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Charice’s Interview Compilations for “Here Comes The Boom”

Charice’s Interview Compilations for “Here Comes The Boom”

How about a compilation of news, interviews and videos on Charice promoting the movie “Here Comes The Boom”? Charice is busy in the US again and Buy minocycline hcl there are so many news coming out, if we missed something, please add a comment.

Starting with Hollywood Life’s exclusive interview talking about “Fifty Shades of Grey”
Source Link: Hollywood Life

From one international phenomenon to another, Charice apparently canai??i??t get enough of E L Jamesai??? racy novel Fifty Shades of Grey! ai???I just finished the book ai??i?? and I think people would get why I love it,ai??? she told exclusively Oct. 9 at the NYC premiere of her new movie Here Comes The Boom. ai???Of course, itai??i??s not only about the naughty stuff. ai??i?? Itai??i??s a different love story, and I love

Interview Video on “The Couch”

Interview from “Screen Team Media”

Video from “ClevverNews”

Interview from “OK Magazine”

Original Source Link OK Magazine Interview

From “The Insider” Two Looks One Star

looks 199x300 Charices Interview Compilations for Here Comes The Boom

An edgier Charice debuts a dramatically layered haircut at the Here Comes the Boom premiere in New York City on October 9, 2012. Last February, Charice sported long, stick-straight locks and heavy bangs at the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards & Campbell’s AdDress Your Heart at Jazz event in New York City.


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Thanks to the uploaders, interviewers and of course the “Chasters”.

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81 Responses to “Charice’s Interview Compilations for “Here Comes The Boom””

  1. ‘Here Comes the Boom’ a victory for audiences
    Movie Review
    Ezra Mann

    “There’s no doubt the fickle nature of the average moviegoer, but sometimes judging a film as bust before it is released causes harm to a flick actually deserving of praise.”

    “I recommend it for all ages and plan on seriously watching it again as my own copy. Thus “Here Comes the Boom” earns four out of five bruises.”

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  2. Ro Gum says:
    Kevin James’ real life wife is a Filipina, Steffiana de la Cruz. I wonder if he has eaten adobo and balut. Would their three kids grow up with a bit of Filipino culture; the mother is usually the carrier of culture in the family. Now Kevin can have an adopted daughter named Malia De la Cruz.

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  3. CheechChong says:
    I just saw the movie Here Comes The Boom and honestly, It’s a totally different Kevin James movie. It’s funny and uplifting at the same time.

    The message of this movie really hits home here in the US. With it’s failing economy, public schools do cut a lot of their programs especially in the music and other school after school programs that were established because they do help kids in many ways.

    Charice’s acting was very convincing and believable for someone who had very little experience and very little or no formal training.

    I think Charice gained new Hollywood friends and that’s the best thing that she could take home from this experience.

    I was laughing and touched at the same time, great job Charice!

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    • khatman says:
      I saw “Here Comes The Boom” for the 3rd time. Each time I get a new appreciation for the movie and cast. I definitely have to purchase the DVD when it becomes available.

      Charice played her role as Malia perfectly. I can’t wait until she gets a lead role.

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      • CheechChong says:
        How about the lead role in Miss Saigon the movie.
        I heard from the grapevine that the director of Miss Saigon is the same person who directed the movie Precious and was hand picked by Oprah.
        Now I don’t want to jump into any conclusions but you know the saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”, especially in Hollywood.
        Either way I think Charice would be perfect for the role of Kim.

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      • khatman says:

        I just saw “Here Comes The Boom” for the 5th time. This will probably be it unless it keeps on being shown.

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    • kabayan01 says:
      Attention Admin, please delete illegal downloading.

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    • khatman says:
      I saw this on Chatbox today. Behind the scenes of HCTB.

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  4. Mrydia says:
    I must say that her accent and English fluency has really improved. She has been working hard and practicing. Before it was only her songs that were enunciated well, but now she seems more than comfortable with english in general. Not only that her presence and interviewing has has improved. Congrats. Looking forward to her next big work.

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    • greatodu says:
      Ricky Lo hates Charice’s English accent (twang) saying she is losing her Filipino-ness. Charice speaks better than college graduates in PH. Ask you friend at the call center. Ricky Lo has a thick accent, not understandable here in the U.S.

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      • champ1990 says:
        To each his own, if he doesn’t like it, let him be. I still luv Charice anyway! I hope the album drops in the US soon and I pray her new songs would be a smash hit! It would be totally cool to see her in the mainstream again.

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  5. “Positive Reviews Pour In For Charice’s Movie Performance”!

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    • greatodu says:
      Thank you Manila Bulletin for featuring Charice in your entertainment section. Thanks for nothing to ABS-CBN.

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  6. Kent says:
    Anyone know how to get the ^Charice^ perfume? Pls reply. Many Chaster wanting this. :)

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  7. James says:
    I saw it on first day 10/12/2012 at South Point Casino Century theater in Las Vegas. I saw it again the following day and I will see it again before they take it out from the movie house. Waiting for the DVD anxiously. Hope that Adam Sandler see a great potential from Charice. Rob Schneider could be a love team how’s that?

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  8. Mico Lloren says:

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    • greatodu says:
      Million thanks to Philippine Daily Inquirer for featuring Charice’s movie achievement in the U.S. No thanks for news blackout on Charice by ABS-CBN, the way to treat your most powerful audience magnet in the xfactor phil.

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      • azzej says:
        Yup, i agree. Whenever there are negative issues about Charice, ABS-CBN is the first to broadcast. But when Charice is achieving something way beyond their “favorite” artists has done, you won’t hear from them.


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  9. Tina says:
    Watched the movie last Sat. Pulled my husband and daughter to watch with me. There were families watching too. Even if you didn’t know Charice, you can’t miss her smiles in the movie. My husband admitted to me that he shed a tear in the movie. I loved Cha’s appearances, her acting and singing (of course).

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  10. bluedanube says:
    I love that Couch interview!
    People watching the Boom will be excitedly hoping to see Charice again in just another flick because they can see the age difference and will anticipate even more of her.
    Let’s hope for more roles.
    I fully accept her look. it’s just a bit American hahahaha..
    So, as a European I am wondering why I read Filipinos recommend her to stay in America and Filipinos comment on her look not being what they are used to.
    Laugh trip when she told that after doing X-Factor she feels like 40 yrs old. But it was a good job and the hosts on that couch respected that a lot.

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    • RodBelt says:
      Charice’s stint as a judge/mentor in XFP is her first time to be on the other side of the fence. Her exposure in the company of the trio of seasoned veterans probably have added ‘years’ of experience to her resume which would be beneficial in her career as an artist.

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    • ttyl says:
      I like what you said ” I fully accept her look. it’s just a bit American.” For Filipinos in the Philippines who has never been to America or Europe, I can understand why some crabs thinks she’s gone American or that she looks lesbian. In the Philippines there is still a very defined line between what is considered manly and womanly. Compared to her American contemporaries, Charice’s look is actually very tame. I would recommend her to stay in America because once you’ve lived in America it is hard to go back to a country that is in many way still behind the times culturally and infrastructurally. It is almost like you have to “dumb yourself down” when you go there.

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  11. RodBelt says:
    I have just watched HCTB which is the only 3rd movie I saw in a theatre this year as I find it cheaper to rent and watch a movie in the comfort of my living room. Probably, I would have totally skipped it had it not been for my keen interest in seeing our princess on the big screen. HCTB is not to be expected as one of those critically acclaimed movies (it garnered only 2 of 4 stars in a dozen or so reviews made by nationwide papers and critics). but it is mildly entertaining comedy with a touch of Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rocky’.

    But I am here to talk more about Charice. Many, including myself, were probably expecting Charice to sing in front of a mike and a big crowd a la Glee, but she did not!. Charice’s musical appearance was only briefly shown twice: The first was when she used the lyrics of Journey’s faithfully to teach Niko in his preparation for his US citizenship. The second was in his rendition of Neil Diamond’s Holly Holy which Tampa Bay Times wrote “… inspires a gifted student (Glee songbird Charice) and turns an unlikely Neil diamond ditty into a battle anthem”, and ReelViews’ James Berardinelli described as: “The most energetic performance belongs to 20-year old Philippines-born singer Charice, who does some interesting things with Neil Diamond’s “Holly Holy.” My personal take is that had it not been for the stadium crowd noise, the dialogue and segmented rendition of the song, Charice would have made a great cover that could make Neil Diamond be very proud of.
    Charice had lengthier screen time than in all her 3 guest appearances in Glee, appearing from the start to the end of the movie in a subplot as a Filipino gifted student being asked by her father to quit to work in his restaurant. Her acting was commendable, speaking eloquently in perfect English and with scenes of her disarming smile that is sure to be noticed even by those unfamiliar of her. Yes, Charice has the promise of a budding actress and, with more training and tutoring, will be ready for meatier roles. It will be very interesting if the plans for a Miss Saigon movie will become a reality. Charice will be perfect for role as Kim.

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    • Sally Markgraf says:
      Your right , Charice as a beginner she play a big part of the movie and I love her role , just my Canadian man say it looks she was too young in this movie, we always see her new outlook in you tube it’s different now from the movie.Thanks to all the staff of Here Comes the Boom you give Charice a great role to do. When you see the movie you feel you had your relax hours for to laugh after a long journey of work.I do hope Kevin James will do another movies with Charice as a grown woman. I can’t wait till Charice next big hit movie.Such a role as Kim in Miss Saigon hope she will be chosen. Cross our finger !!!!!

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    • Theo says:

      Just saw the movie and enjoyed it, but I am not as easily influenced with my sentiments towards Charice as a singer. Her performance here is really better than her apperance at Glee, I think, but I really have a gripe with her acting coaches! This girl can imitate like crazy yet she seems to be relegated to roles like foreign exchange student or some poor family (by the way, she had to learn English from scratch…from the Philippines?????…come on!).

      I bet you if someone taps in her ability to imitate in singing as towards acting she could be both a regular fil-american girl with an american accent and what is considered Fil. eng. accent.

      Now, Charice, move on to the horror genre as you like! She will be the signing Grudge…lol

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  12. Casher says:

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    • khatman says:
      Taken2 surprised a lot of critics with its success at the box office after initially earning only 2 stars.

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  13. Kok says:

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  14. flopmoviee121 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Oscar Buzz says:
      It’s a Kevin James movie, don’t expect a blockbuster movie !

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    • Jojo says:
      I watched your movie and it was awesome.I had to go to the 4:30 showing as the 1:30 show was already packed.It’s Saturday so it’s expected and there are 5 of us.We enjoyed the show and I want to see it again this time with my family.You were here in Manhattan for the premier showing last Wednesday.If I only knew I would have take a glimps of you ant that would really make my day complete.Here and there I can feel a few haters in this site.Just ignore them for they have no direction in life and are simply a bunch of losers.

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  15. Top 10 films –gross earning after Friday Oct 12

    “Kevin James’ Here Comes the Boom pulled $3.6 million. James’ comedy is expected to earn somewhere between $11-12 million this weekend.”

    1. Sinister – spooky flick — $7.5 million
    2. Taken 2 – r-rated film — $7 million
    3. Argo – political thriller — $5.9 million
    4. Hotel Transylvania – kid-friendly — $4.2 million
    5. Here Comes the Boom – comedy — $3.6 million

    “Opening in ninth place, after Pitch Perfect, Looper and Frankenweenie, was Colin Farrell’s Seven Psychopaths. The CBS film, raked in close to $1.4 million across 1480 theaters and is slated to expand to more screens on Oct. 26.”

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    • Jojo says:
      not bad for one day take as this was it’s first showing Oct 12.for Here comes the Boom.

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      • Casher says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • meek123 says:
          not bad for a comedy…it is a humble start considering the cost associated to making this movie. Sinister & Taken2 rake higher gross income in a day but also have the highest price tag. Just imagine, a huge portion of the earning goes to the big stars paycheck and infrastructure!

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  16. Amsterdam says:
    Originally I’m from Amsterdam but l’m lucky to see the movie at AMC theater in Times Square , New York. Charice acting is very good and of course her amazing voice is given. The cinema is almost full at 1:30PM

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  17. mytimeandplace says:
    Here comes the Boom! – we liked it and found it very entertaining! Those movie critics who say that the film is not funny? I reply to them with this question: if it’s not funny, why then was the theatre resounding with laughter? Really? Yes, really! The theatre was full (8 pm show time in Calgary Canada) and the viewers laughed at the funny scenes. The laughter was the proof!

    I didn’t plan to see the film yesterday as I had to go somewhere later in the evening. But after reading some bad movie reviews yesterday morning, I thought I should just watch it and judge the merits of the film myself (as a movie-goer and not as a film critic). Also, I couldn’t wait to see how Cha did in her acting and singing.

    Long story short, I’m glad I went to see the film. Cha’s acting is very, very decent and believable… yes, even in those parts where she didn’t have to say lines. Just watching her facial expressions or the little movements of her head or her smiling eyes and lips, she was able to make me understand what her character was trying to portray. And it goes without saying, she did great singing a Neil Diamond classic.

    For those who haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t wait any longer. Just hit the theatres and enjoy!

    I say again – I had no plans watching the movie yesterday, but I decided to go precisely because some movie critics warned people not to waste their time watching the film. Critics, your bad reviews backfired! A boomerang is headed right for you – Here comes the Boom-erang!


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    • Eek erg says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • khatman says:
      Today I saw the movie for the second time. This time I seated myself inline and closer to the sound system. Besides Charice’s spoken lines her facial expressions and body language just resulted in a very believable performance. It was hard to believe that she is a novice as an actress.

      Although the fighting was staged, it was real enough to feel the punishment that Kevin James character must have taken. I just may become a fan of mixed martial arts.

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