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Infinity Hawaii Concert Videos, November 3, 2012

Infinity Hawaii Concert Videos, November 3, 2012


Here are Buy carbozyne review some of the amazing uploads out there for Infinity Tour Hawaii, please check these Chasters’ Youtube Channels for complete playlists.

Video Uploaded by Ice3353

Video Uploaded by ArzBayani

Video Uploaded by Dorothymariko


Also check these other uploads: DrTp1
from Ch3rBear
from Secretquark

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277 Responses to “Infinity Hawaii Concert Videos, November 3, 2012”

  1. Bing says:
    Fix @OfficialCharice Verified Account @Support

    You can go to this link to be able to sign the petition to get our one voice for Charice back on Twitter

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  2. markcha says:
    hi!what happen to charice carer in international!?so sad why there’s no upcoming show to her,shes one of the best singer in this planet!!!c’mon charice!!!!!!im so bored here……love u……

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    • lou says:

      Charice is not going to entertain some cheap parasites freeloader and just waiting to be entertained for free, c’mon.

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  3. Ramon says:
    If it’s true that tomorrow is the end of the world according to the mayans well what a way to perish watching charice

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  4. lou says:
    Charice should get out of the country fast!
    Those ‘haters’ are good in manipulating the ‘weak mind people’ by suggesting whatever foolishnes they can think of to discredit her.In international level, she is the queen of standing ovation and her vocal ability is unbeleivable.
    Its not worth to stay, she will be insulted all over again by imbecile low minded creatures who don’t understand what she got.

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    • julio says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • lou says:

        What do you think where she get all her millions? the answer is her income are from private event who pays big bucks, next time think ok?

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    • Bing says:
      Couldn’t agree with you more, well said!!! I am from Sydney and we’re dying for her to come.

      Charice should be were people appreciates her, be sorrounded by those love her and who think and wish her success and happiness. Just be sorroundedf by happy, successful and ambitious positve people.

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  5. abeng1127 says:
    lucky guy you’re the one..she’s thinking of and that’s easy to see.. lucky guy you’re the one who has her love when i used to be me…do you know that’s there once was a time..when she said ..always be mine…( my fav old songs )

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  6. markcha says:
    im dying to know who’s the lucky guy charice in love!?,charice sing pusong bato in KRIS TV,love it…..

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  7. greatodu says:
    It’s surprising that published 4 news items of Charice today, with 2 of them in video. The news are from Kris Aquino’s the Buzz where Charice admitted that she is already in love. Something’s going on.

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  8. TKlumpner says:
    Will Charice second US album still be released? Is there any update on this please? Why are there no new news about her?

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  9. cancon says:
    Hope Charice will record more songs…more Christmas songs..and also Tagalog songs..her voice is so captivating..great talent!..Talent like this should not be ignored..We support Charice!

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  10. Badger says:
    I heard charice and david archuleta duet “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” over my car radio. The lady dj even commented, “What a beautiful rendition”. It really made my day!

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    • Marvin says:
      True…I love this x’mas song duet.

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      • Badger says:
        I always tune in to that radio station, KOST 105.3 FM (Los Angeles
        area)whenever I get a chance. They are playing nothing but Christmas songs all the way to December 25. I got really lucky they played the “duet” about five minutes after I turned on the radio.

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  11. greatodu says:
    Nunca never tasted to be sikat, true laos from ever when.

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  12. Marvin says:
    I just pray that you find peace in your heart..

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  13. angela says:
    i like you charice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. james says:
    keep up the good songs and merry christmas

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  15. nicole says:
    Everyone deserves a second chances even to charice’s detractors..let’s move on,,nobody is perfect, I myself guilty also..I once hated other artists. And to Boy Abunda , he’s a person with whom is easy to deal. I’m pretty sure he cares a lot for charice!

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  16. Ro Gum says:
    I often wonder why I cannot get radio stations to play Pyramid or Louder by Charice. I often wonder why a young fairy like princess who writes her own gaggy love songs for every occasions and anyone can have lots of marketeers and promoters worshiping at her feet. Or why a young beautiful boy with a nice smile and pretty eyes can sell millions of records to preteens and young teens and have sold out concerts at every venues. You have seen them, not so new phenomenon perhaps, they make million of dollars for the people involved in the music industry and most important eventually for themselves. This is it, the music industry is really a market consisting of products, producers, buyers, consumers, sellers, marketeers, promoters, etc etc. Who is really in control? I think the record labels are, whether you have really good talent or not. The bottom line is how to make the most money (the same is true in the movie industry). If they (?) feel you are marketable (in a given segment) and they can see lots of money going their way then they will definitely promote you. Also, what they play on radio or TV is what the programmers feel would attract more listeners and viewers to fulfill their obligations to advertisers who pays them big bucks. Again, it is a market controlled economy; Pepsi and Coke for example pay billions of dollars for viewers, a portion of which gets paid to various artists. Now where does Charice, my idol, stand in this? I would only buy Charice. Where is Charice second CD and where is her Christmas album? Product-consumer, seller-buyer. Charice produce produce produce then I buy buy buy. No doubt Charice is very talented and popular among a certain segment of the global population. I am a convert from no buy anyone CD to buy one Charice debut CD. I have never bought anybody else’s CD in my entire life. My music listening life is paid for by advertisers in radio and TV. Charice no doubt have the talent and God given voice to sing a lot of songs even better than others. Now here is the problem, she does not own them or have the rights to them. Therefore, she cannot sell them unless she has some kind of purchase agreement. I love Charice CD because of her. But, what does the music market (producers, producers, marketeers, sellers, buyers) think? Now here is another thing, I feel, after a bit of quick research, that the North American market is dominated by Universal Music and groups associated with them. It is not a level playing field out there. The consuming public does not really care, they are also at the mercy of whoever or whatever groups control the industry. They make money from you whether directly or indirectly from advertisers. Here is a new concept, with iTunes, Amazon, Google Play; music can be sold-bought without producing CD. With the Internet paradigm, one can self advertise and grow in popularity. But, it is a hit and miss environment unlike radio, TV, and the movie industries. What am I saying, a lot and very little. It is time for Charice to change music label, write her own music, or choose good songs even from writers who are not that well known. I love Charice, wish her tremendous success and popularity, and most importantly financial success also thru her music. But I cannot buy a product unless it is marketed.

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  17. Erin says:
    So many folks looking for Cha’s Christmas album this year…count me in that group. Other artists produced theirs already – Evancho, Buble, etc. An album could have been made consisting of all of Cha’s previous Xmas songs (Oh Holy Night, My Grown Up Christmas Wish, Jingle Bell Rock, The Christmas Song, War is Over, and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas), AND, she could have thrown in the mix one of the most popular Filipino OPM Xmas songs – “Ang Pasko ay Lumapit,” and this would have produced a fantastic xmas album.

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  18. nicole says:
    glad to hear news from charice…she’s just being herself and grounded person too!…she has her own different style!! Her music speaks about he life, her deep feelings and her sincerity…Truly I admire the talent of this person, of course also to all Fiipino who are making their names internationally and locally…and thanks to Boy Abunda, he is very open-minded, and he isn’t judgmental unlike others! It’s no wonder that he is well-admired…

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    • greatodu says:
      Boy Abunda sided with Oggie Diaz when the latter published an anti-Charice story describing even her sexual organ. Abunda did not defend Charice, her goddaughter. Don’t get misled.

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  19. julio says:
    are there any christmas shows Charice will be doing this year?…We are missing the likes of Rockefeller, Citadel, etc.

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  20. khatman says:
    Charice did a cover of Bieber’s “Mistletoe” in last year’s Christmas special.

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Thanks khatman. Will add that one on. Btw, PBS rerunning the David Foster Hitman special tonight on channel 13 at 9:30pm for all you New Yorkers. Even though I have the dvd there’s just something special about seeing her on a tv broadcast. It’s funny how we just had the Macy’s parade and the Rockerfeller Center tree lighting, but there was something missing, for me, without Charice involved. Need to get her on some more shows, asap please.

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      • khatman says:
        I am afraid I missed it. I have the DVD also. I can’t remember if PBS aired the doctored version of All By Myself as it appears on the DVD.

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  21. jimfan155 says:
    Waiting for a Charice xmas album and until it comes out making a cd of her performances, because I can’t wait any longer. Anyone know of any other xmas songs other than: Oh Holy Night, My Grown Up Christmas Wish, Jingle Bell Rock, The Christmas Song, War is Over, and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Those are the only ones I could find that Charice sang. Thanks.

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  22. Ro Gum says:

    Does anybody know what “I think…” means in the Philippines? In Canada and I think in the USA it means “I am not really sure” or “In my opinion..” There are English phrases that seem to mean one thing in one place and a different or completely opposite meaning in other places. Is it simply a meaningless preface to a statement? I think my name is John.

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    • simplejoys says:

      Yes Ro Gum here in the Philippines “I think” also means “in my opinion or in my own opinion/in my own point of view”. This is not a meaningless preface since it is often used when one is insinuating his/her stand on certain issues and when enforcing ones’s own belief.

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      • Ro Gum says:

        Thanks, then one cannot say “I think this is my second time here in …” when one is stating a fact. Either it is your first time or your second time. Now, if one has been in a place five or six times then one can say “I think….”. If anybody is wondering, I just want Charice to be perfect.

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        • simplejoys says:

          Sorry i forgot to add that “i think” may also mean “I’m not sure” as may have used by Charice when she was not so sure if she’d been already in a certain place. However i hope our own countrymen would stop bashing her and instead support her. We are all not perfect and so is Charice, and like a big sister i hope she would be more confident, more self assured and see the negative write-up about her constructively.

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  23. cholo0107 says:
    “Is there no one else?!” says Achilles

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  24. dadfromcanada says:
    My dream is to have a CD of all Charice cover songs…I just hope that this dream will come true.

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  25. dadfromcanada says:
    Oh Charice….what have you done to me? I can’t help crying everytime i hear you singing songs like “Stand Up For Love”, “Try It On My Own”, “Maghintay Ka Lamang”, “Grown Up Christmas List”, “The Truth Is”, etc…and now “Clown”.

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    • khatman says:
      Clown – I did the next best thing and bought the original Clown or Emili Sande’s CD. While Sande doesn’t sound as good live as she does on her CD where she sounds eerily like Charice or should I say Charice sounds like Sande. Charice puts a touch more emotion into her rendition. Emotion is what sets Charice apart from most other singers.

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  26. Erin says:
    The bottom line in all of these discussions is this: Cha is, and has always been, a simple little girl who loves life. That last part of my words refer to her changing her appearance, trying blonde American hair, tattoos, etc., even tweaking her eyebrow a little bit. Did you see her sway her fingers lately when she’s singing? that’s the “rap” part (i.e., black folks’) she’s imitating. Let’s give her the space, she’s experimenting and, as Joe Dimaggio said, “all things will come to pass.”

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  27. Nauba says:
    Wish I knew if Charice has a fella. What a lucky guy such a fella would be.

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    • greatodu says:
      This aspect has to be cleared and approved by Oprah.

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    • Ro Gum says:

      Not a fella. Bad bad fella. Stay away from our pure, innocent and dear Charice. A respectable and honorable gentleman perhaps? No fella. Bad, bad, shoo, shoo, go away boy, shoo. Respectable, honorable, trustworthy, God fearing, intelligent, etc gentleman. But as they say, lots of girls find dashing, handsome, somewhat of a devil fella more alluring and attractive. The respectable honorable good boy is boring.

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      • khatman says:
        Charice has already stated that she isn’t looking for a handsome beau – just one who loves her, treats her kindly and respects her.

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  28. Nauba says:

    I shouldn’t bitch. After all, Charice is one of many very talented, gifted artists who languish in obscurity. Only the most aggressively, and ruthlessly promoted names get stage-time these days.

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