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Japanese Prize-Winning Book Author Reviews Charice’s Infinity Concert!

Japanese Prize-Winning Book Author Reviews Charice’s Infinity Concert!

(UPDATE: March 21 Mr. Sakaki commented below, thanking us for our comments.  Thank you Mr. Sakaki!) Today was my best birthday ever. I went to see Charice for her “Infinity Japan Tour 2012″ at the Shibuya Koukaidou!

After a long business trip, I met up with my wife and second son in Shibuya early in the evening.  Time-wise, we were cutting it close so we hurried to Shibuya Koukaidou. (We stopped by McDonald’s and my wife was a little messy with the hamburger that she practically inhaled.) It has been a while since I’ve seen my wife move that fast. Paying no heed to our surroundings, we rushed to Shibuya Koukaidou and arrived 10 minutes before the concert’s start time. We bought our tickets during pre-selling at the Tokyo Kokusai Forum so we had special seats, third row from the front.

When we got there, the place was packed, all the way up to the second floor. Looking back from the third row and taking in the view of all the seats, my wife said with much feeling, “Charice has come to the point where she could fill an entire place all by herself.”

Even when she was still “Charice Pempengco”, even when she wasn’t known yet in Japan, I was already searching for her videos on Youtube and have been blogging about her from years back. Remembering this, I looked around the packed concert hall and I almost cried.


Looking around, it was impressive that her fans’ age range is incredibly wide, from elderly men and women to young women in their twenties. Including myself, I felt that I was in the company of people who have had their souls captured by Charice’s voice and performances.

Even before Charice came onstage, the crowd was already electrified when the lights came down and when the band started carving out a rhythm. The ones to the right of the stage were especially energetic! We on the left side weren’t about to be defeated by the ones on the right so we stood up immediately.

With the spotlight on her, Charice came onstage. With pinlights bouncing off her short golden hair, she was so cool! There was a storm of cheers and applause from the audience.

The first part of the concert was mainly songs from her Infinity album and some uptempo songs. With the “One Day” dance unit onstage as well, it was a continuous flow of lush entertainment. At the end of each song, my wife kept saying “Charice has gotten better” and while I think she has been great ever since, she has indeed, gotten better, mirroring my wife’s happy feelings.

No matter how hard she danced, no matter how long she kept hitting those high notes, Charice never ran out of breath. Even her breath intake was incorporated into her singing, creating a world of vocals filled with carefully calculated technique. It’s a world that she can especially create because of her hard work coupled with her natural talent.

The second part was emotional singing, showcasing what Charice is known for. Even in singing emotional songs, I thought that this time Charice, unlike before, was not trying to bowl over or impress everyone with powerful, vocally demanding songs. She doesn’t need arrangements that would jolt the audience out of their seats anymore. In particular, even though she could, she wouldn’t hit those long high notes and despite this, the audience was completely satisfied with her performance. It was that kind of scene.

One of the best parts was the song “Tears in Heaven” which she dedicated to her father who died last year. I’ve always thought that up to now, Charice has learned about life’s joys and sorrows, love’s sadness and bitterness though songs. Of course, even though she’s learned how to “sing” a song (and even though she’s “learned” only through songs) she still had an almost miraculous way of persuading, in conveying the emotions behind the song. But now, I think Charice has the ability to put layers upon layers of emotion in her singing precisely because of her present life’s journey. I feel that the time has come when she can add to the depth of a song. You may call it the polish of an adult, or the richness of a professional.

The third part was about dance music. She was in sync with her band, and a snappy, fun performance ensued. Up to now she has been singing imbued with depth from the innermost parts of her being, and now she gives out dazzling, spectacular performances which I feel is an upgrade of Charice’s abilities.

Her dialogue with the audience between songs was good, her spiels sprinkled with some Japanese words was also good and somewhere along the line, from being a girl just singing with all her might, she has grown into a first-class entertainer who delights her audience. Of course, even while showing the best part of being a professional, the honesty and earnestness she has had from the very beginning has not faded.

From one song to the next, it was a concert where the excitement, keenness and buoyancy never stopped.


No matter how much I write it will never be enough but lastly, I must say this.

The last song was “Louder”. Even in her previous performance at the Tokyo Kokusai Forum, my soul was shaken by this song. I was thinking that this song would come somewhere in the latter part of the show but it was the final “money shot” song! When the intro to “Louder” came in, the audience was at full throttle. Swayed by Charice’s “Come on!”, all those in the front row rushed up to the stage. Of course, I went straight to the stage too even though I was in the third row. This kind of thing wouldn’t happen with a Japanese artist. It was really a great thing to do.

With her cool short golden hair flipping about, Charice was singing her heart out. As with my experience before, she has captured my soul, even more so than ever.

With the vigorous rhythm of “Louder” and with people jumping around, I somehow found myself in the middle of the very front row! It was just like what happened at Zepp Tokyo (in her first solo concert last year).  The monitor/speakers were beside me, and even the setlist on paper was right in front of my very nose! Moreover, there was no bar separating the audience and the stage like at Zepp. My elbows were on the stage! Perfectly and completely in the front and middle! I wonder if this is even possible!

It was a concert where Charice showed she really values her fans. She went from left to right, back and forth and repeatedly shook the hands of her fans. She firmly shook my hand too! (Ahhh, this post has become completely about me…)


She sang “I Will Always Love You” for her encore.

I first came across Charice when she was a 15 year old girl singing the same song at a British program called “The Paul O’Grady Show”. Since then I’ve been knocked down by her talent, and I wonder how many times I’ve watched that video in my computer.

It’s been four years since then. The girl inside that video was right now, in front of my very eyes, singing the same song. And not just that, it was a performance on a much higher level than four years ago.


I am happy I’ve supported Charice all these years. I would like to continue watching her talent grow.

I’ve thought this many times before, and I still strongly believe this now. Charice, who has, up to now, been the “girl with the miraculous voice”, is about to climb up to a new level of being a “top world-class entertainer”. It was a concert where I strongly felt “Charice” and was completely satisfied.

It really was a good birthday. (I kept yelling “Welcome to Japan” and “We love you”. My only regret was that I didn’t yell “Today is my birthday”.)

I will continue posting about Charice.

Mr. Kunihiko Sakaki is a prize-winning book author from Saitama, Japan. In 2006, he was awarded best new author in the entertainment category of Shinchosha Publishing’s annual competition for his book “Hyaku man bun ichi no Koibito” (One In A Million Lover) which has also been translated and published in Taiwan and South Korea. (Shinchosha is one of the major publishing houses in Japan.) He is an avid Charice fan, and the previous post is a translation of his 3-part review of the Infinity Tour concert in Tokyo which he posted in his blog here, here and here. We thank Mr. Sakaki for allowing us to translate and post this here.

Translated by Mooffin,

119 Responses to “Japanese Prize-Winning Book Author Reviews Charice’s Infinity Concert!”

  1. eigo says:
    Hope this one goes through….for the nth time!…server problem???

    Been following Sasaki sensei’s charice blogs for more than a year now, and very happy to see one of his entries here in Chsricemania…thanks a lot moofin for the wonderful translation! And to Sasaki sensei for his great blogs!

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    • Hello eigo.
      I am glad to see you again.
      One year ago, you introduced my blog and translated some parts of my article about Charice’s performance at ZEPP TOKYO.
      And now Mooffin translated all my article about Charice’s performance at Shibuya Koukaidou.
      Step by step I was able to share my pleasure with many Chaster’s.
      Thank you eigo. Thank you Mooffin.
      I think with my heart I am happy I’ve supported Charice all these years.

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      • eigo says:

        Thanks again Sasaki sensei! I really love your Charice blogs…and thank you for your unconditional support to Charice. You, your friends on your blog, and AJC are doing great things promoting Charice in Japan!

        ありがとうございました!(Thank you)

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  2. Sonny says:
    what am i doing!!!??? i keep reading, re-reading and re-reading this article for the nth time. Mr. Sakaki, i bow before you with respect. And thank you for the wonderful article you had written. And to you Mooffin, I am also grateful that you found in your heart to share this article with us. My heart, my being, my soul is oozing with joy.

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  3. zen58 says:
    Thanks Mr.Sakaki for this great article about our dear Cha and also to Mooffin for the translation,it’s so heartwarming.Charice magic is what inspired us and got chaddicted and will love, support and be on her side forever.

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  4. shymaganda says:
    wow.. first time i have not seen crabs comments on this article.thanks a lot mr. sakaki for this article and to you ms.moofin for the great translation. i am really happy no crabs this time.i hope it remain this way.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 39 Thumb down 0

  5. kabarapa says:
    I am overwhelmed with joy reading the article of Mr. Sakaki about his appreciation for charice. More power and all the best to you Mr. Sakaki for having a chaster like you. Many thanks Moofin for the superb translation. This article should be posted in all Philippine news papers for the filipino reporters/media to learn from….instead of saying something good…they would even go to meet her at the airport just ask her some stupid questions about her new look and tattoo….what a shame! I would think that people who are saying negative things about her …that charice has no star quality….are the same people who are bashing her until now. What a shame! Charice…you are the only artist that i get tirelessly watch ing all your videos every single day! I pray for your success and please remain grounded always!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 70 Thumb down 0

    • RodBelt says:
      It sounds like a good idea to have this article published or at least somewhat relayed to Phil. media.
      To Admin: May I suggest sending it to Bum Tenorio? He may do something good with it. Thanks.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0

  6. Charrific says:
    Oh my…I hope my message will go through. Thank you so much for the kind words Mr. Sakaki and Moffin for the translation. Thank you Charicemania for your valuable time in doing this for all the Chasters to view your website. I am a big fan of this site, of Charice and all Chasters. Let us all push for her Infinity concert here in USA and plz. vote, vote vote for Charice at all times. Many thanks!

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  7. VIA SATURNINO says:
    Thank you very much Sakaki Kunihiko sama.. Arigato.. Watashiwa Via desu ka.. It;s very heartwarming for us Filipinos that Japanese people look up to CHARICE.. we also love your country and people and let us continue with our support in CHARICE <3

    Omedeto and Gambatte!! <3

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  8. inri says:
    Thank you Mr.Sakaki.

    You truly represents what the multitude of fans really feels towards ‘THE VOICE’.

    Thank you Ms. Mooffin for excellently capturing/expressing what Mr. Sakaki really feels.

    Meanwhile, as we are enjoying watching the videos from the successful Asia Infinity tour, perhaps we can do one more little thing for Charice. Voting for the KCA awards concludes on March 31. There is still time to push our candidate to the top. Voting is as easy as 1-2-3; yes 3 strokes are all it takes.

    First click on this site -

    scroll down a little bit to see the category ‘Favorite Asian Act’(already highlighted or click on it) and Charice picture with a large button infront.

    1- click on the button for charice (to vote)
    2- click on any other category, preferably ‘Favorite TV Show’ which is next to ‘Favorite Asia Act’(don’t click any voting button here) then
    3- click on category ‘Favorite Asia Act’ to start the cycle anew

    When you receive the warning that you have reached the limit of 100 go to your Internet Options under Tools and delete the cookies – just the cookies, no need to delete the other files. After deleting your cookies, go back to the voting site and refresh it. If that doesn’t work(meaning you can’t vote), just exit from the voting site and get back in and do your 1-2-3 again.

    I must have voted more than a thousand times in a span of 5 days for 1 hour a day.

    Just treat it like a finger-eye coordination exercise and time passes by quickly. Let’s do it.

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    • inri says:
      Here is another voting tip…(this happens after voting 100x or more) when you reach the point when the voting button stays/remains on top of the checkmark, just keep on clicking on the voting button until the msg ‘You have exceeded the amount of votes allowed’ comes out(after 100 clicks); at that point you have to delete your cookies again afterwhich you go back and do the same again… a thousand votes could be cast in just a few minutes.

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  9. W0w.
    I am very happy. What a lot of comments for my article there are!
    Mooffin, for your translation I could become friends with so many Chasters beyond the wall of language.
    It’s great.

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  10. EMERALD says:
    I never expect that this kind of admiration and love from japanese people would be given to a filipino artist like charice. Charice has just changed my imprresion towards japanese people. I was in Infinity Hongkong,and i must say,i was so proud of charice while seeing those diff nationalities dancing and singing with her. 70% of the audience are chinese,while 30 prcent were filipinos and american.So proud of her.

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  11. Suvaree Lara says:
    Hi Mr. Sakaki, Chasters and Ms. Mooffin,
    This is a magnificent article and very good translation of the most kind hearted people and fans of Charice. The first time I saw her was during her first appearance in Oprah show. I told my family and friends about this magnificent little girl with angelic voice. Our friends those days that saw her in Oprah show told us that she sang cover songs like the original. We were hook since then. Next time we saw her was on DFF concert in Tampa, Florida and we saw her in person. We knew that she was tired but she still there smiling and mingle with her fans. We love her and we followed her in Charicemania, ChariceTVCrew, You Tube and other Charice sites just to see what the updates are, this must be called Chaddiction; but we are proud of it. We will patiently wait till she come back again in United States and do her tour. We might move to another state, probably Chicago, Illinois and hoping that she will have one of her tour there. Thank you Mr. Sakaki, Miss Moofin for these brilliant articles and to all Chasters who keep supporting our Princess Charice. We are for sure Chasters forever…

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  12. jimfan155 says:
    Any reason why my thanks to Mr. Sakaki and Mooffin comment was removed? Thanks for explaining.

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    • Mooffin says:

      hello jimfan.

      thank you for your original comment. the system has not been working properly these past few days so many can’t comment or those comments that do come in are posted very late and not in order. it’s been a topsy-turvy past few days :). we are working on restoring the system back.

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      • jimfan155 says:
        Thank you for explaining. I knew it had to be a glitch somewhere in the system. But again, thanks for all your hard work in making Mr. Sakaki’s available to all us English speaking fans. It would have been a shame if it could not be shared with us.

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  13. chit says:
    To you Mr. Sasaki and Moofin: Thank you very, very much for this well-written article. I truly appreciate your doing it for Charice and for us, too. God bless you and yours.

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  14. vee says:
    i just finished writing an email in japanese to mr. sakaki, n i plan to buy one of his books that would interest me. n i read the original in japanese. MOOFIN, u did a fabulous job! no discrepancy, however slight, whatsoever! (in my opinion ^_^)
    so impressed by the words from the japanese writer n the fact that he n his entire family has been supporting charice from the beginning of her international “stardom.” they spoke of her performances highly n articulately describes their admiration. THANK YOU AGAIN TO BOTH OF YOU. KUDOS!

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    • Mooffin says:

      that’s awesome! mr. sakaki has two books out so far, i hope to read them sometime too. they have good reviews at amazon japan.

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  15. TheRam0925 says:
    I had tears reading Sakaki san’s review, I thought, I was also in his shoe.

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  16. Zee says:
    Sakaki sensei :) can’t tell how much we appreciate and love your review. Thank You <3

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  17. hermiemel says:
    If I’m being honest about it, just like millions of her fans worldwide that got addicted to Charice, I watched her vid on Ellen and was immediately hooked for life. Mr. Sakaki’s video of choice was Charice on Paul O’Grady Show. That’s it. One video and Charice inhabit your life forever.

    I am estatic whenever she has a new video and pretty broken up when there is none. How can her video got a hold on you so strong, that you religiously watched it time and time again but is never finished? It seems that she makes the impossible seems routine everytime she sings.

    Thank you Mr. Sakaki for your dedication and this beautiful write-up of Charice from a prestigious writer from Japan and Moofin for sharing your knowledge of the Japanese language to make this article possible.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 118 Thumb down 1

    • ArrVee says:
      first time I saw or heard of her was in her first appearance with David Foster & Friends on the PBS channel.

      but it was the duet with Celine at Madison Square Garden that reeled me in …

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    • Mooffin says:

      you’re welcome. if you look at mr. sakaki’s blog, he is indeed a dedicated fan – he has been blogging about her since 2008 :).

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  18. odie052 says:
    My inner self perked up every time I read a great article relating to Charice. I so admire you Mr Kunihiko Sasaki and so Mooffin for this wonderful piece of art. You finely crafted and deliver it so nicely and perfectly.

    To Mooffin, thank you for the translation. Reminds me of an article written by you sometime ago here in Charicemania. You are equally good and as great as Mr Sasaki. Thank you, you did it again.

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  19. coronado75 says:
    The first time I saw Charice was at the Oprah show “Most talented kids” and I was an immediate fan. I saw her LIVE in the first DFF concert tour in Atlanta and her voice gave me goosebumps and chills that I never felt before in a concert. Mind you, I am an elderly person and have seen the best of the best in concerts but this “little one” has a totally different effect on me. Her voice is so mesmerizing! Thanks for the article Mr Sakaki and to you also Moofin. Take care and God bless. Chaster for life!

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    • Mooffin says:

      you’re welcome. i first saw her at her very first appearance on star king and became an instant chaster too :)

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      • AngelFace101 says:
        In my case – the very first time I saw the “girl” was in that Little Big Star singing contest. I was a fan of Sarah G. (the host of the show) that’s why I was watching the show. But Once I saw one of Charice’s performance (Run To You) I got hooked from then on.

        I’d just want to mention that I was a Fan of Regine V. but she was bumped off by Sarah G. then behold! She was then bumped off by Charice – I’d like to think that it would take some miracle for anyone to bump off my NEW_FOUND_Wunderkind. Her voice and performances keeps reverberating in my inner self. Chaddicted so they say.

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  20. chris0805 says:
    I really admired and appreciate every details of this article. Mr. Sakaki and Mr. Moofin, most particularly about this “Charice has come to the point where she could fill an entire place all by herself.”
    I remember when David Foster said in many occasions of his DFF Concert & Friends, he said to Charice everytime after her standing ovation performances and unstoppable applause from the audience “This is not my show already, it is your concert, unbelievable”. Mr. Foster knew exactly that even without him the hall or coliseum will be filled.
    I admired Mr. Foster he didn’t take advantage of Charice, if he only thinks of business interest (less expenses and more profit) he could have done so, why? because imagine, he has different guest singers invited, big time artists like the champion of American Idol, Ruben Studdard,together, Donna Summer, Peter Cetera, Canadian Tenor, Natalie Cole, Michael Bulton, Neyo, Kenny G, Evancho, back up singers and many more well known artist, he also brought his full orchestra & band, he had lots of promotions on tv & other shows.
    All of these are not necessary coz. you only need Charice & his band, without back-up singers, less promotions, no special effects. Simply Charice voice and her stage performances, dancing and her band.
    I hope someday in the near future, David Foster his piano and only Charice could have a concert in Madison Square Garden, New York, full of ballad songs,and with very special guest Celine Dion & Oprah. It will be totally awesome, and expect sold out crowd up to the roof top of MSG. I will definitely buy the tickets in advance and schedule my travel from UK to New York and bring my whole family and friends. This is my promise for Charice.

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    • Mooffin says:

      thank you, i got teary eyed at that line too. i’m a girl though, but that’s ok, others before have thought i’m a boy too. “mooffin” does sound like a man :)

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      • chris0805 says:
        Please accept my apology, thank you for telling me. I thought the one translating Mr. Sakaki is also Mr.
        Sorry, but I really thank you for giving time doing this. It is such a pleasure to know you and reading this.

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  21. genesis says:

    wow,wow,wow….this is the most wonderful write up about charice.thankyou mr sakaki thankyou mrs. sakaki and thank you
    moofin for translating.while reading, i dont want it to end, i feel like i am trasformed into something beautiful and traveling a very special place where love,peace and devotion is covering my whole being.the choices of words are all sweet,soft,velvity and melodious .
    thank you for the writers today with their magnificient and highly intellectual ideas.thank you guys.. you all make my day..peace and happiness to charice and to all the global chasters.

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  22. jn says:
    Thank you Mr. Sakaki’s for this wonderful review of Cha’s concert. I’ve been waiting for a review from a respected and trusted author.
    Moonfin, my thanks to you too for translating his article for us.
    Great job! So beautiful!

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  23. Lisbon says:
    Wow. This is such a great concert experience with Charice! Thank you Mr. Sasaki for writing a beautiful story.

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  24. RodBelt says:
    Thank you so much for the glowing praises who showered upon our princess. And to Moofin, thank you vey much for the beautiful translation – a true labor of love. Honestly, I can’t remember anytime, if ever, that I read a review with tears welling in my eyes. I think this is a first, LOL.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 92 Thumb down 1

    • RodBelt says:
      My bad, the first sentence should have read: “Thank you so much, Mr. Sakaki,,,,,” My sincerest apologies for the omission of your name, Mr.Sakaki, probably because of elation reading your beautiful review.

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    • Mooffin says:

      you’re welcome. i didn’t sleep on this one because i wanted to share this as quickly as possible to all chasters. i’m really glad i found his blog and i’m really happy that he agreed to my request to translate. :)

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  25. rant says:
    i was teary eyed reading this very inspirational piece. me too is an avid follower of charice when i was able to watch her at oprah years back as an ofw in yemen. and since then have had plenty of sleepless nights watching her same with you guys.thanks for chasters sakaki and moofin for this great piece. we appreciate this very much. cheers from brisbane

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    • Mooffin says:

      you’re welcome. mr. sakaki has since commented on his blog that he is amazed that his blog post is now, in his words “world-wide”. he is happy that people from all over are commenting and reading what he wrote :)

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  26. nordin says:
    Domo Arigato gusaimashita Sakaki san for a Great article. You can really tell how great Charice is because great singers recognized her talent and now you Sakaki san as a great writer writes about her performances. I can tell how great are you as a writer because as a reader your writing is like as what anitako said it’s just “reading a novel but you are eager to know, what happened but you don’t want it ended”, that’s how great a writer you are Sakaki san.

    Also thank you Mooffin for your time we really appreciate it I know it will takes so much of your time just to translate Sakaki san’s article. And I’m praying that you will find time to translate other Sasaki san’s previous articles about Charice. Chasters are really hungry of this type of write ups about Charice.

    By the way you might want to read the below article it is fun to read and it was brought up by “Laura” from the chat box. Thank you Laura for this article I really enjoyed reading it.

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  27. lian says:

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 78 Thumb down 1

  28. alvin says:
    WOW… What a wonderful “CHASTERWORLD” it has become.

    Angels are flying all over kicking haters…..a great sight to behold.

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  29. milkyway says:
    nice review, very touching.

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  30. odie052 says:
    Don’t know what is happening in here. I cannot post my comment. Every time I click submit there appear a word error and a sort of advise that I was too fast submitting my comment.

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