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Charice in “Here Comes The Boom” Movie Premiere

Charice in “Here Comes The Boom” Movie Premiere

Charice with co-stars Kevin James, Salma Hayek and producer Adam Sandler attended the upcoming film Here Comes The Boom Premiere held at AMC Lincoln Square on Tuesday, October 9, in New York City.

Kevin James Salma Hayek Adam Sandler Charice in Here Comes The Boom Movie Premiere

Worldwide Release Dates of Here Comes The Boom

  • United States / Canada- 12 October 12
  • Bahrain / UAE – 11 October 12
  • Hong Kong – 15 November 12
  • Philippines – 8 January 13
  • Singapore / Thailand – 17 January 13
  • Germany / Denmark – 8 November 12
  • Italy / Netherlands – 14 February 13
  • France – 30 January 12
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  • Norway – 9 November 12

Click here for release dates in other countries

Who is that girl? Charice!

“Celebrity Red Carpet” described Charice as “grown up and elegant for her mere twenty years”. Her deep wine-red lipstick in a slight ombre effect was the centre of her beauty look.Ai??Her choppy, stylish hair cut was marked with an innovative reverse ombre dye– her natural brown was highlighted with a blonde top coat.
Charice HCTB premiere5 Charice in Here Comes The Boom Movie Premiere

Charice HCTB premiere4 Charice in Here Comes The Boom Movie Premiere

Charice HCTB premiere3 Charice in Here Comes The Boom Movie Premiere

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53 Responses to “Charice in “Here Comes The Boom” Movie Premiere”

  1. Just a few people know about this Angel,about this “tsunami”who realy exploded to the musical market!I was vary impressed about her who became my favor in this moment,I’m a fan Charice!I like to know about her was maked a good movie with her life,it’s is vary special,and this is a good way to make her vary popular everywere in all world!I love her,and I wish vary much to be an happiest poor man to a life concert!I love U Charice!

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  2. simplejoys says:
    Here’s another rave review of Charice’s Here Comes the Boom

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    • hermiemel says:
      I haven’t heared Charice’s name mentioned by Kevin & Henry on this long interview. Maybe its due to fans questions or whatever. But they ought to know that millions of Chasters all over the world will see the BOOM movie just to watch Charice.

      When BOOM reach ASIA, these stars better speak Charice’s name on every interview, promo, reviews and apperances. Charice in ASIA is the real “BOOM”. I love Charice and this is just my opinion. Peace.

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  3. greatodu says:
    On November 12 Charice’s film “Here Comes the Boom” will be shown in 3 countries of Central America, 3 in Africa, 23 countries in Europe and Hongkong. She will be seen and heard in these 29 countries and one city. Unbelievable feat.

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  4. Mico Lloren says:

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  5. greatodu says:
    Charice was not an extra. She was not handpicked by Kevin James or Frank Coraci. They needed someone to play the role of Malia dela Cruz and Charice auditioned for that role. She competed against many aspirants. She sang her standing ovation songs that she had perfected since 4 years of age. She passed the audition, outsinging other auditioners. Then she was given the lyrics of a strange and unfamiliar song of Neil Diamonds. She adjusted and amazed those who would approve of her. Charice – go audition for Miss Saigon!!!

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    • chaoster says:
      Charice should audition for Miss Saigon, both the broadway musical and then the movie. The musical theatre requires discipline in quick costume changes and team work which will be valuable experience to add to her resume. The plum role in Miss Saigon movie would be the creme topping her career. The role necessitates great romantic chemistry with leading men, especially singing duets. So far Charice has been shy with most male artists onstage, so she needs to do some homework, some special preparation. I think The character of kim should be reimagined as slightly modernized with tattoos.

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