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Keep it Poppin on the 11th Annual Popstar “Poptastic” Awards

Keep it Poppin on the 11th Annual Popstar “Poptastic” Awards

“Do you ever wonder why? This music gets you high? It takes you on a ride. Feel it when our body starts to rock. Baby you can’t stop. And the music’s all you Cheap lady era reviews got. Come on now, this must be pop!!!” Yup! That

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is the chorus of the song entitled “Pop” by 90′s boy bond N’Sync. Of course we’re not going to talk about them (Hotness alert!!! Justin Timberlake!!!) but we will focus on a more important matter and that is the (drum roll please) 11th Annual Popstar “Poptastic” Awards. For those who doesn’t know, Popstar is an entertainment magazine on the internet. See website It gives articles, photos, videos, contest and etc. on the latest entertainment news that teens and the young at heart absolutely love. Think showbiz personalities like One Direction, Big Time Rush, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and more. Guess who is nominated as the Best Female Singer? No doubt your guess is right..CHARICE! She’s going to go up against other artist such as Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna to name a few. So this means we have to ready our pointy fingers and click on Charice’s name with much love and devotion like what we did on the recent Nicklelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards. (Voting is done once per day and it must be received by April 30. VOTE HERE >>>Click the Photo below:

postarawards Keep it Poppin on the 11th Annual Popstar Poptastic Awards
So Chasters be ready to have a raccoon like eye bags and muscular pointy fingers as we vote our hearts out to our beloved Charice. As they say in the Popstar website: What’s Now? What’s new? What’s next? The answer to these questions is simple…Charice. Special thanks to LDMovies for reminding us! By Princess Serena,

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  1. liza says:
    people really are judgmental! i wish only that charice wil be able to surpass everything…

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  2. noyb says:

    I like her as a singer and used to like her as a person. I thought she is a good role model …. but with tattoo all around .. I am starting to get disappointed.

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  3. kengkeng says:

    Charice will never be in a hurry and does not need to be so as she feels right now cuzz she knows she will always be younger than yo and tang#ng inamo(pinoy movie). She might be in a waste in some blind eyes but a hidden treasure like a diamond to many others. Charices fans are happy and gratetful they have some one to look forward to like the Charice they know what cone may…

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    • kengkeng says:

      I meant come what may like que cera cera (in spanish) or bahala na (pinoy movie) but we know that we know better!!!

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