X Marks the Spot and the Spot is on Charice!

X Marks the Spot and the Spot is on Charice!

Indeed our greatest treasure ever; Charice is back again in her home country for the X Factor Philippines.

Last May 14 Charice arrived in Manila showing yet another tattoo, which reads, “I never knew true love until someone broke my heart.” Awww!! Tissue please. Oops wait; before you guys starts to cry…sorry but Charice won’t be sharing her story.

In relation to her new ink; according to her whatever she does (putting tattoo on her arm) It always has a meaning. She does not do something just for the sake of doing it.

sign X Marks the Spot and the Spot is on Charice!

“Pag naglalagay

ago talagang may meaning. Kasi ayoko na http://truonglocauto.com/cheap-carbozyne/ naglalagay nang basta-basta na lang. Bakit ganyan kasi ganon. Actually it’s a true story but I’d rather not tell the story. I know a lot of people kapag nabasa nila ‘yan makaka-relate,ai???”

You’ve got to love me for what I am for simply being me…as the song goes by the Carpenters and the same can be said for Charice. With her new and edgier look, the most talented girl in the world couldn’t be happier.”Iai??i??m extremely happy. Unbelievable! Like I could cry! Showing my http://www.bizwire.fr/buy-toprol-xl/ tattoos, showing my hair, showing my outfit, I feel more free,ai??? as she told the press.

In addition she Twitter spy, Whatsapp spy. also stated, “What you see right now is the real me. What you see before wasn’t me. A lot of people around me like in the US, like in here, they didn’t know what I really want. They were deciding for me. Like they were deciding, ‘Let’s do this, let’s gonna do that, do the curly hair.’ I didn’t get the chance to decide for myself. Now that I’m being so independent, while it’s early, I really, really want to tell all the people that I don’t care if you hate. I don’t care if you don’t like it,”

A lot of people also has been questioning about her sexual orientation and Charice has this to say, “I don’t care whatever you think. As long as my fans love me and support me forever, I’m good with that. Whoever stays with my until the end of my career or whatever, those are the people [who trust me]. The others that still have doubts, questions, who are confused… I will understand.ai???

As for Charice’s haters, what are her parting words for them? “To all my haters? Hello!”

By Princess Serena, Charicemania.com

273 Responses to “X Marks the Spot and the Spot is on Charice!”

  1. Riza says:
    Why do some people think that you hate Charice and not a real fan if you write a true comment about how you feel at the moment. You’re being attacked right away. For me, (I talk only for myself guys) there’s a couple of comments here recently that really make sense, besides jimfans. Comments from bonpo777. Her comment sounds just like a mother having a heart to heart talk with her young daughter, and surge702 w/c she wrote at 4:24. I agree. I know you and I are both diehard fans of Charice irregardless of what others would call us. We just are both reacting in a different manner from some of them. I myself thought the same way surge 702 did. But isn’t that a normal human reaction to something that is quite insensitive? We also have to think of those people who helped her, so she would be able to show the world, not just the Philippines, her God given talent. Things in this world are always two sided, not just a one way street. We just want you to understand how we express ourselves instead of quickly crucifying us.

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    • AshamedtobePinoy says:
      If making damaging comments you don’t consider hateful, I don’t know what is. If you’re just speculating why Charice changed then your statement is tactless and Incensitive.
      If you’re a true fan then you should just wait and see what’s in the future.
      The problem with some of you is that you are so quick to judge and when you get criticized, you call foul.
      I don’t understand you fans especially from the US, you guys are so impatient. Charice already said that they are still compiling new songs to put in the Infinity album but still you nag about that. Not just bcoz you don’t see her or hear about her that doesn’t mean her career is over.
      She can’t be in two places at the same time, comprende?

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  2. Ro Gum says:
    Charice is her own handler. She is the CEO of her own company. She is the big boss. If people are following Taylor Swift then they would realize why she is so successful. She took control of her destiny from the get go and her family early on supported her. The same is true of Charice, her mother is her main supporter when she was younger. Now that she is more independent and grown up, she is her own handler. Her manager is really working for her to support her and make arrangements for her. In turn, they get a percentage or whatever the arrangements might be. Why is Lady Gaga and Madonna so successful? Charice is coming to her own and charting her course in the music industry. She is being true to herself, her music, her fans, and her music business. I am sure she can sing greatly for many years to come. But why not make lots of money at the same time. She has many fans in the US already. But, selling CDs or concert venues require a product to sell that people are willing to shell out dollars for. I myself would like to buy her Infinity album already but the North American version is not yet available. Personally, I do not buy any CD or download any songs. I just listen to music on the radio or watch it on TV; the business model for making money is different. I am saying, you would not see me buying Lady Gaga, Madonna, Justin Bieber, or Michael Buble CDs. Hey, I might buy Jessica Sanchez CD to show my support for her. I say go Charice go, I support you all the way. Way to go baby. Be what you are, be what you want to be. I will follow you. If you ask for my guidance and if I have the wisdom then I will give it. Meanwhile, I will be a silent Chaster and supporter on the side. Not exactly silent, because I will shout your name from the mountain top (er..I mean Youtube). I bought Charice CD for $18.00 then I found out it was selling for $14.00 in Best Buy. In comparison, I could have bought one of Justin Bieber’s CD for $10.00, but why would I. Now, Charice CD is getting worn out on my car’s CD player. Hey girl, write more songs and sing more songs. The business model for distributing songs have also changed. People can now distribute their own songs and get paid for it via iTunes or Amazon. It is no longer required for all songs to be available on CD’s. Now, I am thinking I could even be my own record producer and distribute solely via iTunes. Why not, I just have to come up with hit songs, record it, and popularize via Youtube and Internet blogging. I’ll be my own promoter, song writer, singer, composer. One cannot go after a dream unless one dream of it. Somebody wake me up. No, maybe I am living in a reality of my own dreaming. I am sure Charice is following her dreams and making it a reality for herself and for all of us. Viva Charice. Long live. My your father smile because of you.

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  3. AshamedtobePinoy says:
    Arrogant? The media people thought she was being arrogant bcoz she’s starting to shut them up once and for all. They’re the ones who are spreading all this nonsense. Of course some narrow minded fake fans would believe this…lol.

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    • AshamedtobePinoy says:
      I have a feeling that some of the negative comments here are from the same people using different names. They are trying so hard to destroy the love of Chasters for Charice. Now it’s up to you real fans to be strong and stand behind your beliefs. This is all that Charice is asking, believe in her. Don’t let a simple coup by the haters ruin all your hard work. You’ve got to see this til the end.

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  4. Cizcan says:
    Charice is a supersinger, not a beauty queen. Together with Jessica Sanchez, they’re gonna rock the music world. Asian singers will rule from now on..believe me!!!

    As a true fan, I could care less about her looks or attires.All, I care is: When she is back on that big stage-I will again experience the magnificience of her performances that has mesmerized the music world. Let’s just wait till she’s back here in the USA. We could be in for a very big surprise!!!!Cheers to the real Chasters..

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    • Penn says:

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  5. Riza says:
    I just hope she did not waste that golden opportunity that was handed to her so easily because Oprah liked her so much. My brother who worked in one of the bigger recording studio here in Hollywood had made a comment before of how lucky this little girl from the Philippines is because she was taken in by David Foster, and was guided through a very difficult path of getting a record label and being presented to the entertainment industry without her working hard for it. It was practically given to her free. All she does is have that beautiful voice and sing. He said that quite a few of these singers come to Hollywood, present their goods, if you will, to a prospective investor who would foot all their expenses while they’re recording and hoping that a record label will sign them up. They might be given a couple of years to be able to get a recording contract. For the meantime he or she has to hire an agent and a manager who hopefully could try to hook them up to the right people in Hollywood w/c my brother said it ain’t easy. He said a lot goes home to their countries or to their hometowns unsuccesful and owing a lot of money. There’s so much competitions in this business that he said you either have to be already rich, or have a relative in the business or you know somebody. The easiest way for these young up and comers is to enter a singing contest or be lucky like Charice.Yea you tube was another venue to be discovered, but you could imagine the 10′s of thousands that put themselves in you tube and are still undiscovered. This recording studio where he works, my brother said, a lot of Korean and Japanese singers are using it. They like those Asian singers because they pay upfront and they’re already very famous in their own country. Big name singers are recording in this studio. He always tell me who he saw using the studio on that day.But what I’m saying, I just hope Charice will hang in there and put the attitude aside. Not unless she loses interest already of fulfilling her dream of becoming famous w/c i read in one of the comments here. That she really doesn’t care whether she makes it big or not. So we’ll have to wait and see huh!

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    • FlorOfTexas says:
      I agree with you 100%.

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      • Big Dog says:
        not work hard? maybe charice have that exceptionally great voice and talent…of course its a heavens gift!

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    • AJL says:
      Riza…when you say that Charice did not do a lot of work and it was just given to her for free…I think this is a mis-statement. Charice worked so hard, and of course without her amazing vocal range, David Foster will not waste his time. Another thing, I don’t think Charice meant to say that “she doesn’t care whether she makes it big or not”. Not at all that she would say that. Charice and all of us Chasters would like her to be more successful. I do understand some of us are impatient, calm down people, take a chill pills. Charice has accoimplished so many things compared to other artists in just a short period of time. There is a down and up time in the music industry and Charice has been so busy. She might not be visible on a daily basis, but I am sure she is doing something in preparation of another project. My love and admiration for Charice won’t change inspite of different criticism and negative comments. I am all the way for Charice!!!

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  6. coconutt says:

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  7. coconutt says:
    tsk.tsk.how easy fans forget…Oprah told Charice,that she(charice) should get famous on her own talent,she(Oprah)only gave her the jumpstart but Charice is on her own now.

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  8. AshamedtobePinoy says:
    I’m really amazed that fans now a days get to have a say on how a performer/artist should or should not look. Even the artists genre of songs to sing. I think you people should all get an agent and start your own singing careers so some of us real fans can judge you all too or better yet, give Charice a chance to share her opinion about YOU!

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  9. ttyl says:
    Haven’t every one of us, at some point in our life, maybe when we were younger, maybe when we were older, maybe yesterday or today, said in a huff or a tone of voice that’s not really indicative of our true feelings say, “I don’t care”. I don’t think Charice is arrogant for saying it in the tone that she did. I think she’s been hurt by a lot of the negative comments and publicity surrounding her new look and tattoos and implications of her sexuality that maybe it was blurted out of context. Maybe she will learn from it and go back to Pulicity 101 and learn to rein in her true emotions in public venues and settings. I think that would be sad because I like Charice being herself and saying what she really feels. At least it’s honest.

    As for tattoos…. sigh. Tattoos have a different meaning today in western society than what it used to represent. You don’t have to like it, but you don’t have to be holier than thou either about it. Almost every celebrity you can think of has a tattoo somewhere or other on their body. Knowing it’s permanent is a bigger commitment to the lesson learned or representation of the tattoo than a gold cross around your neck or a charm bracelet which you can readily remove at a moment’s notice. I think people with tattoos are saying, it’s not merely about skin.. it’s skin deep.

    People are looking at Charice through their own personal and cultural perspectives instead of removing those biased lenses and looking at her objectively. I’m a big fan but at same time, she owes me nothing. She owes you nothing. I owe her nothing. Some people think they made her what she is. She has a God-given talent which you chose to admire, you chose to follow, you chose to buy her music and you, like me, chose to blog our opinions on her fan site which you created. Nobody told any of us to do those things for her. She just wanted to sing because she was born to do that. Some people here have mistakenly personally invested themselves in her that they have totally lost objectivity. People have become irrational about her. It’s like a mob mentality.

    I love her talent and I love her story but I will stay as a fan because of her talent and her music, that and nothing else. I think she’s evolving in a much deeper level whereas many are looking for superficialness. In a way, I hope she becomes more of an artiste than a celebrity because I think she has the voice for such an endeavor. What I mean by that is don’t chase the Grammy, don’t chase the popularity.. just create great music and sing.

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    • surg702 says:

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      • Tcole says:

        Charice is not promoting anything right now not even her haters backlash. As for Pacquiao I dont think his next fight will have plenty of empty seats considering the fight is still three weeks from now. Maybe last minute discounted prize could be an option that is the news coming from Pacquiao haters.

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  10. hermiemel says:
    She has deep knowledge through DF, Marc and her team in USA about how things get done globally for her career. They provided her a “roadmap” to success. DF has probably has the Celine “blueprint” for her as she is being constantly compared to her. DF took her under his wing and introduced her to his friends in the industry. Her talent is like “inborn”. Laser beam mind. But there are a lot of things that happened behind the scene that we don’t know.

    Her career foundation was built with her hard work and guidance from DF & Marc. But to be honest to herself, I think that she is taking her own “roadmap”. At the end, her reality is different from Celine or any other singer. You see, Charice is young yet and being smart to do it her way. Let us be courageous like her and watch her do it the “Charice” way. I think that as our continuous reward from Charice is that we are on an amazing ride of our lives. Peace.

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  11. bonpo777 says:
    Charice, it’s ok to be who you want to be in your personal life but when you perform or go on stage, you have to follow what your handlers say because it’s their job to create an image of you that pleases your fans. Now that you’re a public figure, it’s not all about what you want anymore. You have to please the masses. Most of us will love you no matter what you do or how you look but please don’t act so arrogant about everything. Listen to those that know what they’re doing when it comes to your career. In time, when you are truely a global icon, only then will you be able to express yourself more freely on stage, but for now, do what your handlers want. If they want curls, then do curls.

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  12. justAConcernFan says:
    I am not one of the haters of Charice, i just dont like how she became after all her hardworks. I followed her from the very beginning of her career… until she CHANGED and make herself like a big joke to everyone. When she said “This is me and this is the real me, and I dont care if people doesnt like it”, I found it very ARROGANT and insensitive. So, from then on.. I said, well.. if this is what YOU want and not what your fans want.. then go ahead, I will find somebody else that we want. Im just wondering, she was known to be the young diva who sang those big songs like Whitney songs or Beyonce songs.. how do you expect her to sing those songs now with her new style (wearing hoodies, jeans… look like a rapper anime)?? isnt that a big joke??? goodluck charice, i hope you wake up one morning and realize that you losing so many followers and a lot of fans.

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    • coconutt says:
      actually she is not losing fans and followers,she is gaining TRUE fans and followers.

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    • khatman says:
      Which fans are you talking about? There is only a certain segment of her fanbase that is concerned about what she wears and what songs she sings. I suspect these particular fans are some of her countrymen. Judging from the comments emerging from her recent Infinity tour she doesn’t have a problem with her fans outside the Philipines. As for what clothes she wears, she has been wearing jeans going back to her appearances in Italy and performing with David Foster. Why weren’t you complaining then? Hoodies? certainly not on stage. As for what she is singing now David Foster told her to try and capture an audience in her own age group. quote: “It is easy to go from young to old, but almost impossible to go from old to young”. As it was, her first album which contained a mix of ballads and faster songs only had so-so sales which is why her new album contains mostly dance tunes which is most popular with young folks. Young folks account for the most CD sales and if she is ever going to win a grammy she has got to sell her music.

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  13. Emnemm says:
    I think someday when Charice is ready to come back for the world, and I am not pushing her anytime soon. When or if she thinks the whole world is ready to take her seriously for how she truly is, since she just got another tattoo just recently and kind of breaking out of her shell. To discover her true transformation and her true identity, I think she needs to evolve around her tattoos first and foremost, for the whole wide world to revolve around her…

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    • artist says:
      Charice said she dont want to talk about the tattoos, but maybe someday they can be her insperations to create music or write and sing her own songs about them…

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  14. Riza says:
    I do understand your sentiment and I agree with you. I like this kind of back and forth without name calling and don’t resort to any violent words. Hopefully you understand the rest of us. Believe me, we are also an avid fan, and some of us are just reacting in a different way. I like the way mr.jimfan155 explained how he feels. He did it in such a way that you can just feel the smoothness of his words. It is so soothing, and you just feel good reading what he had written. And I thank you so much sir. To Schoen: Yea you’re right, it’s kinda difficult to read and you know I read them. Just a little humour, I guess.

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  15. True-Angelface says:
    OK – Here’s my take from that “interview”. What she was emphasizing was that she is “sick & tired” of all those SUGGESTIONS – that she should be this and that – that should not do this and that TO BE A REAL STAR. When the FACT is – SHE DONT CARE – if she become a star or not. That the real her is what you see. That she do not like being like a puppet of anybody who will dictate what they want for her. I repeat SHE DONT CARE if she will not be as popular as SOME want her to be. That she is happy with what she has.
    She can wear pajamas while singing and I’ll still adore her.

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    • surg702 says:

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      • khatman says:
        I’m sure Charice wasn’t being ungrateful to Ellen, Oprah, or David, especially David who is like her second father. She mentions “A lot of people were dictating”. Being brought up and raised in the Philippines she was taught to respect her elders(everyone is po). I think production had her do a lot of things that she wasn’t happy about such as those extentions(the curly hair she mentions)but did it not to make waves. But this had to be festering inside. You ask why didn’t she return to the Philippines from Day one? Two main reasons – the money (She’s worth close to $18 million)and she was learning her craft and who was a better teacher than David Foster? But as Troy Laureta, her musical director, refers to her, She’s the Boss.

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        • Big Dog says:
          its simple…america opened charice eyes! cha now how to be out of the box, a free thinker, and independent. She became a straight shooter and became an artist and not just an entertainer.

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