Charice as X-Factor (Philippines) Judge

Charice as X-Factor (Philippines) Judge

Charice is back in a singing contest, not as contestant but as judge this time. SheAi??joins Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera and Pilita Corrales as judges in X-Factor Philippines. KC Concepcion hosts the show. X-Factor is a music competition franchise created by Simon Cowell in the United Kingdom. The winner will receive cash, other Skunk seeds #1 prizes and a recording contract. One of the most successful winners of the X-Factor (UK) is Leona Lewis.

xfactor judges Charice as X Factor (Philippines) Judge

Charice’s X-Factor taping

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Charice mentioned in some of her old interviews that she joined about 100 singing contests before Oprah and Ellen Degeneres invited her to guest in their shows. She was mentored by famous songwriter David Foster and performed with singers such as Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. She also appeared in the musical hit TV series Glee and some TV shows in other countries. She released two international albums “Charice” and “Infinity” wherein the first album landed 8th on the Billboard 200 Chart. With these impressive achievements under her name, she is more than qualified to be a judge in X-Factor. We can expect Charice to share her honest opinions and experiences that she has had in her long singing career.

During the live auditions, Charice sang some songs to entertain the audience in between taping breaks.

Charice – Louder acapella

Watch the full episodes (No English Subtitles yet):

Episode 1 (June 23, 2012)

Episode 2 (June 24, 2012)

X-Factor Philippines started airing last June 23rd and airs every Saturday and Sunday, 9 PM (PH time) on ABS-CBN. It will run until September or October this year.

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  1. Excellent site. Plenty of useful information here.
    I am sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious.

    And obviously, thank you to your effort!

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  2. dolce2.15.57 says:
    no matter what they say, I will be forever number 1 fan of charice, no pinoy singer did what charice accomplished, performing with foreign artists and receiving standing ovation, love you charice!!!!

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  3. greatodu says:
    Mission accomplished with flying colors. More success to Charice!!!

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  4. manang babes says:
    Hey Congratulations Charice and KKKKKKKZZZZZZZZZZ! That’s the power of Chasters and KZers put together! More than anything, this is Charice’s vindication of her mentoring.Yeyyyyy!

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    • greatodu says:
      KZ is the first ever winner of xfactor Philippines. She was mentored by Charice. International Chasters’ support is an immense pressure to reckon with.

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  5. greatodu says:
    We should support Charice by text-voting TZ Oct. 6. Allen has been eliminated and TZ is alone. If there should be a standoff text votes will be decisive. Chasters let us get our celfones fired up!!!

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  6. rdrg says:
    I decided to discontinue TFC subscription since they allow Allen and KC to be the lowest two that led to Allen going home. Who knows it look like a setup. It is becomming more politics. Martin should be a campaign manager and Pelita is his assistance since she gat a loud mouth. Watch xFactor USA its only audition and those guy you are trying to win is not comparable to that. Oh, I lost respect to Pelita , she even became my favorite in my younger age.

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    • lou says:
      Obviously Charice knows what’s going on and that is the showbiz politics and Martin’s jealously of Charice. She couldn’t help her emotion because she’s been there – being bullied all over again.
      Charice don’t let them and its time to go internationally and get the respect that you deserve. That old lady and Martin are just old frustrated wannabe international singer.

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  7. greatodu says:
    Charice’s protege TZ gets 64% of poll favorite votes, more than the sum total of the others, followed by Allen with 13%. If TZ wins she will be the favorite target of haters because Charice coached her. Those haters hate whatever has any link with Charice. This is TZ’s predicament.

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  8. RodBelt says:
    This is off-topic but I am posting the link for this inciting, thought provoking article about Charice – a definite must-read especially by her detractors and haters:

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  9. manang babes says:
    Love you Charice! A tough decicion to make but you did it.
    More power to you!

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  10. Ymor says:

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    • mariahdoll22 says:
      Charisse is cool her protegez allen & tz r standin alive. tz s 64% poll fav. Charisse coachin em good. D end s neer.

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    • RodBelt says:
      Charice is very much in the show as a judge/mentor. Two of her proteges, KZ and Allen are in the top 5. Philippine Chasters are very much active in supporting Charice’s team. Most of the Chasters’ and Charice’s activities can be viewed on FB – Chastermania.

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  11. greatodu says:
    Charice is still the favorite judge getting 53% of all votes. She the most admired, adored and idolized judge. She is very popular indeed.

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  12. manang babes says:
    Now that it’s almost the Top 6, we have seen how Charice is as a judge. I have no complaints, she’s human, very compassionate, and knows what she is talking about. I never realized the extent of her technical knowledge in music until now. She is a genius!

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      xfp is down to top7 now- and while the guys stagnated, the girls kept surging! Team Charice week by week contnue to delight and amaze me. Charice has a good team and continue to shape and mold Allen and KZ to become shining stars!
      I am safely predicting a KZ vs Allen finale! Who to pick? Both are winners in my book. Charice is getting prettier, the blond hair suits her.

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  13. Robig says:

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    • feelingsuper says:
      Those judges (Charice, Pilita, Gary & Martin) are cleared by the x-factor franchise owners based on their resumes to ensure the keeping up of the reputation and quality standard of the show worldwide. It is a prestigious and rare experience to be chosen in that panel, even the great Lea Salonga (courtesy of Boy Abunda) is highly qualified to be one by the opinions of many. The show gives Charice continuous exposure on TV and internet (type in “Charice clown” in youtube and get her latest song, it’s a ballad). Her Charice doll, as shown in x-factor phl, is now a craze. She is also showcasing and trendsetting her latest fashion and hairdo (she is very feminine with that cleavage). Things will pick-up when “Here Comes the Boom” is shown come Oct. 12, 2012 when Charice will be on the screen worldwide. Meanwhile she is discovering world class artists in the xfp.

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  14. feelingsuper says:
    Here’s the way to vote in the abs-cbn survey: Who’s your favorite “The X-Factor Philippines” judge? (1) Google ‘Charice’. (2) Select ‘Wikipedia’. (3) Go down to References. (4) Click on item 4 or 9 (or other items from ABS-CBN). (5) On the survey screen on the right column click ‘View Results’. Charice’s score is 53.18%, higher than all of the other judges’ combined, but it is going down. (6) Go back to ‘Survey’, pick ‘Charice’. (7) Press ‘Vote’. Let us keep Charice up there.

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  15. feelingsuper says:
    Charice is enjoying the effect of her latest hairdo as the entertainment news and cyberspace surge with all kinds of reactions including haters’. Why do haters hate others? As children they were bashful (kimi, dungo, patay-patay). When they were asked to sing or show their talents they refuse, they are scared to be embarrassed as other children laugh at them. Their parents even threaten them but they just didn’t budge. When other children perform they said they were braggarts (mayabang, ma-arte). They even call those talented kids gullible (utu-uto). When these talented kids receive appreciation or praises they call them ugly (pangit, pandak, boses palaka, etc.). When the talented kids make money they call them proud, ungrateful, lucky, etc. This is why haters hate, right from the start. Charice is not kimi, dungo, patay-patay nor walang latoy. She is lista, bibo and alive. When the knock came she was ten years prepared and ready with all the songs. (Started at 4, knock came at 14).

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    • AngelFace101 says:
      You are exactly 100% correct!. A lot of ignorant music fans do not know what is the difference between “confidence” and “arrogance”.
      Maybe it’s just the “mentality”. They were used to see timid people all around them in their whole life. Now when they see a confident and talented performer (who immensely believed in herself – such that it shows while performing) they thought of them as “arrogant”? How pathertic! Instead of putting their hands together and be amazed – what do they do? Psychologically – this ignorant people feel some inferiority. Thinking “how can they be that good and I am or my children are not”? So their excuse is to bash the talented performer to be as “mayabang lang”. Wake up ignorant people!. Life is not fair. There will always be someone better than you -as well as you are better than others.

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  16. katrina says:
    Congrats Charice. You showed the viewers of xfactor that you know what you are doing and you are the best judge to judge a singing contest. Your team is the best team this week and also A.K.A JAM.

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  17. katrina says:
    we will watch you again charice this saturday and sunday july 28 & 29.

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  18. feelingsuper says:
    From the Ellen Degeneres day up to this days Charice has been exposed, subjected to and received countless standing ovations and dropping jaws. Now, as a force of habit, she shows her applause by ovating standingly and dropping her jaws at a good x-factor contestant. Filipinos are ignorant of her gesture and think that she is overacting. Hey, Filipinos, you are ignorant in the art of applauding. You are a dead audience. It was Charice who taught you how to ovate. It’s not that you are hard to please. When you stand the guy behind you shouts “upo, upo kayo”. Crap.

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  19. luvkcha09 says:
    There is nothing like X Factor Philippines – this show is the best ever. I must commend the judges for their kind and compassionate judging. Instead of giving criticism, they give encouragement and appreciation to the contestants. That is why this show is different from the other X Factors. The judges here empathizes with the contestants and recognize their dreams and know how hard it is to stand on the stage and possibly face rejection and criticism. Charice even sang a duet with a contestant just to fulfill someone’s dream. Martin and Gary and Pilita and Charice would say “NO” in the gentlest way so as not to kill someone else’s dream or hurt someone’s feelings unnecessarily. The cream will naturally rise to the top anyway, there is no use for harsh words.
    This is what makes Philippine X factor a joy to watch for me.
    The contestants are very talented – among them, I found not one but about ten stars amongst them. The talent is very deep. And the audience are the most lively, it is so worth my time!

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  20. Ttyl says:
    Charice is a great judge. She is sooo giving and so naturally charming and cute. Check out her reaction to KZ TANDINGAN on X factor. Out of all the contestants this girl IS the winner. She reminds me of Lauryn Hill. She’s different and her style is different. I think Charice should produce her album.

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  21. manang babes says:
    I am just so impressed with Charice as a judge. Aside from being one of the best singers ever, she shows her technical knowledge of how it is to be one. More power Charice, go girl.

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  22. tnt says:

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  23. feelingsuper says:
    You won’t find x-factor anywhere in the front or sublinks of but they regularly feature Belo-Hayden, Anabelle etc. I found out that to be able to get to x-factor use the search box and type in ‘charice’. That will take you to a list where you may select x-factor. It’s in the outback where it’s hard for you to find. Too bad that x-factor is not considered newsworthy by abscbn.

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  24. markcha says:

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    • tnt says:
      LIFE is not that simple…

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    • feelingsuper says:
      Charice is now in the “screen saver” mode after a hectic infinity tour. With the money she got in her pocket she can live a life of ease and luxury for the next 100 years if she lives on a budget of $300 per day (300 x 36,525 days = 11,000,000 more or less). She can afford to have a party every weekend and travel abroad once a month. She does not have to run any crazy race to please those hard to get idiots. She does not need to listen to loser advisers. Her passion is in singing. You can see the joy and satisfaction in her face after every song she renders. When the opportunity knocked she was prepared and ready. She was not “dungo” or “kimi”. We can learn a lot from her to live our lives.

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    • feelingsuper says:
      You should say “…don’t FOOL ur self.” not “…don’t FULL ur self”.
      Only those more successful than Charice have the right to advise her. Only those more talented than her may criticize her. Only those richer than her may direct her. The rest of the commentators are mere kibitzers (miron) who think they are better than the players. She was performing at the Mirage in Vegas as you wrote this. She has a keen sense of choice, perfect sense of timing and energy to deliver a power punch. You have no ability to preempt her moves. She is moving faster than you can keep up. Read or watch her life story and learn from it. Where were you when you were 18?

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    • chaboom says:

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      • grancanon says:
        You seem to be an expert in the grammy. Do you have any degree and experience in music arts to make you qualified to set the criteria for the grammy? Have you ever won any award in your life? Are you more successful then Charice that you feel you have the authority to say she is doing the wrong thing?

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  25. ben says:

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