Infinity Japan Tour Videos 2012

Infinity Japan Tour Videos 2012

So we thought the solo concert in Japan last year was great already but those who witnessed this Infinity concert in Tokyo this time are swearing, this is way better than her past concerts! Even Charice’s musical director and keyboardist Troy Laureta tweeted “Love Japan! Perhaps one of the best shows we’ve done on the Infinity Tour! Thank you, Tokyo! We love you!” It was indeed an amazing, exhilarating show, with schoolgirls in uniform, teenage boys and girls, Cefadroxil sale couples in their 20s, office workers in their 30s, people in their 40s, 50s and 60s rocking it! To those who have doubted Charice losing her voice, sorry to disappoint you but her voice was as strong and even better than ever. She has topped herself, if that is even possible.

Tyo 199x3002 Infinity Japan Tour Videos 2012Charice has matured so much as an artist. Her present style and image is more than fitting for this concert tour and we really have to respect her for that. To those who have criticized her new look, watching her live may be the only way to erase all doubts. She was so confident and relaxed, something that can be attributed to her being comfortable in her own skin, as she admitted in interviews that she has been wanting this look for the longest time. Ai??The Japanese stylists even made her “Final Fantasy” inspired new look way better for her and yes, including the new tattoo! She looks fierce and sweet, tomboyish and feminine, edgy and soft, sexy and cute all at the same time. What else could you ask for?

Charice also sang a new song entitled “Everything”. Ai??The story behind this song is that and, Ai??two of the major music download sites for cellphones, called for song requests for Charice to cover. Ai??The majority requested Japanese songstress Misia’s “Everything”. Ai??So Charice ended up co-producing her own version of the song with new lyrics, different from that of Misia’s.

Charice’s “Everything” is now available via cellphone download only at and until June 30th. Ai??It will also be available for both PC and cellphone download on another major music download site, from March 21st. Ai??There is still no word on its availability on Japan iTunes, nor has it been announced if it will be released worldwide.

So here’s a preview of the song as performed in Tokyo with special thanks to our ninja “Abilidades”:


Here’s the original version from Misia:

Video Courtesy of RhythmmediaChannel


Reminder: This videos were taken under heavy securities and strict compliance of no video/camera recording so please bear with whatever uncomfort you’ll find watching the video but I assure you you’ll love what you gonna hear. – Justcharrie


Intro, Lesson For Life, Faithfully:

Pyramid, In Love So Deep, One Day:

Someone Like You, Saving All My Love For You, The One That Got Away, Baby:

Tears In Heaven:

Run The World, Michael Jackson Medley, Bounce Back:

Take You Down, Before It Explodes, It Will Rain:

Moves Like Jagger, Heartbreak Surivor:

Lighthouse, Louder, I Will Always Love You :

Troy’s If I Ain’t Got You:

Videos Uploaded by our Japan Super Ninja Chaster: Abilidades (Justcharrie)

At the end of the show, Charice filmed the audience using her iPhone including herself with her back to the audience.

Another highlight was Troy! He sang “If I Ain’t Got You”, which was not sung in other countries in the Infinity tour thus far. He sounded really great, we should wait for this guy to have a concert on his own. We need a name for his fans too: Troyans from Troymania! (Ok I’m a fan really.)

A sad incident occurred after the concert though, when people were leaving Charice’s concert, the earthquake alarm went on and we heard it was a big one. We pray for the safety of Japan and all its people. Thank you Japanese Chasters, thank you Japanese audience!

Special thanks to Mooffin and Justcharrie
By Schoen

102 Responses to “Infinity Japan Tour Videos 2012”

  1. hermiemel says:
    Charice’s Everything, is really Everything.

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  2. 木下レイ says:
    she is very popular in here Japan she is more appreciated here very much as Hoshi or STAR unlike in her own country a lot of crabs.. that’s why she looks that way right now is to promote Final Fantasy XIII-2 its part of her job she is very professional and loving his brother at the same time, well I miss hair long black silky hair ^o^ gambarimasu sharisu! we love you take care.

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  3. auau says:
    I like image 2, picture of Charice transformation to a rock star; I think this another picture worth a million dollars, and I should add to my collection.

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  4. auau says:
    Charice should do a European tour before doing her US tour; that’s what artists like Cher(Believe) and Ricky Martin(La Vida Loca) did in the past to help promote and sell their albums. States and Europe are very different(independent) and there’s no guarantee what’s successful in europe is gonna be the same in US, because Europeans seems to be much ahead culturally and politically, but it’s worth a try because Charice has big followers in Europe even before she became known in the states.

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    • auau says:
      Europeans, of course, would say Americans are ahead with the trends, and that they’re used to following the movement as they say going on in the States. Still I think they are ahead in political correctness and open-mindedness.

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      • auau says:
        European tour would be good experience for Charice band(btw, do they already have a name?). That’s what bands used to do in the old days even from the time of the Beatles. They just have to travel around from venue to venue economically, if moderately successful band, like by station wagon(make sure it’s Honda or Toyota) or by bus. It’s important for the band to know their audience and their taste for music and lyrics, and they could change their repertoire from city to city. I hope they could do some concerts for charity, just to promote the album and the band, even in smaller venues. It is important for band members to see and learn how other people live(and respond) in different parts of the planet so they can write songs/album that becomes a hit someday. I think that’s how art is done, especially relevant piece of art; and you don’t talk/think so much of the profit first, just break even. With the band members’ youth and energy, they can make the profit later, that is when they become very successful, and very relevant artists like Sting, Bono, and Paul Simon; these people didn’t become successful by just sitting around, or being spoiled. So work, work, work! Your destiny is waiting!

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        • auau says:
          Of course Charice is already a big name, and she paid her dues working since she was a child; as a rock band I think they should start from the roots and make a name for themselves, so work and travel to different corners of the earth( and don’t forget to include Africa, where a lot of things are happening) should be in order so they will become relevant artists.

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  5. chadaisy says:
    As Charice sings Louder I hope we get the message that she alone knows what to do with her life. I am sure positively for she also knows that this business is fickle and doesn’t last forever.Let her be, now that she is being independently responsible and trying to look what she is happy with in her own comfort zone. Hair grows longer, black hair is permanent, physical body/shapes changes, clothes are just exterior adornment and can be easily change/ adjusted… but her voice and her talent remains and even gets better and better. What I like about her is she is not scared what people thinks about her and its about time to get tough and mature. What more can I ask for? As to her fans growing/ diminishing, bashers and haters,concert tours whether in US/Europe… these are inevitable in the industry.If one is great no one can put her down except by her own doing and follies.

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  6. FlorOfTexas says:
    I’m in love with “Everything” by Charice.

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    • YongCha says:
      I am in love too with her new rendition of “Everything” I played it to the infinity can’t help replaying it over and over again. I want it to be no. 1 in the Chart hope they will also release this song in the US because it sounds so good as a movie theme song. Charice rocks!:)

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  7. RodBelt says:
    @ Antoine and mikee,
    I think you have misconstrued and taken out of context my original post. Flrst, I would like to settle the race issue. It is a subject that I absolutely detest and totally avoid because it has no place in ANY civilized discussion. Even in my posts, I may imply my country of origin but I refrain from a direct reference, as some have a penchant of doing, because sometimes it lead to arguments, dissensions, etc., which are distractions from the topic being discussed. If you will re-read my original post, I opened it with respect and admission of my unfamiliarity (or, should I say ignorance?) with the current flavor of music that are popular among Europeans with the probable exception of UK, as it is closely tied to that of US. I singled out Italy, a country that I have very high regards and respect for – the history, art, music and contributions to civilization in general because Charice’s performances in Italy were exemplary and among the best (the Italian videos are among my all-time favorites). Judging from the tremendous reception she received, Italy IMHO, and without a doubt, is the best country for Charice to launch her European tour in the near future.

    My argument and reservation is that a European BEFORE a US tour will be premature for various reasons: Let us remember that after Charice broke into the international music scene and became famous in 2008-2009, she made a whirlwind worldwide promotional tour with approximately 97 appearances in 15 countries (That’s a back-breaking, energy-sapping 1 appearance every 3 – 4 days, folks!). Of these, 51 were in the US and Canada, 19 in the Philippines, 21 in Asia, and 6 in Europe. The time Charice spent in the US where, her appearances covered anywhere from country fairs, regional radio stations, to highly visible media of national TV. significant charitable events, and concerts were for obvious reasons – more exposure to market Charice and her talents. Name it, and Charice did it all. Yet her status in the US as an up and coming superstar has still so much to be desired. Thus, she and her management did the best thing – launch her first solo tour in and near her home turf where her fame is well-documented and with the US next in sight.

    I thank you, Antoine for informing me and I am more than elated to know that Charice is a big inspiration to the Italian youth as she has been in most of Asia (and the Chasters of course). It is that intangible and hard-to-explain charisma that Charice brings to many of us. Yes, Charice is famous in Italy but for her beautiful renditions of ballads and classical music. Charice is now transforming into a R&B star, thus the Infinity Tour was launched with R&B THEME in mind. But I still wonder how much of her current crop of music are your people familiar with when, as far as I know (and I stand corrected if I am wrong) the Infinity album has not been released internationally yet? How much acceptance did they have of her debut album? You have to understand that in spite of Charice’s desire to please and reach out to her worldwide fans, it is still business and financial profitability is still a primary motivating factor to launch a concert. I don’t see it happening right now unless, of course, an Italian promoter will initiate and finance it. Then, I am sure Charice and her management will entertain such project. And this goes for the rest of Europe too.

    Antoine. You are right that I am a true blue, dyed-in-the wool Chaster who speaks when I feel it is in her best interest. Yes, I love not only her beautiful ballads but her current crop of R&Bs as well. My love for music spans a wide genre for half a century – from Elvis to Neyo, Patti Page to Barbra and now Charice, and this may surprise you – from Caruso, Lanza to Pavarotti and Boccelli, if you get my drift.

    By the way, I am happy for the number of thumbs down I received because it is a positive sign that there is a big support out there for Charice to be a true international superstar. I hope that they are coming from her European fans. In spite of our disagreement our goal is still the same – support Charice all the way to the the top. PEACE TO EVERYONE.

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    • Thomas James Norman says:
      Hi RodBelt,

      It is always difficult to argue differently from the shared opinion of the majority in any Chaster site. I have experienced the same, when I wrote that ‘Far As The Sky’ and ‘New World’ were too melodramatic, and did not match the theme and quality of the rest of the songs in her Infinity album. “New World’ is a six-minute of melodramatic ballad, and its only positive element is its being the theme background of a popular game.

      I argued that both songs received bad reviews here and low number of YouTube visitors. I believed that that was a marketing strategy move to test how these songs will do in the US and most especially among the teen demographics.

      My intentions were in good faith. I felt that sharing my opinions about how ‘INFINITY’ should be repackaged and marketed in the US were constructive. I wrote these hoping that they may catch the attention of Charice and her team. Someone posted that I was delirious to think that Charice or any one in the Charice team would even check Charicemania. Others called me to be an arrogant wannabe Hollywood promoter/consultant to the stars. Many claimed that ‘Far As The Sky” was intended for Japanese viewers of a melodrama TV Show, and that I was so quick to judge.

      Since I have become so enthused and feel connected with this girl’s magical voice, down-to-earth character, and inspiring life narrative; my day seemed incomplete without checking the web to read, watch, and post my praises and give my constructive critique about anything regarding Charice.

      As I wrote in another post, I felt guilty of being excessively protective of Charice, as if we’re related. Unfortunately, I am neither her nearest kin nor a member of Charice’s team.

      After over a hundred thumbs down and being labeled as a crabster, wannabe promoter, Charice hater, impostor, troll, fag, and the most popular-having a crab mentality; I put a break on my addiction and had avoided visiting any site about Charice. It was only the past two weeks that I checked ChariceMania and the impressive article written by a Japanese author- with the great translation by a Chaster, about how Charice has inspired him through the years because of her impeccable talent, humble background, exemplary character, and enigmatic stage presence. These are the same attributes that have drawn me to Charice.

      I concluded that I should just keep my opinions that may not be shared by others to myself. Let Charice find her path forward. Refrain from rebutting offensive, spiraling replies to my posts. Simply enjoy Charice’s talent and stories. I still get excited to post a popularly shared opinions once in a while, and this is one of them.

      After reading your writing, I find nothing bad with stating a rather interesting argument that is worth considering. It should not be taken to having a racial tone.

      In an earlier post, I indicated that a European Tour preceding the US may be good for Charice, which I noted could her to feel more comfortable on her performing in front of younger audiences, who can be more riled up, and more extrovert & energetic being in events like these.

      Charice can improve on her stage presence, dance, and rallying audiences to be more engaged. She can learn a lot- new techniques on stage and connecting with wilder group of audiences- from these concerts. When she launches Infinity in the US, the entertainment industry will see such a great transformation.

      Your write-up pointed a number of excellent reasons why it should be in the US first. The familiarity and renowned celebrity supporters factors are indeed true. What she managed to do with her first album can be duplicated- the experience factor. She has met and charmed many in the radio, movie and TV industries- as well as the rich, famous and those in government. Her fan demographics in the US are from the lower teens to seniors- crossing racial and social lines.

      There is nothing wrong with writing an unpopular post. However, expect those nasty remarks but keep your grip. Otherwise, you will bombarded with varying degrees of malicious verbal assaults. That is how it works in electronic web sharing sites. Charice, similarly, has her own share of similar unfair experiences. Those are to be expected when you become famous. Hers is a choice of keeping an image that supporters and the media want to see or reacting vindictively & outrageously embarrassing. Ours is a choice between sharing constructive ideas no matter how unpopular they may seem or allowing condescending feedback prey on our rationality and humanity.

      I enjoyed reading your response. It is well articulated, to the point, and not injurious. I am beginning to have a change of position whether it should be in Europe first or in the US. I will just Charice and her team make that decision.

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      • juantamad says:
        I’m on the same boat with you, my friend. But I never really cared how they reacted to what I had to say. You seemed to be a lot more reasonable and patient than I am, that’s why I can’t understand why people would want to argue with you. Perhaps, some people just can’t comprehend as good as others…

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  8. celeron says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  9. mikee says:
    hello rodbelt,
    who are you to do the judgement for european tour?
    you are nobody not even in the management.
    dont under estimate european countries for charice especially italy.
    keep your mouth close. charice has many fans and you dont know that.. okay???

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  10. YongCha says:
    Well, all I can say who doesn’t change the look Charice is still a person who wants something new, something that can make her happy like us normal people a simple haircut or a thing could make us happy, so is Charice. She is not a barbie doll where you can dress up whatever you like, she is a celebrity not just a celebrity but a “International Singing sensation” a “Phenomenal and Tiny according to Iyaz”. So, stop bashing up Charice by your narrow-minded comments. Only one thing she doesn’t earn from Crabs but from the one who love her and support her to the Infinity. No matter what looks cannot change character, and attitude is from within not from outer appearances of a person. A simple saying “YOU CANNOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER” so stop bashing and just love her to the Infinity. At her tender age of 19 she is start conquering the world with her talent that is the gift from GOD that cannot be taken by anyone else. Charice to the Infinity!!!

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  11. inri says:
    this is just a test….

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  12. krazyforyou says:
    I commend the chasters who recorded and uploaded despite the strict camera video regulation imposed during the show! May the Lord protect Japan Chasters from the earthquakes. But the japanese are more tamed than the manilans as an audience. I’m so happy to watch your videos japan chapter chasters!

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  13. Thomas James Norman says:
    Infinity Conquers Europe- 1]ITALY-Teatro Del Ariston, San Remo; Milan (San Siro Stadium- Milan is the Music Capital of Italy) & Teatro Del Silencio, Tuscany, Italy w/ special guest performances by Gianluca Ginoble, Christian Imparato and Andrea Bocelli respectively. It would thrill her Italian fans to sing ADAGIO (solo) and another popular song in Italy 2] Paris (singing a popular French song as well and tying with organizers of the Goom Celebration 3] Rotterdam and Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Charice’s return should include the anthem song of football/soccer fans(Feyenoord)- You’ll Never Walk Alone 4] Madrid, Spain 5] London, England w/ support from the Paul O’Grady Show Producers/Promoters.{a reminder that it was the Paul O’Grady Show that caught her vocal power after Ellen and shared them in Great Britain.

    I like the idea of Charice taking a repackaged version of Infinity to Europe, before launching Infinity in the US (US version).

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    • Thomas James Norman says:

      1] … and another popular song song in Italian…

      2] Paris, France (not Italy)

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    • RodBelt says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • uscharicefan says:
        i am a filipino-american (an old timer) and this is my opinion contrary to rodbelt. i agree with tjnorman that charice should do infinity tour in europe first before us. my observation is this: a big percentage (my own guess is probably about 90%, maybe more, of filipino overseas workers around the world support charice. unlike, here in the us. my guess estimate is only about 10% of filipino immigrasnts, especially from old-timers like me support charice. having said that, charice will find out how she will be accepted by european especially in england. once she gets a lot of exposure in europe, then the us entertainment media will notice that. when that happens, filipinos will start embracing her. but then filipinos now will be just among the smnall group of her fans because her fans will be big

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        • tsuki says:
          Per Charice’s concert attendance, 97% are Japanese. I would say Japan is the land of Charice.

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          • Cykun says:
            I agree. As much as she has lots of fans in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia – Japan is without a doubt the chaster capital of the world! :) Japanese chasters were the best!

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          • Bella says:
            Japanese fans are gracious!! Charice probably feels at home when she’s in Japan.

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  14. 13065 says:
    Infinity Tour Europe ! ! ! :)

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  15. Blist says:
    I just heard Lionel Richie say,you have to accept change in the business to stay in the business. Or else people will be asking, do you remember………….

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  16. benny65 says:
    Infinity Tour Italy? I hope and pray for that. :)

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  17. osuna says:
    Been watching all this Charice Airport arrivals….man….all I can say is “shame on you crabs”….its time to re-asses your attitude towards Charice. She is well loved by everyone….please post anything for comparison how other “local divas” are being treated by fans on foreign land arivals….not by her fellow filipinos…shame …shame…shame !!!!

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  18. PHILBOY says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  19. Chariray says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Mateo says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • big dog says:
        So far the new “look” is working really well…Chasters even dressed up like her and even have tattoos similar to her…Just asking, why only pinoys have issues about this? I guess the changes matter to Cha…it might be unneccesary to some…but it’s still Cha decision matter most…

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    • osuna says:
      Folks just leave her alone…..never ending comments….just keep it it to yourself…

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  20. chasterdad says:
    Just perhaps with her music style and genre that she randomly selects, Charice does now with her looks. This is experimenting and through her wonderful journey in life is trying to find what she really wants to be.

    For parents like me whom sees the changes that the seasons bring to their children, Charice is no exception to the metamorphosis of lifeand youth, being that she is still in fact a teen and in the verge of experimentation and trying to find out what she will become.

    As for other celebritie like Madonna, how many times have you seen her transform in her younger days into a persona she so does select? Kristina A……is another one and several others.

    Charice’s outward change, is it a big deal? Nah, just as long as her character and personality does not, then why even fidget about it.

    Personally, I might not like it but as a someone who loves Charice, I would support her all the way. Fro experimenting teen to finally becoming a full fledged lady someday, isn’t that what the cycle of life is all about, something natural?

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  21. ClosetChaster says:
    I believe Charice is finding her niche in life; she has already has reached people of all ages, sex and race with her singing. She is conquering various countries’ with pure talent and personality alone, making her much love by us all. She could just walk away and live another life if she so wishes and we could not fault her for that because she has contribute so much with such a short period of time with her gift. Right now at this present time I am grateful that she is present on this earth giving so must love and getting it back in return.

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  22. sylvia says:
    Charice,Love your new hairdo, love YOUR new tattoo, love to see you having fun in asia!! But we love to see you back HERE in UNITED STATE! YOUR FANS MISSES YOU SO MUCH AND I MISS YOU…PLEASE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON !!!:)

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  23. efren antiporda says:
    i was sorry for bashing charice due to her image change. i was so enamored by her simple innocent and angelic image so much that i was in state of denial for several weeks as i could not fathom the depth of my own disillusions. but i cannot deny this wonderful girl she has possessed me already and i learned to accept her as she is without any conditions. she is still my princess charice the girl who made cry, hope, dream and love life. sorry to my fellow chasters. hope im still in your circle of trust.

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    • bluedanube says:

      any person who wants to walk in the shoes of charice must be incredibly tough.
      actually I think her new image is also reflecting this fact.
      there are other artists who don’t cross that many borders, and have a stable protection in their main scene, like some country singers, or typically some child stars. to them it is natural to maintain an angelic image for a long time.

      to be taken that serious in a country like japan, is a major achievement and charice can be really proud of this. she is developing a profile and it makes sense.

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  24. PATRICK says:
    Infinity WORLD Tour OMG!!!!

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  25. taichilady807 says:
    My parents told me never judge a book by its cover….Charice may have changed her style and dyed her hair but she will always remain sweet, down to earth and THE VOICE we all have come to LOVE….

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  26. Bobby says:
    This to person name Casey C. Your Mom can sing but not for International audience not like Charice. Here in America Charice is love by Americans. Charice can sing any type of music, I don’t think your Mom can do that.

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  27. Joel says:
    everyone is concerned about what she looks like, I am more concerned why she is NOT doing anything in the USA, where stars are really made and made known to the world.

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    • julio says:
      Joel, probably Warner and the management team of Charice is readying for the Big Bang in the U.S. I believe that there is marketing strategy being positioned here by the group of Charice. Let’s wait what happens after Charices’ Asian Infinity launch.

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  28. bobby says:
    Sharon can sing but not for international audience not like Charice.

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