Charice Talks “Here Comes The Boom” Character and Kevin James!

Charice Talks “Here Comes The Boom” Character and Kevin James!

At last we have news about Charice! We are glad to see her again this time promoting the movie “Here Comes The Boom” starring Kevin James! Official release date in the United States on October 12th, 2012. Some lucky Chasters who had the opportunity to watch the movie’s pre-screenings in different locations reported that Charice had a wonderful role and that she was there from beginning to end. Check

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your local cinemas for details.

“I’m Charice and I play as Malia dela Cruz, she’s a Filipino student and Write my paper she’s a brainiac, musical genius.”

Watch the

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full video below and listen to what Charice has to say:

Video Courtesy of PopStopTV
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  1. Bing says:

    Fix @OfficialCharice Verified Account @Support

    You can go to this link to be able to sign the petition to get our one voice for Charice back on Twitter

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  2. clint says:
    Why dragging psy-chinese novelty pop star here.charice team wants to build here carrier slowly but surely,while psy is a one hit wonder-here today gone tomorrow.chirice is more likely to win grammy than psy,just ask bieber or esmeralda spalding!

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  3. greatodu says:
    Charice is all over the globe. Arabs in the middle east were ahead of Canada and U.S.A by 10 hours to see Charice. Lucky rich blokes.

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  4. greatodu says:
    Counting down…5…4…3…2…1 (1 day to playdate)…
    Tomorrow Charice will be seen and her songs heard in Canada, U.S.A., Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Syria and United Arab Emirates. Those rich Arabs! Imagine Charice’s exposure in these 11 countries! OFWs are lucky (except KSA). Imagine the money rolling in to her pocket!! BOOM!!! No one in the Philippines have done anything close to this. No one.
    Now wait for the next playdates: November 12, December 12, January 13 and February 13 there’ll be more countries. Haters? Forget them.

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  5. josheryl19 says:
    OVERWHELMED is what im currently feeling right now. Seeing this as another achievement and another dream come true for Charice. I always tell my friends who tend to judge her and not like her for whatever reasons they have and questions me why I like her or love her that much. ” I tell them, Ive never been inspired by an artist before, Im not a singer myself, my singing voice quality is awful, but whenever I hear her voice, whenever I hear her sing may it be the soft and mellow ones or the super ballad with spine tingling all over goosebumps songs,I dont know. My heart always melts for this lovable, adorable young lady. Her voice is what keeps me going… My love for you Charice is unconditional, I dont care what you do on your hair, your looks. As long as your happy. Im happy too.. Being true to yourself is always..always the BEST thing. dont let them take that away from you.. I love you and please keep on singing , I know there are billions out there dying just to hear you sing :)

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  6. greatodu says:
    Counting down …6…5…4…3…2 (2 days to playdate)…
    I hope I could be her personal aide so I can take care of her every travel needs, especially travel documents. She does not have to worry about this trivial things, you know what I mean? But she made it!!!

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  7. Suvaree Lara says:
    Hi Charice and Chasters,
    My family and I are so glad that you are back in the US. Congratz for mentoring KZ, she became the first winner of XFactor Philippines. We watched your videos while you’re being a judge and mentor of KZ. We are proud to be Chasters as you are so super talented person. We watched you since Oprah and DFF Tour and definitely watch your movie. We saw you on “The Couch” and you’re awesome.

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  8. sean says:
    charice promoting Here Comes The Boom with her latest hairstyle

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    • khatman says:
      Thaks, Sean. Great interview and I finally got the gist of why Faithfully(not the lyrics) was being sung. In prior videos the sound was not so clear as to what was being said.

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  9. katrina says:
    I wonder why abscbn highlighted the mishap that happened to Charice (passport was forgotten) instead of the good news that she was praised by her co-stars especially Kevin James and the Director of the movie. The writer even called the mishap as a drama. Charice really cannot depend on Phil. media to write good things about her. Good we have the internet, twitter, facebook and other social networking sites. There will always a way for us to find out the real score.

    Charice, you look so beautiful at the red carpet. Congratulations.

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  10. greatodu says:
    Counting down…6…5…4…3 (3 days to playdate)…
    When KZ and Allen fell to the bottom 2 at the final 4 Charice thought of mobilizing the worldwide Chasters. Charice can’t agree for KZ to be just a runner up to inferior artists. The immense pressure of the Chasters boosted KZ’s cyber votes to a level higher then all the competitors’ combined. It was a decisive win for KZ. Long live Chasters!!!

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  11. allgringo says:
    She´s beautiful !
    She´s flawlessly !!
    She´s simply The Best !!!
    Charice of course !!!!!

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  12. AngelFace101 says:
    In the Philippines (unfortunately) Charice is perceived by some (who are active in posting tweets and facebooking) critics as swell-headed (more unfortunate), while a LOT MORE (who don’t tweet and cannot post due to lack and/or inability to do so) appreciate her achievements. I hope and pray these critics will be able to accept that Charice is a fierce and confident performer when , I repeat WHEN, she is performing or say in front of huge audience. I hope as well that those critics (which are mostly Pinoys) will accept the fact that in this business you cannot be the timid-type (typical of Pinoys)of person. This business is not for Maria Claras. This business is for people who can project immense talent coupled with stage PERSONA that will stay in the audience mind long after his/her performance on stage. Please let go of old-school perception of simple is better. I ask – why is Charice popular in Southeast Asia? Let us just separate Charice in stage or in front of huge audience from a Charice at home or with her fans in the backstage. There’s 2 Charices we must appreciate in 2 different ways..

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    • greatodu says:
      Filipinos are typically shy, subdued, quiet, no initiative, timid, kimi, patay-patay, dungo, walang latoy, lawang benesa. You can beat them up to death but they will never sing or perform. When someone performs or sings they call him utu-uto, mayabang, kapal-muks, diyahe, OA, hambog, etc. Charice is brave, hardworking, risk taker, set to win, biba, lista, bigay todo, nakikipagsabayan. Forget those retard Filipinos. Charice taught them how to ovate standing. Before her they just sat tight drilling holes on their seats. Charice also taught them how to move on.

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  13. greatodu says:
    Counting down…6…5…4 (4 days to playdate)…
    @Mico Lloren: Thanks for sharing the site. It is now clearer that Malia’s is not a negligible role. This will surely boost Charice’s popularity, more that Glee did.

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  14. Mico Lloren says:

    Check the site banner, it’s Charice with Kevin James and Salma Hayek!


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  15. Chas4Real says:
    A couple of years ago, David Foster mentioned that an Asian will be the biggest star in the world someday. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be our Charice. It’s Psy. I don’t think his popularity will last though unless he comes up with another catchy novelty tune. Charice, I know ur star will shine bright soon, especially once ur Infinity album releases in the U.S. I’m hoping ur exposure from ur movie is enough to put u in people’s minds so that when ur album does finally launch, they’ll know it’s u. Can’t wait to watch ur movie. Congrats to KZ.

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    • Mamavi says:
      David Foster is right. That ‘someday’ is still in the offing, just like Charice’s life story before she was introduced by Ellen and Oprah to the entertainment world. Charice has achieved and still achieving success, more than those Asians singers here own age. She’s in 2 movies, top class concerts with top performers in many parts of the world. I’m sure Charice couldn’t ask for more. She already got a solid ground. We shouldn’t expect her to top Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, etc. She is now part of Hollywood, and that count for something. I thank God for giving Charice a long lasting gift of music, and an inspiration to us all(not to haters (of course!) Her star is still shining.

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  16. edna says:
    we hope ABSCBN will treat KZ the way she deserved to be,if not Cha will support her all the way.Charice can do it.Charice can be a mentor and recording executive in PI.Why not right?

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  17. cholo0107 says:
    Finally, ABS-CBN has their own TRUE artist. Charice was never theirs anyway. I hope they get good writers and producers for KZ. Star Records has the knack of producing flop artists. Panay remake nalang ang recording.

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  18. greatodu says:
    Counting down…6…5..(5 days to playdate)…
    Congratulations to KZ for winning xfactor philippines, first ever winner, mentored by Charice. Thanks to all Chasters for your powerful eminent votes for KZ… Chasters are immense pressure to reckon with.

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    • VitaminC says:
      Yes, congratulations to KZ. My only wish is for Star Records to produce an album with all original songs, truly OPM. They should take this chance to showcase their talent in writing and of course KZ to shine with her own songs.

      You can do it Star Records. An original album for KZ,please.

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  19. YongCha says:
    I can’t wait for Charice Red Carpet day… I just kept thinking what will she wear on that day. It would be so nice if she had an escort during the walk. Our amazing diva is walking with the Hollywood A-lister in the Red carpet. Waving a “hello”. Can’t wait that movie to be shown here in the Philippines. More movie for our amazing diva Charice!!!

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  20. Badger says:
    There are a number of new movies on October 12, but there are only two that will be shown nationwide: “Argon”, a drama starring Ben Affleck, and “Here comes the Boom”. There is another comedy flick debuting on the same date, “Seven Psychopaths”,but on a limited engagement. Because of this, I think Charice’s movie will do great in the box

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