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Happy 20th Birthday Charice

Happy 20th Birthday Charice

Thank you for your comments.  Just a friendly reminder, please limit your greetings to a sentence. Add your username, location, and year when you became a fan.  Let’s give Charice a chance to read all of the greetings.  Thank you.

Oprah’s The Most Talented Girl In The World will be turning 20 this May 10th. And she’s definitely not a young girl anymore but a grown up woman.

Chasters around the world are thinking of greeting Charice but how? Through video greetings? Maybe a choreographed dance like what Tintol and team did last year? But how to include Chasters abroad?

One suggestion from Bluemax is to research the Chaster countries of the world and create a global Chaster map. What we can offer here in Charicemania is to use the site as a platform to send your birthday greetings and at the same time, collect Chasters’ whereabouts all around the world.

So just leave your comment below and for the mechanics, it’s easier to add just one greeting line, your username or name and location and since when you are following Charice’s career. Isn’t that interesting?

Maybe we could make another booklet like this:

Click “View Full Screen” icon to enlarge. Cover illustration by Andrew Mathews – “Being Happy”

Article Link: Why Do We Love Charice?

Here’s the Video from last year’s greetings:

Video uploaded by Jimroot 04

Article Link: Birthday Surprise

Thank you for your comments.  Just a friendly reminder, please limit your greetings to a sentence. Add your username, location, and year when you became a fan.  Let’s give Charice a chance to read all of the greetings.  Thank you.

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382 Responses to “Happy 20th Birthday Charice”

  1. cora says:
    dear charice

    happy birthday charice. its only now that i greeted you. stay beautiful and positive always. it takes for a star like you to say on tv a collaboration with jessica sanchez. although i like the soulful voice of jessica Im still for you. nobody could still beat your very wide range voice. your crystalline voice up to the highest pitch. I always love you.

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  2. autumnsoliloquy says:

    Belated happy birthday cha! I’ve been a fan of yours since your Little Big Star days! You’ve done a lot for our country, I know it’s been said a lot but it’s something that must be repeated all the time! Stay down-to-earth as you are and don’t let them get to you! Great talent like yours will never be repressed, no matter what others say or do. Take care and more halcyon days to come!

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  3. h3nr1_x -- Los Angeles CA says:
    hope u will live for a thousand years

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  4. ranty reyes says:
    happy birthday charice.stay as you are. because we luv you for what you are.cheers from brisbane

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  5. toots says:
    hi charice happy 20th birthday… i hope you dont add more stain in your body…labyo toots

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  6. bethcha says:
    Happy 20th Birthday Charice!! I am one of your many silent followers (for 4 years now)and I’m so happy and so proud of you, despite the difficulties you’ve been through, you have proven that there’s no hindrance in achieving the dreams that we have if we only work hard and wait patiently. Stay as strong as you are and keep on being a role model to everyone…
    I love you and I will silently follow and support you.

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  7. Jaime Janiola says:
    Happy birthday Charice. You are 20 years old now,keep yourself healthy
    and happy to stay beautiful in your voice and yourself.

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