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  3. allgringo says:

    Charice… I love you forever !!!

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  4. Tam says:
    Funny you should mention that Bing. I was thinking something similar while watching a Sammy Davis Jr. special filmed in 1989, on Youtube. Michael Jackson came out and sang “You Were There” as a tribute to Sammy for breaking down barriers and opening a door for Black artist to walk through. After Michael finished, he walked over to where Sammy was sitting, Sammy came up on stage and gave him a big hug.

    I wondered, why doesn’t Charice receive the same gratitude and support from the media and people of the Philippines. After all, if not for “Charicemania” in America, I wouldn’t know one artist in the Philippines. She actually opened a door in America for Asians to walk through. I’ve also heard from the generation before me that Charice removed some of the stigma left by the outgoing regime in the 80′s. The Japanese hold certain people in their culture as “National Treasures”. I don’t see why the Philippine doesn’t do the same for Charice. Such a shame to be a spotlight for your Country, and they put a black cloth over you.

    About three years back, Charice did a small show in N. California, and people from the Bay area were fighting and clambering over each other just to get a glimpse of this larger than life figure. Then to hear about her trials and tribulations when she goes home, really tests her faith. That’s the crazy part, the Philippines doesn’t seem to want her more than America. We can’t get enough of you! Come over to America Charice! We’ll make every drop Platinum, all of them in the top 10 Billboards Charts, Grammy performances, back to Glee, Dancing with the Stars, anything you want girl! Anything for the tiny powerhouse! You can even switch it up and do hip-hop, we’ll buy it! We buy Bieber:’( We’re waiting with open arms Charice:) Love you girl!

    Michael Jackson tribute to Sammy Davis Jr. “1989″ – You Were There

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  5. Bing says:
    Hi good morning everybody.

    Hi latest news about Cha check cha singing”One Woman” song for UN Women launching NY 8 Mar & amazon

    great humanitarian work, just so proud. thank you for the chatters in CM, got this news.

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    • Bing says:
      Fix @OfficialCharice Verified Account @Support

      You can go to this link to be able to sign the petition to get our one voice for Charice back on Twitter

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    • mary says:

      PJ probably kidnapped her and is holding her somewhere in the Australian outback… Crocodile Dundee, we need you to rescue Charice!

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  6. Bing says:
    I read posts and saw videos of how the Americans welcomed and celebrated the rise of Carly Rose in the american xfacor 2012. Can’t help but admire the attitude of the public. I wish that Filipinos in the Phils see and learn from this so they can also demonstrate in their own ways of how to show to the world the prowess and the very rare talents of Charice that is probably the only one that is to come out from that country. I have not come across yet of anyone outside the phils who has belitted or rediculed Charice though I am not claiming to be widely read about her globally. But I can say this much…….. all her appearnaces and performances outside the phils had awesome reviews and admiration from topnatch performers that Charice performed with or heard about her.

    Seems everyone is in awe with her talents except in the phils? WHY??? Is it because in that country they are not used to greatness and when there is finally one who truly is… instead of taking pride and celebrating, they seem go out of thier way to mock, redicule and belittle their own when everyone else in the world thinks and believes to be exactly the opposite???

    Well,I just want to say that the words of David Foster, Oprah, Celine, Andrea B, Josh G, Dr Phil, Canadian Tenors and many many others continually ring in my ears and they soathe my soul and brings me joy. Go…go.. Charice. Be encouraged by the world and look beyond the negativities of Filipinos in the country of which you are so proud of. Take with you what is good and the learnings of your journey but, leave behind the one that’re not good for your spirit!!!

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  7. Bing says:
    What I don’t really understand is why are people have this non-stop negativity and highly opinionated about what and what should not Charice do or look like etc.

    Here in Australia, regardless of the ethnicity of a successful singer, they are appreciated and make the news which are very positive. If there is something negative against them, we say it once or twice but never carry on to never ending boredom and jealousies. After all we don’t need to watch/listen or patronise their music if we don’t like it.

    But these haters mostly Filipinos from the Phils seem to have life only in being negative. Don’t you know how to be happy? Pathetic behaviours and mentality.

    I believe Cha’s inate talents are God’s gift for anyone to love and enjoy not destroy. Remember it is a gift and if anyone does not like it, the least that you can do is not to follow or just turn your back!!!. What right have we got to destroy/ruin something that doesn’t belong to you/us.

    I love how the All Japan Chasters showcase to the world how Charice have impacted thier lives, the joys that she brought to them and how they celebrate and demonstrate their gratitue and appreciation oa anything about Charice……..Thank you AJC!!!!

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    • josie p, says:
      lets leave the NEGAstars to their own negative lives. lets not even think of them. Charice is Charice, she has her own ability, distinct from other amazing performers. I, personally, admire her innate singing prowess and not how she looks like. Its her TALENT that amazes me aside from the fact that she had started working for a living at a young age. Lets not waste even a fraction of a second from our positive energy in replying to those naysayers of Cha. I am waiting for more Cha’s latest videos. Go Charice!!!

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  8. greatodu says:
    As angas hibernates ex-chaster suddenly appears. Chances are they are one and the same person. Not to worry. Charice is coming.

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  9. ex-chaster says:

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  10. ex-chaster says:

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    • big dog says:
      Has been but you still talks about her? something wrong with this picture…Flop? or maybe flip?

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    • big dog says:
      Has been but you still have the time to come here and talk about her…Ironic isn’t?

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    • khatman says:
      “ex-chaster”? I don’t think you were ever a chaster or you wouldn’t be on this site bashing Charice. I can’t stand Justin Beiber but I don’t go to any of his fansites and make nasty comments about him. If you don’t like Charice why don’t you just leave quietly.

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  11. cholo0107 says:
    You know what hibernate means? See you soon then. We were just protecting one who is willingly open to people like you. Funny, you called yourself a fan. When your comments says differently. Please, you are contradicting yourself. You purposely or intentionally, hurt people who in no way would hurt you, by bashing a person who did nothing but entertain us and make us happy. Oh well.

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  12. ex-chaster says:

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  13. markcha says:
    charice!!! where are u now!? what is happening!!!!!!grrrrrrr……..,chaster lets shout out loud!!!!!!


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  14. chit says:
    When are we getting some news/article about Charice? This silence is driving me nuts. Admin, please post something. Thanks a lot.

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  15. Angas says:

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  16. Marvin says:
    I’ve just watched Charice’s performance on Skate for the Heart..”Note to God” video. I was impressed first time I saw it and still gives the same level of excitement today. It’s addictive…never change..

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    • khatman says:
      I believe that Charice either had to sing the song twice or the video was edited to delete the portion where skater Sasha Cohen fell.

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      • greatodu says:
        When Charice launched her “Note to God” at Oprah’s show the audience started standing ovation from midway of the song. Diane Warren rocked on his chair unceasingly from start to finish. The song lasted 4:17 minutes. The applause began at 2:16, Oprah had a goosebump at 3:11. At 3:27 people rose from their seats when the song was at “..seems like so much is going wrong..” and continued in standing ovation until it was finished at 4:17. The audience can’t wait for the end of the song to ovate standingly. This video can be seen by going to and typing charice in the video search.

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    • Angas says:
      One last try, looks like I have been filtered out from posting in this site and I cannot blame really the admins.

      Anyways, after a few weeks of lively banters, I have decided to hibernate from CM. I know most of you will be happy and would probably say good riddance. I may have been an angas to most of you here but one thing remains forever, deep inside I am a true charice fan and will continue to do so and support her the same I did in the past through my own little ways (bought her original CDs and watched a number of her concerts). As I have said, I am a true charice fan but not a rabid one. To my frenemies here – bigdog chololo, bing, greatodu – big salute to you mates. Just continue being the guardians of the One.

      Until then ciao!!!

      P.S. This gets posted this time as this will be my last time to post

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      • greatodu says:
        What? You’re kidding me. Don’t you dare leave us. Don’t go away. Charice will be back soon. Will miss you.

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        • LA702 says:
          I had no idea that “ANGAS” is a Filipino word…meaning “arrogant”. Wow! I like this name.

          Angas really have shown some arrogance in her/his posts. She left two clues about her “ID” as a blogger. The words “Banter”: not commonly used by “gen X” folks; and “frenemies,” common among female bloggers. So my guess is Angas is female…early forties…from Manila, maybe? I’m saying this because she used the word “walanghiya” in her response to a previous comment I made about Filipino fans not appreciative enough.

          LOL…Angas, I can surely say that you made the day for

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      • Marvin says:
        CM will not be the same without Angas.

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  17. Bing says:
    CHARICE Menu to Success
    1. Pray when you wake up, pray before you do something and pray after you have done your thing
    2. Dream, dream and dream
    3. Visualize your dream
    4. Work hard to chase your dream
    5. Success is not easy and is a constant hard work, keep going even if the road is steep and narrow
    6. Be patient with the result and don’t rush things
    7. Believe in yourself and listen what it tells you
    8. Be humble, “keep your feet on the ground even if you are wearing nice shoes”
    9. Associate with positive and happy people
    10.Surround yourself with successful people and learn from them
    11.Love your parents, they are your number one support
    12.Choose your friends
    13.Do not rely on friends, they come and go
    14.Be grateful always and do not forget to show your gratitude to people who helped you
    15.Be quick to give credit but slow to criticise
    16.Share your blessings, they are magnified when you do
    17.Some more later….got to go

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  18. Marvin says:

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    • big dog says:
      I agree Carols voice is perfect for typical OPM love songs…Charice voice is more of a soul…Maybe it’s time for PH to adopt to soul music…What do you think?

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    • greatodu says:
      Deciding which one is better is strictly subjective. Charice never imitates. When she sang “Jingle bells rock” and “My grown up Christmas List” she had her own style. She even tried to beat herself when she sang “Louder” in jazz. The better singer is who made your jaws drop and caused you goosebumps. These are Charice’s footprints on you.

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  19. khatman says:
    Just a reminder, especially for those of you who were unable to see the movie Here Comes The Boom – the DVD will be on sale in most stores (Walmart, Target etc) on February 5, Tuesday.

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    • Angas says:

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      • big dog says:
        Wow Angas…You are the only one who doesnt like Charice but keeps posting here…Is this your hobby? You are very funny and entertaining…Basher is not the right word to describe you, rather just a person who has so much time to waste in doing negative stuff…It’s Ok, this site can be therapeutic and it’s free… No need to see a psych doc or councilor…As long as you don’t do postal, you are harmless…

        Again, I salute you!

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      • khatman says:
        Really? Someone must have taped it in a theater outside the Philippines and tried to sell copies in Manila. Maybe they were bad copies. Besides, most of the scenes with Charice were already on the internet.

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        • big dog says:
          Most of my IT friends able to copy movies before they even out to the theaters…so it’s really possible they can have a good copy of pirated movies…

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          • big dog says:
            so Angas goes to quiapo to get her a copy of pirated movies? not even greenhills? they have hidef and even blue ray copies there…very cheap!

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    • grancanon says:
      My grandma never heard of Pugok and Ugok. She knows about Tugak and Pugak, Pugo and Togo, Lopito, Tolindoy, Dely Atay-atayan, Chichay, Aruray, Bayani Casimiro, Babalu, Redford White, Panchito, and Dolphy. But not one of these people evoked any standing ovation according to her. Perhaps you lived before my Lola was born. Tell us more of those times.

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    • Angas says:

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      • big dog says:
        So Angas are you bashing pinoys again for having no taste in movies? That they rather watch ai ai and vic sotto type of comedies? Well, too bad..Pinoys here in US like other americans loved the movie…How did I know without being bias??? I’ve seen the premiere..People were clapping and gave a great review…Sorry to dissapoint you if westerners have different standards than PH…

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        • Angas says:

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          • big dog says:
            Ashamed on what? That pinoys who works so hard and gained some sorth of accomplishments and recognition outside PH? That pinoys here can be more open minded and speak of their mind without worrying about crabs??? And whats wrong with that? You feel insecure all of the sudden?

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  20. josie1 says:

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    • big dog says:
      Can you be more specific? Bashing sometimes is a wake up call…Bayan mo ipatrol mo di ba?

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      • josie1 says:

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        • Angas says:

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        • big dog says:
          Josie, I see your point and I think mostly are simply misunderstanding…Like Angas, she is a fan of charice but all she does is complain…Maybe thats the same way, we want PH to improve and be respected globally..We all know we and we should not ignore the pinoy bad habits…We have a saying here, how come when some pinoys lives abroad or in a foreign land..they follow the rules and more disciplined…Some even really practice bayanihan…although some traits of inggit and pataasan ng ihi is very well exist…Maybe, it’s the competitiveness nature of our culture…Too much pride and we rather bash our own selves which is the easier to do…I guess it all depends how you see it…

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          • josie1 says:

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            • big dog says:
              Honestly I am really lost on what you really saying…I can’t assume anything…will you please enligthen me so I can respond in a more accurate way…Give examples…We cant generalize everyone here…

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  21. grancanon says:
    Question: Who is the one and only Philippine artist who taught the Filipinos how to do the STANDING OVATION and have learned and kept the habit to this day?
    Answer: Charice. Filipino audience were dead stubborn lazy applauders permanently stuck to their seats. They didn’t stand lest they be called “ma-arte, OA, yabang, ugok” and someone behind may shout “upo kayo”. After they saw how Charice has astounded and amazed people abroad and how they stood in ovation, Filipinos realized how uncivilized they were and so they quickly picked up to be in pace with the times. This is a legacy credited to Charice. Today you’d see standing ovation everywhere in Philippines even unto mediocre artists and performances.

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    • Angas says:

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    • LA702 says:
      @ grancanon

      True. Filipinos are a non-appreciative crowd. Charice brought western civility to the Filipino conciousness and was very proud of it. Good observation.

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      • Angas says:

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        • Angas says:

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          • big dog says:
            True pinoys? Which one who like to crab other pinoys? Thats a really bad trait of pinoys…Huwag na lang! Pwe!

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    • luckieme510 says:
      @grancannon. Correct! It amazes me how unappreciative those people are. They hardly clap either. Honestly, I find it very rude needless to say most of them are educated people. SAD!!! :( Just my opinion.

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      • Angas says:

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      • Bing says:
        In my opinion luckieme, many filipinos are professionals but FEW are EDUCATED.

        Often, if a performer or any person is better than them, he/she will be subjected to non-stop redicules, untoward behaviours and destructive commentations.

        On the other hand, when filipinos feel they are better than another, they frown, ignore, exercise bias & influences and spread horrendous gossips etc. to cut short the other of any opportunity within their grasp to stop the other person/s from progressing. But if there is anything free for grabs, they are the first ones in the que. Do you wonder why progress in the phils seems to be illussive???

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  22. Bing says:
    I would like to dedicate to Chasters and Bullies of Charice the words of wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi to quote:

    THEN the LAUGH at you
    THEN they FIGHT you
    THEN you WIN

    Charice, as if these were written for you. Every single word relates to you and the message reflects the life you have started and will finish just the way it is stated.

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  23. cholo0107 says:
    “the best people are those who never tasted defeat” What the Fan!!! clearly, Only a non-human or an animal can say such….oh wait… No need. I know who you are.. :D Like I said..Please no more stup*d remarks…

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  24. marcos39325 says:

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  25. Bing says:
    1. I came accross this article on How To Change Direction In Life, I find it very interesting and true. I quote:
    Life is constantly changing. Seasons change and despite the myth, people do change. Making the decision to change the direction of your life is the first step to living. It is a choice you must make everyday until you reach your goal. Humans are creatures of habit. When you feel “stuck” it’s because you’re resisting change. Embrace change and take your life in directions you never imagined.
    Choose what change you want to make in your life. Consider how this decision will impact your life. Bear in mind it will effect you personally, professionally, financially, emotionally and physically.
    Stick to your plan. People will challenge your choices and some may not accept your changes. Listen carefully and take whatever information that rings true to you; discard the rest. Accept responsibility for your choices and be patient with yourself.
    This is your life, take ownership of the course you take. You owe it to yourself to make the best of life you possibly can. Major changes can produce lots of stress, seek advice when you feel overwhelmed
    I don’t know what issues MommyRaqz has with Charice growing into young adult and trying independence.
    I am a single mother myself and sometimes without being intentionally aware and in my protective nature as a mother,I forget that my children are growing, changing and starting to claim their own self identities and claim/exerciseee of independence and taught them to be free and when they did I tried to clip their wings.
    Sometimes my love for my children, ensuring their safety, fear of the unknown and influences in the outside as they venture into the world terrifies me to the point that I forget I don’t have control of their destiny. children like birds, they are taught how to fly, then learn to fly and eventually fly unassisted. My generation and my children’s generation are different in many ways and as a mother I have to cope up with the changing environment and culture that my children were born with and exposed to more than them. At the end of the day, my role is to guide them and also be guided by them so they reach their full potentials and find happiness whatever and wherever safely it maybe. even making mistakes, we all have to allow ourselves that and learn from them and this happens to me everyday as an adult. In life, we take the test first and learn later while in schooling, we study first before we take the test ‘

    I LOVE CHARICE because
    she is a C-haracter,
    H-as humour.
    A-mazing singer,
    R-esounding popular success,
    hasC-harisma and
    she is an E-nthusiast.

    All of us at varying degrees and in some forms seem to have opinions of what Charice should be or not be. Others go the paths of unjustfiably being overtly and painfully critical even in the most personal way.
    Is anyone out there got any better in ourselves as a person and as a singer/entertainer than with Charice? I don’t think so!
    Is anyone of us forced or are coerced to believe in the talents of Charice? Does Charice cost you any money to follow her or listen to her etc etc?? The answer is big NO.
    For those who only see negative about Charice

    Hi people, I wish to share you the joys and meanings in our lives being a positive Australian as we celebrate our “Australia Day” today – 26 January. I hope that this positive energy will touch you and make you celebrate with your own achievements no matter what size and as a person that you have become and not the unbecoming one!!!

    For those negatives and Charice’s bashers, BACK OFF, get lost or if you can’t help it, go and headbat yourselves with others like you. You might just come to your senses and realise that things you hear, see, get out of knowing or sharing Charice talents are free for us all to enjoy. If Charice presence has the exact opposite effects on you,then hands off – remember it is free for anyone’s taking or leaving alone!!!!.

    You bullies, crabsters and unaccomplished people, why is it that you have more to complain and believe that you have the right & even dictate to Charice when all you hear, see and experience as far as Charice is concerned(talents and all) …are free??? I guarantee, you never bought even one cd of Charice and yet you have more to say; because you wouldn’t buy something you dislike or hate, right?

    Charice, I believe you are a strong person. But remember, the stronger you become, the greater target you will be by these crabsters and free loaders who are scattered in this world like “weeds” and therefore may hurt more. But, don’t let it, get pass through them and look beyond them for I guess there will always be someone of that sort to stay.. like shadows that will follow you!!

    Charice, shoulder on… and on…. and on!!! Know that there are more … lots & lots of us who are with you; love you,… support you,… believe in you, …… and whose hearts and souls you touch and would love a long..long journey with you regardless of which paths of music and looks you choose. We are worth tenfolds or so reasons; more than those who have nothing to say but only to hurt you.

    I look forward for what I can have in you this 2013 and years beyond. Keep your faith, God is always with you!!!
    Salin, I agree with you to a point that everyone will have their own opinion about Charice and where her career is going or not going.

    However, I TOTALLY DISAGREE that these negative critics are fans of Charice nor are they interested in her success; NOT in any form or shape and we would be naive to think that.

    Charicemania in my view should be the site for those who appreciate, enjoy and share all positives about Charice becasue she makes me happy and her music feeds my sould. AND the negative people should have another site of their own or should create their own. But I know it is not possible because they know fully well, no one in their right minds will go there!.

    It is not only teenagers who grow or outgrow or never grow (not learn/unlearn) things in their lives. Adults are the same, it ‘s just in different kinds,levels, enviroment, experiences, challenges etc. etc. I am an adult and I never stop learning (conscious or sub-consciously)- good or bad and always take my choice/s like in a never ending cycle.

    Lastly, I don’t fully comprehend what you mean – “that when the time comes that Charice is ready to share to her fans that it will not be too late for her”. I am not here to criticise you but to me, a fan will always be a fan – active or not, current or past or future. But if you mean – increase or decrease of fan base, then it is something different, only time will tell. And this is where I agree with you that though time waits for no one, it is time that we would like to give Charice and also that it is the same time that we can wait when she comes backs to share to us and the world that awaits her.

    People have this habit that if things are not right with them, they find someone to deflect these to make them feel they are right somehow even when they know they are wrong. If things don’t go their way, they will pick on someone pretending they know better even when they know not and they have nothing to show. These people see others’ success and strengths as mirrors of their failures or inadequacies and would say/do/try anyting to level them off because in themselves are but failures and sadness.

    Hold your head high Charice, don’t allow yourself to be used and abused by anyone but do not forget to keep yourself humble – remember what Oprah and David Foster said about you. Do you believe in Karma? I do. Like success/blesings, they come in the most unexpected, even weird ways and with Karma, it’s like a debt that will have to be paid somehow by someone, somewhere at sometime.
    josie, you come across as a professional having good command of English and grammar BUT you appear to be poorly educated with your views. Like you are so full of yourself and contradictions and though I don’t really want to waste my time commenting like yours, I thought, I will say my piece once.

    You agree that Charice can do whatever she wants and so are the paying public with their hard earned money who buy her cds concert tickets or any merchandise etc. So, there’s should be no issue with that, those who are not happy, take their monies where they’re pleased.
    With your infantile analysis regarding the “competitive market that she should re-invent herself to the product so that loyal customers will buy,” A LOYAL CUSTOMER IS A LOYAL CUSTOMER – exactly that and they will buy because they want it and they want to; and she has expiremented or invented/re-invented herself even up to this day, it’s just that it doesn’t suits you and some of your kinds.
    Leave the analysis to the experts!!!!
    It is ironic that you call yourself an idol of Charice with less palatable views. If as an idol is like you, heavens forbid, what does it makes me who is not an idol but admires, follows,supports and appreciates the unbelievable one of a kind talent of this girl? If her products are losing sales, what has it got to do with you?
    If for argument sake she is losing products sales, I am just wondering what it is to you unless you are a financial investor in her career? There are those who put their money on her but, you never hear them. WHY? Because they all know, her talent itself is “The Product” not a product and her name is a merchandise that would sell wether you and your kind will buy or not.
    I would hate to think that you would be an analyst in a company that I will work, fortunately – am not, thank you.

    I love the introduction of David Foster on Charice “If Oprah and I I have a love child…” You can just imagine how much they love her to even declare that affection publicly
    o Watching this video bring tears to my eyes and the background music of Charice was immensely touching.
    I can’t believe how people in the Philippines do not seem to see the fortune that they have having Charice. You only have to see this video for one and it will melt you heart how Charice and her music bring people together for the love of her.
    If I had that financial capacity, I will sponsor yearly representation of Chasters all over the globe to meet in one place and celebrate as CHASTERS
    Woody, this is a fabulous interview. Imagine at age 2, she knew then she could sing. Her dedication to practice from midnight to 4 am at 13 yo – what? Cha just don’t know what words to say….just want to give yoou hugs….hugs and lots of hugs

    Charice is like a tonic for me. Her music cheers and shapes my mode every single day. She has this invigorating effect in body, mind and soul. Her utterance is spellbinding.
    She is this person of special quality. When she performs, she has that unique power to attract and hold attentively her audience with such a unique power and personal charm. She has that vivacity that fascinates her audience.

    I’d like to think back to basics as far as Charice is concerned. Her rise to prominence to the world of entertainment is extra-ordinary indeed. Her personal life story; the maturity she demonstrated from as a young child to deal and assume responsibility from what’s supposedly adult world is beyond and seemingly out of anyone’s imagination to occur in real life.
    Her successes by far have been nothing less than a miracle. Her rare and ultimate talents are but one that no one of us has seen until she came to light.
    It is really a sad fact of life; I guess a human frailty that people seems to want to destroy something that none of us made or created in the first place. Many of us chose to be negative instead of looking at the positive or see the good things in her even when there’s nothing that she’s done to wrong us.
    I try/still trying to see whatever positive there is to those bullies and bashers of Charice. It saddens me to know up to this time that people could be so cruel and there’s nothing really that warrants them to think/behave/say or do they way they should/have been or are doing.
    Should Charice just cop these? To me, NO. What I believe she should do is just to forget trying/convincing and stay away from those who will never say/do nice things about her because she can’t change that. People can only change themselves if they choose to whenever and for whatever reason.

    I write this because I felt compelled to share a learning experience in a community where a selfless and generous lady sacrificed everything she had just to help and reach out to people. She also used her talents to brighten up the old and lonely through her talent in singing/play guitar and a bit of a comedy to bring laughters to these people.
    And yet there were many recepients of her kindness who had still reasons to complain and still those who didn’t complain, hardly sung out her goodness. Then when she passed away, many expressed missing her and started to say/write stories about her and still there were some who still say unfavourable about her basing on the rumours/gossips they heared about her.
    Will it have to take us lose Charice before we appreciate what she shares us/joys she brings to our lives? It doens’t have to cost anyone to do it and we are free to spend the little we want if we chose to and still we can enjoy/appreciate her talents and her inspiration for no cost at all -FREE for us all!
    No one knows what life is ahead of us and when we’ll expire in this world. So, can we just for a moment stop & think, and pick at least one good thing that you can say – Charice positive impact in our lives and If there’s none, surely there’s nothing negative she has done to you! Thank you for reading and talking a pose in your lives for a moment!

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    • Bing says:
      I am sorry, I posted this long message; some of it may have been reapeated. I drafted what I needed to post today but I accidentally copied the other write ups I had.

      I only wanted to share my mind to anyoine interested just before I go to visit a cancer dying patient.

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      • Angas says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Rod Beltran says:
        @ Bing: It has been a while since I enjoyed reading a long post here in CM. This is an excellent one. No apologies needed. You expressed in more ways the feelings we, true Chasters share about Charice. Thank you very much for sharing. :)

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        • Bing says:
          Rod, thank you. Nothing pleases me more than be able to put into words my thoughts and the refreshing feeling that Charice brings into my life.

          I am most grateful though that I was able to capture as well some of the true feelings that Chasters have about Charice.

          Funny as it may sounds in particular to Charice bashers, to me – Charice name itself is synonimous with dreams, passion, perseverance, belief in oneself and eventually success. She is like a “principle” that I constantly refer on how to strengthen my resolve in going through hurdles in life and celebrate success – big or small.

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    • Bing says:
      Can Charicemania team just delete or hide mmy above posting as this is very long, as I made a mistake in copy and pasting.

      I will just re-write next time I visit this site. Thank you and I apologise to everybody.

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    • LA702 says:
      @ Bing

      Charice’ life and music are truly an inspiration. Nice post.

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      • Bing says:
        Yes LA702, “Charice’ life & story are truly an inspiration” It saddens me to know that Filipinos in her own country are doing their best to hurt her while the rest of the world celebrates for and with her.

        What an irony, the country Charice is so proud of is the very place she is so unsafe and discriminated MOST. WHAT A SHAME.

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    • cholo0107 says:
      Hi Bing. No need to apologize. :) It is nice read.

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      • Bing says:
        thank you cholo, nice to know you enjoy the read of my writings about Charice. I guess I am Chaddicted

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        • luckieme510 says:
          @ Bing, yes, no need to apologize. It was a nice read like cholo0107 said. and it was all true. Thank you for posting. i enjoyed reading it. i love Charice and I miss her too. I just hope she is alright. (:

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          • Bing says:
            Thank you luckieme.

            In my experience, when I appreciate whatever there is and even search/look at what is/are positives even in the worst in people, I go through life with the least baggage.

            And to be able to enjoy things that are there to appreciate, I stop trying or convincing others who will never see through my eyes – to capture the beauty in the passing of time as I journey forward with Charice in my shadow.

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  26. cholo0107 says:

    I seem to have left the gate open.

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  27. pamela says:
    I want to hear from Charice again…I want to see her perform and appear on tv shows. Miss you!!!

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