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Charice on TFC’s GGV TV Show December 9, 2012

Charice on TFC’s GGV TV Show December 9, 2012

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  1. nicole says:
    FIlipinos need to change for the better,,we have to support artists who have been doing their very best to make it in the international market..How can we gain respect if we keep pulling other people down on their successes!!! For Charice, I see no wrong with her fashion and hair,,she’s an artist and got great talent that we should support like what other countries do to their own artists. Everytime I hear foreign friends of mine admiring Charice,,I am very proud to be a Filipino..We are part of whatever recognition Charice would have…About our local artists, can’t blame of being cheap sometimes because they are just playing their cards and earning for a living…I guess it would be better if we educate the so called “masa” that a great talent matters despite your appearance. Let’s give them hope that they can dream!!!

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    • cristina j says:
      I agree with you entirely. Charice is an international star and
      she must go with the flow so to speak – she is doing what an
      international should do – be trendy and be with it! I am sure a
      lot of her fans and admirers would love to see more of her doing choreography works with her songs as she is a fantastic dancer. She can really move and with subtle rythimn! More power Charice!!!!!

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  2. bluedanube says:
    there are bigger problems in the world than yellow hair of charice.

    plz consider her impact. many elite people of this planet now know her quite well. they are fond of her “wild” (erlier) and sophisticated (currently) performances.
    the infinity tour works on a very high level and quality.

    to a foreigner, one important message is:
    charice is not gullible. she is self-conscious but without hubris. smartly she is getting what she wants. (in the limits of what is real and honestly to anticipate, and there was great surprise already.)
    isn’t that a very useful and positive image for a country that once was colonized?
    after everything that has become known, no foreigner can look down on charice. this is what actually counts. forget all the crabs. sail with the good winds.

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  3. marcos39325 says:
    someday you can see charice comeback
    becouse good want it.

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  4. JC says:
    Charice is doing great coz her mind & heart are in a good place. She’s doing what makes her happy. She is walking on her path and is living her dream. She’s being creative and is putting a lot of her time and effort in manifesting what makes her happy.

    It’s only been 5 years since, but she has already amassed great abundance, and by meaning of abundance – is being able to do what it is you desire to do, any time you want to do it. Money is only one aspect of abundance. If you are healthy and wants to climb Mount Everest at this very minute and you are able to… then that is abundance. If you are able to create a song this very minute and you are able to … that’s abundance. You want to feel nature and commune with it in every breath you take and you are able to do so with so much joy … that’s great abundance!

    So, Charice is in the right place and still is moving on to achieve greater heights of whatever she desires. For now, music. Tomorrow might me Love. In the next 2 decades she might be a writing her own book. God knows what’s in the future for her.

    I am but here to witness & enjoy her success. To be thrilled, to be patient, to be ecstatic as a new milestone unfolds. I want her to be who she wants to be. To love and to be loved for everything that she is and will be. I want her to reach her highest pinnacle. To fail and to succeed. To learn and to teach. To inspire and to lead.

    Charice …. with all my love and support, I wish you all the best for 2013!

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    • lou says:
      Thank you JC, its a thril reading article like this and your heart is also in the right place.

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    • Sally says:

      Thanks for all of you who support our sensational star. By the way is Mark Johnson still charice manager?Thanks for any reply.

      I wish Charice will perform in Edmonton Alberta.

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  5. JC says:
    As far as I am concerned … the more we talk about negativity the more we attract it. The more we talk about crabs the more we attract crabs. Whatever it is we talk about and gets more of our time & effort is what gets more airtime on charicemania. Are we really highlighting and celebrating Charice and her career, or it’s the Crabs and how we are impacted by them? The one thing that gets more of our attention & emotion is the one thing that will manifest. So, what is it? Charice or Crabs? Are you a Chaster or a Crabster? Take your pick.

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  6. LA702 says:
    Over a year ago K-POP rapper PSY was a nobody. He came to America expecting nothing but to do his job and have fun but “Gangnam Style” happened and exploded and the rest is history.

    Koreans attitude on his success is all out unlike Charice who gets nothing but hatred and criticisms for her success and failures.

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    • Chris 0805 says:
      You are 100% correct, it is sad coz. Charice works very hard alone to bring prestige & pride for her country, neither the Phil. Govt. support & promote her. Even some of her close friends in social media and godparents are silent and not being open in supporting her, (best example, Who among them attended her solo concerts in Phils. barely very few or none among her godparents, But when foreign artist they were all there, politicians, actors, high govt. officials spent their money to them)
      I also remember during Boy Abunda shows in Abscbn, he said and promised her they will all be attending her concert but it didn’t happen, they are only using Charice for their interest. When then can you support Charice, not by mouth of words but by actions. This is the best opportunity for them to show support for Charice by attending her concert, what a big dissappointment. I cannot blame Charice frustrations in doing her best for the sake of her country, she simply has done nothing wrong but to share and dedicate her beautiful voice to us all, I mean millions around the whole world.
      Charice countless international achievements and standing ovations around the world are basic proof that she is world renown coming from the Philippines.
      I salute and will support her to the very end. How? Thru buying of her Albums, attending concert whenever possible, share my encouraging comments and remarks for her and lastly pray for her sucess.

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      • Jojo says:
        Maybe she should apply for American citizenship and abandone her native land once and for all.Any future milestone on her career she should refrain from saying “I’m Charice from the Philippines” they have not been supportive any way with the exception of the many many Phil.chasters of course.

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      • lou says:
        Parasites exploiting Charice? absolutely. As I suggested before, she should focus her career elsewhere but her native country. She has many adoring fans there (Phils) but seems her handler is not doing a good job.

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    • greatodu says:
      Only Filipinos betray each other at home or abroad. Only Filipinos back-stab, backbite, hate, trick, sell, downgrade, deny and forsake another countryman Filipino. Other people of different nations defend each other against others. Americans defend Americans, Saudis defend Saudis, Koreans defend Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, they all defend each other. But not Filipinos. Right in their own land Filipinos always take side with foreigners. Filipinos are discriminated in their own country. Miserable.

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  7. delustionfans says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • greatodu says:
      PSY is 35 while Charice is only 20 years old; he has a lead time of 15 years. It’s like playing chess without your rook and a bishop. Let her catch up in the time race.

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  8. charification says:
    I think Charice is one of the great talented artists in this world who is being underrated. Like Leona Lewis, she’s great but her new album in the UK didn’t sell well, which is only about 600K below. However, the most autotuned artist Rihanna sold her album in the UK way better than Leona Lewis, and that’s ridiculous. Thanks, and ‘m not promting any artist am just sayin’ my views and opinion based on my very comprehensive research,lol…BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I EAT CRABS!!!

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  9. kkp says:
    I’ve been following charice’s career for a very long time and right now at this point it seems as though her star has disappeared. in all honesty it’s really not easy to make it in the music industry, a lot of people would stay behind their screens and insult but if they too were put to chance they wouldn’t achieve half of what charice has achieved. i don’t like to be label so i won’t call myself a chaster and in all honesty half with all chasters efforts combine to help her career is more than the effort that i have exerted even though i too wish for her to be successful.

    A new year has started and only time will tell if she would be able to regain the whirlwind of success once again not that i’m saying she’s not successful but i’m looking forward to seeing her being successful doing something new and a bit more different.

    People should stop bashing her with those negative comments. If those persons who are rejoicing at the state of her career now are reading my post, it does not make sense visiting the girl’s fan site just to insult her. if envelopes, paper and postage stamps were for free i’m certain that you wouldn’t want the postman visiting your home just to drop off hate mail from someone who dislikes you.

    i like charice and that’s it. i’m not that crazy over her enough to buy her music. she has a gift hat is very rare and usual that’s why i hope for her to be mega successful. If i knew i hated her i wouldn’t bother coming here and that’s just what you should do. it’s not fair to her so enough already.

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  10. Chatards says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • lou says:
      Hey chatards, Let me remind you no filipino artist achieved what she had accomplished.She showcased her talent to the world and that is enough for her faithful supporters. And what did you achieved? nothing but a showcase of sarcastic comments. Who is pathetic now? You need to go away and get a life……..

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  11. Drprettywoman says:
    @Donna… I know your concern. I am a huge fan of Charice and will continue to support and love her. Whoever she loves and supports, I’m in! But to say someone is using her for their own career is a big no no no! It’s up to you to just support Charice but never say anything which you are not sure of. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion… Charice has a mind of her own. She’s witty and smart. If you think she’s being used by someone… So? You got proof? Opportunist is such a strong word. You’re not supporting the remix? Fine… But to say they are opportunist, that I can’t accept. Be glad someone is there to look after Charice when she’s far from home. Lets just enjoy the ride and not spoil it. If you don’t like then get off the boat. I like to be surrounded with their beautiful angelic voices than yours! Lol!

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  12. greatodu says:
    I keep coming to this site with anxiety and fervent hope of finding latest updates on this year’s activities of Charice but instead I find so much tension expressed in hatred and fighting. We all know that last year was a busy one starting with Asian Infinity tour, showing of “Here Comes the Boom” and capping with Hawaii Infinity concert among others. Besides, she is only 20 and in the next 10 years many things can still happen. Then she might retire at 30. By that time I will be 85.

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  13. dannie says:
    yaaay, where is charice now any new shows videos

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    • Drbads_tyrone says:

      well dannie, charice was in hawaii, but i urged her, with much opposition, to spend most of her time in PH, and she’s doing that, she’s happier. She’ll be at my wedding soon. And so will

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  14. cholo0107 says:

    Misanthropy is the general hatred, mistrust or disdain of the human species or human nature. A misanthrope, or misanthropist is someone who holds such view or feeling.

    Angas is one. Because and I quote “Am a happy animalia”

    “Explaining things that are common sense, over and over again, not thinking before they speak, always needing others to validate their feelings or notice them. Being out right pitiful.” from Truth – about Misanthropy.

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  15. Donna says:
    I am only supporting charice I see some tweets that there r people around her using cha to get CHASTERS support for their own career opportunist not supporting the remix either looks like cha has nothing to do with it

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  16. Drprettywoman says:
    @Angas… What glee- wannabe are u talking about? She was a guest star in glee. She had a character named Sunshine Corazon. What wannabe? You mean all the stars that guested there are all glee-wannabes? She is not a wannabe, okay? Aren’t you proud of your own? Gosh! You peeps are definitely so jealous of all her achievements. Where were you when you were 20? She deserved respect as what we want for ourselves. I wonder why you keep on putting her down when all she wanted was to sing and make us proud. People are too judgemental… Be it her hair, her clothes, her tattoo, her accent, and now her sexual preference. Oh Christ! What’s next? Can’t we be just happy and be supportive for her? I don’t have kids but I have nephews and nieces who are the same age as Charice. They are young, they experiment, they evolve… I’m just there to watch them grow. Their parents raised them well so why would I get worried? They know when to say no and when to say its okay. They have a mind of their own… Let them experience what this word ” life ” would offer them. All we have to do is support them and love them unconditionally. Can’t we do the same to Charice?

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  17. LA702 says:
    @ Angas

    Hallucination…in denial…you’re too ethnic…you’re too old were the same words people said to K-POP rapper PSY, but look at him now. At 35 years of age, a possible Grammy in 2013, PSY broke open the American market that three other K-POP artists are getting set to join him.

    Samsung owner have bought shares of stocks from PSY’s talent agency in Korea. When big money starts pouring in, you know PSY is not a one hit wonder. The doors for Charice are wide open all she needs is a big hit.

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    • khatman says:
      People seem to forget that a few years ago PSY was calling for the death of Americans. He has since apologized for his rash statements.

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  18. good start for charice in 2013.nice to see her again.she looks glam and special request please, if she can have solo pics and much of her with the brod and sis package deal tandem. i am sure they would like to make their mark at their own.

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  19. cholo0107 says:
    from Angas to Me…

    In case you have forgotten your biology, all living things have classifications… Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea and Bacteria.

    Am a happy animalia, don’t know bout you fungi…

    My reply….
    Biology? High school subject? breezed thru it. Though it’s true for your sake that we are animals,
    We are far more superior in many many ways than them. You don’t study or research it. It’s simply called Common Sense.

    If you consider yourself a happy animal, then I understand now why you act the way you do.
    Here’s a doggy bone for you, I’m sure that will make you happy.
    How about a cat treat? yummy no? Go sniff some animals rear end. That will excite you!

    No, I’m no fungi. I’m a person, who is God-fearing, has emotions, has intellect, can LOVE, can talk, can FEEL…. and a lot more! I’m a Happy Person! ………Fetch!!!!

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  20. katrina says:
    I saw these new pictures of Charice and she looks so beautiful but who is that guy who always stick his face to Charice in the pictures. It is annoying.

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  21. tnt says:
    2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 the best years of Charice…hopefully this year will be better than last year…

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    • greatodu says:
      2011 and 2012 are the best years of the haters and bullies…hopefully they will be minimized this year.

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    • LA702 says:
      @ tnt

      Those were the years hopefully can be reignited in 2013.

      With the popularity that K-POP rapper PSY had in 2012 even beating Bieber with over 1 billion views on YouTube, we knew all along that “ethnicity” was never the issue on how to break the American market. One or two big songs is all Charice needs to have a PSY phenomenon.

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      • tnt says:
        just my personal observation: talent wise Charice it way way better than Psy or Justine …i think its about the production or supports (?)

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      • tnt says:
        it requires big production cost & good timing

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      • big dog says:
        Reality Asian artists have more difficulty to penetrate hollywood music business…Psy is like the macarena 1 hit wonder. Psy success does not mean it will a lot easier for asian artists now especially with pop and RNB genre…Hope it gets there and be accepted…But we have to be real too..

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        • bluedanube says:

          plz let’s not forget the context. authorities in s-korea may have come to a conclusion, perhaps in face of the northern state. OTOH cultural-commercial matters being streamlined by authority can always be questioned. filipinos seem much more skeptic which isn’t a bad thing.
          what I am talking of, there are countless projects. ARIRANG TV, k-pop in honduras, joint ventures in slovakia/EU (automotive, electronics, entertainment, education), they are doing a lot to succeed. therefor, PSY is being nurtured by the general rise of korean credibility in the world. but koreans are in danger to create too much of a commanded/planned economy, under disguise of oligarchies who collaborate with unknown forces, sure with government and some foreign think tanks. however, that’s all anecdotal in face of the extremely difficult job to develop the country. it’s their current choice that I am respecting, but competitors should take a look into that, to understand their situation and position.

          I believe that filipino politics need to understand their own position that is receiving more and more attention in the world, therefor the factor of arbitrary infighting has to be addressed. (but caution: mimicking the western two-party systems would be very paralyzing)

          It is just not wise to let charice go. she is a patriot, against all odds, and I admire that.

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      • greatodu says:
        Psy exploded in Youtube. He just wanted to entertain Korea without wanting to go international. It’s all right stuff at the right time.

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    • khatman says:
      If it were not for the death of her father, 2011 would have been a good year too – The Red Dress Awards in NY City, the GMA7 Valentine concert, the Japan 4-city tour (Zepp Music Halls, The two Glee episodes(Night of Neglect and the New York Finale), the Acuvue One-Day video, The Teen Choice Awards, Japanese TV, singing the SSB and God Bless America @ the Jaguar/Titan football game, concerts @Singapore F1 Grand Prix and @ Doha, Qatar, the DFF tour (Mandalay Bay and Manila, and the Christmas Concert. The one good thing that came out of the death of Ricky Pempengo was the settling of differences with his siblings.

      2012 was kind of a turning point in Charice’s career and life as she struck out on her own away from her mentor David Foster. There was much controversy over her decision to cut her hair, dye it blond and have tattoos. Most of the criticism and censure came from some of her more conservative countrymen. In her defense it can be said that many of her contemporaries in popular music were guilty of the same “crimes” Charice was committing in terms of appearance – Miley Cyrus is the best example.

      It’s my opinion that Charice took on too much when she did her 10-city tour. I kept wondering if her voice would be affected towards the end of the tour. As it was it ended on a bad note when she returned to Korea and visited StarKing before the scheduled concert. Thankfully she was able to rest and relax her voice when she was invited to be a judge and mentor on X-Factor Philippines where her countrymen got to know and appreciate her as a person because of auditions in various cities and weekly shows on tv. Following on the heels of X-Factor was the premier of Here Comes The Boom in the US and other countries. Reviews of Charice’s acting were quite favorable and could launch another aspect to her blossoming career. Charice’s final concert in 2012 was in Hawaii which was good but was hampered by lack of rehearsal time due to Charice being stranded in New York City due to Hurricane Sandy. She closed 2012 out with appearances on Kris TV where she sang Pusong Buto to the delight of her host and audience. This was followed by an appearance on Gandang Gabi, Vice where she firmly entrenched herself in the hearts of the filipino people.

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  22. bethcha says:
    Happy and Prosperous New Year Chasters!

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  23. cancon says:
    Happy and Prosperous New year to All!!!

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  24. bluetec says:
    Wishing all the best for upcoming year (2013, GOOD HEALTH TO EVERYONE..

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  25. kabayan01 says:
    I wish all the Chasters a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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  26. jimfan155 says:
    Happy New Year fellow Chasters. Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for Charice. My New Year’s resolution – spread love and understanding.

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  27. nicole says:
    The way she sang it (i will always love you) was so clean, for me it’s perfect even without music…such a talent that we filipinos are proud of,,,hope charice will have concert in america…

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  28. chariceoldfan says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  29. cholo0107 says:
    @babaengmasabaw sabi ko no more stup*d comments eh. wow, naka libot ka na pala sa buong mundo… tapos yan lang nasasabi mo? isip ka naman ng medyo original. anatayin ko ha.

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