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Charice on Twitter: Yey! We Won!

Charice on Twitter: Yey! We Won!

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  1. Unjynkz says:
    Congratulations idol! You’re so cool! :)

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  2. charlyn says:
    congrats charice,so happy for you

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  3. auau says:
    What’s next for Charice? i think she should move to New York city and experience life in the big apple as part of growing up; that’s what Liza did when she was a teen-ager. As the lyrics of the song New York New York goes, “If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.” For one thing she’s not gonna be living in poverty, if what some chasters say is true, she already made a few millions. Perhaps she’ll get to meet and mingle with more artistic, sophisticated people, also make friends with serious, talented young people who will be pivotal in her growing, prolific career. It’s a different playground from LA, a little intimidating perhaps, but it will enhance her maturity. Perhaps she could live a bicoastal life between her concerts and recording time. I believe she is strong enough, and the( New York) experience will be awesome.

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    • surg702 says:
      @ auau

      Good question? What’s next for Charice is absolutely not New York. Theater actors are broke, hungry, sharing an apartment with room mates and always hustling for auditions. Theater is the stepping stone to Hollywood. Charice is done with the first stage of her career…introduction to the world of music and its audience. The second phase is producing top selling records that will capture America and the rest of the world.

      What Charice needs to do is get the services of the most influential talent agency to get her to the next level. Her proven track record and her ability to sell her own concerts, her loyal Chasters and a growing world wide audience have opened that window for her success.

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      • cueA says:
        Talent agents are for people in search of gigs. Charice, under Warner Music Group, doesn’t need an agent. I would imagine she has a slew of upcoming performances that we don’t yet know of, so be patient–with all the big names behind her, she’s doing fine.

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      • inez says:
        Charice’s publicist is Liz Rosenberg, Liz Rosenberg Media

        Entertainment PR and Consultancy Agency. Clients include artists:
        Charice, Cher, David Foster, Florence + the Machine, Il Volo, John Henry Olthoff, Madonna, Melody Gardot, Michael Bublé, Stevie Nicks, Tony Bennett, and Under the Streetlamp!!!

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        • auau says:
          Wow! I think Charice is in good company already with Liz Rosenberg Media. I hope they also cover and have jurisdiction with all the stuff Charice is doing in Philippines.

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      • auau says:
        Cher was already a big star when she went to New York to brush up on acting skills with a (I think Lee Strasberg) drama school, and later won an academy award for her leading role in a movie Moonstruck. Liza met director/choreographer Bob Fosse in New York, also her friends Marvin Hamlisch, and mentors Ebb and Kander. Madonna spent time in New York when she was studying ballet, and she is still mesmerizing the audience with her dancing skills and showmanship up to her recent Superbowl performance. I mean there’s that positive energy of that city; good things can happen, and it’s a way to be free and oblivious to some of the pettiness that sometimes life brings, like the crabsters.

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        • ...hui says:

          Cher and Madonna have nothing on Charice

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          • ...hui says:

            nor Liza or the statue of the long apple.

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            • auau says:

              Liza at a very young age won the academy for playing the lead in the movie Cabaret, and is considered the symbol(or one of the living symbols) of New York other than the Statue of Liberty. She is one of those who has the greatest ear in the music business, just like probably Charice is.

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              • julio says:
                Liza, Madonna, Cher, et. al belongs to a different genra and league. They represent the past travails on how to succeed in the entertainment business…the “Now” generation are boundless and defies borders. It does not matter where you stay, the technology can handle that. Charice represents the “Now” and can stay anywhere in the world she pleases without hampering efficiency on how to run her business.

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          • auau says:
            I admire your devotion to our princess, but Cher and madonna had written/co-written some of their songs that became hits, and that is quite remarkable for Charice to follow on their footsteps.

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            • ...hui says:
              I think Charice is old enough now not to be hanging around with a bunch of legendary old people. She should stay where ever she feels she fits in. Let herself enjoy her stardom with her friends and family in her motherland when she wants for how ever long she wants. I admire your devotion for our princess too. But experiencing life in the big apple at her age I dont think is for her. I would rather live anywhere in California than in New York if I am her or somebody else. Cause for me New York is the place where every body in this world should go at least once in there life time if they can visit or tour for more or less two weeks but only for that reason and thats all.

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      • uscharicefan says:
        we, chasters, are all eager to know what her next move will be. for me, i think, it’s about time for a european tour (before a US tour). however, i don’t think she is really well known in all of europe yet. the problem is how to attract european to go and see her concert. so, i think going solo may not be the best for her, but how about getting Iyaz and JoJo to join on her tour. and if this is successfull, then invite them again for the US tour.

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        • khatman says:
          It has been a few years since Charice performed in London, the Netherlands, Italy (four times), France, and Austria, but I’m sure her fans there haven’t forgotten her nor her them. What she should do is to make one of her biggest fans happy(PJWhyte)and perform in Australia. She has quite a following in Brazil too.

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      • YongCha says:
        Here is the list of people handle by Spectrum talent and I think most of them are famous and Yes, Charice is one of them!

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        • auau says:

          Thanks for bringing this here YongCha. It’s good to know that Charice is with the agency that also handle Michele Williams who was just nominated to academy award for playing Marilyn. I also know Kristine W and Deborrah Cox, plus the legendary Cece Peniston, are active/popular with the dance crowds.

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  4. ntony9 says:
    Congratulations! A well deserved award.

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  5. jojie says:
    Charice ist Saugeil,nee?

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  6. Arianna says:
    Congratulations to Charice for winning this. Wow. The number of votes for her was amazing! Chasters are really amazing.

    Call me selfish and all, but I want more Charice exposure and activities this 2012!

    Just can’t get enough of that talent of hers. Hoping for a no.1 song in Billboard USA someday. <3

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  7. rant says:
    wow, with the swarm and the love of all chasters for charice as manifested in the polls yesterday, today and tomorrow, charice fame will go, grow and glow . chasters will always deliver because of their undying love to amazing and awesome charice

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  8. inez says:
    Congratulations to Charice! Chasters all over the world are ecstatic to say the least. Thanks to Charicemani and Chasters for your dedication and for continuing to spread this kind of good news to a much troubled world. One cannot completely fathom or even qualify what exactly makes us hopeful even with just the mere thought of Charice.

    you might like to see this site:
    The Top Tens List – Best Asian Pop Artist : Charice Pempengco

    The comments are astounding in that we all seem to share the same kind of sentiments when it comes to Charice

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      @inez, thanks for the link. Wow I loved reading the comments because they described my sentiments exactly!. Is there a way to put the link permanently on CM site? I wonder, it could become a running commentary of the greatness of Charice?

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      • khatman says:
        You might be interested in a video called “Charice’ standing ovations” – This is a oompilation of her standing ovations covering some of the early highlights of her career.

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    • ttyl says:
      Thanks for the link. This is a great place of accolades for Charice and I couldn’t agree more with all that’s been said. I consider Charice a pioneer and paving the way for other artists from Asia for the mainstream music scene. It’s not the easiest role but she’s been tapped and it’s her destiny. Chasters population has been growing and will continue to grow as we watch this young lady mature into the legend she will become.

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  9. Amymeng2 says:
    Wow, congratulations Charice! You deserved that orange blimp and you look great. Love your new style. Just do whatever is best for you…. God is good!

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  10. darna says:
    So happy and proud of you charice.

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  11. 28venice says:
    This is very much deserved. No Asian artist have penetrated America this deep , and dominated Asian music/awards like her. She has broken the myth of the untouvhed markets worldwide . Wow

    And Wow Again !

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    • kumform says:
      The Icon of Tomorrow award she received from J-14 magazine is indeed a well-deserved claim for her too. She’s slowly getting there. Infinite possibilities indeed. I think DF is right in saying that it can’t be denied that the next superstar’s going to be from Asia. It just can’t happen. Somewhere in the history of the global music industry it just has to happen especially in this era of globalization. And take note, Charice was at the frontline with getting discovered by YT. I’m crossing my fingers but I think it’s her destiny.

      I can’t wait for Charice to be writing her own songs just like Bruno Mars and Adele because she’s musically gifted in insane way and with the kind of journey she had, there’s so much she could bring to the table. I’ll bet on it.

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  12. eve says:
    Congratulations Charice!!! This award is well-deserved… you are an amazing performer and phenomenal singer. labyo!!

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  13. kryptonite says:
    Charice 4th visit in Starking

    Saturday, 07 April 2012

    Korean~time 6:20 P.M.
    Manila~time 5:20 P.M.
    US Central~time 4:20 A.M.

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  14. Stockpicker says:
    WHO WILL NOT LOVE CHARICE? She’s a very ordinary girl with extraordinary talents! Even her critics and haters are now swallowing their words and saliva for what she had accomplished in a very short time!

    Charice is simply awesome! She stooped to conquer the world with her music!

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    • IJAbraham says:
      Stockpicker, I agree that Charice has been conquering and will continue to conquer the world with her voice.

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  15. IJAbraham says:
    I voted for Charice many times. I hoped that see would win. She beat the others by 100 miles. See my tribute to Charice here:

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  16. PrinceHarry says:
    Hello Everyone,
    Just call me Harry from UK
    I’m a fan of Charice .
    She is amazing and I hope to see her one day if she will be having a concert in US or in Europe and hopefully in UK one day!
    It’s my pleasure to visit ChariceMania !
    And lastly to share this to all her fans worldwide.
    Thanks all

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    • Stockpicker says:
      I hope you’re the real one! But real or not, your act of being a fan of Charice and visiting Charicemania deserved Royal commendation and for that, we chasters salutes you!

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  17. FlorOfTexas says:
    Charice, congratulations of your most coveted award so far here in the U.S. This is just the beginning of many more awards. I am happy for you. Keep it up!

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  18. Kuya Marc says:
    Congrats Charice! At the top baby!

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  19. justjames says:
    Wow what can I say? I am really speechless. The numbers are too high for Charice. The others are not even close. I believe if only all these awards will be through fan votes no one in this wide world will win against CHARICE. She has the whole world with her. Her style is now becoming of her. i am loving it….

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  20. rlf says:
    She looks like a living doll with the yellow blazer and her hair matches well!

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  21. Imelda says:
    Congrats Charice!
    That’s a big surprised to all Chasters and fans of all ages!!
    I’m not Imelda Macoy that you know!!
    I’m a chaster! Named Imelda !
    Smile everyone have a good day!

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  22. VietnamChasters says:
    Congratulations Charice for winning the First Asian Act on Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Award 2012……..thanks to all chasters globally who voted for This category…. It’s for us!

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  23. luvkcha09 says:
    Yay “WE WON” , Charice shows her humility and gratitude and acknowledges all her fans. In her acceptance speech – she says ” This is for us” she includes all her supporters to share in her victory and success. I feel good because I voted for her – I added to the 6 million plus votes for her. Isn’t she great? That’s why I love Charice. She is so grounded and smart and a very good person. She hasn’t forgotten where she came from. Her heart is the same even though she changed her hair and fashion style. She is a true artist and a genuinely authentic and courageous person. I admire her boldness to be her own person and not just follow what others tell her to do….that requires a lot of courage.

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  24. Francism says:

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    • eve says:
      wow those are amazing numbers… my son wears Acuvue contact lenses! :)

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    • RodBelt says:
      You must be a die hard Chaster to research and come back with some statistics on Acuvue.

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  25. genesis says:
    TO BLIST..



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  26. jimfan155 says:
    No. 1 Congratulations Charice, but you’ve always been a winner and you will always be a winner.

    No. 2 Who cares about crabs and stop giving him/her the attention he/she wants. If you acknowledge crabs, they win.

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  27. lbato_conp says:
    Tweet from JUNKORR on Tuesday, 03 April 2012

    YES!STARKING CHARICE 4TH VISIT will air on APR.7SAT, after series of call directly at STARKING OFFICE, come with US CHASTER SEOUL SOUTHKOREA

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    • Ham says:
      do you know what time would that be, us west coast pacific time? i sure would not miss this one, no matter what time, even if it’ll air 3′oclock in the morning. i’ll be there glued at my tv.

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      • kryptonite says:
        Charice 4th visit in Starking

        Saturday, 07 April 2012

        Korean~time 6:20P.M.
        Manila~time 5:20P.M.
        US Central~time 4:20 A.M.

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  28. perry says:
    congratulation charice you are multiawarded artist now and many more awards coming in the near future i bet all the crabs there that she will win here comes the boom

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  29. ash says:
    congratulations charice!!!! so proud of you!!!!!!! ash of dagupan

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  30. Lorena says:
    hey Sid what are you doing here in Charicemania? If you don’t believe in Charice, then move over this is not a place for you crab!!!This is a fan site not a crab site! Take your opinion somewhere else!

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    • chris0805 says:
      100% Correct, probably Sid does not understand the purpose of this site, The purpose of this site is simply to promote and support the interest of Charice and her activities, broaden her appeal to worldwide thru social networking.
      If Sid doesn’t like Charice. so be it we don’t need him anyway, they are only TWO percent (2%) crabs and haters.
      If Sid wants to be popular, he is wrong, he became popular as CRABS.
      Please Sid we will appreciate and will be very happy if you get out of this site.

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