Charice vs DJ Mo Twister: It’s a Joke But We’re Not Laughing

Charice vs DJ Mo Twister: It’s a Joke But We’re Not Laughing

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  1. feelingsuper says:
    When the lioness roared the terrified dogs and cats meekly tucked their tails between their legs.

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  2. helloworld says:
    Hello to all. I like this site.

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  3. Fran says:
    It is useless and a waste of time to reason with “stupid”, aka haters…. it’s in their DNA make-up that is unwillingly to accept reality and will argue to death that the world is flat. And then there are those who are more hurtful… parasites, mainly in the media, trying to enhance their well-being by seeking and using celebrities to disseminate their lies, rumors, innuendos, and physical denigration. Their modus operandi is to produce titillating and controversial fodder in the name of readership and ratings…. such as blogging about Jessica Sanchez to surreptitiously bully Charice. It is also a means of stoking their narcissistic egos since they have such insecure deflated personalities. They prod their followers to spread their mud and enjoy in the delight when some will stick and become viral regardless of consequences. You can readily identify these clowns with stooge-like names…Mo, Lo, Ogie and the like.

    Charice is undoubtedly at the top of her field in the PI entertainment business, and of course the fairest game to media and bloggers. She hasn’t reached her peak……so expect to see more exploitation. Such is the reality of life of a sought after celebrity….and bravo for Charice in defending herself with class and finesse.

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  4. Bed Sneaker says:
    I would like to say my “personal opinion” on the matter about the posted article by @Monkeydoggie which is from PEP
    The article was about Charice new look. To readers in here, please be advised that I did say its “my personal opinion” so if your saying again that I am damaging Charice in someway then it’s your own personal opinion. I hope this is clear to you all. Let us try to apply this article (with Charice’s own quoted words) here in this “terrible” posts and all the related readers comments.
    1) There is no doubt that Charice is growing up and will continue to do so and her ways will change. If you think it is going to be for the better or for worst then again it your personal opinion at this moment, until her career do soar to success or drops on the floor like a rotten egg in the future then that is the only time that your personal opinion will be proven wrong or right. I hope you readers or fans are open minded right now while you are reading this, OK?
    2) If you love Charice back then when she was just a young girl because she was adorably cute, “down to earth”, but a very talented singer in a tiny “package-all-in-one” but then now you think and suddenly feel that she is slowly changing to a “rebellious” fully grown teenager, then maybe you are right? Please do understand that people are humans so is Charice. She will eventually change and have her own personal choices. All people have their own agenda in life and how they will handle it is a personal choice and judgement. So for those Charice’s fans (or CHASTERS) in here who is motherly like or who are in the age bracket or her mother, or those who are her “Kababayans” working in other countries (which I personally assume that you are all more of a mature person than Charice who maybe have their own children), then there could be a “slight” of truth that you “might” not like Charice now because she is becoming a “not-so-good” role model for your kids. By me saying that, I do understand that most of the fans when Charice was a kid when she was mesmerizing the whole world you feel all motherly like and proud of her and in the process you became her fan. (Oh my! I have to be careful on all the words I put here to be understood. I find this tediously irritating). But then again, let’s move on.
    3) If you are one of the people or Chasters who I figuratively says still “have Fredie Aguilar songs” playing on your cassette tape recorders then if I am Charice I will truly say just that,

    “I really, really want to tell all the people that I don’t care if you hate it, I don’t care if you don’t like it”.

    This, I believe this is true from her heart. OK, readers do not just be hastily be angry with me again, I will further explain this for the benefit of those thin minded people again here with a questions to you all. Hove you listen to the music/songs on the current and every Weekly Billboard Top 100 Charts? What words you often hear on those songs? What are those words that surely you will find either offensive, incident and filthy words? Kindly do tell me all what those words are that you will oftentimes on those songs that are on the top of Billboard US charts? I am asking for you to respond and type for me “those” words here because I am afraid that this CM site will ban me for indecency. I do hope you know what I am talking about. Because I do feel that there are a large number of Charice awed fans (I call you fans because you always say you are “true” fans) that are not into this kind of top-chart-reaching kind of music and then Charice do admit that she like to be branded as “Hip-Hop” teen artist. CHASTERS (can I just put chasters instead of Charice fans becoz its really quite long to type here), have you heard one of the US top 100 hip-hop music on the “charts” recently? If you don’t like those kind music and what you like is that she to be a nice, kind, young and demure lady with no filthy words coming out of her mouth, then it is just fitting to say and I quote Charice words on this,

    “I don’t care whatever you think.

    “Tao ako—at least tao ako. As long as my fans love me and support me, I’m good with that.

    “However, kahit sino man ang mag-stay with me ’til the end of my career… those are the people that I trust.” (end of quote).

    CHASTERS do you now get what she mean by that? She wants to trim you down (you ignoramus fans). If she sees that you are like a white hair on her armpits she will pluck you out, and it is fitting to say that she does not care what you will say because your taste of music is not evolving to what is currently profitable in the music business. Just look at Lady Gaga, isn’t she weird or what? But does your opinion matters? NO! Why? Because she earn trophies.

    I am really sorry to say that the likes of you “goody-goody” CHASTERS don’t like what she says publicly. Because of this I don’t really want to say that I am a fan or a CHASTER inorder for me to be separated from YOU. I DO like CHARICE and I am awed by her talent in singing, but I DON’T WANT TO BE HER FAN (CHASTERS) because I don’t want to be part of you. You are pulling her down from what she likes and what she wants to be. It is not you who will suffer if her choices are wrong, at the end it will be she and her’s alone.

    I do now admire her GUTS when she said that. But make no mistake, she is not my idol because I don’t want to be branded as fan (CHASTER) because I might be mistakenly associated with you CHASTERS. The truth is if I were Charice I will officially say in public a disclaimer saying, “Please disregard all those that you might read in Views and blogs are not all associated condone by charice and her management.”

    And you know what CHASTERS, I am in a way laughing when I read that you are somehow pleading in here to Raquel, Courtney and old CHASTERS closely related to Charice. Why? Do you think that they are not teaching Charice manners and the right choice of words to media? that they somehow “fail” at some point to do their responsibility to her?… HAHAHA! I do sometimes feel that I will die laughing here in this CM site. People here do entertain me. In my personal opinion, from the start you CHASTERS really have no idea or realized or probably just didn’t crossed to your minds that this might be all a gimmick, a process, a way to steer Charice’s path to what Charice’s management wants to go to a profitable career? Honestly, I have to admit that I too don’t have any idea aswell, but I will broaden my mind to think about the possibilities and not publicly make an implied remarks that Charice is not blooming to your personal liking.

    She really needs to trim down her fans especially those that are pulling her down. I do fully support her on this. Its the best choice of implied words Charice. “Don’t care what others say”

    I am sad for you CHASTERS, maybe some of you really felt so bad when she said, “What you see now is the real me and what you see before wasn’t me.” Maybe some of you literally thought of asking, “Is she faking me? I’ve invested so much feeling and passion and now it comes to this?”
    I feel pity on you goody-goody CHASTERS, She is now evolving and she will pluck you by making you feel that you will want to hate her so that you will leave her alone.


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    • liza says:
      whew! too long lol! i think i got ur points and ds is kinda funny but true! as d saying goes “when d going gets tough, d tough get going” and all those who believe in charice’s talent wil continue to support her all the way!

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    • Bed Sneaker says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. abeng1127 says:
    OH … CHARICE … some one broke her heart..yes new tatoo’s again … i’m to be honest and frankly speaking … charice please write on your diary’s book …not your nice good you so much charice … my inspiration … so much likes my daughter’s

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    • Sita says:

      I thinks someday we can see charice body full of tatto ! Before you see her nice skin & innocent look ! Now you can see her like a guy w/ full of tatto it’s looks dirty! Oh that’s true if you got a lot of money you can do everything &
      Buy everything & can be arrogant sometimes coz you have everything ! Money & popularity their not gonna stay in your life forever ! Like you came from nothing & become rich become arrogant I don’t think the money that you have coz of your fans can stay you forever ! She said I don’t care the people talking bad to her but she have to thank the people who bring her on the top instead of saying this is me ! Why coz she has money now ? Before she’s not like that coz she has no money to buy everything? Oh god ! Money can buy & chanceverthing.

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  6. abeng1127 says:
    yes VIENTNAMchaster… don’t want to hear”I DON’T CARE” .. love you charice

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  7. Ro Gum says:
    On a lighter note. I have composed and sung another song for Charice.
    You can watch it at . My dream is to eventually compose several songs for Charice that will become hits.
    The ninja Chasters – rogumbi.

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    • Ro Gum says:
      I forgot; this is for Chasters who wants to be a KCO (Knight of the Chasters Order).

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  8. This Twitter thing is a clear evidence that Charice is really popular and people would like to piggyback on her success. Poor DJ Mo…

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  9. Monkeydoggie says:
    Charice on her new image: “What you see now is the real me and what you see before wasn’t me.”

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    • Vietnamchaster says:
      Calling the attention of mom Raquel, Courtney and all senior chasters who are close to our idol CHARICE, Please advise her don’t use “I don’t care (instead: I’m sorry) if you hate it/ you don’t like it”. She deserves to be happy for being her but please say it in a nice way specially when she’s talking infront of (Philippine media) her fellow filipinos. Charice please always keep your feet on the ground and don’t forget your humble beginnings, no matter how you change your image for as long as your happy Im with you all the way. Just be careful with some words you’re using I’m worried for people who might not understand you, after all for what you’ve been through. How you handled the issue with DJ Mo is just right, just keep going and wish you all the best with your new contract… X-Factor Philippines.

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      • khatman says:
        Nearly all the criticism is coming from her own countrymen. She remains popular outside of the Philippines as witnessed by the sellout concerts in her Infinity Tour. For instance I think Charice is more comfortable performing in front of Japanese audiences than Filipino. Btw I understand that short hair on females is very much in vogue in Japan where Charice is developing deep roots. I am sure Charice is going to have more criticism coming her way when she appears on the X-Factor as KC Conception and the other female judge will be dressed very formally in direct contrast to Charice. I am hoping that Charice’s charisma, honesty, and ability to separate the wheat from the chaff with regards to the contestants makes a favorable impression upon Filipino audiences and they will soon not notice her hair or dress. I mean look at Simon Cowell(tee-shirt) or Steven Tyler(dresses like a rocker) and no one is saying anything derogatory about how they dress or telling Steven to get a haircut. If I didn’t believe in Charice I would not be here.

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  10. donamps123 says:
    when i saw the tattoo i dont know what went inside my head but her father ricky is the first person that came to my mind.. i believe he broke charice’s heart when he left her.. she doesnt want to elaborate it to people or make big news about it so she just keeps it to herself.

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    • teman says:
      That was my impression too. She is really hurting because of the death of her father.
      Maybe, unconsciously, she is blaming herself for what happened to him. Haven’t they, she and her mother, done what they could to be united again as a family? May she forgive herself. It is not her fault at all. She was a victim of their circumstances.
      Let us all continue to pray for her.

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    • Misua says:
      That was I thought about her new tatoo, it is her father.

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  11. Theo says:
    Even if she was, it does not matter, nor should it even matter. It is her music and her voice that I admire.


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  12. livelifetothefullest says:
    Charice, take the high road, those moronic dj’s doesn’t deserve even an ounce of your attention, the world attention. Their lies and evil jokes backfire already and they deserve every bit of it.

    Now, it’s maybe late, but as they say (better late than never)

    And another thing I wanted to add here, I just saw your latest interview from the Philippines, where you are asked about your opinion of Jessica Sanchez of AI. Charice, you may have a height shortcomings, but you heart and compassion and love for your fellow artist is gargantuan, and that makes you a giant in my view, your sincere words towards Jessica and your wishes for her to win makes you more a winner in my eyes and in the eyes of your unselfish and open minded followers here.

    I, also have read a few of your fans showing their displeasures on Jessica’s success which were posted here and discussed on the live chat section here and other social network. It saddened me that her (Jessica’s) continuing present in the show AI, made them feel a little skeptics, insecured and worried, that her (Jessica’s victory on Idol) can put some hindrance and curtail on your success in America, a notion which is not only unfounded, but childish as well. Yet, crabs is one word they used a lot when someone tries to pull you down, a trait that they found so abhorrent, yet, they might not have realize yet, it’s the same trait some of them have acquired when it comes to Jessica.

    Though, Charice, I wish you’re the one in her place, competing in that talent show every week (how I wish it was your rendition of “And I am telling you I’m not going”) I’m watching being performed in that show, then I don’t need to worry every elimination day, as I know with your ridiculous (borrowed word from Randy) voice and talent, you will wipe them out one by one until you’re the only one standing. Sorry Jessica, though I’m rooting for you, I still believe Charice voice is far way more distinct and powerful.

    But, as Charice is not in that competition, I implore to all Chaster’s to support Jessica as Charice wishes and wanted us to do, as this could make that door (which Charice have cracked open already) be more wide open for other artist of their calibre. Jessica maybe just a half Filipino, but she’s proud of her Mother’s roots and proud having a Filipino blood. As have proven time and time again the power of Chaster’s when it comes to voting of any kind, Chaster’s is undeniably a powerful force and one hell of a fan club to reckon with. That’s why Charice is so lucky to have you and must be damn proud that you chose her as your Idol.

    But please! don’t let those unfounded envy and unfounded insecurities and fear that Jessica can steal the lights away from Charice (‘coz, no one will and can), in fact it would help them both and others big time!, two.. three.. four are better than one, it’s time we show this to the world stage, be like Charice, remove that doubts and be confident enough that no artist can take away Charice’s exemplary talent and exemplary kindness. It’s obvious that she has no green color in her body, and Jessica no doubts has high praises for Charice, as been said several times in her interviews.

    Chaster’s, don’t let some misguided fans make you believe that Jessica is a threat to our Idol and Charice would rather wish to see Jessica lose the competition, we all know Charice and she’s far from being that. Only Crabster think that way while Chaster’s would rather go the the holy way.

    Let’s vote for Jessica, vote for Charice, vote for the other Asian artist who were denied the recognition they deserve, due to the region they are born, due to the color of their skin, due to some race supremacy, people who got the talent but struggle to walk past that very narrow door. It’s about time that door be kicked wide open, so all this gifted and talented people be recognized for all the world to see.

    I apologized for this long post.

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    • livelifetothefullest says:

      Do whatever it is that makes you happy, whatever clothes that makes you comfortable, whatever hairstyle you make you feel like yourself and whatever fashion statements you wanna show to the world.

      It’s your pure talent I/we admired and not what you or doesn’t wear. What’s important is what makes you happy. You have given us a lot, and given us so much pride already. I for one doesn’t care what fashion or what gender you’d rather be. Just be yourself from now on.

      Your musicality, (which is still incomparable) is what’s paramount to me. Okay, I do have just one wish, if you don’t mind hehehe, just please!!! don’t fill your entire body with tattoo’s… PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

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    • khatman says:
      I say vote for the finalist that you feel is the most talented and deserving. If voting for Jessica, vote on the basis of her talent, not because her heritage is Mexican or Filipino.

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      • livelifetothefullest says:
        Exactly! that’s the reason for this plea. Because among the last remaining three contestant on American Idol, she is the most talented, who can sing different kind of musical genre and deliver the goods week after week and she really deserve to win. But, we all know and we cannot deny that more than ever she needed the full force and help of her Mom’s people. Charice herself have said that she will win and rightly so, as a giant talent herself and now a judge of singing show, she (charice

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        • livelifetothefullest says:

          She (Charice) knows what she’s talking about, as one of the judge in a talent show, she knows talent when she sees one, thus the reason why she said, she ( Jessica ) will win and should win.

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      • Prinsesa Serena says:
        YEah that is true!

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    • big dog says:

      I suggest write an article about charice and jessica so it will be commented on the right direction. This article is about DJ MO and bullying. CM people are very nice…

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    • CHALOLA says:
      forgive me i steal your write-up. i am posting it on charice facebook accounts to enlighten those who feel jealous about jessica’s success.

      i was one of those who was ignoring jessica sanchz, maybe because of my blind loyalty to CHARICE ONLY. and also because i knew charice outsings every singer out there. i was not even paying attention to jessica sanchez, i was just probably not interested LOL. i dont watch american idol at all! well i am in canada.

      but i got incensed with a lot of PI-based pinoy crabs who use jessica sanchez as an instrument to bash and insult charice. just like when german moreno wrote — charice is laos and jessica sanchez replaces her. instead of saying, again another filipino, although not pure pinay, is being recognized in the inernational stage. and then some morons would exclaim, scram charice here comes jessica sanchez to out-throne you. arent those moronic statements@! and poor jessica and charice are the victims of this.

      and thank you for your rhetoric, i hope this will help others to be thankful to GOD we have another pinoy up there. she may not be pure pinay, but just like bruno mars, apl de ap and others — thank GOD another person with some FILIPINO BLOOD in them is reaing success.

      GOD BLESS~!

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      • livelifetothefullest says:

        Co-sign, I 100% agree.
        Well, what can we expect from Mr. Moreno. Just watch his show once in a relatives house and heard the talent he want to discover there and I almost crawled under their couches with plugs in my ear. Charice and Jessica are both gifted with extreme voice and talent. ( and after I heard Jessica version of ‘I’ll be there’ in the show, I instantly listened to Charice’s (which is in her inspiration album recorded and distributed in the Philippines only) now, that is why until now I can still say that Charice vocals is much powerful than Jessica. I’m just not sure though if she ( Jessica) could belt out Mariah’s version as Charice does, in fact I liked rendition than Mariah.

        Nevertheless, I am fully supporting Jessica to captured that elusive crown, just to give honor to our race. Besides, I could afford to buy the future album of them. I have all of Charice album, even the Christmas album ( he he he), I have bought and downloaded her 6 Christmas songs from different source, all paid, then I compiled it and burn to cd’s, so I could play it anywhere in the house. She got 6 Christmas song on sale, except ‘ Oh holy night.’ go and check.

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  13. Carlo says:
    Charice got new tattoo again, but I dont understand why she had to put something that will remind her everyday of some who broke her heart. fail.

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    • big dog says:
      carlo maybe some people likes tattoo and happy and some dont like you…But its not a crime like drugs or involve in alcohol abuse and sex scandals…

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    • Bed Sneaker says:

      Maybe she wanted to be reminded herself of the lesson she learned. And maybe whatever she have done something that she thought was wrong, she does not want it to happen again. Because she knows that it will be stupid if she will do again a thing that will sooner or later will hurt her. Otherwise, its (body) art statement.

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    • Pochie says:
      It’s no biggy, I don’t think having a tattoo is something to be frowned upon nowadays. It’s not that Charice is over doing it, like covering her whole body with it. Just relax, let her do things she is happy about.

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    • Bed Sneaker says:
      As I said before, if there is no other purpose but to remind her of something for her own benefit that she think will improve her character and judgement in the future, otherwise (if not) then its just a BODY ART. i don’t know what is the big deal of others here having a tattoo? Is it because they see it as one has been a “CON”? I really pity you all thinned minded people in here. I will ask you a very relevant question: “Why would some people wear “CROSSES” as pendant for their necklace? Ha? Why? That jewelry is an extra weight on your neck? Why wear it then? Do you want to be (yourself) to be reminded that you are a GOOD PERSON? That you follow Chirst who signifies your beliefs? Is that your reason? Or is it just another jewelry that you want to FANCY it around people (which what I mean by BODY ART). People visiting this CM site and lecturing other people saying this one “fail” because its against their own opinion on how should things be done are really driving nuts. It really seem to me that most Charice fans are not evolving. I’m sorry for me to say that because it seems some of you’re understanding of things are measurable only at some point. in other words “LIMITED.”

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  14. khatman says:
    If Charice were a lesbian she certainly had me fooled. Recall the majorette video where her filipino crush, Sam Milby, appeared on screen and Charice really got flustered and blushed – can’t fake a blush.

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  15. RodBelt says:
    Those DJs are so lucky that their management was tolerant to give them suspensions as punishment. If they were here in the US, no amount of apology would save them from being fired and looking in.

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  16. chelsea says:

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    • Ro Gum says:
      People who spread lies via libel are criminals. There are very mean Filipino people and it is shameful to know this truth. Libel and slander are crimes that are prosecutable by law. This kind of comments spread poisonous negative vibes that stick in people subconcious. That is why it is a very serious matter among politician, business people, and even corporations. Charice is a business woman who’s product is her singing prowess and talent. Anyone maligning her image could hurt her sales of CD’s and concert attendances. Why say and spread negative lies? You have no way of saying or proving it is the truth. You are committing a crime by libeling Charice’s image and good name. This has nothing to do with freedom of expression for you because you have gone beyond it by definition of law. If tomorrow you die (#%#&*) and you face God, you might have some explaining to do. Chasters will live it up to Him up there to decide what to do with your soul. Charice have nothing to worry about.

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    • Laura says:
      Karma in the end will get you back. They said, If you don’t anything nice to say to another human being, do’t say it. She is fulfilling her dreams that God denies you because of evil misdeeds to a person who have done nothing to you.

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    • big dog says:
      Huh? I think you are reading a wrong post… But I agree in some degree, let Cha be happy…Full support no matter what. But in regards to US…She did make it! No other filipino artist made that far so just hope for the best and wish other pinoys can do the same…

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  17. zyxwv says:
    I admire you Charice for being true to yourself and to your fans. i hope you stay in that spiritual path your fans are praying for. As Jesus was beaten beyond recognition but knew exactly where he was going to reach his destiny. I will always have notes on my prayers for your fans to understands how true you are to them. May a guiding light of your wisdom and knowledge leads you the way and keeps you in that love eternally.

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  18. toughskinned_bikini says:

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  19. liza says:

    i miss reading heartwarming posts here..hope new breed of charicemanian writers wil surface with an interesting piece about charice..but should be non controversial lol!

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    • Theo says:

      What the DJ’s did was not kind and nice and whatever their motivation was (who knows, was it really them, or the execs behind it?), I really hope Charice did not bother responding to them because now she’s given ammunition to people who could be potentially be really considerably much more mean spirited than those two DJs. Especially if she is to make it here in the US for good, she will need tougher skin than that and not bother with silliness. What is not true will not harm her and eventually if she did not bother with them, they will end up looking like #@@$@#$#, but by doing so she gave them exactly what they wanted, directly or indirectly.

      Also, just a reminder for people that before they “judge” those two Dj’s as evil incarnate that to look at themselves to whether or not they have made fun of other people’s expense publicly or privately, and that includes people who give very rude non-constructive criticisms as well as those “crab defenders” of Charice who see everything that is said about Charice as an attack at their own ego and thus brand and judge other people as not worthy or lower than their own moral standards.

      Having said all of this, I am glad Charice’s main comment towards the matter were fairly handled in a tactful manner in her part.

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      • trabihcra says:

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        • big dog says:
          Theo, glad you mentioned here in US…DJ Mo wont last long…You are right, here in US you need a very good lawyer when you spread malicious lies to an artist just to get the ratings…

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          • Theo says:

            I know what you mean, big dog, except in the US there are so many loopholes; they can simply have someone anonymous pass on the message and them broadcasting it does not make them necessarily responsible. Journalists in the US do it all the time, starting with Angelina and Brad, and it is the first sex tape that surfaced.

            thanks Trabichra. I am just glad that Charice remained silent about it for the most part.


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            • big dog says:
              thats why let the lawyers do their thing…too bad, DJ Mo admitted to do it for the ratings and picked Charice…Thats a very damaging evidence…

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  20. at@t says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Ro Gum says:
      Just what are you trying to imply huh buddy?
      Have you heard about Taylor Swift lately either?
      Do you know where the Queen of England is every minute, every hour, every day? What is the president of the Philippines doing right now? What if there is no Youtube, would you be trying to find out about Charice like you are a cyber stalker, huh? Do you find yourself in your computer googling about Charice more than once a day? Is once a day healthy or unhealthy? How about, twice, thrice, or even dozens of times a day? Do you sometimes loose sleep listening to Charice’s music late at nite? Do you feel insecure when you do not hear anything new about Charice after one day and you start thinking her world is starting to fall apart? Get a grip on reality; Charice is not a robot, churning out songs after songs 24/7. She also has her private life. She needs quiet time and some down time. She does not live in a glass house where everyone watches every moment of time and post it in Youtube. If you feel a slight discomport when you do not hear about Charice, then you are showing an early sign of Chadiction. If you feel highly insecure, depressed, and feel that the world is falling apart because you have not heard about Charice for the last three days then you are a certified Chaddict and fit to be tied up. Perhaps a dose of Sanjaya Malakar or Sam Concepcion will help jar you to reality. All kidding aside, you have been spoiled by watching too much Charice in Youtube during her Asian Infinity concert. What other artist could anyone follow that much in Youtube during a concert; perhaps not many. You will Charice again. Why does it take so long to for them to get ‘Here Comes the Boom’ onto the theatre? Makes me mad, the whole summer is gonna go by and I have to wait until the fall for it to come out. Why oh why Charice. Why, why, why. Where are you my darling. Where are you my love. When will I see you again. When will I see you again?

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    • liza says:
      i dont know what kind of mentality u have lol!

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    • big dog says:
      duh…asian tour, perez hilton, then nick award…and now X-factor gig…Where have you been hiding? Come out when the movie will be released…

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      • Vanguard says:
        May I add Dog, that she is scheduled to perform in Carson, Ca on May 26 and on June 30, in Santa Clara, Ca. So Charice is staying busy and still making lots of money. I know some of you crabbies are dying of jealousy whenever you hear something positive about her, so I love mentioning it. LOL!

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    • pt says:

      @at@t probably cookies and cream…LOL

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  21. ChasterLei says:
    Twitter and other social network should have a “Report Bullies” button. They should lead/support anti-cyber bullying campaign. Chasters, let’s continue to model best behavior online and offline. If we choose to respond, not to be provoked or provoke, but to stop the meanness and negativity. If you see something’s not right, speak up with decency and dignity. Let’s not stoop to the twisted level of these DJs and the like. Thanks and love eternally to you all, dearest Chasters!

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