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Charice Performed at WCDE Final Showdown Gala, Las Vegas

Charice was the special guest for the West Coast Dance Explosion’s Final Showdown Gala last July 6, 2012 at Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas. She performed some songs from her Infinity Tour setlist – a cover of “Without You”, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and “Saving All My Love For You” and her own “Louder”.

Video uploaded by AteFe

I Will Always Love You / Saving All My Love For You

Video uploaded by arzbayani

It looks like Charice will be busy again in the next months with her X-Factor Philippines stint as a judge and her new movie with Salma Hayek and Kevin James, Homework “Here Comes the Boom” that is coming out this October.

Charice’s current hair and look

192 Responses to “Charice Performed at WCDE Final Showdown Gala, Las Vegas”

  1. lala says:
    where is she now?

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  2. Jhanel_12 says:
    Go in charice I love u
    I don’t care ’bout Ur nEw Look
    I’m Ur FAN Ever
    Still watching all of Ur videos
    Oldest and nEw…Sana pag uwi ko sa Pinas
    Ur still there here kc mE KSA working …
    It’s me fan ever

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  3. girl says:
    Mily Cyrus has just cut her long hair off shorter than Charice. Charice trended the hairstyle first. Charice, you are adorable!

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    • greatodu says:
      Charice is not only a trendsetter but a pacesetter as well. With her avantgarde fashion, of which Philippines is way left behind other cities even Asian cities, Filipinas will be awakened to the fashion world and catch up or again lead in fashion as it used to be in the olden days. Filipinos thought it was “baduy” to wear coat with denim jeans or with untucked in shirt, but now these are in style. Charice is setting the trend but Filipinos, unaware of what’s happening elsewhere, are slow to follow. Their eyes do not adjust quickly.

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    • khatman says:
      Now she is wearing Dr Martens boots.

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    • khatman says:
      Check out Jessica Alba – she has the same hairdo as Charice.

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    • khatman says:

      And now some celebrities are rainbow dying their hair. What is next? Messng with their eyebrows? Charice is on the spearpoint of fashion.

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  4. Kquin says:
    whatever!!!! i don’t care whatever look she has! i just love her talent and her music… i look forward to her US Infinity album to be released, im really excited!!!

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  5. erring_early says:
    this still the latest newS? :(
    i’m here again coz twitter’s making me feel so down.
    those people.
    they’re so arrogant coz they’re anonymous in the internet the same we are i suppose lol

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  6. davesenti says:

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  7. vanessaray says:
    who says charice is lesbian? you take a look at this… she’s definitely a woman… and she looks so beautiful!!! go charice!!!

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  8. alvin says:
    There is nothing wrong with Charice experimenting her new hairdo. I love the way she sing and I love whatever she do as a teen-ager millionaire now that she is successful in her career be it as to her hair or what she likes to wear. She deserves to enjoy the fruit of her hard work. It is those irresponsible people full of envy and jealousy whom I pity. Unwilling to accept the fact Charice is already way, way up compared to their own accomplishments.

    Charice is already a model of success envisioned by many young teenagers of today. The ONE UP THERE always BLESSES HER. A wonderful lucky girl.

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  9. feelingsuper says:
    Charice is absolutely not offended by the Chucky doll ridicule (see 3:43 “Charice Pempengco’s mini mansion” by oneofchasters Jan. 5, 2012). She said she can’t sleep without Chucky doll beside her. She loves horror. She has a collection of these fearsome dolls. This is an old news. We are not surprised at all. On the positive side this viral issue kept her surging in the limelight. She dominates the entertainment news.

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  10. Justingreg says:
    Charice, ignore what people say. Just want you to know that I love the way you experiment on your looks. I love the way you look and project. Looking forward to seeing more changes, it’s kinda exciting :)

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    • khatman says:
      Speaking on experimenting with looks, Miley Cyrus recently cut her hair and dyed it blond. Her remarks parallel those of Charice as to why she did what she did.

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  11. Ttyl says:
    People who hate Charice are stupid. To hate someone you don’t know, has never met, has never spoken to you nor have you ever spoken to her, has done nothing bad to you nor you physically bad to her means you’ve created your hate out of your subconscious and imagination. That basically means people who hate out of nothing at all have no control of their mind and hatred stems from the mind because a heart is not meant to hate. The same people who hate Charice with their minds also probably have mothers, fathers, brothers and sister, sons and daughters and friends the love with their heart. Hatred for someone you don’t know and has never done anything to you is illogical. Someone who doesn’t have this awareness is like an animal acting out of the most basic instinct. There is something about Charice that threatens them and since haters are animals without awareness they act in the only way they know how, defensive thru hatred . They don’t have the capacity within themselves to question why they would hate somebody they do not personally know. Therefore haters are stupid because they don’t excersise that ability that separates them from animals. Self- analysis.

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    • surg702 says:
      @ Ttyl

      When you said that “a heart is not meant to hate”, I said to myself this person Ttyl must have some idea about quantum physics, about the “heart-belief-physical world relationship” and how the power of belief can translate into reality in a persons physical world.

      I was listening to this subject on the internet when strangely, Charice came into my mind. I said, why Charice? What’s the connection? I remember interviews in her early days as a child before everything happened for her. She showed “drawings and sketches of a house, car, airplane, clothes, food, Celine Dion” and other things she wanted to have someday. We all know that everything she wished for happened, plus all the great people that became part of her physical world transformation. Charice is a “reality maker”. Is it strange? Coincidence? Luck? Godsent? Of course, but it all started with a happy innocent “heart”.

      Now, facing the reality of a corrupt evil world as a grown up, her once happy “heart” that had the power to change things in her physical world had been lost.

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