Charice’s New Movie: “Here Comes The Boom” Trailer

Charice’s New Movie: “Here Comes The Boom” Trailer

Charice filmed a comedy movie “Here Comes The Boom” last year and finally a trailer has been released. Are you excited to see her on the big screen? Charice plays Malia Dela Cruz, a high school student. Kevin James plays Scott Voss, a biology teacher who tries to save the school’s music program by raising money through moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter. Cannabis seeds uk seller Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler also join James in this hilarious movie.

charice here comes the boom Charices New Movie: Here Comes The Boom Trailer

Charice can be seen in different scenes in the trailer: sitting in class, watching and cheering in a crowd, dancing, and playing the piano.

Here’s another version of the trailer:

This movie will be shown on

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October 12, 2012. Check this listing for the release date in your country. Posted by Capofret,

68 Responses to “Charice’s New Movie: “Here Comes The Boom” Trailer”

  1. greatodu says:

    Charice is not a mere extra as chasterdork prejudged before. Look at the late trailers by typing ‘HERE COMES THE BOOM-10/12, Bring the Boom” in the Youtube search box. Then read the comments. She has a substantial role in the film, mainly essentially two songs.

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  2. greatodu says:
    Malia (Charice) has the essential role of singing a couple of times and gives a pretty good performance. This is the review statement given for the movie “Here Comes the Boom”. Read the full review by going to Next enter here comes the boom in the search box. Go to the latest post and click on the review here comes the boom. Do it fast or it will be archived. Good luck.

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  3. feelingsuper says:
    Just one more month and Charice will be on the big screen worldwide.

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  4. Don says:
    You can see charice clearly on this new trailer for Here comes the boom. Awesome!

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  5. feelingsuper says:
    I had a DVD of the movie “Fools Rush In” that starred Salma Hayek with some shots taken at the Hoover Dam right at the border between Arizona and Nevada. She also starred in “The Dogma” with Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) and Ben Afleck (Goodwill Hunting). She appeared briefly (less than two seconds) at the court of Herod in Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ”. Now she will be with Charice. We are halfway of the long wait for “Here Comes the Boom”. It should have been shown last July but was postponed. October is closer to Christmas and it is a better timing. Beware of the other “Here Comes the Boom” which is about football and not about school and mixed martial arts (MMA). Charice is not there at the football movie. Don’t go there.

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  6. 28Venice says:
    Am passing by after two years. Charice still has the voice .
    She has her handicaps too. Hope somebody can point the right path , for longivitys sake.

    Love her.

    Hope i can see her again in NBC Christmas Bash NY.
    It was a blast!

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  7. simplejoys says:
    Surely Charice would be perfect to play the role of Kim in Miss Saigon. Given her her petite frame, expressive eyes and beautiful voice she could do justice to the character. Others may say that she does not have experience in acting but then it could be learned thru workshops. So chasters let us pray that she be the one to be chosen for the role GOD bless us all.

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  8. chacha says:
    is charice the boom in the movie?

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  9. coconutt says:
    hey chasterdork…nothing you say will change our resolve for Charice!!!…you’re just digging your own grave…people reading your comment…see how miserable you are right now…you cant accept the fact that Charice has passed your idol by leaps and bounds…in terms of fame and experience in the overseas entertainment field,plus income generation…reading your comments…i feel pity for you..jealousy and hatred is eating you from the inside…i hope someday your closed mind will be opened to the fact…that Charice is a wonderful person inside and out…i’m praying for you…there is still hope for you…

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    • feelingsuper says:
      Dork is making the impression that he is the producer of “Miss Saigon” to the extent that he enumerated all the quality control specifications of the cast. He represents himself to be an authority in the entertainment industry. It is now time for dork to show his credentials in theater arts, if he has produced any stage or movie shows in his experience. He must then show us clips of his production in youtube complete with his watermarks for authenticity. In that case we’ll believe him. Otherwise ‘lunukin mo lahat ang mga sinabi mo’.

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  10. chasterdork says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  11. Chada says:
    I do believe that Malia De La Cruz in this movie is an important character. We cannot just based the importance of her role just because she appeared a few seconds on the trailer. Come to think of it, her character has Reggie Lee as her father who wants her to back in the Philippines. There should be more conversations between father and daughter, where they live and how they interact.

    The story is also focused about the school’s music program facing a possible forced cancellation because of budget cutbacks. There should be more scenes on this music program. What’s in this music program that needs to be saved? Why the main character wants to save the music program? It’s probably because of the musical genius named Malia!

    It was said that more than 80% of the movie was filmed within the school premises. This means there should be more interactions between students and since Malia was described by Charice as brainiac, well, I don’t think character like that should appear and disappear in just a short period of time. In the trailer, Charice appeared sitting at the center and first row. I’m imagining how articulate she is when she participates in the class.

    This is all I can say, I am excited to watch the movie. I’m also expecting her sing on the movie. Even if she appears about less than 10 minutes in the entire film, I don’t care!!! I love her and I will continue to support her…

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    • khatman says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • feelingsuper says:
        Shooting sequences are not as they appear in the movie. Conversations are shot at different times and camera angles. After editing they look continuous and as if facing its other.

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      • cholo0107 says:

        According to Reggie Lee or Charice, I cant remember which, in an interview. They did not shoot together because the story line didnt allow them to be together. Reggie Lee is in Manila supposedly and Charice is in the States.

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  12. AJL says:
    Hey Chasters…vote for Charice on TFC Balitang America website ( ) on “Who should vote for the role “Kim” in the movie version for Miss Saigon? Charice should play the role as Kim for Miss Saigon. For obvious reasons, Charice can
    sing, act and she has on international fan base that will definitely support her. Producers of the movie takes into consideration of the success of it by not only the marketability of the product but also the impact of the story to movie goers. I am for Charice for Miss Saigon’s role.

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  13. feelingsuper says:
    Cool that dork has chilled down. Let’s have peace and joy always. Charice, in her song “Note to God” said ‘for all hate to be swept away’. Let’s make it happen.

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  14. feelingsuper says:
    I vote for Charice because she looks like vietnamese, authentic miss saigon.

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    • khatman says:
      Miss Saigon involves a love scene(kissing). Is Charice ready for that? Here is a scene from Miss Saigon with Lea Salonga (18 y/o).

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      • feelingsuper says:
        She is ready but may not be prepared. It’s all up to her.

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      • cymb1216 says:
        Lea was 17 years old when she auditioned for Miss Saigon. I always see from the chatroom the some chasters will not allow(?- like it is up to them) or thinks she will be ridiculed when she gets chosen (how is it different when she has the new hairstyle or the tattoo).She is an artist. On the screen or stage, you portray someone different from who you are. That is why it is called acting. If Lea can, why can’t she ? I will be ecstatic if she gets chosen, no matter what others say. It will be a big thing for her. God Please!!!!!!!

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