first time. It was fun voting for Charice. And to all the Chasters who had joined the fun….I salute you too! Goodluck to all of us! CHEERS!!!!!!!(I maybe probably click that mouse one in a while to vote for Charice, :D )

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      • Bing says:
        Hahahaha very true indeed! Even that voting was addictive because of Charice. I was actually late for work on a coouple of times but hey, no regrets.

        I was so engrossed with the voting that I forgot time to get ready for work and bed. My family tease me a lot (in a loving way though) because almost every weekends we have Chasport in Chalounge in front of Chatv watching Chavideos with Chafriends.

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    • CLFan says:
      @greatodu, I admire your leadership and I thank you for that. Because of your continues encouragement and hardwork like what @LOUDER:)) said we kept on and continue to vote. And that’s not easy, coming from way below to be on number 2 in a short period of time is an accomplishment by itself although we should not settled for this in the future (right chaster all over the world)…But I like how those chasters you mentioned above including myself posting the scores from time to time here….it’s like election day..hahaha. Anyway I salute everybody…keep the love for Charice burning…

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    • Zen58 says:
      Kudos and tnx greatodu and fellow Chasters for our hard work,we did great.God bless us all!!!

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    • Charicefollower says:
      Thank you my fellow Chasters for your great support to our princess, we did a good job. Imagine she was only I think No.19 when I discovered about the voting but she ended up being No.2. despite of few Chasters who participated in voting. I salute you for your unconditional love and support and that’s what makes me feel connected to you guys.

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  2. lvacoustic says:
    if you want her to have a better career and wonderful life think twice before making such negative comments on her. our accusations and opinion are based mostly on shallow information besides ,she needs more peace than pressure from everyone of us.

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  3. simon says:
    Charice writes a letter for chaster, friend and family today, on charicetvcrew
    its tagalog, seems she taking a break from everything.

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    • Bing says:
      Hi Simon & everyone. I appreciate this info. I am in the opinion that this’s overdue. Some Chasters and followers are going crazy worried and lonely.

      She does not have to explain anything to anyone but, I thought it’s best that her followers hear something from her even just a word or two just to say for example “Hi ot thank you or be patient etc”; whatever it is so long as it comes direct from her be – in twitter or yt

      Can sosmebody post an English translation of her letter please.

      We’continue to vote and I hope that we can achieve to the top!!

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    • Bing says:
      Thank you Simon I saw the video and I agree with what PJ had to say.

      I haven’t seen Cha’s letter to Chasters suggesting that she was taking a break but I hope that when she does return to perform that she will have the professional management that are to standrard of her calibre and her global audience.

      Lately I have just been biting my tongue regarding the inappropriate behaviour and inappropriate language of her musical director – troy. His language in twitter has realy been vulgar & despicable – about up to 2/3 months ago posts.

      Also, I didn’t like the idea Troy bragging about his influence over Charice… It could be well true but he didn’t have to say it. some of it were in defence for his sister Cheesa & also Charice. Even in a number of pictures he posted with Charice – the latest one was her personal gig I think Malaysia, he is taking centre stage.

      I can understand that for Chasters of which he is one but, he is an employee first. Have you ever heard of people working for any artist in the background role taking centre stage with the artist & all this BS bagging of themselves other than in the Phils.

      My personal impression & firend is that he trying to grab the publicity in close association with Charice with the indirect/implied intention of promoting his sister’s career and himself.

      What matters to many is Charice and she should not overstep in the limelight to self promote his interest…and at times acts as press officer for Cha. It’s like an info tease with vagueness.

      Maybe this sort of behaviours sit well with Phil audience but not the global followers of Charice.

      I am in the belief that Cha’s management would be best handled by people of international taste and appettite with reputation and standard sellable to her global market. At the moment, Troy comes across as her “management”???????

      Don’t get me wrong, Troy is very good with the musical instruments/electronics I guess and that’s about it as far as cha’s career is concerned – this is the reflection of my Austrlain group following Charice.. And Troy’s actions/behaviour should reflect the standard of Cha of which he is working for – not this vulgar language and despicable outburst.

      Yes he is a person too but, he is an employee first working for Charice. While he is with her, he should just tone down his language and stop the grab for the limelight, becomes annoying.

      Some of you may not like of what I have to say here now but, I speak the thoughts of the many I know in our Sydney group. I must say that our interest here is simply the unbelievable talent of Charice and almost all of us in the group did not follow any particular artists until we came to know Charice.

      May I also say to those haters of Charice, make sense with what you disagree with her, no name calling and not character assassination or personal attack. Focus on the talents because that is where she is for us after all and that’s how she came to us. Make your personal suggestions/views out but don’t get this notion that she will exactly do what you and I want..

      She will always fall short in pleasing anyone’s expectations but she can surely transform some of those expectations in her own way and that we should credit her for doing so as well as be gratified ourselves that she somehow made those efforts to reach out to us.. If still you are not happy then abandone her and find someone else who you fell most happiest to support. Don’t make it hardest for you to be happy….go, where joys lead you!

      I hope that some sense and something good will come out from your minds and hearts out of this this post. Thank you all and good afternoon from Sydney from Sydney.

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    • mooffin says:
      the contents of the letter has not been publicized yet. we only have a picture. the writing cannot be deciphered based on the picture, so please don’t speculate that she is taking a break. it will just add to the confusion and it could be construed as fact.

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    • Charicefollower says:
      If I’m not mistaken, the third line of her letter says Mahal na mahal ko kayo, means I love you so much, I’m sorry I tried my best but it’s too blurry. Be patient guys!!

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    • khatman says:

      I hope she uses this break to resume her online studies at U of NH. A long time ago she said that if she had to choose between a career in music and a college degree she would choose education. Whatever she now chooses I know she will do well.

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  4. Luzsantos says:
    Grumpq…thanks for that link…i voted again for charice😊

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  5. Luzsantos says:
    FlorofTexas thank you,maybe i have voted for charice but i didnt know is that i could vote for her over and over again hehehe but il do that for charice!

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  6. Luzsantos says:
    Joy Co …im happy for what you said about charice…if they dont like her of what shes doing then why bother to visit any site that they think they could see charice perform,maybe they still like her and the way charice perform hehehe GO CHARICE WERE JUST RIGHT BESIDE YOU NO MATTER WHAT GOD BLESS US

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    • Joy Co says:
      Hi Luzsantos … thank you. Some fans are partial. They like her singing but her looks. They can’t decide whether stick around or go. I just hope they find the answers to what really makes them happy and go for it. This is a free world after all. Meanwhile, Charice is doing what she really want to do and that sets her apart from some of her fans. Charice knows what she wants and she does it! She’s brave & strong, patient & persevering, and works very hard! That’s character I would want my children to follow. Kaya lang I have none. Si Charice na lang BB ko, lol …

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  7. Joy Co says:
    I always believe in not trying to work too hard to please people around me. I just have to be myself and be proud of who I am and what I am. I do not need to fit in people’s criteria of beauty. Who really belong in my life will just come and they will stick around. I am so free and I am so LOVED. The world loves me back and that is all I need. I hope Charice will do the same, and everyone of you Chasters. Love unconditionally. If Charice is not the artist you want to support coz she makes you unhappy, why keep being unhappy by checking on what she does? Does not make sense. Maybe it is time to FREE yourself and go find your happiness somewhere else. It is only a couple of years since Charice started showing signs of her sexual preference. To me she is only 2 yrs old and still learning. Go Cha be happy for yourself and the rest will just fall into place for yah!.

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    • nordin says:
      Welcome back Joy Co. It’s been a while you’ve been gone from this site.

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      • Joy Co says:
        Hi nordin, good to hear from you and thanks. I’m always here multiple times a day. I don’t comment most of the time and whenever I do, I use JC name a lot more than Joy Co. How you’ve been?

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  8. wisdom says:

    i love charice to death….but when i saw her new image i was soooooo disappointed… sorry chasters just can’t be a fan forever….i don’t know what’s happening to her….tattooes just don’t look good on her either….i don’t want to turn my back on her but i can’t help it…. :(

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    • Elbiz says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Mamavi says:
      What sort of love to death is that? Loving someone to death is unconditional. Death is a serious matter. So it’s either you like Charice when she’s behaving the way you want her to behave, or you don’t if she didn’t. Stop kidding yourself. And don’t use ‘love to death’ if you don’t mean it.

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    • Bing says:
      You are contradicting yourself and talks about morbidity. You have total control of yourself and you can exercisee that freedom of choice. Turn away and don’t hesitate, am sure no one in their right sesnse will stop you.

      In the future if you choose to come back, the same thing no one is going to stop you and you’ll find you will still be welcomed.

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  9. CHAccount says:
    I’m now blocked ! No voting allowed anymore not after a cooling period then I will be unblocked. This is the first time it happenned to me. I tried after 10 minutes same message I’m getting over and over.

    Anybody get the same message? I’ll try again soon.

    Cheers !

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  10. simon says:
    Bing, Why don’t you check PJ latest video on youtube about Troy & cheesa time to go, may be can help what your looking for.

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  11. CHAccount says:
    For those who want to participate with the voting: type in the search box ‘the entertainment lifestyle’; click on the first item ‘the entertainment lifestyle’. Scroll down to ‘Popular Posts’ then click on ‘The Entertainment Lifestyle’s 2nd Top …. Young Celebrity Wordwide Poll’. Go to the list of female nominees and select Charice, click vote, click return to polls. Select Charice again, click vote and return to polls again, and again and again as long as you want. In selecting Charice you don’t have to put your cursor in the check box. Put your cursor anywhere in ‘CHARICE,Philippines’ and it works.
    Cheers to all Chasters !

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  12. LOUDER:)) says:
    My arms are killing me in pain (exaggerating :D)but….I WON’T GIVE UP ON YOU CHARICE! WE LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!Kim’s fans are working really hard for her too, & they are dropping like 30-40 votes per seconds, OMG!!!!MORE CHASTERS, WHERE ARE YOU???? LOL, HELPPPPPPPP???? I was voting here for like 3 hrs.(7-10 votes per seconds) now I still can’t keep up with them :(…..:D Just trying to be funny here Chasters….GO,GO,GO, RA, RA, RA,:D

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  13. CHAccount says:
    I think lots of fans don’t know about the voting. The last time I visited Charicemania this voting was just started but then there was some talk that this race is not that important and some people said not to bother.

    Again I visited this week that’s when I get started voting. Please everybody just let other chasters know about the voting then I think we’ll be okay.

    Keep voting. Cheers

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    • greatodu says:
      Anything that will bring our idol to the pedestal of recognition and honor is important. Charice did not nominate herself or may not even know about this. This is pure fan power, not demanded, not imposed. This is Chasterpower.

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  14. Luzsantos says:
    What is that voting for?

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    • greatodu says:
      Please go back to your post yesterday March 13, there is an answer to your question. Try voting too. We need you real bad.

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      • greatodu says:
        For those who just came and wish to vote: type in the search box ‘the entertainment lifestyle’; click on the first item ‘the entertainment lifestyle’. When you got in the site scroll down to ‘Popular Posts’ then click on ‘The Entertainment Lifestyle’s 2nd Top …. Young Celebrity Wordwide Poll’. Go to the list of female nominees and select Charice, click vote, click return to polls. Select Charice again, click vote and return to polls again, and again and again as long as you want. In selecting Charice you don’t have to put your cursor in the check box. Put your cursor anywhere in ‘CHARICE,Philippines’ and it works. Keep clicking for the Chasters.

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  15. cancon says:
    I have been voting for 4 days now…still keep on voting.

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    • greatodu says:
      Your participation is highly appreciated. You are awesome and we need Chasters like you at this final leg of the race. Keep clicking with me. Chasters are a great bunch.

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  16. greatodu says:
    My deep appreciation to neil delant, FlorOfTexas, luckieme510, LOUDER:)), Bing, paper_cups, Charicefollower, CLFan, PitYoung, Zen58, and InToTheSky. You’re all AMAZING and AWESOME Chasters. We are only 12 including myself but we are holding on. We invite the 56 thumbs-upper who visited CM to come and click with us. Don’t be daunted by the huge gap. Let’s keep the pressure on. There’s no way we can lose. We shall win.

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    • luckieme510 says:
      I agree, we will prevail and win !!! (:

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    • CLFan says:
      I like the positive attitude. I just notice that we are 12 voting but every time I check only 4 counts added. But anyway I will still vote for Charice.

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    • Charicefollower says:
      Alyways voting if my time allows me, I’m inviting Chasters worldwide to join us, Kim’s fans are working too hard…

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      • greatodu says:
        If I was in PHL I could hire 10 kids to click for $2 an hour and I could get thousands of votes in a few hours. But then that would be vote-buying and it doesn’t count morally. This is pure fan labor of love. Watch out for KC, she getting up from her 70,000 she wants to catch up. Let’s just not let up. We will be OK.

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    • LOUDER:)) says:
      @greatudo, you are very much welcome :) Even if my forefinger is getting stiff & slow for clicking…it will never give up to keep on voting for Charice. And I won’t stop saying to all the Chasters who are doing the same thing to keep the light on going. GO CHASTERS, GO…GO, GO….THANKS FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS TOO. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!The only thing I noticed was that it seems like we’ve been ripped off for our votes. I clicked it so fast but it seems like it’s not moving fast! What the heck is going on????

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    • PitYoung says:
      @greatodu thanks I’m still figuring out how to vote faster on google and plz let me know

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    • PitYoung says:
      @greatodu thanks u but am doing some research how to vote faster

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