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A Review of Charice’s Year

A Review of Charice’s Year

Charice is a year older and is now at a new stage in her life ai??i?? her 20ai??i??s! 2012 has so far been a special year with many turning points. The year is passing by so fast that Chasters might not have noticed that she is not a kid anymore – we can now call her the “Fierce Young Superstarai??? of her generation. Let us have a quick review of what happened since the beginning of the year. January Charice graced the cover of Preview, a Philippine fashion magazine. She defied gravity with her unbelievable looks. Long hair, sultry eyes, and stunning poses! When it hit the stands, people mistakenly thought that the pictures were photoshopped! The photos went viral. Later on, behind the scenes photos of the shoot proved that it really was Charice in her natural beauty. February Philippine TV Network GMA produced a Valentine’s Special for Charice and it turned out to be melodramatic when everyone witnessed the other side of Charice. She shed tears as she remembered her fatherai??i??s death in 2011 and the heartbreaking fact that she worked very hard to be able to buy food for her family. The show posted high ratings according to several media surveys.ches1 224x300 A Review of Charices Year March The young lady held her first solo Asian tour! Entitled the Infinity Tour, it was named after her second album released in Asia. The tour took her to Dubai, Indonesia, Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, the Philippines and South Korea! Definitely a tiring tour but Charice’s energy did not wane, or if it did, she did not let it show. She made everyone happy including Youtube viewers. Watching her live is like witnessing a supernatural talent in this world. She also debuted a new, edgier look, which is probably one of the major turning points of her young career. Plus she was one of the guest performers at Perez Hilton’s ai???Mad Hatter Tea Partyai???. This was Perez’s 34th

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birthday bash and charity event. April Charice was a winner at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award in the Favorite Asian Act category. She won over several popular artists in Asia which again put her name on the world map. This was a new category, and Charice was the first to win it. May What a sumptuous treat when Charice went back to her home country, to be one of the mentor/judges of Philippine X-Factor! As of this posting, pictures of Charice as a judge are circulating in Twitter, and some videos are even available on YouTube. The show will start airing on June 23rd so we are all in for a treat of a weekly dose of Chaddiction! Half of the year is almost done and we know Charice has more to offer towards the end of 2012 including her upcoming Hollywood movie ai???Here Comes the Boomai???. We are also and hoping for the US release of her second album which, according to Charice, will have different material from the Asian version. So, let us EXPECT the UNEXPECTED. Charice will always us give her best.

Charice feat. Cheeza

Can you imagine how exciting it is that Charice and The Voice finalist Cheesa Laureta are Wechat spy, Localizador gps movil. collaborating on a song co-written by our Charice? Cheesa was a contestant

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on the recently concluded second season of the US talent search “The Voice.” The Filipino-American from Hawaii managed to make it to the Top 12 before she was eliminated.chees A Review of Charices Year In an interview after the contract signing for X Factor, Charice mentioned that she wrote a song for Cheesa.”We are really excited because we wrote a song for her and we are collaborating,” Charice said, adding that Cheesa is planning to visit Manila to release the song. “She’s very excited because she wants to come here to the Philippines to release a single written by yours truly,” Charice added. Charice and Cheesa are also looking for other Filipino artists who they can work with, saying, ai???We are looking for other artists here who could have a duet with her.” Is this a collaboration that we could look forward to this year? What else has Charice up her sleeve? Whatever it is, we are surely in for an exciting ride. By OfficialTrev, Edited by Schoen & Mooffin

106 Responses to “A Review of Charice’s Year”

  1. nadia says:

    hello charice,

    I have been a big fan, for a long time, I think you should ignore these
    people who are writing negative comments about you. It is always jealousy, that make them do these things. You have a good millions in
    the bank already you should try to do some charity work for the millions
    of filipinos who needs your help.

    from a good fan

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  2. WebScribes says:
    & to think Cha is just getting started!!

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  3. Von says:
    Charice can’t always have big projects in the international scene, that’s why I am happy that she is starting to write and produce songs.

    I believe she will be even bigger in the years to come, that’s with the support of the people who’ve adored her since she blew everyone with her great talent.

    I hate to say, but the crabs from PH, will not be of big help in the success that she will have to achieve in her career. Yet, Charice still loves her countrymen.

    These crabs will slowly love Cha as she continue to inspire everyone by being true to herself and being one of the best talents in the world.

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    • feelingsuper says:

      When she got herself baptized Catholic her old church forsook her like one with a contagious disease that must be quarantined and burned. It is their sacred and solemn duty to make her fail and not be blessed. She is a shame to their god and a thorn in their flesh. What we need are prayers not arguments. Her humility and prayers are protecting her from this design. May she not lose these shields of hers.

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  4. Glyza says:
    i like it whene chasters counting the non-stop blessings of charice..but the main point hir is wether whatever may happen to charice in the future we still love her knowing that she already made unforgetable memories to us through her undeniable talent and songs.but charice fame will never fade because she still the same charice before a humble.kind and lovable kid.!keep souring cha we love you!

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    • feelingsuper says:
      She can retire any day if she wants. With her money in her pocket she can live in ease or luxury without trying anything for the next 100 years if she can limit her expenses to an average of US$300 per day. This will cover all her utilities, gas and maintenance. She can have a big party each weekend and travel abroad every month. She does not have to run any crazy race nor try to please those hard to get idiots. She must only avoid the diseases of the affluent namely, drugs and gambling because these can wipe out your millions overnight.
      Meanwhile let us just enjoy the exceedingly satisfying music she has brought us and relish every song she sang. Till 2112.

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    • khatman says:
      As you say, Charice is humble, kind and lovable but is no longer the kid you saw on Ellen and Oprah. She’s a grown woman with a mind of her own. Lea Salonga said Charice has this burning desire to get ahead which for us chasters means many more years of enjoying her talent.

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  5. darrengraham11223344 says:
    Very interesting, and yes I think it is very exciting to see how her nxt album goes. I think its gonna be #1

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  6. feelingsuper says:
    When they bashed her she got defensive; when they back-stabbed her she got evasive; when they ridiculed her she got elusive; when they despised her she got clever; when they insulted her she got defensive; when they slandered her on her birthday she snapped back; when they pulled her down she went soaring high. She did no wrong on them. These are the ingredients that turn a sweet girl into a fierce person on her dark side.

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    • Anthony says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • feelingsuper says:
        Read feelingsuper comment on why she changed. Look at what harsh media can do to a sweet harmless girl. They pushed her too hard against the wall. I would do the same if I was 19 years old, not even old enough to vote. I could not make big decisions, notwithstanding if I made a huge amount of money which I never thought I would have. Now I am 75. They should not have done what they did to her.

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  7. bethcha says:
    The comment I just posted is an answer to someone’s negative comment,I think CM removed it while I was writing that long message. I’m a silent follower of Charice for many years now and it’s the first time that I answer neg. comment, I felt her hate towards Charice.

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  8. Ro Gum says:
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But, here is the catch. You have to keep to yourself opinions that when saying it out in public or publishing it will result in slander or libel. Both libel and slander is a crime. Soon, there will also be laws regarding bullying or forms of it. As the saying goes, when you have nothing good to say, keep it to yourself. Is this tactful enough to those people who has not got it yet. Have some common sense and everything will be fine.
    Also when you say or almost demand that Charice be this or be that according to your opinion or taste, then it almost sounds like that you are saying it for SELFISH reason. What about, what about Charice, what about her thoughts, what about what she wants. Listen, listen carefully to what you say. Is it about Charice is it about you? What about Charice? It is not about you. Love Charice for what she was, is, and will be; unconditionally. Unconditional love = Charice.
    I most definitely wont get a thumbs down except for those people who does not really love Charice, really.

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    • Freedom says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Ro Gum says:
        Some people think they have total freedom of expression which is absolutely full of bunk. There are laws that takes precedence over this freedom. One cannot spread slander or libel against individuals or corporations. Slander are verbal expressions that are not proven to be true, that are meant to damage one’s refutation, or cause negative or adverse effect against the person or corporation. Libel are the same thing but are done in written form. For example, there are laws the addresses “HATE” crimes that are meant to encite hatred against people of certain race, religion, persuasion, etc. There are laws against libel and slander. For example, if you are a politician and if somebody is spreading rumors about your that will damage your image and result in severe loss of votes, then that would not be desirable. I do not understand why some people do not get it; some of this is just a question of ethics. Or how about apply the Christian ethics in one’s own life; do not be a bully, do not be mean, do not be a liar, do not spread hate, do not be envious, etc.

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      • coconutt says:’s not freedom of expression..if you keep harping on Charice to do this…do that…it’s called MEDDLING ON HER PRIVATE LIFE!!!

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  9. AshamedtobePinoy says:
    CM, darwin suyat is a crab, you shouldn’t let him spread his filth here. I’ve seen his comments before and it’s always the same libelous filth. Please ban his ass! Thanks!

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    • inri says:
      I absolutely agree with @ashamedtobePinoy…

      People of suyat’s kind assume that freedom of expression absolutely protects them. They should know that freedom has concomittant responsibilities too. Charice has the right to exercise her freedom likewise.

      If we only mutually respect each other’s rights then it won’t be hard to achiece a productive and wholesome discussion in any venue including this site.

      When will we ever unite for the common good of pinoys? Until then there will be respectable people who are ashamed to be pinoy…

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  10. markcha says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • khatman says:
      It can’t be clothes that bother you if what you say is true about being a fan for 5 years. When Charice was doing her 4-city tour in Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo (twice), and Osaka) back in February 21-25, 2011 she wore the same clothes she’s wearing now including the boots. So it must be the short hair that disturbs you. Her short hair is part of her new rocker image. One of my all time favorite female rockers was Pat Benatar who performed in my hometown back in the 80′s. She is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She also has been married for 30 some odd years and has two children. She wore her hair shorter than Charice. Here is a clip of Ms Benatar.

      I was going to use Justin Beiber as an example of shorter hair (just kidding)

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      • Glyza says:

        i agree with you..its not the clothes cause if ur goin to review all her videos in utube specilay the off cam vids of cha..she even wear hip hop style with long hair..its just that she just cut her hair,,but lets not worry cause charice changes not for lifetime.we should love her.

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  11. darwin f. suyat says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  12. Charrific says:
    Charice is on All Hits Station Las Vegas. Playing her songs! Awesome!

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    • Glyza says:

      y there was dislike hir?its obvious whoever click the dislike dont want to play charice!what an envy or hatred feeling of this persons..

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  13. rambus56 says:
    Checkout Amazing Charice covers At Last by Etta James.. its re upload video,in case you guys haven’t seen it.

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  14. bebelyn1 says:
    She seems very happy, We fans should allowed her to express herself in whatever she whishes without anybody judging her. It is important part of her growing for her to be happy. Society always has something to learn when it comes to the way we judge each other, label each other. We still have far to go..Charice still the same human being that we love before. Let’s leave it to God to Judge. We should always Love her for what she is.

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  15. Suvaree Lara says:
    Hi Chasters,
    We were searching of Charice videos in You Tube and we come across with this video. This video shows how much Charice love by the people in the Philippines wherever she go there. This shows also how she wants to give back to those unfortunate one by helping them show their talent. Please watch this and you will amazed why we love Charice. She still have that golden and angelic voice of her. Chasters forever…

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  16. Charrific says:
    Charice’s songs are being played now at all hits station in Las Vegas!!!
    I am soooooooo thrilled. Go listen!

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  17. tnt says:
    How about Charice concert in the US today???

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  18. AshamedtobePinoy says:
    I don’t think people would ever agree on Charice’s drastic image transformation from an old diva-ish look from the late 20th century to a hip 21st century pop/r&b-ish style.

    Critics from all ages and walks of life (including the balut vendor next door from you), express their thoughts on the matter bcoz they can. Thank you for the internet.

    Some are very encouraging, but some are down right nasty (crabs!). We all thumbs down or up which ever. I guess what I’m trying to convey is, please try to be sensitive when giving your “constructive criticisms”, think very hard before you publish your comment, it would be nice if CM has a remove comment option that everyone could use.

    Just my opinion! Peace!

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    • surg702 says:
      @ AshamedtobePinoy

      One blog site I like visiting is DM Murdock @ Examiner. It is a no holds barred site, racial slurs and curse words are the only words that are censored. You can say “ad hominem” words to the blogger or other posters as long as you avoid the two not allowed words mentioned above. Its open discussion represents the true American spirit of free speech.

      I believe CM admins are too inappropriately sensitive that any sense of intelligent comments are immediately shut down.

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      • AshamedtobePinoy says:

        @Surg, thanks for the info, I’ll keep that in mind.

        I’m for free speech, unfortunately since I’m under doctor’s care (high blood) i try to avoid those silly confrontations especially where I can’t be physical.

        Filipinos tend to be more emotional sometimes.

        Thanks! Peace!

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        • surg702 says:
          @ AshamedtobePinoy

          Last night, I took the time to do comparison shopping on other Asian artists. Checked out fan comments of K-PoP superstar BoA Kwon, some saying her US career launch was a flop they say because she’s not as good as Charice, Agnes Monica or Jaclyn Victor from Indonesia. Agnes Monica was average and Jaclyn Victor, I think was very good with her rendition of “When I Fall In Love”.

          It’s good to know that Korean fans regard Charice as the top Asian vocal artist, which I think generally is the concensus because of her experience performing on American stage with some of the best American singers. Because of this, I think Charice should not diminish her image and must always exceed her fans expectation.

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          • AshamedtobePinoy says:
            @surg, I’m sure her goal is not to deminish anything. In fact as I see it, she’s got more youthful fans following her now a days and not just us old farts.

            She’s in an arena that is completely different from ours and honestly, I don’t know the ins and outs of being a celebrity to make a suggestion or to have an opinion.

            The only thing I can comment about is that so far her career is going stronger than before. So definitely she’s on the right path.

            I’m sure her number one goal is to please everyone but that’s just impossible.

            Thanks and peace!

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      • Mooffin says:
        “I believe CM admins are too inappropriately sensitive that any sense of intelligent comments are immediately shut down.”

        If you feel that comments are overly moderated, please know that some comments go directly to the spam folder because of certain trigger words. all moderators are volunteers – we only check the spam folder if and when we can. when we do check the spam folder, we release all comments that are not offensive, are written in english, and do not contain anything untrue. i myself have had so many comments that went straight to spam and i have to release them each time.

        we try to be as fair as we can. we only remove comments that are untrue, unsubstantiated and/or offensive. comments written in another language are sometimes translated or not, it all depends on who is moderating at the time, since not all of us can understand filipino for example. speaking for myself, there are comments that i do not agree with that i leave unmoderated because this site welcomes all kinds of opinions as long as they not disparage anyone. we do try to be as fair as we can, however, this is still a charice FANSITE, so “constructive” comments that border on the negative or are too hurtful are moderated.

        if you feel that your comment has been unjustly moderated, email us at

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        • justme says:

          that’s why this site can never match Charice’s mother. Her mom loves Charice so much she plays devil’s advocate, corrects the mistakes and shows what to be aware about.

          this site on the contrary wants to just layer sweet stuff on top of what charice needs to be aware about from a fan’s perspective.

          here is the thing: when someone says that cha issn’t smart. remove that commet. when someone says, maybe it would be nice if she can put a little touch on her hair. i think the fan is just voicing what she/he feels will make cha better. keep the comment. problem is that people are too sensitive to comments sometimes that while i understand the deep sentiments, that’s being too re-active.

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          • coconutt says:

            Lol!!! we are fans! our duty is to support Charice…not act as her mother!!!…The problem is some commenters here…think they know what’s best for Charice…and crosses the line between being a fan and being meddlesome in her affairs…

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        • Anthony says:

          I leave unmoderated…. How true is this?
          Why would you hide a comment with low rating? Is that what you call unmoderated? or fairness? Charice should start reading constructive criticisms and realizing that most if not all of her fans are so disappointed. She should also realize that the same fans also buy her CDs. However, if the disappoinmenrs continue, then they will stop supporting her. No wonder her sophomore album in the US is nowhere in sight. Despite how I feel right now, I still wish for her neverending success.

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          • Mooffin says:

            mods do not hide comments. when a comment reaches a certain number of thumbs downs, it automatically gets lighter. mods have no control over this. people view comments differently, something that is constructive to you may be negative to another, so that would get a thumbs down. alternatively, something that you may view as negative is constructive to another, so it gets a thumbs up. it’s all relative. when we moderate, we try to be fair before we erase or edit comments.

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            • Glyza says:

              now i understand,,i cant read some specialy lots of thumsdown..nice though..why bother if we cannot read knowing that its almost got so many thumbsdown means not a good message at all.

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